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[Q&A] Daniel Torres (Eoris Essence)

[19:08] <+Daniel_Eoris> Hey Guys this is Nicolás and Daniel, creators of Eoris Essence
[19:09] <+Daniel_Eoris> This is an incredibly short summary of the backstory for the rpg: Eons after the creation of the universe, and after the rise and development of innumerable species and cultures, the Great Spirit descends upon the very heart of creation, the cradle of life: Eoris. This planet bears the universe’s name and lays in the farthest reaches of the cosmos where reali
[19:09] <+Daniel_Eoris> turns to dream. Eoris is the birthplace of the first mortal creatures, the mecca of civilisation, and the sanctuary of the ‘Sil’, angels of creation and direct descendents of God's mortal lineage.
[19:09] <+Daniel_Eoris> A few years after her arrival, God unconsciously proclaims her wish to die, a call only her angels can sense.
[19:09] <+Daniel_Eoris> This event marks the beginning of a new war, one that confronts the mighty empires of the mortals that strictly oppose the destruction of the Great Spirit against the ‘Last Spirits’, celestial creatures that descended from the heavens to fulfil the celestial mandate.
[19:10] <+Daniel_Eoris> In this war, the nature of our devotion to God opposes our need to live. What is more important... God or her creation?
[19:10] <+Daniel_Eoris> "Done"
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[19:11] <~Dan> Wow. Deep stuff! :)
[19:11] <+Bigby> So are you actually directly fighting for or against god in this setting, or is this just background?
[19:11] <~Dan> Thanks, Daniel_Eoris! Any questions to start us off?
[19:12] <+Daniel_Eoris> ITo answer Bigby, you may or may not, but the world around is making a choice.
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[19:13] <+Daniel_Eoris> It's up to you to folow through, move aside, or go against the current of your species, clan, culture, family etc. and decide on your own.
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[19:13] <+GenoFoxx> so is this fantasy, sci-fi, or science fantasy?
[19:14] <+Daniel_Eoris> By the way, I think one of the best ways to see what the world is about is to see the website. (Link:
[19:14] <&Silverlion> What is the system like?
[19:15] <+Daniel_Eoris> Spiritual Science fantasy
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[19:16] <&Silverlion> What do you mean by "Spiritual?"
[19:16] <+Daniel_Eoris> which is to say, once you read the books you understand that very world you in habit is composed of vibrating waves, and that these emerge from a single being: God.
[19:16] <+Daniel_Eoris> All science on the world is based on the principle of being capable of changing the way vibrations (waves) flow. Thus altering the world.
[19:17] <+Daniel_Eoris> So, every aspect of science is also an aspect of spiritual connection to the source of everything.
[19:18] <+Bigby> So is there a magic system "or weird science equivalent" based on altering those vibrations?
[19:18] <+Daniel_Eoris> When you decide to choose to either protect or kill God, you also choose what to make of the world. End its unlimited nature for the sake of your own existence or prevent god from dying and act agaisnt the very nature of the world.
[19:19] <+Daniel_Eoris> Yes Bigby. It is easily understood as the means to alter the Wave of Existence
[19:19] <+Daniel_Eoris> it is called Saeia or "thought of all nature"
[19:19] <+Daniel_Eoris> And it is understood by the people as a science, not magic
[19:19] <+Daniel_Eoris> more or less like what happens whe i use my laptop.
[19:20] <~Dan> So how advanced is technology in the setting?
[19:20] <+Daniel_Eoris> In essence... absolutely. At least at the beginning. Because of the capacity to bend the world as is, Saeia has given divine control of the world to the people of Eoris. the main Planet.
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[19:21] <+GenoFoxx> so is it 'magic' that's based on scientific princilples or science so advanced it's basically 'magic'?
[19:22] <+Daniel_Eoris> Well, its never magic, because there is a perfectly "reasonable explanation". The people understand it is a science, some even devote their lñives to the sutdy of this science. But of course, to those who do not understand it, it is magic.
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[19:23] <+Daniel_Eoris> Nevertheless, it is so old and so immersed in the cultures, it is a technology that has slowly moved to the background of "human" activity.
[19:24] <+Daniel_Eoris> While it has the capacity to do many things, the people of some cultures decide to carry out certain special tasks for themselves.
[19:24] <+Daniel_Eoris> For example, taking care of animals, cultivating, building dressing etc.
[19:25] <+Daniel_Eoris> so you see a lot of diverse uses of the tech.
[19:26] <+Daniel_Eoris> But you also see a lot of craftsmanship on this world.
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[19:27] <+Daniel_Eoris> In most cases you see artisenal works that use Saeia. a beautiful blend of the old and the new.
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[19:28] <~Dan> So what sort of transporation is available?
[19:29] <+Daniel_Eoris> From conventional animal use, to space faring fleets of multi terrain vehicles
[19:30] <~Dan> Huh. That's pretty impressive.
