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[Q&A] John Berry (Hulks & Horrors)

[18:01] <+John_Berry> I'm John_Berry and I'm the author/designer of Hulks and Horrors.
[18:01] <+John_Berry> It's a pulp/gonzo SF/space opera game of space exploration and dungeon crawling, inspired by classic D&D.
[18:02] <+John_Berry> We're currently on the last legs of our IndieGoGo campaign, trying to raise enough money to pay for two awesome artists to draw cool pictures for it.
[18:02] <+Silverlion_> (and is awesome.)
[18:02] <+John_Berry> And pay fantomx11_gmt-5 for all the free work he does for me on layour.  ;)
[18:02] <+John_Berry> *layout
[18:02] <+John_Berry> You can find our campaign here: (Link:
[18:05] <+willows> hi john! who are the artists you have in mind?
[18:05] <+John_Berry> So, feel free to chime in and ask about anything you could possibly want to know about the game, the rules, myself, game design in general, the ins and outs of corgi ownership, etc.
[18:05] <+John_Berry> willows: Evan Palmer and Tim Sievert are the two artists I have lined up.
[18:05] <+John_Berry> Tim is the artist behind Clandestinauts, a fantastic sword and sorcery webcomic with a decidedly lurid flair.
[18:06] <+John_Berry> Evan is the artist behind Doctor Mystery, and the Sucker Monster Creatures tumblr.
[18:06] <+willows> coo
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[18:08] <+Gemini> Would you say the game is more Star Trek or Star Wars?
[18:08] <+John_Berry> hey Melum !  I'm answering questions about Hulks and Horrors!
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[18:08] <+John_Berry> Gemini: I think it's less like either and more like more earthbound SF, but if I had to choose, I would say closer to Star Wars on the freelancer side of the universe.
[18:09] <+John_Berry> There is some inspiration from scout campaigns a la D6 SW.
[18:09] <+Iridium> So, did you go back and check if there -is- something actually called 'raygun'? =D
[18:09] <+Gemini> Cool; I'm not familiar with those, but I like the sound of them!
[18:10] <+John_Berry> Iridium: There is a "Pain Ray" gun in the "loot" tables.  :)
[18:10] <+Iridium> Okay. That doth sound awesome!
[18:11] <+John_Berry> And of course, as was always my dream, it is possible to find a +1 laser pistol.
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[18:11] <+Silverlion_> I get the idea.
[18:11] <+Drakkar> okay i ave to admit someting, i wasn't at all interested until you said pain ray and laser pistol
[18:11] <+Drakkar> have*
[18:11] <+Gemini> Does that mean there's magic? Or does +1 just mean 'superior quality?'
[18:11] <+John_Berry> Drakkar: :D  Good to hear!
[18:11] <+Drakkar> you've actually sold me on it in fact
[18:12] <+John_Berry> Gemini: It basically means superior technology.  It's Ancient stuff, generally, or just higher grade than the base guns in the equipment chapter.
[18:12] <+Gemini> Cool. Class-based?
[18:12] <+willows> is there a gom jabbar
[18:12] <+John_Berry> There are "magic-like" abilities though.
[18:13] <+John_Berry> Yes, it is class-based, with a split of 4 human and 3 alien classes a la Basic/Expert D&D.
[18:13] <+John_Berry> Soldier, Scientist, Pilot, Psyker for human classes, and Bearman, Hovering Squid, and Omega Reticulan for alien classes.
[18:14] <+Silverlion_> I thought he asked about Gorn.
[18:14] <+Silverlion_> :D
[18:14] <+Gemini> I like Gorn Porn.
[18:14] <+Gemini> …because it rhymes, okay!?
[18:15] <+John_Berry> willows: No, but there is a "poison injector" trait possible on random weapons.
[18:15] * +Iridium facepalms at Gemini.
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[18:16] <+Gemini> :p
[18:16] <+John_Berry> Also, another weapon favorite?  The Existential Dequantifier.
[18:16] <+Iridium> ... does that do what it sounds like it... might? =O
[18:16] <+John_Berry> Yes.
