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[Q&A] Chris Birch (Achtung! Cthulhu)

10:02       Modiphius      Well I'm chris from Modiphius, we just published the first episode of Achtung! Cthulhu for Call of Cthulhu and Savage Worlds

10:02       Modiphius      Episode 2 is in layout and we have a load of other RPG's in the works for the Autumn

10:03       Modiphius      Achtung! Cthulhu is best described as WW2 with Tentacles...

10:03       Dan                 (Oh... please give us a "(done)" when you're ready for questions. :) )

10:03       Modiphius      ah...Done

10:03       Modiphius      :-)

10:04       Dan                 Cool. Anyone have any questions, or shall I get the ball rolling?

10:05       Dan                 Alrighty then!

10:05       Dan                 What does A!C do that "standard" CoC does not?

10:05       Crazy-Cabal   Is it similar to Armageddon in that you're fighting the mythos or is it a more standard CoC game set in WW2?

10:05       Dan                 (Question pause while Chris addresses those two, please.)

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10:06       Modiphius      WW2 is the backdrop, the Cthulhu mythos is influencing both sides, there's a secret war as individuals and growing organisations are influenced or come in to contact with beings or creatures

10:07       Modiphius      Often cthulhu get's his hooks in to people on the allies side as much as the nazi's

10:07       Modiphius      and the madness of war is used by Cthulhu's minions to further their own nefarious goals

10:07                               CyanideBreathmint tugs at hair and goes completely MAD at the Finnish homework.

10:07       Modiphius      done

10:07       Dan                 Is it fundamentally standard CoC in a WW2 setting, or is there more to it than that?

10:08       Dan                 I seem to recall seeing something about mad science, for example...

10:08       Dan                 (CBM: #rpgnet2 is open for general chat. Thanks! :) )

10:09       CyanideBreathmint                         ((Oh ok. Sorry.))

10:09       Modiphius      Yes it is essentially familiar CoC territory, we describe it as two fisted terrifying WW2 adventures but it's in fact very dark and terribly dangerous for CoC players

10:09       Dan                 (No problem!)

10:09       Modiphius      What we are doing is not dreaming up mad science, but extrapolating the rumoured and very real 'mad science' that the Nazi's were working on

10:10       Dan                 For your CoC-based adventures, do you make any adjustments to the standard rules to make it more "two-fisted"?

10:11       Modiphius      adding guns to CoC as people will know is hard for the players, but we actually present plenty of options how to avoid combat but also suggestions for how to make players a little healthier in the face of such extensive projectile danger

10:11       Modiphius      in case the group want to be a little more gung ho

10:11       Modiphius      the Savage Worlds version certainly provides a more two fisted approach as SW encourage skirmish play and battles

10:12       Modiphius      It's why I chose the two systems as it gives a wide range of players more options to experience the world

10:12       Modiphius      done

10:12       Dan                What is the name of the new system that you're developing for A!C, and what can you tell us about it?

10:13       Modiphius      That is Expeditions, it started life after my experiences introducing a lot of new gamers to RPG's

10:14       Modiphius      I often found players struggling with the abstract descriptions of players abilities

10:14       Modiphius      and I wanted to build a system that gamers could use to introduce new friends but also that was an easy goto system when you were fed up of stats brain burn

10:15       Modiphius      Expedition is designed with an RPG system but also a metagame - kind of like a boardgame in which you move around tiles of a city putting your expedition together, having encounters and then set off, hoping you have enough marines, scientists, crew, mechanics etc

10:15       Dirian              whups

10:15       Modiphius      Characters are built with cards and it takes literally 30 seconds to draw your character and start the game

10:15       Dan                 Standard playing cards?

10:16       Modiphius      We've found people just 'get it' immediately and a simple set of attributes and skills on the cards provides a dice pool

10:16       Modiphius      we use custom cards - the main bulk are attributes a bit like aspects 'strong as an ox', 'shoot first ask questions later'

10:16       Modiphius      then life experiences

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10:17       Modiphius      these are in civilian, military, occult and academic roles, a few draw on each pile tells you what you have been doing for the last few years

10:17       Murazor          Counter Strike Global Offensive is a big thing

10:18       Dan                 Do you have an image of the cards posted anywhere yet?

10:18       Modiphius      and Traveller's chargen was a favourite of mine so inspired by that there are plenty of misadventure life experiences

10:18       Murazor          Literally

10:18       Murazor          It fills up the entire front page!

10:18       Dan                 (Murazor: Q&A in progress about Achtung! Cthulhu. #rpgnet2 open for general chat. :) )

10:18       Murazor          (Of Steam)

10:18       Murazor          Okay!

