Tuesday, August 21, 2012

[Q&A] Clash Bowley (Flying Mice Games)

[20:10] <+flyingmice> Hi all! I'm clash bowley, dasigner, writer, illustrator, publisher and chief cool and bottle washer for Flying Mice Games.
[20:12] <+Silverlion> Hi Clash!
[20:12] <+flyingmice> Over the past decade, I've designed a lot of games - StarCluster 1, 2, and 3; Cold Space, Commonwealth Space, and FTL Now; The Tools of Ignorance; Blood Games and Blooe Gmaes II; Outremer, On Her Majesty's Arcane Service;
[20:13] <+Omega> hi Silverlion
[20:13] <+Drakkar> i've heard of the last one!~
[20:13] <+Silverlion> Why do you have such dedication to Science Fiction?
[20:14] <+flyingmice> Sweet Chariot 1 and 2; and the seven In Harm's Way games - Napoleonic Naval, Dragons!, Aces In Spades, Aces And Angels, Wild Blue, Pigboats, and In Harm's Way: StarCluster.
[20:14] <+flyingmice> Ha! Ge=reat, Drakkar!
[20:15] <+flyingmice> I've loved SF since I was a child - my dad was a big fan - and have never lost my love.
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[20:15] <+Drakkar> (it was also amazing)
[20:15] <+flyingmice> And there are a lot of variations you can do with SF.
[20:16] <+Silverlion> Indeed.
[20:16] <+Silverlion> So why two versions of Starcluster? (IHW: SC, and SC3)?
[20:17] <+flyingmice> All the In Harm's Way games are military games, and IHW: StarCluster covers the military side of the setting, while StarCluster 3 covers the civilian side.
[20:17] <+Crazy-Cabal> Oh man, the new Hawkeye series is great.
[20:17] <+Crazy-Cabal> Fraction and aja are at it again
[20:17] <+flyingmice> They are different games, but completely inter-operable.
[20:18] <+Silverlion> *nods*
[20:18] <+Crazy-Cabal> Tech>I'm quite familiar with IK stuff
[20:18] <+Crazy-Cabal> what's up?
[20:19] <+Silverlion> CC: Chat with CLash of Flyingmice games. :D
[20:19] <+flyingmice> Any other questions?
[20:20] <~Dan> Working on anything new? :)
[20:21] <+flyingmice> Yes - I just released In Harm's Way: Pigboats last week. I also have Volant - Kingdoms of Air and Stone in Alpha playtest.
[20:21] <~Dan> What are those about?
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[20:22] <+flyingmice> IHW: Pigboats is a game aboout American Submariners in WWII.
[20:22] <+flyingmice> Volant is about a world with floating islands, where men ride giant birds and sly floating stone ships, while monsters prowl over the surface.
[20:23] <+flyingmice> men should be humans.
[20:23] <~Dan> Nice. :)
[20:23] <+Silverlion> and has alchemy..
[20:23] <+Silverlion> Tell them about alchemy
[20:23] <~Dan> And sly should be sail? :)
[20:24] <+flyingmice> Yes - the magic is entirely in the setting, not in people. Alchemy uses the magic inherent i the plants and animals.
[20:24] <+flyingmice> Sly should be fly. :D
[20:24] <~Dan> Ah.
[20:25] <~Dan> I thought the ships just might be sneaky and clever.
[20:25] <+flyingmice> Alchemists can combine various plant and animal extracts to produce potions of many types.
[20:26] <+flyingmice> Like many of these games, the group creates a company to define what they want to do.
[20:27] <+flyingmice> For example, they might create a Knightly Order of Avian Knights.
[20:27] <+flyingmice> Or a company that finds rare and expensive alchenical ingredients.
[20:27] <+Silverlion> I want the rules but think I'll hack it for magic.
[20:28] <+Silverlion> So I can run my one Gryphon game
[20:28] <+flyingmice> I wish the ships were sneaky and clever.
[20:28] <~Dan> What's the tech level?
[20:28] <+flyingmice> Yes, you could, Tim! The monsters can be created by the group.
[20:28] <+Silverlion> Indeed.