[18:17] <+Gemini> So, is this mainly a hack/slash dungeon exploration game? Or can it handle mystery, maybe smuggling or heist campaigns…?
[18:17] <+John_Berry> I tried to include some more pseudo-quantum theory based technobabble in the book.
[18:18] <+John_Berry> Gemini: The core focus is on dungeon crawling and space exploration, but the non-combat resolution system is incredibly flexible and I think the game would well handle other sorts of games so long as you expanded the non-combat elements of the XP system.
[18:18] <+Gemini> WHat is the non-combat resolution mechanic?
[18:19] <+John_Berry> It's roll-under stat checks.
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[18:19] <+Gemini> Ah, nice and simple
[18:19] <+Gemini> What stats did you decide to go with?
[18:19] <+John_Berry> Basically, there's no skill system, even class abilities just provide a bonus to a class's ability to perform stat checks under certain circumstances.
[18:19] <+John_Berry> Gemini: The standard 6 D&D stats, STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA.
[18:20] <+Gemini> How do you envision CHA working in game?
[18:20] <+Gemini> (Sorry if I'm monopolizing the Q&A… this'll be my last q for a while!)
[18:21] <+John_Berry> CHA primarily covers social stuff.  Your ability to charm and persuade people.
[18:21] <+John_Berry> To quote: Charisma (CHA) – Sheer force of personality and how good you are at winning people over, as well as the gift of tongues. With a high enough Charisma, even an Omega Reticulan could talk you into an amorous night in the holosuite.
[18:21] <+Iridium> (Gem, go ahead. =D Good questions that!)
[18:22] <+John_Berry> Gemini: You're welcome to ask all the questions you like.  ;)
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[18:25] <+John_Berry> Welcom sirkerry and Ettin and Augury !
[18:26] <+sirkerry> how quick do you expect combats to run in H&H?
[18:26] <+Augury> thanks, john berry
[18:26] <+John_Berry> sirkerry: Combat runs VERY fast.
[18:26] <+sirkerry> and will there be some kind of mook rules for handling large numbers of combatants?
[18:27] <+John_Berry> In the playtest, we had a party of 4, and even the larger fights with up to 8+ monsters resolved in a mere 20-30 minutes.
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[18:27] <+sirkerry> nice
[18:27] <+John_Berry> There's no mook rules, though monster hit points are generally low compared to expected weapon damages at equivalent levels, much like in most OSR D&Ds.
[18:28] <+John_Berry> You could probably houserule such in, though you may have to fiddle with the way hit dice and such work to have XP rewards make sense.
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[18:29] <+sirkerry> how much of the core book is going to be setting/background material?
[18:29] <+John_Berry> The corebook is an implied setting, mainly.
[18:29] <+John_Berry> There is a brief introduction to the general backstory, details on culture for the alien races, and some discussion of the Surveyor's Guild, but the remainder of the setting is left to be defined by individual DMs.
[18:31] <+John_Berry> Basically, the backstory is that prior to the time of the game, a great plague wiped out sentient life in the galaxy.  The only surviving races are those that achieved sentience after the plague died out.
[18:31] <+John_Berry> So the galaxy is littered with ancient ruins and the discarded tech of the Ancients.
[18:32] <+John_Berry> Players primarily are assumed to take the role of "surveyors," freelance space explorers who take a contract for a sector of space for the guild, and are given looter's rights to said sector in exchange for filing survey and mineral reports with the Guild.
[18:33] <+John_Berry> However, other than the backstory of the plague, the existence of the Guild, and the various races and monsters and tech assumption, no other setting details are provided, by design.
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[18:34] <+John_Berry> Hello RandBrittain.  I'm taking questions about Hulks and Horrors!
[18:35] <+Gemini> Are there Timelords?
[18:35] <+John_Berry> Negative.
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[18:36] <+Gemini> Could one easily integrate a timelord like species?
[18:36] <+John_Berry> There is mention of a time machine as a possible technological wonder left behind by an ancient society.