10:19       Modiphius      We haven't released images yet, we're completing internal playtesting and in september will be sending out the playtest packs for people to help us with the next stage

10:19       Modiphius      done

10:19       Dan                 Hmm... So what's the core mechanic?

10:19       Crazy-Cabal   Is it just the Cthulhu side of the mythos or are we getting into the big wide Mythos world? Like Migo are trading tech with the axis for brains and the tcho tcho are harrying the japanese in china, etc?

10:20       Modiphius      A dice pool, four core stats - Body, Mind, Reflex, Spirit plus skills from life experiences

10:20       Dan                 (Question pause while Chris catches up, please.)

10:21       Modiphius      Crazy-Cabal - there's all kinds of stuff going on the nazi's are doing everything they can to find 'weapons' they can use against the allies, as are the Japanese, but in different ways based on their culture

10:21       Modiphius      The Allies are not left out of this, there's people messing with things perhaps they shouldn't and this will cause numerous problems

10:22       Modiphius      We're introduced a new secret mythos Nazi group, who're going to factor right across the storyline

10:22       Modiphius      alongside the obvious Black Sun guys

10:23       Dan                 I think what CC meant was whether it's all centered around Cthulhu or whether other Mythos entities are involved.

10:23       Modiphius      Back to the mechanic, you build a dice pool from your relevant stats and skills, get re-rolls for appropriate attributes and aim for the required number of successes. A critical dice can re-roll your successes or failures.

10:24       Modiphius      Oh yes we're drawing in the whole mythos. In this explosion of madness on Earth, the various protagonists of the mythos world are looking for any opportunity to use mankind's war to further their own goals

10:24       Dan                 Gotcha.

10:24       Modiphius      Cthulhu is obviously a major player, one thing I should mention though is that we never allow the nazi's to use the mythos as an excuse for their actions

10:25       Dan                 Probably a good plan.

10:25       Dan                 How cinematic is Expeditions?

10:26       Modiphius      Expeditions is more pulp, it is being designed for the Mountains of Madness campaign but we'll be creating a sci-fi and fantasy version too

10:26       Dan                 Oh? Interesting...

10:27       Modiphius      It's definitely more cinematic, we use Fate cards to allow specific named events to happen automatically or allow extra dice on related actions, however you can chain these cards together from different players to create much bigger heoroic bonues

10:27       Dan                 Now that sounds cool.

10:27       Dan                 Doesn't sound like something I could play with my IRC groups, sadly.

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10:28       Dan                 What can you tell us about the sci-fi and fantasy games?

10:29                               Murazor transforms into a cat. Sings the Game of Thrones theme song

10:29       Dan                 (brb -- please continue)

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10:29       Modiphius      We will be doing a book version that doesn't need cards

10:30       Modiphius      The sci-fi and fantasy versions again let you put together an expedition to adventure in to the unknown, of course the roleplaying aspect of Expeditions can let you run any kind of adventure but our metagame let's you actually enjoy the process of building your expedition and heading out in to the uknown

10:32       Modiphius      We're playtested a fantasy version and it played super fast. The basic set would allow all kinds of heroes to be built and will come with plenty of opponents and adventures to get you going

10:32       Modiphius      done

10:32                               *** Dan-brb is now known as Dan

10:32       Dan                 What will the settings for those be like?

10:33       Modiphius      one is called Cimmerian Space, a sci-fi horror facebook game we are doing the prequel RPG for

10:35       Modiphius      The fantasy setting's not been developed yet

10:36       Modiphius      so that is probably our next job!

10:36       Dan                 Heh. :)

10:37       Modiphius      Cimmerian Space is quite standard sci-fi - a centrist government vs the colonies, lots of conspiracy, aliens, infections and bio-tech vs cyber tech

10:37       Dan                 What's the horror aspect?

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10:39       Modiphius      There's ancient terrible alien race awakened by accident

10:39       Dan                 Of the Great Old One sort?

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10:40       GrimGent       Eventide.

10:40       Modiphius      you could say that, we don't, we leave that up to GM's to decide, the race is extremely ancient, and incredibly dark and twisted

10:41       Modiphius      they begin to infect and take over colonies and even organisations in the central worlds

10:41       Modiphius      they way it happens is horrific yet seductive

10:42       Modiphius      and when discovered all hell breaks loose

10:42       Modiphius      done

10:42       Dan                 (Howdy, GG! Q&A about Achtung! Cthulhu in progress. #rpgnet2 open for general chat, if you prefer.)

10:42       Dan                 To what does "Cimmerian" refer in this context?