[20:29] <+flyingmice> Late medieval, early Renaissance, Dan.
[20:29] <~Dan> So the flying stone ships have cannons?
[20:30] <+flyingmice> No - unusually for me, they don't.
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[20:30] <+flyingmice> No firearms. A request from my son, who is writing the game with me.
[20:30] <~Dan> Awwwwww. :(
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[20:31] <+Silverlion> Catapults and ballista instead?
[20:31] <+flyingmice> Though since it uses the same base system, you could adapt the firearms from OHMAS or Outremer.
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[20:31] <+flyingmice> Yes - torsion and tension weapons.
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[20:32] <~Dan> What's Renaissance about it?
[20:32] <+Silverlion> I know my setting has crossbows and hexguns
[20:33] <+flyingmice> More the culture and the arts, Dan. Cultures and religions and the cloating skylands are also created by the group.
[20:33] <~Dan> Hmm. Interesting.
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[20:33] <~Dan> Howdy, Wondy!
[20:33] <~Dan> So what are the critters like?
[20:33] <~Dan> So what are the critters like?
[20:34] <+flyingmice> Hiya Rodent!
[20:34] <+WonderRat> howdy
[20:34] <+WonderRat> Gooday, flyingmice!
[20:34] * +flyingmice gives the secret 45th evel rodent handclasp.
[20:35] * Rania is now known as Lioness
[20:35] * +WonderRat does the secret 45th level rodent handclasp with flyingmice
[20:35] <+WonderRat> Goodday to you, brother. I hope all is well.
[20:35] <+flyingmice> All is lovely!
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[20:35] <+flyingmice> I'm doing a Q&A for my games.
[20:36] <+WonderRat> Cool. Which games? I know you got a few of em out.
[20:36] <+Silverlion> So what's the next big different thing you are doing Clash?
[20:37] <+flyingmice> I've started work on a new project - I usually am working on two or three simultaneously - codenamed Lowell Was Right!
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[20:38] <+flyingmice> It's a hard SF game, as if written in 1890, and set about now.
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[20:38] <+flyingmice> Yo Squiddly!
[20:38] <&Le_Squide> Heya Mices!
[20:39] <+WonderRat> Howdy, Squide
[20:39] <+WonderRat> Hmmm
[20:39] <+WonderRat> Sounds intresting
[20:39] <+flyingmice> The science is the science of la Belle Epoch, extrapolated forward to 20XX.
[20:39] <+flyingmice> The hard part is researching the science of the time.
[20:40] <+Silverlion> Its awesome idea, actually.
[20:40] <+flyingmice> Science tends to bury its mistakes like a cat in a litterbox.
[20:41] <&Le_Squide> What's this?
[20:42] <+flyingmice> Luckily I'm working with my old friend Albert bailey, who is a plasma physicist, and is in charge of the tech.
[20:42] <&Le_Squide> I'm guessing not pigboats.
[20:42] <+flyingmice> No, it's a future game project, Squid, but we can talk about Pigboats f you like. :
[20:42] <+flyingmice> D
[20:43] <&Le_Squide> What's this future project?
[20:44] <+flyingmice> It's codenamed Lowell Was Right.
[20:44] <~Dan> What does the tech end up looking like?
[20:44] <+flyingmice> Right now we are researching the old sciences, and projecting them forward.
[20:44] <+flyingmice> Really wierd, Dan.
[20:45] <+flyingmice> Atoms and molecules are knots in the ether,
[20:45] <+flyingmice> Different elements have different nots.
[20:45] <+flyingmice> knots
[20:45] <+flyingmice> For example a fuel used is braided hydrogen.
[20:46] <+flyingmice> It is normally stable, but can be made unstable.
[20:46] <+flyingmice> Raadiation is nnot from devcaying unstable elements - it is just another etheric property.
[20:47] <+flyingmice> There are no nukkes or reactors, though there are other energy sources.
[20:47] <+flyingmice> The sun is powered by its own gravitational collapse, and the solar system is only tens of millions of years old.
[20:48] <+flyingmice> The further in a planet is, the younger it is, thrown off as the sun shrank.
