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[Q&A] Jarrett Crippen, a.k.a. The Defuser from "Who Wants to be a Superhero?" Season 2

[19:10] <+Defuser> I am Jarrett Crippen, also known as The Defuser, from Stan Lee's "Who Wants to be a Superhero?" reality show.
[19:11] <+Defuser> I'm also the founder of SCARE for a CURE, a multifaceted charity that puts on an extreme haunted (rpg style) adventure and also a full on event each spring called Quest Night
[19:12] <+Defuser> oh...and I'm a 21 yr veteran of the Austin Police Dept., been a detective for about 13 yrs.  Im an interview and interrogation specialist.
[19:12] <+Defuser> done!
[19:12] <+Defuser> I think
[19:12] <~Dan> Thanks, Jarret!
[19:12] <~Dan> The floor is open to questions. I'll start with one of my own...
[19:12] <~Dan> Let's start with the basics: Can you tell us a bit about what led to you getting on "Superhero"?
[19:13] <+Defuser> I've always been a comicbook geek, I have about 12,000 in my collection.  When a buddy of mine saw season 1 of WWTBASH he insisted I audition.  After much discussion, I did.
[19:14] <+Defuser> done
[19:14] <~Dan> How did your fellow officers react?
[19:15] <+Defuser> At first, it was pretty negative...as a lot of cops can be jerks.  and there was a lot of razzing, even from my friends.  But once it got around that I was preparing an entire superhero like "DARE" campaign, they slacked off a bit.  Then, once I actually got on the show, it got a little quieter.
[19:16] <+Defuser> Once I won, and made good on my promise to create a program around it, all but the biggest jerks shut up.  My program was called "Being a Hero in your Community"
[19:16] <+Defuser> done
[19:16] <~Dan> Very cool. :)
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[19:17] <~Dan> Whoops. Sorry about that.
[19:17] <~Dan> (Howdy, Sil!)
[19:17] <~Dan> How do you balance your work as a detective with the con circuit and so forth?
[19:18] <+Defuser> It's not easy.  But I've been lucky that my chain of command recognizes the support I give the community.  I burn a lot of my "vacation" time to do what I do.
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[19:18] <+Defuser> Cons, SCARE, APD, family, etc...
[19:18] <~Dan> (Howdy, Serami!)
[19:19] <~Dan> Now, did you get involved with SCARE after winning "Superhero"?
[19:20] <+Defuser> I've always been that odd neighborhood guy who over does it during Christmas and Halloween.  I founded SCARE in 2005 after my "home haunt" was so big, they had to shut down my subdivision.
[19:20] <+Geek2theRight> They what???
[19:20] <+Defuser> Since the first year of SCARE and WWTBASH coincided, it helped to promote both adventures.
[19:21] <+Defuser> Traffic for my home haunt was so bad, they had to hire constables to direct  traffic
[19:21] <+GenoFoxx> how has being the subject of a comic book been?
[19:21] <+Defuser> And they diverted people away
[19:21] <+Geek2theRight> Oh, okay. That makes more sense. lol
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[19:22] <+GenoFoxx> and how many issues are there?
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[19:22] <~Dan> (Welcome, Henghyoke, and wb, jtbullet!)
[19:22] <+Defuser> For a comic geek to get his own professional done comic, it was pretty freaking amazing...
[19:22] <&Silverlion> (Missed the start..so lurking)
[19:22] <+Defuser> Just one issue.  :-(
[19:22] <~Dan> (Sil: I'll copy/paste.)
[19:23] <+Defuser> There are several FAN spawned issues out there, some are pretty good.
[19:23] <+Defuser> But copyright prevents us from going further
[19:24] <~Dan> How do you feel about "Lightning Strikes", and have you had any other movie offers?
[19:24] <&Silverlion> Awesome to hear, I like your charity.
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[19:25] <+Defuser> LOL!   LS was pretty damn fun.  I got to live in Bulgaria for a month and spend most days with Kevin Sorbo.  Super nice guy.   The entire experience was amazing.  They treated me like a real actor.  And yes, I've had 2 other offers, but due to my day job, I had to decline.  Even with the support I have, being gone for 6 weeks is a bit much.
[19:26] <~Dan> Hey, that's cool that you got the offers!
[19:26] <~Dan> Can you say anything about those, or is there an NDA involved?