10:45       Modiphius      Cimmerian refers to darkness - it comes from the mythical people described by Homer as inhabiting a land of perpetual darkness

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10:46       Agamemnon2                                  meh

10:46       Dan                 Ah. I wasn't aware of that. I figured it must be a REH reference. :)

10:46       Dan                 (I imagine you'll get a lot of that. :) )

10:46       Modiphius      of course :-)

10:47       Agamemnon2                                  I gotta stop playing MTG. Being this angry all the time can't be good for me

10:47       Dan                 (Q&A in progress, Ag. #rpgnet2 open for general chat.)

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10:48       Dan                 Do you see A!C as a "natural" progression from the 1920s CoC setting, or do you see it as something of its own thing, like Cthulhutech?

10:50       Modiphius      Period wise there's not a huge leap, but culturally there's quite a difference, the world is changing fast by the 1940's

10:51       Modiphius      We've not had to change the CoC rules too much, we've got some nice additions to reflect the world war

10:51       Dan                 Hmm... Please finish your thought, but I probably should clarify.

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10:52       phgaw            howdy, pardners

10:52       Dan                 (Howdy, pghaw! Achtung! Cthulhu Q&A in progress, #rpgnet2 open for general chat. :) )

10:53       Dan                 Oh... Were you done, Chris?

10:53       Modiphius      lol sorry yes!

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10:53       Dan                 No problem. :)

10:54       Dan                 To clarify:

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10:54       Dan                 I'm wondering whether A!C is set in the same "world" as "standard" CoC...

10:54       Dan                 ...or whether it's in its own setting.

10:55       GrimGent       How hidden is the Mythos in the setting? More like CoC or "shoggoths on the battlefield"?

10:55       Dan                 (Howdy, Kaiu! Q&A for Achtung! Cthulhu in progress. #rpgnet2 open for general chat.)

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10:56       Modiphius      ah! well essentially it is it's own standalone setting, we do draw on the world of HP Lovecraft but not necessarily the chaosium setting but there's nothing stopping GM's from including it

10:56       Dan                 (Howdy, JP!)

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10:56       Dan                 (Howdy, Gemini!)

10:56       Modiphius      It's more a secret war in the main two campaigns, trying to keep history as it happened

10:56       Gemini            (Hey Dan :) )

10:56       Dan                 Does it assume that the events of HPL's stories took place as written?

10:56       JP                    Heya

10:56       Kaiu_Keiichi   Greetings,my fellow Sith Lords.

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10:57       Modiphius      so in that sense it is hidden, though of course characters will come face to face with the mythos all over the place, but let's face it, the victors write the history boks!

10:57       Kaiu_Keiichi   can I advertise my new PBP idea in here?

10:57       Dan                 (Kaiu: Please do so in #rpgnet2 at the moment. Q&A in progress. :) )

10:58       Modiphius      Shadows of Atlantis the third campaign is a little more diesel punk towards the end and proposes extrapolations of nazi technology making it on the to the battlefield, GM's will have plenty of options to then change history if they wish and allow events to continue with a different course

10:58       Modiphius      hey Gemini, hey jcfiala, hey Kaiu_Kelichi

10:58       GrimGent       Ah, I see.

10:59       Dan                 Do you offer rules for gadgetry, or do you just stat up the Nazi inventions?

10:59       Modiphius      sorry Kaiu_Keiichi

10:59       Gemini            hello :)

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10:59       Modiphius      we will refer to HPL's places, people and organisations when appropriate

11:00       Modiphius      We will be introducing some cool ideas for gadgetry

11:00       Modiphius      but in the stand alone episodes we provide stats for anything that's required to play

11:00       GrimGent       Just HPL's or also other authors who built on his stories later? Derleth comes to mind. Or would that be a copyright issue?

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11:01       Dan                 (Howdy, GL! Q&A in progress -- see topic.)

11:01       Dan                 (#rpgnet2 open for general chat.)

11:01       Modiphius      Yes there would be a copyright issue, and actually not all of HPL's works are public domain so we do have to be careful

11:02       Dan                 Huh. I didn't realize that, re: HPL's works.

11:02       GrimGent       It's a topic that crops up repeatedly on gaming forums.

11:02       Modiphius      Yes it depends whether the books were republished with copyright statements by publishers before a certain date, it can be quite a minefield if you're not careful

11:02       Dan                 I'll bet!

11:02       Dan                 But that only seems right for a WW2 game. :)

11:03       Kaiu_Keiichi   ((whoops, sorry.))

11:03       Modiphius      So often it's best to create new material but allow GM's plenty of room to include HPL's material

11:03       Dan                 (No worries, Kaiu!)

11:03       Modiphius      haha of course!