[18:36] <+Gemini> Neat
[18:37] <+John_Berry> Probably fairly easily.  The rules are simple, somewhere between OD&D and B/X D&D in complexity, so adding new classes should be no problem, and guidelines for designing monster stats are included as well.
[18:37] <+John_Berry> I like my games to be easy to houserule.  :)
[18:37] * +Gemini agrees.
[18:37] <+Gemini> So, as someone who has RC and BECMI
[18:37] <+Gemini> what do you do differently from those games
[18:38] <+John_Berry> The biggest change from standard D&D mechanics is the flip of the die mechanic.
[18:38] <+John_Berry> H&H uses roll-under for all rolls, in order to simplify the math while still keeping old school descending AC.
[18:39] <+Gemini> Huh. Neat.
[18:39] <+John_Berry> You add 5+To-Hit+Target AC to find a target number, and try to roll under it, with 1 being an automatic hit, and 20 being an automatic failure.
[18:39] <+John_Berry> There's also an optional THAC0 rule as well as a to-hit chart for those who prefer those methods.
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[18:42] <+John_Berry> Any more questions?  We've got just an hour and fifteen left until James Raggi will be here to talk LOTFP.  :)
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[18:44] <+Gemini> Probably - sorry, I also just installed a new, blank, hard drive into the laptop
[18:44] <+Gemini> A fresh slate is nice - but downloading all of your apps and getting the licenses is a bit of a pain
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[18:46] <+John_Berry> Heya JimLotFP !
[18:47] <+John_Berry> I'm taking questions about Hulks and Horrors.  You want to chime in or are you just hear early for the LOTFP Q&A?
[18:47] <+JimLotFP> I'm just here early, making sure I didn't goof up the time difference.
[18:47] <+Iridium> (Boo ;) Could always ask. )
[18:48] <+John_Berry> JimLotFP: It might be up your alley.  It's a fellow OSR game of sorts, with a sci-fi bent.  :)
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[18:48] <+John_Berry> WB Dan!
[18:48] <~Dan> Hey, guys. Just checking in. Just need to brush my teeth real quick, and I'm all yours. :)
[18:48] <+JimLotFP> I'm already in for a softcover copy. :)
[18:48] *** Dan is now known as Dan-brb
[18:49] <+John_Berry> JimLotFP: That's right!  I almost forgot, I remember now.  :)
[18:49] <+John_Berry> thanks for the support.
[18:49] <+John_Berry> It will be rewarded, one way or another.
[18:50] <+Gemini> By love.
[18:50] <+Gemini> And hippies.
[18:50] <+John_Berry> Well, and discount coupons.  :)
[18:51] <+John_Berry> I haven't officially announced it yet, but should the funding fail, everyone who pledged will get a discount coupon for H&H's eventual, sadly lower-to-zero budget, release.
[18:53] <+JimLotFP> brb, and then I'll have some questions. :)
[18:53] <+John_Berry> Cool!
[18:55] <+diogenes> how does the experience system work on H&H, if there is one? what things do you award characters xp for?
[18:55] <+John_Berry> The core system rewards XP for threats, and treasure.
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[18:56] <+John_Berry> Threats cover both space and ground fights, and are proportional to the toughness of the enemy defeated/escaped/circumvented, as well as hazards, which provide a scaling bonus.
[18:57] <+John_Berry> In addition, players recieve XP as a percentage of cash value earned in sale of treasure and income from surveying or other sources.
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[18:57] <+diogenes> cool
[18:59] <+JimLotFP> OK, I've only read the IndieGoGo pages, not the game's homepage. The impression I get is that this is something like B/X meets Space Hulk. How accurate is that impression?
[18:59] <+John_Berry> JimLotFP: Space Hulk is definitely an inspiration, hence the name.  There is in fact rules in the book for generating dungeons based on abandoned spaceships.
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[19:00] <+John_Berry> The gameplay focus though, is more traditional D&D, with loot to be had, a variety of monsters to fight, and dungeons to explore.