[19:26] <+Defuser> Ya, one was from the same director as LS, the other was from one of the producers from WWTBASH who was doing a medium budget film.
[19:27] <+Defuser> In the first one, I would have costarred with Luke Perry!  Hehehehe...
[19:27] <&Silverlion> How was your experience with the the Who wants to be a superhero TV show?
[19:27] <+Defuser> WWTBASH was a mixed bag...
[19:27] <~Dan> I confess that I only saw a bit of LS, but from what I saw, you did a great job. :)  And I think you definitely got a better deal than poor Feedback did...
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[19:28] <+Defuser> While the overall experience was worth it, there were times where I wanted to punch people in the face.  What you saw on TV what NOT what we experienced.  The editing was WAY over the top.
[19:28] <+Defuser> Much was complete fiction.
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[19:28] <~Dan> Can you give an example of the fiction?
[19:29] <+Defuser> Sure...
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[19:29] <+Defuser> In Ep2, they took footage from a conversation I had with Whipsnap and an argument that Ms. Limelight had with Mr. Mitzva and made it look like she was yelling at me and I was mocking her back.
[19:30] <+Defuser> In fact Whipsnap and I were joking around..it was a mess.
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[19:30] <~Dan> Wow. O.o
[19:30] <~Dan> That's pretty sleazy.
[19:30] <~Dan> I imagine that's pretty common in reality shows, though.
[19:30] <&Editor> Ugh. Reality TV
[19:31] <+Defuser> There were challenges that some heroes completely failed or even refused to do, but they made it look like they won or at least finished the challenge so it was more of a even race
[19:31] <~Dan> Man... That had to have been maddening to watch after the fact.
[19:31] <+Defuser> The NDA/Contract actually stated: "The producers and directors of the "show" will intentionally misrepresent you, your actions and your behaviors"
[19:32] <~Dan> Dang...
[19:32] <+Defuser> Ya!
[19:32] <~Dan> Well, at least they told you beforehand, I guess...
[19:32] <+Defuser> The night before, when we were already there in LA
[19:32] <~Dan> Oh. Heh.
[19:33] <+Defuser> You've already committed...
[19:33] <~Dan> Um... Well, better late than never...? :)
[19:33] <+Defuser> But it did lead me to meet one of my heroes, Stan Lee.
[19:33] <~Dan> Yes, that was my next question: How much interaction did you actually have with the Man?
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[19:34] <~Dan> (Howdy, Wondy!(
[19:34] <~Dan> )
[19:34] <+Defuser> During the show, virtually none.  But since about 2010 I see and work with Stan about once a month.
[19:34] <+Defuser> I do a majority of his public speaking/con/Q&A moderating
[19:35] <+Defuser> He's actually pretty deaf.  I mean, he IS 91 years old!
[19:35] <~Dan> Is that any kind of formal arrangement?
[19:37] <+Defuser> No, but it's nice that he requests me when we are at shows together.
[19:37] <~Dan> Very cool. :)
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[19:37] <+Defuser> And he invites me to his con; Comikazee Con in LA
[19:37] <~Dan> Does Feedback make it to that as well?
[19:38] <~Dan> (Feedback being the season 1 winner, for those unfamiliar with the show.)
[19:38] <+Defuser> He did this past year, because we organized a WWTBASH reunion, but Matt gave up doing Cons back in 2009
[19:38] <+Defuser> Matt is Feedback
[19:39] <~Dan> Really? That's a shame. I met him at GenCon years ago. He was a remarkably cool guy. Very humble.
[19:39] <+Defuser> We did GenCon 2008 together, it was pretty awesome
[19:39] <~Dan> Speaking of which, will you be at GenCon this year?
[19:40] <+Defuser> unfortunately no.  During that time I'm need deep in preparing for SCARE for a CURE.
[19:40] <+Defuser> I've love to go again...
[19:40] <~Dan> Well, darn. I was looking forward to talking to you in person again. We met in Dallas at... Wizard World, I think it was?
[19:40] <~Dan> Along with my wife, Lisa.
[19:40] <+Defuser> I was honored in 2008 to be an official DM for the Tower of Gygax in celebration of Gary's life and D&D co-creation
[19:41] <~Dan> Oh, that's quite an honor!
[19:41] <+Defuser> I know!