11:03       GrimGent       Hmm. How about material that predates Lovecraft, like the King in Yellow?

11:03       Dan                 (brb -- please continue)

11:03                               *** Dan is now known as Dan-brb

11:04       Modiphius      I believe that might be public domain but will have to check I know one of our writer's is exploring that

11:04       GrimGent       The original Chambers version should be, but it's somewhat different from the later Mythos takes.

11:04       Modiphius      The great things is there is so much scope for WW2 material with all the different fronts, people's and armies and mythologies

11:04                               *** Dan-brb is now known as Dan

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11:05       Dan                 Do I intuit correctly that your take on the Mythos is a bit more humanocentric that the standard disinterested cosmic entitites?

11:06       Dan                 (On the phone, sorry.)

11:06                               *** Dan is now known as Dan-phone

11:07       GrimGent       (The collective madness and infectious mythology angle of the King in Yellow might actually fit in neatly with Nazis.)

11:07       Modiphius      We're still sticking with common theme of terribly inhuman minds with alien reasoning, but many of their minions and the relatively minor protagonists are more humanocentric

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11:08       Modiphius      hi Melum!

11:09       Dan-phone    (Sorry -- on the phone)

11:09       Modiphius      Yes I think the king in Yellow would work very well!

11:10       Dan-phone    (Melum, Q&A about Achtung! Cthulhu in progress. #rpgnet2 open for general chat.)

11:11       Dan-phone    To keep things rolling, what new WW2-specific rules have you come up with?

11:12       Melum             Morning

11:13       GrimGent       Mass combat?

11:13       Melum             Non-Euclidean panzers!

11:13       Modiphius      For CoC there's vehicle combat, interogation, parachuting, guards and alertness, army occupations, relevant ww2 skills

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11:13       Modiphius      and that's just episode 1!

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11:14       Modiphius      Grimgent - combat is so dangerous in Coc we've opened the doors more to combat with some optional rules

11:14       Dan-phone    Can you give some examples?

11:15       Modiphius      in the Savage Worlds version we're developing a supplement where you start in a section, half a squad and end up commanding a company and can field them on the table as miniatures!

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11:17       Modiphius      examples of what Dan? sorry :-)

11:18                               *** Dan-phone is now known as Dan

11:18       Dan                 The optional rules for combat.

11:18       Modiphius      In terms of CoC combat we have provided some options for increasing hit points for players

11:18       Modiphius      to make them a little hardier on the battlefield

11:18       Modiphius      but at the end of the day as CoC players will know, combat is brutal, so it's really best avoided if you can

11:19       Modiphius      or make sure you've got some damn good fighting skills!

11:19       Modiphius      who dares wins after all!

11:19       Dan                 Are you including something akin to the Fate Point rules from the BRP core book?

11:19       Modiphius      Not at the moment though they may make it in to the final setting book which will include all the new rules

11:20       Modiphius      We're building each episode to be self contained, you just need the Call of Cthulhu rules to play it

11:20                               Dan nods

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11:21       Dan                 Oh, I just realized something... Because I'm not at work, I'm not using my IRC program and can't auto-log. Just a sec while I copy/paste the conversation so far...

11:21       Modiphius      um done... :-)

11:21       Modiphius      ok

11:23       Dan                 Hmm... That didn't work so well. Anyone have auto-log going?

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11:23       Dan                 Hey, Bill! Do you have a log of this chat going?

11:24       Dirian              i can begin a log from here if you need it that bad

11:24       Dan                 Nah, not worth it. I'll get it figured out. :)

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11:24       Dirian              i also have from the beginning of the QA

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11:24       Dan                 Okay, let's continue!

11:24       Dan                 (Howdy, jtbullet! Q&A re: Achtung! CThulhu in progress! #rpgnet2 open for chat!)

11:25       jtbullet             K

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11:25       Dan                 Do the PCs have access to any pulp "powers" of any sort?

11:25       Modiphius      i can copy paste if need be

11:26                               *** SuperSooga1 joined #rpgnet

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11:26       Modiphius      Well in Savage Worlds they do, in CoC it's straight down the line CoC characters so no difference except for the new careers

11:27       Dan                 Any thoughts on changing that, and what will be the case in the Expeditions incarnation?

11:27       Modiphius      we've not added powers if anything it would be characters some access to magic

11:27       Dan                 (I'm thinking specifically of proto-supers like the Shadow, etc.)

11:27       GrimGent       No new spells?

11:27       Modiphius      we may do as options for people wanting a more pulp CoC game

11:27       Modiphius      there are new spells yes!

11:28       Modiphius      some fun new ones being developed right now!

