Monday, August 13, 2012

Birth of a GMshoe

Based on popular demand, I am, indeed, starting my very own blog, if for no other reason than that I've been asked to post the logs from my #rpgnet Q&A series. I figure I'll also re-post my reviews here, and maybe just some random thoughts.

For now, I should probably explain where the whole "Hardboiled GMshoe" thing came from.

It's not a very elaborate or entertaining story, really. I'd been reviewing at RPGnet for quite a while when I was asked to review Mean Streets by Deep7 Games. Since it's a film noir game, just for a goof, I decided to write it with a film noir intro. I had so much fun doing it that I used the same schtick for my Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG review. From there, it was pretty much off to the races.

I'm not sure when I came up with the name "Hardboiled GMshoe" to refer to my reviewing persona.

I can, however, say that one of my proudest moments was being at GenCon and, while in the process of introducing myself, having someone rush up and say excitedly, "You're name's Davenport! You review games!!"

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