[19:41] <+Defuser> 24 hours of old school D&D
[19:41] <+Defuser> It was pretty damn cool.  Exhausting...but damn cool
[19:41] <~Dan> I'll bet!
[19:42] <+Defuser> Got to DM with Keith Baker who created Ebboron setting
[19:42] <~Dan> Keith... I need to get him in here for a Q&A....
[19:42] <+Defuser> Damn nice guy
[19:42] <~Dan> Speaking of gaming, you mentioned an RPG aspect to SCARE?
[19:42] <+Defuser> Lived here in Austin for a while then moved back to Seattle or Portland I believe.
[19:43] <+Defuser> Oh yes.
[19:43] <+Defuser> SCARE itself is unlike any other haunt.  You go through in a team, interact, solve puzzles, climb, crawl, evade...
[19:43] <&Editor> So what's your favorite game?
[19:43] <+Defuser> You come out covered head to toe in bloody goo!
[19:44] <~Dan> That sounds awesome. :)
[19:44] <+Defuser> Quest night is even more rpg like.  It IS an rpg in ever sense of the word.  You  are place in the physical environment
[19:45] <+Defuser> *Fave game....hmmmm.. right now, XCOM or Skyrim.  Of all time, probably Baldur's Gate 2
[19:45] <~Dan> What about tabletop RPGs?
[19:45] <+Defuser> D&D 2.5
[19:46] <+Defuser> Some old school Traveller
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[19:46] <~Dan> Interesting... What RPG was your intro to the hobby?
[19:47] <&Editor> Awesome
[19:47] <+Defuser> D&D Basic Set circa 1983
[19:47] <+Defuser> I still have the dice!
[19:48] <+Defuser> Can't forget GURPS/Champions too!
[19:48] <+Defuser> haven't played that in years.
[19:48] <~Dan> Hey, cool! I wish I did. Unfortunately, I fell prey to the Satanic Panic.
[19:48] <+Defuser> I'm old
[19:48] <~Dan> Speaking of Champions, is that your go-to superhero RPG?
[19:49] <+Defuser> Not for many years.   I totally got into City of Heroes, online rpg, obsessively so.
[19:49] <+Defuser> It was bad.
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[19:49] <&Editor> <--City of Heroes fan
[19:50] <~Dan> (wb, jtbullet!)
[19:50] <+Defuser> Champion server!
[19:50] <~Dan> Actually, Eden Studios, makers of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG, had a City of Heroes RPG in the works for a while. Fell through, sadly.
[19:50] <~Dan> I played a game of it at... GenCon '05, I think.
[19:50] <+Defuser> Heard about that...ya, bummer.
[19:51] <+Defuser> Card game too from somewhere...
[19:51] <~Dan> Was there? I didn't hear about that. Not very surprising, though -- I'm not much of a card game guy.
[19:51] <&Editor> I had alts everywhere...Virtue and Freedom first, but Champion, I had one or three
[19:51] <+Defuser> My son was into them so I was trying to find common gaming ground.
[19:51] <+Defuser> :-)
[19:52] <~Dan> Heh. Very cool. :)
[19:52] <~Dan> (Man... How many kids can say that their dad's a superhero? :) )
[19:52] <+Defuser> And a big dork!
[19:52] * ~Dan chuckles
[19:53] <+Defuser> My mom used to say I was the biggest (literal) nerd in my highschool
[19:53] <~Dan> Do any of your fellow officers share any of your interests, or is there a bright line drawn between work life and hobby life?
[19:53] <+Defuser> My buddies played football, I was on the chess team.  LOL!
[19:53] <+Defuser> Oh sure!
[19:53] * ~Dan imagines this enormous guy hunched over a chess board... :D
[19:53] <+Defuser> Tons of cops play RPGs, video games, comics, etc...
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[19:54] <~Dan> I suppose that's true. I actually had a cop in one of my RPG groups, as it happens.
[19:54] <+Defuser> We even have a D&D group going from multiple local agencies...6 years running.
[19:54] <~Dan> I'll be darned. That's pretty cool. :)
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[19:54] <~Dan> (Howdy, Ettin!)
[19:55] <+Defuser> It almost fell apart when the 4th ed rules came out
[19:55] <~Dan> I recall that the cop in our group invariably played a gung-ho type... Is there any sort of trend like that you can see in your cop-based RPG groups?