[20:49] <+flyingmice> there are lots of very cool implications there, which we are jazzed to explore.
[20:49] <+flyingmice> And make into a fun, gameable setting!
[20:49] <+flyingmice> That is probably a year or so away.
[20:50] <+Cassie> Woo. The hugs.
[20:50] <~Dan> Are the planets habitable?
[20:50] <+Melum> Even more hugs!
[20:50] <+Silverlion> Awesome.
[20:50] <+Silverlion> I can't wait
[20:51] <&Le_Squide> Sounds very neat.
[20:51] <+flyingmice> All of them were at one time - well - the moons of the gas giants were. Most of them still are.
[20:51] <+Silverlion> And the gas giants have wierder plant forms?
[20:51] <+flyingmice> In spite of the retreat of the sun, the gas giants themselves are hot, and the moons can sustain life.
[20:52] <+flyingmice> The gas giants themselves are not habitable. They are too hot.
[20:52] <+flyingmice> Gravitational collapse creates heat.
[20:52] <+Silverlion> Heh
[20:52] <~Dan> This is awesome. :)
[20:53] <~Dan> What sorts of creatures are out there?
[20:53] <~Dan> And are any of them intelligent?
[20:53] <+flyingmice> Yeah - the more we play around with the ideas, the cooler it all gets.
[20:54] <+flyingmice> The supposition was that intelligent life arose on each planet - or set of habitable moons - in turn, so there are lots of aliens.
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[20:54] <+flyingmice> The oldest species are the furthest out.
[20:55] <+flyingmice> The asteroid belt was once a planet, destroyed in a war.
[20:55] <~Dan> Are the ones furthest out the most advanced? Or have they "peaked"?
[20:55] <+flyingmice> They tend to have peacked, but they are still formidable.
[20:56] <~Dan> What's space travel like, speaking of tech?
[20:57] <+flyingmice> We are projecting several different types of space travel, from ether turbines to electrical jets to negative mass matter.
[20:57] <+Silverlion> No metals consumed by strange chemicals
[20:58] <+flyingmice> Each one has benefits and minuses.
[20:58] <+flyingmice> Each one has benefits and minuses.
[20:58] <~Dan> What sort of weapons do spacecraft sport?
[20:59] <+flyingmice> We haven't got that far - still working on the principles we can use, Dan.
[21:00] <~Dan> Ah. No worries.
[21:00] <+flyingmice> The typical ones used in SF probably wouldn't work - except for slug throwers.
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[21:01] <+flyingmice> But matter can have some very exotic shapes, created by manipulation of the etheric knots.
[21:01] <+flyingmice> shapes = properties.
[21:01] <+Geek2theRight> Exotic how?
[21:01] <+flyingmice> mind blank, not typo!
[21:01] <~Dan> Howdy, G2TR!
[21:02] <+Geek2theRight> Howdy!
[21:02] <+flyingmice> Like negative mass matter, G2TR.
[21:02] <+Geek2theRight> An anti-boson!
[21:02] <~Dan> Do all of your games use the same system, Clash?
[21:02] <+flyingmice> Mass as an etheric property can be positive or negative.
[21:03] <+flyingmice> Variations of it.
[21:03] <+flyingmice> Variations of the same system.
[21:04] <+flyingmice> Currently, with StarCluster 3 system, I have gone with a complete framework and bolt on subsystem approach.
[21:04] <~Dan> What's the core mechanic?
[21:04] <+flyingmice> So you can choose what mechanic you want to use, and run it with no changes.
[21:05] <+flyingmice> StarCluster 3 comes with four resolution systems to choose from, and there are three more downloadable.
[21:05] <~Dan> Wow. O.o
[21:06] <+flyingmice> Perentile, d20 dice pools, randomless, risk dice, exploding d6 pools, d6-d6 averaging dice... there are lots of variations.
[21:06] <~Dan> What made you decide to go that route?
[21:06] <+flyingmice> I always wanted to, from the very beginning.
[21:07] <+flyingmice> I just wasn't good enough to pull it off yet.
[21:07] <+flyingmice> I like different systems - each one has its own flavor.