[19:00] <+diogenes> is the focus mostly on overcoming challenges through clever play or more about immersing in a cool setting?
[19:00] <+diogenes> or something else entirely?
[19:01] <+John_Berry> Basically, I've seen a good many SF D&D variants, but it seemed like most of them ditched the loot&level, dungeon crawling aspect that I enjoy in D&D, so it was a focus in the design.
[19:01] <+John_Berry> diogenes: I think you could run it either way, really.  It's up to the DM.
[19:02] <+Silverlion_> I like loot in some games..:D I just moved away from it for others.
[19:02] <+John_Berry> I run it via IRC, and I try to go for a very descriptive but fast approach when I run, but others could run it anything from pure hack& slash with barely a word in character, to Alien the tabletop game.  I believe RPGs should be flexible like that.  :)
[19:03] <+diogenes> I find that the immersive experience seeking players tend to die a lot in challenging game and therefore don't like them very much :)
[19:03] <+JimLotFP> Is the "assumed setting" for the game a functional or dysfunctional future?
[19:03] <+JimLotFP> (is there an explicit setting?)
[19:03] <+John_Berry> The lethality of the game at low levels, and the disturbing nature of the monsters, I feel would lend it well to a horror approach.
[19:04] <+Silverlion_> Hence "Hulks & Horrors"
[19:04] *** Dan-brb is now known as Dan
[19:04] <+John_Berry> JimLotFP: Implied setting primarily.  There are only a few core assumed elements; the history of the plague, the fall of the ancients, the Surveyor's Guild, the various races and monsters and tech assumptions within the rules.
[19:04] <~Dan> Okay! I'm here for good now.
[19:04] * +JP lock Dan into #rpgnet FOREVER
[19:04] <~Dan> O.o
[19:05] * +Iridium cheers!!
[19:05] <+JP> Yes, lets see what is behind: THE SCARY DOOR!
[19:05] <+John_Berry> The Guild is implied to be somewhat incompetent, and there's a bit of flavor to much of the description suggesting a rather mercenary, bureaucratic future.
[19:05] <+John_Berry> Shades of Firefly and Privateer and such I think.
[19:05] <+diogenes> are you going to include a bestiary like the classic D&D or instructions to build your own unique monsters like JimLotFP's game, or both?
[19:06] <&Le_Squide> It's the crew of the Serenity trying to make profit off of a Space Hulk, is my thought
[19:06] <+John_Berry> But it's not hardbound too much in how the actual rules work.
[19:06] <+John_Berry> diogenes: There is both.  There is a bestiary of around 40 unique monsters, as well as guidelines for designing monster stats from scratch.
[19:06] <+John_Berry> Le_Squide: Very much so, yes.
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[19:08] <+diogenes> what's the price level you're aiming for for the finished book?
[19:09] <+John_Berry> diogenes: Well, if we get the full funding, the target price is as priced in the IndieGoGo campaign.
[19:09] <+diogenes> ok
[19:09] <+John_Berry> If it is an art-free or PD-art release we'll have to reconsider the pricing.
[19:10] <~Dan> What sorts of fleets do the various races have?
[19:11] <+Silverlion_> I wish I had tons of money to donate to it....:/
[19:11] <+John_Berry> Dan: The sample ships aren't racial specific, and as for military construction and composition that would be up to the GM.
[19:12] <+John_Berry> Generally speaking though, it is probably the humans and Omegans with the most ships, and most advanced, with the Squid following close behind.  Bearmen have few of their own ships, however, as most of their tech is scavenged.
[19:12] <+JimLotFP> How will information technology be handled in the game? With smartphones today people can get a lot of info about their surroundings, and buildings, etc, and in the future that can only be x100000000. Will that sort of thing be in the game, and how will that impact the exploration aspect of the traditional dungeon-crawl style of play?
[19:12] <+John_Berry> They're common on ship crews.
[19:14] <+John_Berry> JimLotFP: Internet access is rare off world, but there is a "Hitchhiker's Guide" equivalent that is available and gives a bonus to identifying strange things.  Generally, I see the tech as deliberately a little anachronistic, as the game is inspired heavily by the SF games of the 80s.