[19:58] <+Defuser> Most cops I know play bad guys, or a rogue type.  I LOVE to play the hard core Paladin.  Totally over the top goodness
[19:58] <+Defuser> when I say badguy, I mean a Wolverine mentality.  Break all the rules type of hero.
[19:59] <~Dan> Heh. Venting a bit of steam, are they? :)
[20:00] <+Defuser> Ya...pretty funny.
[20:00] <~Dan> And yeah, having seen you as the Defuser, I bet you play a mean (figuratively speaking) paladin. :)
[20:00] <+Defuser> Like I said, over the top holier than thow!
[20:00] <~Dan> :)
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[20:01] <~Dan> Is that a running theme with your characters? Or do you play a variety of character types?
[20:01] <~Dan> (You seem like the Big Damn Hero type. :) )
[20:02] <+Defuser> A variety.  Usually whatever is needed.  But to give an example, I never enjoyed playing City of Villians, or playing a real bad guy in any game.   Just not my nature.  I've tried.
[20:03] <+Defuser> For a while, I played a Cleric that wouldn't heal you unless you promised him a favor, ala Godfather style.
[20:03] <~Dan> Yeah, same here. I have a hard time even pulling off an anti-hero.
[20:03] <~Dan> Heh. That's kinda funny. I like that. :)
[20:03] <&Editor> My "main" villain was basically a hero on the wrong side of the tracks--swapped sides as soon as possible (since they didn't have stalkers blue side)
[20:04] <+Defuser> My main villain was Lil Buni Foofoo
[20:04] * ~Dan laughs
[20:05] <~Dan> What was his(?) story?
[20:06] <+Defuser> He was a BRUTE, but didn't want to be.  He just wanted to own a flower shop.
[20:07] <~Dan> Heh. Sounds like Hightower from "Police Academy". :D
[20:07] <+Defuser> Exactly!  2 points!
[20:08] <~Dan> Go me!!
[20:08] * ~Dan high-fives the Defuser!
[20:09] <~Dan> So let's go back to SCARE and Quest Night for a moment... Can you describe the "rules" for them a bit?
[20:10] <+Defuser> Quest night is the more interesting...
[20:11] <+Defuser> We have built a 80,000 sq ft adventure.  Takes about 2 hours to get through
[20:11] <+Defuser> You either bring, or we put you in a party of 5 or 6.  Preferably 6.  you can pick Warrior, Mage, Rogue or Cleric, we outfit you with specific equipement for your class
[20:12] * +Jetrauben ponders
[20:12] <+Defuser> You then go through "training"  Combat is via large custom built 8' dice tables and giant foam D20's and D6'd
[20:13] <+Defuser> once you are comfortable with our combat system, which is very similar to 1st edition D&D but VERY dumbed down, you are off into the adventure.
[20:13] <+Defuser> You are physically IN the adventure in every way...buildings, swamps, creeks, tunnels,
[20:14] <+Defuser> The only "not real" is combat.   If there is a puzzle, the ceiling might really be dropping on you.   The treasure chest might explode in a poison gas (last year a guy vomited)
[20:15] <+Defuser> We make it as REAL as we possibly can.  Similar to TRUE DUNGEON but even more so.  You have to climb, crawl, slide, swing, dodge...
[20:16] <+Defuser> You can learn more at (Link: http://www.scareforacure.org/QN/qn.html)http://www.scareforacure.org/QN/qn.html
[20:16] <+Defuser> It's all to raise money for charity.  You can buy magic tokens, healing potions, etc...
[20:16] <+Defuser> done
[20:16] <~Dan> Huh. That's an interesting idea...
[20:17] <+GenoFoxx> heh, if you can dodge dragonfire.....you can dodge a ball
[20:17] <~Dan> I mean, the whole thing is an interesting idea, but buying "magic" goods with the profits going to charity. Cool.
[20:17] <+Defuser> I created it with the iphone app model in mind.  Most "powerups" are 1$
[20:18] <+Defuser> The most expensive thing is a Resurrection scroll  10$
[20:18] <~Dan> So does the action "pause" for dice-rolling to resolve combat?
[20:19] <+Defuser> Yes, the monsters will jump out at you and then the GM hits a flood light, over the hidden gaming table and yells: COMBAT!  The mobs line up at one end of the table and the players the other.   It is a fast and furious type of combat with much mockery on each side.