[21:07] <+flyingmice> Running the game with percentiles is very different in  flavor from running it diceless, or with dice pools.
[21:08] <~Dan> Do you have to vary the scale to fit each mechanic?
[21:08] <+flyingmice> Everything is a bolt on sub system, made to fit an interface.
[21:08] <+flyingmice> No - you don't have to change anything.
[21:08] <+flyingmice> Each one defines itself.
[21:09] <~Dan> Hmm.
[21:09] <~Dan> So what's the attribute scale?
[21:09] <+flyingmice> 1-15 for humans, though it can go slightly higher.
[21:10] <~Dan> What's an average score in a skill?
[21:10] <+Silverlion> I'm still not sure, how to work out my elephant sized ice-sea dwelling horned people.
[21:10] <+flyingmice> 7-8.
[21:10] <+Silverlion> Since they aren't exactly "weak" to human scale.
[21:10] <+Silverlion> You might need a scaling system.
[21:11] <~Dan> So how does the percentile system work?
[21:11] <+flyingmice> We have one. Klax uses it in his game - Look! Up In The Sky!
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[21:11] <+Silverlion> Good. Need a SC supplement for that.
[21:12] <+Silverlion> To use it.
[21:12] * +flyingmice nods
[21:12] <+Silverlion> "Aliens of Massive Size!"
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[21:13] <+flyingmice> Dan - The percentile uses onlt percentiles - for chance, Quality, and Initiative.
[21:14] <+flyingmice> Your skill rank gives you a TN, which you roll under. High Attributes give modifiers.
[21:14] <+Gyr|Laptop|2> "Aliens of Unusual Size? ... I don't think they exist."
[21:15] <+flyingmice> You can trade points between chance, Quality and Initiative to give an abstract tactical system.
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[21:15] <+Mostlyjoe> Heya.
[21:15] <+flyingmice> Take a penalty on your Init to gain a bonus on your chance, or take a penalty on your quality to boost your initiative.
[21:16] <~Dan> Howdy, Mostlyjoe!
[21:16] <+flyingmice> Hi Joe!
[21:16] <+Mostlyjoe> What we talking about?
[21:17] <~Dan> flyingmice's games. :)
[21:17] <+Mostlyjoe> Ah.
[21:17] <+flyingmice> Yeah - the wierd stuff! :D
[21:17] <~Dan> Clash: Do I remember correctly that Sweet Chariot is part of the StarCluster setting?
[21:18] <+flyingmice> Yes it is - at least the StarCluster 2 setting.
[21:18] <+flyingmice> In StarCluster 3, everything is group made.
[21:18] <+flyingmice> The setting is mostly implied.
[21:18] <~Dan> And it's a planet covered in poison gas...?
[21:19] <+flyingmice> Though IHW:SC won the Gaming Genius Award for Best New Setting last yeaar.
[21:19] <+Silverlion> Its the idea that counts FM.
[21:19] <+Silverlion> Creating the ability to create your own is inspiring :D
[21:19] * ~Dan agrees
[21:19] <+flyingmice> Well - yes. The planet's atmosphere is about 75% Argon, and much thicker than Earth's/
[21:20] <&Le_Squide> FM: You should do an enormous hardback with all the IHW stuff in it :P
[21:20] <+flyingmice> Lord! IHW: STarCluster is over 300 pages alon! :D
[21:21] <+flyingmice> Argon is poisonous under pressure, so the highland sof chariot are liveable.
[21:22] <+flyingmice> So there are a billion people living on the mountains and high plateaus, and no-one in the river valleys.
[21:22] <+flyingmice> and the sea.
[21:23] <+flyingmice> There are too many people, and not enough resources.
[21:23] <~Dan> So all those who went down into the valleys Argon?
[21:23] <+flyingmice> It's too hot, the air can kill you, and the dirt is probabbly radioactive.
[21:23] <+flyingmice> Below a certain height, that pressure of argon will kill you.
[21:24] <+flyingmice> It makes you drunk as a lord, then dead.
[21:24] <+flyingmice> Like Nitrogen narcosis, and from a similar principle.
[21:24] <+flyingmice> So people have to stay above that altitude.