[19:15] <+John_Berry> There is however, a subspace internet, so at least shipboard, there are sensors and information access that could assist with exploration to whatever level the GM decides.
[19:15] <~Dan> No cyber, right?
[19:15] <+John_Berry> In fact, there's sensor upgrades expressly designed to allow parties to pre-generate rough maps of planet side ruins before descending to the surface.
[19:16] <+John_Berry> Dan: No cybernetics in the Core Set, no.  I might include some in the Expansion Set if it gets that far.
[19:16] * ~Dan nods
[19:16] <+Silverlion_> Does that mean hulks are built from chosen entry point? or mapped before hand and thus allowing them to skip the worst gungeon parts?
[19:16] <+diogenes> weird alien technology?
[19:16] <+Gemini> Are there ranks among characters? Or is that merely a roleplaying consideration?
[19:16] <+Dirian> dan this is off topic but you might like it all the same (Link:
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[19:17] <+John_Berry> Silverlion_: Ship hulks are generated using a randomization of the ship creation rules, and even have you rolling for each ship's system rooms as to their state.  Entry point would be determined by where on the map any cargo bays or shuttle bays were.
[19:17] <+John_Berry> diogenes: Lots.
[19:18] <+Silverlion_> So they can't cut in from the side with plasma torches?
[19:18] <+John_Berry> Gemini: No ranks.  Generally it is assumed that bridge positions will be taken by the person with the best skill in that particular system.
[19:18] <+Gemini> cool
[19:18] <+John_Berry> Silverlion_: That would be possible yes. There are cutting torches and explosives available, and EVA suits.
[19:18] <+John_Berry> It's up to how the players want to approach things really.
[19:18] <+Silverlion_> Cool. Was wondering.
[19:19] <~Dan> How can players make their characters distinct within the class framework?
[19:20] <+John_Berry> Dan: Roleplaying.  ;)  Much like classic D&D, differentiation between characters is chiefly in their stats, and in the case of "casters", what "spells" they choose to learn.
[19:20] <+John_Berry> Beyond that it is up to how the players want to interpret the numbers on the page, and I do give an extensive chapter on how to spin character detail from such simple frameworks.
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[19:21] <+Silverlion_> Awesome.
[19:21] <+Silverlion_> I like that.
[19:22] <+John_Berry> Also, correction: I forgot the cutting torches.  I'll have to fix that.
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[19:25] <+John_Berry> More questions?  Jim takes the floor in just 30 minutes.  ;)
[19:25] <+diogenes> funded!
[19:25] <+John_Berry> :D
[19:26] <+John_Berry> Yay!
[19:26] <+diogenes> I did screw up a bit though, I noticed the note about extra $10 for postage after I paid the $25
[19:26] <+John_Berry> That's OK.  I'll be doing the math on all that later.
[19:27] <+diogenes> I put in a separate $10 contribution to cover for that
[19:27] <+John_Berry> Yeah, that'll work.  :)
[19:27] <+diogenes> sorry for the extra trouble :)
[19:27] <~Dan> Where's the kickstarter stand now, John?
[19:27] <+John_Berry> We're up to $2,305 now.
[19:28] <~Dan> How much do you lack?
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[19:28] <+John_Berry> WE're shooting for $5,000.
[19:28] <+diogenes> $2,695 to go
[19:29] <+John_Berry> Somebody needs to buy into some of the high end tiers.  ;)
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[19:29] <+John_Berry> Who's up for a game with the J-man?  ;)
[19:29] <~Dan> You said you're using skills in a manner akin to the RC, right?
[19:29] <+John_Berry> Dan: No skill system, just stat checks, roll-under, just like my friends and I used to always house rule.
[19:30] <+John_Berry> Certain classes though, get bonuses to their stat for certain types of action.
[19:30] <+John_Berry> Scientists, for example, get a bonus to INT for figuring out what stuff is.
[19:30] <+diogenes> is that a static bonus or does it go up with your level?