[20:19] <+Defuser> My actors get awards for the most creative deaths.
[20:19] <+Defuser> when the mobs are slain, the last one drops a small canvas pouch on the table with is their treasure.  Gold pieces, magic tokens, etc...
[20:20] <+Defuser> They can spend their money in game at specific points, or it can be saved and transferred, with all equipment and belongings to the following seasons adventure.
[20:21] <+Defuser> We only had one real injury last year when a guy got spooked, spun around and ran straight into a Mindflayer who was sneaking up behind the group.
[20:21] <+Defuser> Bloodied his nose...not bad
[20:21] <+Defuser> But it felt very REAL!
[20:21] <~Dan> For a run-in with a mindflayer? Yeah, he got off easy. :)
[20:22] <~Dan> How do you resolve spellcasting?
[20:22] <+Defuser> When a group takes too long at combat, the Mindflayer sneaks up and steals hit points.
[20:22] <+Defuser> Very proud of our magic system.
[20:23] <+Defuser> 12 spells.   Each mage gets to start lvl 1 with 2 spells, and then gets one more spell at each level.  OR....can buy as many spells as he wants.  Very basic spells, Flame, Crush, Lockpick, Light, Strength
[20:24] <+Defuser> The mage gets a spell book, and draws out a card like representation of the spell, then "plays" the spell.  The GM returns it after combat is resolved.
[20:25] <+Defuser> The GM has a computer tablet, with a digital sound board.  This creates some awesome sounds when players attack, cast a spell, roll a 1, etc...
[20:25] <+Defuser> done
[20:26] <~Dan> Impressive!
[20:26] <~Dan> Is there any allowance for the abilities of the character as opposed to the player? For example, do Rogues get any perks when "lockpicking" or the like?
[20:28] <+Defuser> Only rogues can lockpick as an ability.  using the ability is 100% successful.  The whole event is timed by each station.  There is always something chasing you to keep you moving.
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[20:29] <+Defuser> Each class has a special ability.  Clerics have 2.  It was my way of "beefing" them up to make them more appealing
[20:30] <+Defuser> A cleric can either heal, attack with mace or, cast DIVINE GRACE which allows one player, once per combat, to "do-over"
[20:30] <+Defuser> done
[20:31] <+Defuser> hehehe...this is very physical too.  A lot of gamers get winded...
[20:31] <~Dan> I'll bet. :)
[20:31] <+Defuser> But they come back for more!
[20:31] <~Dan> How does SCARE differ, rules-wise?
[20:31] <+Defuser> total immersion for 2 hours.
[20:32] <+Defuser> SCARE is an extreme haunted adventure...
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[20:33] <~Dan> (Howdy, BPIJonathan!)
[20:33] <+Defuser> Groups of 5 or 6 enter together, get the story from in-game NPC's and then off they go.  The big difference is that SCARE is scarier, more elaborate FX, takes about 45 min-hour.  You get covered in blood and gore.
[20:33] <+BPIJonathan> (I just remembered the chat, figured I would catch the end)
[20:33] <+Defuser> We don't use blood for QN because a lot of folks wear their Renn style garb.
[20:34] <~Dan> Yeah, that could get ugly.
[20:34] <~Dan> Literally.
[20:34] <+GenoFoxx> QN?
[20:34] <~Dan> (Quest Night.)
[20:34] <+Defuser> In SCARE, it's pretty linear, go here, open this, find key, unlock door, talk to npc, get clue, use clue to stop the ritual, escape alive.
[20:34] <+Bigby> Is SCARE also RPG style, or is it more a straight up haunted house?
[20:35] <+Defuser> A mix of both.
[20:35] <~Dan> (brb -- please continue)
[20:35] <+Defuser> In SCARE you do have to actually interact with npc's, interview, find clues, etc...
[20:35] <+Defuser> We usually have a win/lose scenario for both events.
[20:37] <+Defuser> (Link: http://www.scareforacure.org/QN/faq.html)http://www.scareforacure.org/QN/faq.html for info on Quest Night
[20:37] <+Defuser> (Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZhHPIzwPHw)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZhHPIzwPHw for last years into video
[20:37] <~Dan> (back)
[20:38] <~Dan> Does SCARE feature combat as well?