[21:25] <~Dan> Why was the place colonized at all?
[21:25] * +Canageek (~Canageek@18D1A68D.1E406D9C.A4DD9233.IP) Quit (Disintegrated: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia The future is here. It's just not widely distributed yet. - William Gibson)
[21:26] <+flyingmice> It was an emergency. The colonists were hijacked by people desperate to leave earth before it was destroyed, and the landers were damaged.
[21:26] <+Silverlion> Money probably.
[21:26] <+flyingmice> They had to improvise new landers, and the planet with the thickest breathable atmosphere was Chariot.
[21:27] <+flyingmice> That let them build crude gliders to land with.
[21:27] <+flyingmice> the airfols didn't have to be especially *good* you see.
[21:28] <+flyingmice> Lots of lift, lots of drag, and a one way trip to the surface.
[21:29] <+flyingmice> So a ton of cultures grew up, each isolated from the others, and evolved alone.
[21:29] <~Dan> Is the planet cut off from the rest of civilization?
[21:30] <+flyingmice> 500 years later, they have steam powered airships to fly above the Deathlands, and the cultures have begun intertwining.
[21:30] <+flyingmice> No, but the only thng they have that's worth anything is their radioactives.
[21:31] <~Dan> Do these airships have cannons? :)
[21:31] <+flyingmice> They have some trading ties with local worlds in the same system, but they can't build ships themselves.
[21:32] <+flyingmice> Yes they do, Dan! :D
[21:32] <~Dan> Hooray! :)
[21:32] <+flyingmice> ships = space ships
[21:32] <+flyingmice> Their tech is still mired in steam power.
[21:32] <+flyingmice> Too many people, not enough resources.
[21:33] <+flyingmice> Life, then, is cheap.
[21:33] <~Dan> +
[21:33] <~Dan> whoops
[21:33] <~Dan> Well, that's a plus...
[21:34] <~Dan> Which game of yours has gotten the best reception?
[21:35] <+flyingmice> Hmmm... Probably Cold Space or OHMAS.
[21:35] * +Geek2theRight (Mibbit@MagicStar-A97C5EBF.mc.at.cox.net) Quit (Disintegrated: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
[21:36] <+Silverlion> OHMAS is awesome. Levi's version is even better.
[21:36] <+flyingmice> Cold Space because of the cold war in space setting.
[21:37] <+flyingmice> LEvi Kornelsen wrote an ultralight version of OHMAS called Her Arcane Service.
[21:37] <+Silverlion> Its awesome.
[21:37] <~Dan> OHMAS is '60s spies with magic, right?
[21:37] <+flyingmice> It is extremely good, and retains much of the game's flavor with very light mechanics.
[21:38] <+flyingmice> No - it's Elizabethan spies with magic. :D
[21:38] <~Dan> Ah. :)
[21:39] <+flyingmice> The original Agent 007 - John Dee - is the head of the agencies.
[21:39] <+Silverlion> Its awesome.
[21:39] <+Silverlion> We need to do a modern version...all Dresden Spies..
[21:39] <+Silverlion> Avengers+Arcane Magic.
[21:39] <+flyingmice> Modern magic is pretty well covered.
[21:40] <+flyingmice> I try to find tiny useless niches to exploit.
[21:40] <+flyingmice> :D
[21:41] <+Silverlion> Indeed.
[21:41] <+flyingmice> Like my baseball RPG
[21:41] <+flyingmice> There is a very small Venn intersection there! D:
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[21:43] <~Dan> Howdy, Ettin!
[21:43] <+flyingmice> Any more questions?
[21:43] <+Ettin> Sup
[21:44] <~Dan> Ettin: flyingmice here is Clash Bowley, a game designer. He's just telling us about his games.
[21:45] <~Dan> flyingmice: There have been two editions of Blood Games, right?
[21:45] <+flyingmice> Right.
[21:46] <~Dan> What changed between editions?
[21:46] <+flyingmice> The first one was percentile based, the second was dice pool based.
[21:46] <~Dan> You didn't go the multi-system route that time?
[21:47] <+flyingmice> There were also changes in player character Paths of Power, and a whole section on historical stuff.