[19:30] <+John_Berry> Static.
[19:31] <+John_Berry> Since the target number is always your own stat, such abilities seldom need to scale.
[19:31] <+diogenes> rules for space battles?
[19:31] <+John_Berry> Yes.
[19:31] <+diogenes> higher roll wins opposed checks?
[19:31] <+John_Berry> There's complete star ship contruction and combat rules, both an abstract core combat system, and optional guidelines for using minatures or grids.
[19:31] <+John_Berry> Yeah, closest without going over, like Blackjack.
[19:31] <~Dan> Cool.
[19:32] <~Dan> How effective is melee combat in the setting?
[19:32] <+diogenes> ah so you compare the difference between the roll and goal rather than use the roll as is for comparison?
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[19:32] <+diogenes> so not like in 3:16 :)
[19:32] *** NiTessine has quit IRC: Broken pipe
[19:32] <+John_Berry> Pretty good. I'd say it is slightly less effective in terms of damage than firearms over all, at least compared to higher end stuff like better rifles and heavy guns.
[19:32] <~Dan> Welcome to #rpgnet, Neko--kun!
[19:33] <+John_Berry> But there are still good swords available especially, and Bearmen are expert unarmed fighters as well.
[19:33] <+John_Berry> diogenes: Gimme a sec and let me check my rules actually.
[19:33] *** Drakkar has quit IRC: Ping timeout
[19:33] <+John_Berry> "Sometimes, a character is competing with another character at a non-combat task, rather than attempting something on a passive object. Rather than simply attempting something and succeeding or failing, their interest is in whether they succeed where the other fails, or which one succeeds first. In those cases, have each character roll the D20, and whomever is has the highest roll, while...
[19:33] <+John_Berry> ...still being under the appropriate stat for the challenge at hand, wins the check.  In case of a tie, simply roll again.  "
[19:34] <+diogenes> ah, I like that better :)
[19:34] <+diogenes> you could rule that in case of a tie, neither wins
[19:34] <~Dan> How do you handle superhuman attribute levels?
[19:35] <+diogenes> that way conflicts can actually result in a tie
[19:35] *** Drakkar has joined #rpgnet
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[19:35] <+diogenes> the parties would still have an option to try again on the next round or not
[19:35] <+John_Berry> Dan: Stats cap at 20 normally, but there's an optional rule to extend the range beyond that through a "split stat" system.
[19:35] *** Mike has joined #rpgnet
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[19:36] <~Dan> How does that work?
[19:36] <~Dan> Welcome to #rpgnet, Mike!
[19:36] <+John_Berry> Basically, you hit 20, and then you gain a second number, and this second number gives you another number to roll against in case the first fails.
[19:36] <~Dan> Hmm. I guess that works.
[19:36] <+diogenes> 20 is automatic failure?
[19:36] <+John_Berry> It's optional, the odds of failure on a 20 stat are only 5% as is, anyway.
[19:37] <+John_Berry> diogenes: Yes.  The system is strict roll-under, rather than under-or-equal to, so 20 is always a failure.
[19:37] <+Mike> Hello
[19:37] <+diogenes> do you apply situational bonuses and penalties?
[19:37] <+diogenes> ah, ok
[19:37] <+John_Berry> There is an option for DMs to apply additional penalties or bonuses to the player's stat if necessary.
[19:37] <+John_Berry> Generally from +5 to -5.
[19:37] <~Dan> (Quick reminder, folks: #rpgnet2 is open for general chat during the Q&A sessions.)
[19:38] <+diogenes> those could make the target number over 20, does that mean that the tas automatically succeeds?
[19:38] <+diogenes> task*
[19:38] <+John_Berry> Also, you had asked about survivability earlier, and there is an optional rule to add CON score to Hit Points at 1st level.
[19:38] <+John_Berry> diogenes: Target numbers above 20 automatically round down to 20.
[19:38] <+John_Berry> It's a hard cap.