[20:38] <+Defuser> No.
[20:39] <+Defuser> Nor does SCARE create or track any stats.   Quest Night does.  Stats, gold and equipment carry over to the next year/adventure
[20:39] * ~Dan nods
[20:39] <~Dan> I'm assuming that both are totally different each year?
[20:39] <+Defuser> Most SCARE customers are usually just extreme haunters.   Quest Night players are RPGers.
[20:40] <+Defuser> Yes, totally different.   But QN adventures are linked, meaning they are all part of an ongoing story.   This year is Hunt for the Lich King.
[20:40] <~Dan> Oh, that's a nice touch.
[20:41] <~Dan> Can you give us some idea of the logistics that go into putting these events on?
[20:41] <~Dan> I know from following you on FB that it's quite an undertaking.
[20:41] <+Defuser> Last year was episode 1, Glory & Gold where they found, and fought the lich king, but only banished him.  This year they track him down again to do battle and hopefully kill him.
[20:42] <+Defuser> Logistics...
[20:42] <+Defuser> SCARE: 1500 volunteers, 26 managers, 10 acres, 2 month BUILD, 12 night RUNS, $30,000 budget
[20:43] <+Defuser> SCARE and QN both are 100% volunteer organizations.  No one gets paid but our charities.  The Breast Cancer Resource Centers of Texas.
[20:43] <+Defuser> SCARE: each nights cast is about 100 actors and 25 support/backstage/tech staff
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[20:44] <+Defuser> Quest Night: 100 volunteers, 50 actors, 15+ support/backstage/tech staff, $5000 budget  3 week BUILD, 2 weekend RUN nights
[20:45] <+Defuser> I put in about 2000 hrs per year.  My managers put in at least 1000.
[20:45] <+Defuser> done
[20:46] <~Dan> Wow. That's a bigger undertaking than I thought!
[20:46] <+Defuser> To date, we've given over $100,000 to charity
[20:46] <+Defuser> And mentored over 200 young people
[20:46] <~Dan> How long did it take you to get these events organized initially?
[20:46] <+Defuser> We have training programs; makeup, special fx, acting, etc...
[20:46] <~Dan> And congratulations on that impressive total!
[20:47] <+Defuser> I started planning in Jan of 2006, we started in spring of 2007.
[20:47] <+Defuser> Now...we don't ever stop planning.  There is no "off" season anymore
[20:47] <~Dan> Yeah, I don't see how there could be.
[20:47] <+Defuser> Gotta get my game on!
[20:47] <~Dan> :)
[20:48] <+Defuser> I retire in 2 years, I want to do Quest Night twice per year, at least.
[20:48] <~Dan> Have you given any thought to organizing offshoots of either event in other cities?
[20:49] *** WonderRat has joined #rpgnet
[20:49] *** ChanServ sets mode +v WonderRat
[20:49] <+Defuser> Don't see how we could.  You have to have someone willing to donate so much time and effort, for NO pay.
[20:49] *** WonderRat_2 has joined #rpgnet
[20:49] *** ChanServ sets mode +v WonderRat_2
[20:49] *** WonderRat has quit IRC: Disintegrated:
[20:49] <~Dan> Very true.
[20:49] *** WonderRat_2 is now known as WonderRat
[20:49] <~Dan> (wb, Wondy!)
[20:50] <+Defuser> About time to feed my dog...(or so he says...)   :-)
[20:51] <+Defuser> I appreciate the opportunity to talk about SCARE and Quest Night!
[20:51] <~Dan> No problem! I was about to mention that you're welcome to hang out with us as long as you like, but sounds like your dog as thoughts on the matter. :)
[20:51] <+Defuser> He's staring at me.   And he weights 180 pounds...
[20:51] <~Dan> You're very welcome! Let me just add that you are always welcome to hang out with us, whether to discuss your projects or just to hang out. :)
[20:52] <+Defuser> If anyone has any questions about SCARE or QN please just look me up on Facebook!
[20:52] <+Defuser> Thanks Dan and team!   Keep gaming alive!
[20:52] <+technoshaman> hi all
[20:52] <~Dan> Will do! Have a great evening!
[20:52] <+Defuser> Bring on those next generations!
[20:52] <+Defuser> Night all!  :-)

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