[21:47] * +Graah (~Niilo@MagicStar-CF77A248.ilmatar.net) Quit (Disintegrated: leaving)
[21:48] <+flyingmice> That was the first non-percentile game I wrote, and the begininning of the multi-system, but one at a time.
[21:48] <+flyingmice> At first I was cautious.
[21:49] <+flyingmice> OHMAS and Outremer both are basically Blood Games in other times and places.
[21:49] <+flyingmice> And both still use only the dice pools.
[21:49] <~Dan> What is Outremer?
[21:49] <~Dan> What is Outremer?
[21:50] <+flyingmice> Outremer is set at the same time period as OHMAS, but in an alt-history where the crusader states survived at least that long.
[21:51] <+flyingmice> It's all about religion and Djinn and history
[21:51] <~Dan> What does the name mean?
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[21:52] <~Dan> Howdy, GamerBoy!
[21:52] <+flyingmice> It is French for "Over Sea", and was the name the area was referred to by the Latins.
[21:52] <~Dan> Cool.
[21:52] <+Silverlion> Cool.
[21:52] * +Mostlyjoe (~okayyes@40DE51FE.4C845927.A2A03083.IP) Quit (Disintegrated: )
[21:53] <~Dan> How would you describe the crunch level of your games?
[21:54] <+flyingmice> There are Christian kingdoms and principalities, Muslim Sultanates and Claiphates all intetwined.
[21:54] <+flyingmice> Medium crunch, heavily front-loaded.
[21:54] * ~Dan nods
[21:55] <+flyingmice> So it playes lighter than you would think, as the fornt loading takes some of the effort away in play.
[21:55] * +GamerBoy (~RPGNet@3E888796.F7B33874.993062C5.IP) Quit (Disintegrated: Leaving)
[21:55] <+flyingmice> Also, frivolous dice rolls are discouraged.
[21:55] * tablehop (~Mikan@MagicStar-759DA35B.satx.res.rr.com) has joined #rpgnet
[21:55] * ChanServ sets mode: +v tablehop
[21:56] <~Dan> Welcome to #rpgnet, tablehop!
[21:56] <+tablehop> Thanks.
[21:56] * Snoof (~Snoof@MagicStar-8EE5FB1D.lnse1.ken.bigpond.net.au) has joined #rpgnet
[21:56] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Snoof
[21:56] <~Dan> Here for the Q&A, or just hanging out?
[21:56] <+Snoof> Afternoon all.
[21:56] <~Dan> Howdy, Snoof!
[21:56] <+tablehop> The latter.
[21:57] <~Dan> Cool. We're about up to the 2 hour mark, so we should probably start wrapping up the Q&A anyway.
[21:57] <+flyingmice> Well it's probably time to stop
[21:57] <+flyingmice> ha!
[21:57] <~Dan> :D
[21:57] <~Dan> You're welcome to stay and hang out, fm!
[21:57] <+flyingmice> Any final questions?
[21:58] <~Dan> Yes. Which is YOUR favorite game?
[21:58] <+flyingmice> Lord!
[21:58] <~Dan> (Of your own games, I mean.)
[21:58] <+flyingmice> Which child, Sophie?
[21:58] <+flyingmice> Which child, Sophie?
[21:58] <~Dan> Heh. You don't have to answer. Just curious. :)
[21:59] <+flyingmice> Probably Blood Games II.
[21:59] <+flyingmice> With OHMAS and Outremer as a whole.
[21:59] <~Dan> Huh. Interesting, given your love of sci-fi.
[21:59] <~Dan> They're all part of the same setting?
[22:00] <+flyingmice> Yes, but every single cmampaign I have run with thiose games has been stellar.
[22:01] <~Dan> Awesome. :)
[22:01] <+flyingmice> OHMAS is Blood Games in the Elizabethan era, and Outremer is Blood Games set in that alt-history.
[22:01] <~Dan> Gotcha.
[22:02] <~Dan> Want a log of the chat, Clash?
[22:02] <+flyingmice> No thanks - I always log myself. :D
[22:02] <~Dan> Ah. Jolly good, then. :)

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