11:28       GrimGent       Well, that's the traditional CoC power route.

11:28       Dan                 True, but I'd love to be able to do Doc Savage & Friends vs. the Cthulhu Nazis. :D

11:29                               *** SuperSooga1 left #rpgnet

11:30       Modiphius      I'm sure they'll be something suitable along those lines when the final setting book comes out - which we hope will be the spring, following hot on the heels of the first wave of episodes

11:30       Dan                 What sort of business relationship do you have with Chaosium, and does it allow you to tap into resources like the BRP core rules?

11:31       Modiphius      we have a licence from them to produce official supplements and adventures for Call of Cthulhu

11:31       Modiphius      We can create new rules within reason relative to the setting so I think we can use elements of BRP if wish (though I'd have to check)

11:32                               Dan nods

11:32       GrimGent       So in other words, supplements rather than standalones?

11:32       Dan                 (brb)

11:32                               *** Dan is now known as Dan-brb

11:33       Modiphius      yes they are all supplements as it's for Call of Cthulhu, though we aim for each one to be standalone, you won't need the setting book to play that specific adventure for example

11:33       GrimGent       Ah, right.

11:34       GrimGent       No ongoing metaplot which would require knowledge of previous installments?

11:35                               *** jtbullet quit (Client exited)

11:36       Modiphius      each campaign book is being released as stand alone adventures, so you can buy any in the series and drop it in to an existing campaign and not feel like you've missed out. However this is a growing metaplot that if you have taken part in the whole series will be more enjoyable but it won't stop people from enjoying just one episode

11:37       Modiphius      The mountains of madness campaign will be one main campaign that should be played start to finish though

11:38       GrimGent       It's more linear?

11:38       Modiphius      well it's a huge campaign setting, we are going to do it as a box set or one big book

11:39       Modiphius      it's going to be a big sandbox with a key campaign story but more like a plot point campaign

11:40       GrimGent       Does it involve Nazi-trained shoggoths?

11:40                               *** AngusA joined #rpgnet

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11:41       Modiphius      lol no in fact the nazi's are racing there with a well prepared expedition to unlock the secrets of the ancient world

11:41       Modiphius      the allies have to put together a very hasty unprepared expedition, as they often do!

11:41       Modiphius      It's going to delve far deeper and wider than the original campaign for CoC did

11:42       Modiphius      there will be a lot more sites to explore, a great lead up as the expeditions clash enroute

11:42       GrimGent       Ah, one of those "they delved too deep" set-ups.

11:42       Modiphius      well of course, in this case to everyone's undoing

11:43                               *** Dan-brb is now known as Dan

11:43       Dan                 (Back, sorry.)

11:43       Dan                 (Howdy, Angus!)

11:43       AngusA           (Hello)

11:43       AngusA           (Thought I'd stop by and spy on Chris :p)

11:43       Modiphius      We have a playtest for Expeditions tonight so i'm going to have it call it a day soon to prepare some more deviousness for the players

11:43       Dan                 (Ah, gotcha. :) )

11:44       Modiphius      hello Angus!

11:44       Dan                 No problem. We generally set these things for 2 hours anyway.

11:44       Modiphius      do you need a copy and paste from my side?

11:44       Dan                 If you don't mind.

11:44       Dan                 Are there any new monsters in A!C?

11:46       Dan                 (AngusA = Angus Abranson, I presume? :) )

11:46       AngusA           (yep)

11:47       Modiphius      there will be some familiar creatures as well as some awful new things

11:47       Modiphius      Dan i've emailed what I could grab it doesn't go back all the way

11:47       Dan                 (Cool. Dan Davenport here. We met at GenCon a few years back.)

11:47       Dan                 Chris: No problem. I have the beginning saved.

11:48       Modiphius      right I better get off to get our session ready, thanks for all the questions guys

11:48       AngusA           (Indeed, and more recently on Facebook. Thought I;d check this out after you spoke to me about it and I saw Chris was on today)

11:48       jcfiala              (His name is Dan Davenport. He reviews games.)

11:48       GrimGent       Bye, Modi.

11:48       Dan                 Fair enough. Thanks so much for stopping by, Chris!

11:48       AngusA           Good luck with the playtest Chris!

11:48       Modiphius      thanks!!!

11:48       Dan                 Angus: Did I invite you to hold a Q&A as well? Trying to remember...

11:49       Modiphius      see ya!

11:49                               *** Modiphius quit (Disintegrated: ajax IRC Client)

11:49       AngusA           You did, but I've been bad and not replied yet. Another reason I thought I'd drop by now and see someone else in action.

11:49       AngusA           Even if I was a bit late for the show!

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