[19:38] <+diogenes> nice solution
[19:41] *** Gemini has joined #rpgnet
[19:41] *** ChanServ sets mode +v Gemini
[19:41] <+John_Berry> 15 minutes folks.  ;)
[19:42] <+Gemini> Finally got irc working on the new-new laptop.
[19:42] <+John_Berry> Aww.
[19:42] <+Gemini> Uh… is there a 'high end' to the game?
[19:43] <+Gemini> 'endgame' or what have you
[19:43] <+John_Berry> The game tops out at 6th level by default.
[19:43] <+Gemini> You chose my favorite number!
[19:43] <~Dan> Really? Why so low?
[19:43] <+John_Berry> There is an optional rule however to extend the levels beyond this, and have players continue recieving additional to-hit, HP, and scaling damage to spells.
[19:43] <+John_Berry> Dan: Simplicity, mainly.  Originally the idea was to do a "Basic set" that was 1-6, and a "Companion" from 7-12 or so.
[19:44] <+John_Berry> But ultimately, I felt the small level cap made things manageable and kept characters within the range of power I liked for the feel I was going for.
[19:45] *** technoshaman has quit IRC: Disintegrated:
[19:45] *** technoshaman has joined #rpgnet
[19:45] *** ChanServ sets mode +v technoshaman
[19:48] <~Dan> Are there any creatures that can threaten spacecraft?
[19:48] <+John_Berry> There are some of a sort.  There's some mynoc-like creatures, and a space whale.
[19:50] <~Dan> Do the latter require heavy artillery to defeat?
[19:50] <+John_Berry> They're pretty burly, but a crew could probably defeat them hand to hand still.
[19:50] <+John_Berry> Actually, I'm pretty sure actual ship weapons would still turn them to jelly IIRC my scaling rules correctly.
[19:51] <+diogenes> when's the game coming out if you get funded?
[19:51] <+John_Berry> It's a good question though, I may add some ship-class monsters in the expansion if it releases.
[19:51] <+John_Berry> diogenes: The target release date is currently Cyber Monday, Novermber 26th.
[19:52] <~Dan> What are robots like in the setting?
[19:52] <+John_Berry> There are several different robotic monsters, mostly abandoned service or military bots from ancient times, and there's also TED-E.
[19:53] <+John_Berry> TED-E is a robotic teddy bear that bonds to its owner and will defend it to the death in combat. It's a piece of rare loot that can be found.  :)
[19:53] <~Dan> Heh. :)
[19:54] <~Dan> What about robots that are current tech?
[19:54] <+John_Berry> Currently there are no current tech robots in the book.
[19:54] <+John_Berry> I'd imagine service bots exist though, and the stats for them as monsters could apply to human tech.
[19:55] <+John_Berry> Also, I'm an idiot, that's wrong, I forgot the MULE and the HORSE.
[19:55] <+diogenes> :D
[19:55] <+John_Berry> Robot service animals.  :)
[19:55] <~Dan> No PONY...?
[19:55] <+diogenes> and the BIG-DOG? (Link:
[19:56] <+Iridium> Yes! Girls demand ponies! ;)
[19:56] <+John_Berry> The latter is in in the book almost entirely because of the Knights of Cydonia video.  XD
[19:56] <~Dan> I love that video. :)
[19:56] <+John_Berry> Me too.
[19:57] <+John_Berry> For anyone who hasn't seen it: (Link:
[20:04] <~Dan> Okay! Any final thoughts before we switch gears, John?
[20:05] <+John_Berry> Give us money!  XD
[20:05] <+John_Berry> If you pitch in now, even if it doesn't fund, you'll still get a discount on the low-budget release at least, and if it does fund, awesome art!
[20:05] <+John_Berry> My artists are cool guys who make good work, and I want to see them get paid.
[20:06] <+John_Berry> Also, the game is totally fun, so, you know, there's that.  :)
[20:06] <+Drakkar> haha
[20:06] <~Dan> I would say thanks for stopping by, John, but that seems a little silly. ;)
[20:06] <~Dan> So I'll just thank you for telling us more about your game!
[20:07] <+John_Berry> You're welcome.  :)

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