[19:30] <~Dan> Are the tech levels different for different species?
[19:30] <+GenoFoxx> oooooooh
[19:31] <+Daniel_Eoris> well yes, but they are all based on the same principle of wave bending. which is also a way to relate to the world on a personal level.
[19:31] <+Daniel_Eoris> Every time you use this tech, you are communicating with the wave of Existence, the thing that makes all, and changing it. It is like
[19:31] <~Dan> So the creation of technology is a spiritual act?
[19:32] <+Daniel_Eoris> the connection a farmer has to the soil he uses to plant crops, but a bit more transcendental.
[19:32] <+Daniel_Eoris> it is
[19:32] <+Daniel_Eoris> a very spiritual act.
[19:32] <+Daniel_Eoris> for everyone
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[19:34] <~Dan> (Howdy, JoeGenero!)
[19:34] <+Daniel_Eoris> Hello
[19:35] <~Dan> (Joe is one of your fellow game authors. :) )
[19:35] <+DrNate> How do we buy this game?
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[19:36] <+Daniel_Eoris> it is on amazon! But y¡ou may want to visist the website (Link:,), and click on the buy button which will take you to the amazon store.
[19:37] <+Daniel_Eoris> It's nice to meet you joe!
[19:37] <+Daniel_Eoris> sorry the site is (Link:
[19:39] <~Dan> What races are playable in the game?
[19:39] <+DrNate> Well, it IS pretty
[19:39] <+Daniel_Eoris> thank you! It is also quite heavy. 3 kilos
[19:40] <+Daniel_Eoris> In fact it had a lot mofre info but we had to remove some to make the books a bit smaller.
[19:40] <&Silverlion> What is the mechanical system like?
[19:40] <+Daniel_Eoris> you roll dice pools with d20s
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[19:41] <&Silverlion> Roll under? Roll high?
[19:41] <&Silverlion> Beat a TN?
[19:41] <+Daniel_Eoris> one of the d20s is the essence die which determines special things like critical hits or botches,
[19:41] <+Daniel_Eoris> you beat a TN but your stats modify this TN
[19:41] <&Silverlion> Cool
[19:41] <+Daniel_Eoris> so if you are a huge beast your TNH for strength is lower (easier)
[19:41] <+Daniel_Eoris> this allowed us to create the Primordial Clay or customs species creator.
[19:42] <+Daniel_Eoris> You can create any species you like either for play or to create enemies
[19:43] <~Dan> Would these be species native to Eoris, or aliens?
[19:43] <+Daniel_Eoris> Combat may be fast and furious, so to speak, in the sense that Players and Narrator alike are constantly engaged on the events given the high mortality and injury rate of combat. Nevertheless, Character has many (no really, many) options to get out of tight spots, immediate defeat, or hard situations.
[19:43] <+Daniel_Eoris> Nevertheless, Character has many (no really, many) options to get out of tight spots, immediate defeat, or hard situations.
[19:44] <+Daniel_Eoris> The Parry action allows Characters that have already been hit to sacrifice their next Turn by attempting to block an attack that was already successful. This generates tense moments of swashbuckling slash exchanges that really generate intense and fun situations.
[19:44] <+Daniel_Eoris> If you couple that with the Transcendences (special actions), character may skip the initiative order and act immediately, act two times in a Turn (thus parrying and counter-acting immediately, use powerful spells while attacking etc.
[19:44] <+Daniel_Eoris> This later one may be used, for example, to power one’s own weapon with a surging veil of fire and then attack all in a single Turn.
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[19:45] <+Daniel_Eoris> Well, any species you create in your own version of Eoris would be a part of your world.
[19:45] <+Daniel_Eoris> This caters into another aspect of the Cosmological order of things
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[19:45] <+Daniel_Eoris> Eoris means = the dream of the Universal Consciousness.
[19:46] <+Daniel_Eoris> In this scenario, there is not only one absolute reality, but many. At least many that exist as part of the Wvae of Existence.
[19:47] <+Daniel_Eoris> The other things is that this books are not about a planet. But an entire world. That is the entire cosmos and its many aspects. That is why the setting is so long. 224 pages.
[19:47] <+Daniel_Eoris> The thing is that the main events, if one wishes to partake on them, happen of the main planet
[19:48] <~Dan> So to rephrase, are there any species that exist by default?
[19:48] <+Daniel_Eoris> Oh, yeah
[19:48] <+Daniel_Eoris> we have 13 species yo may choose from
[19:49] <~Dan> How exotic are they?
[19:50] <+Daniel_Eoris> well, you have the traditional human like Eorisien
[19:50] <+Daniel_Eoris> you also have the minute Silthen, small, furry, deep voiced, Saeia wielders.
[19:51] <+Daniel_Eoris> the Baarin, giant, horne bearing humanoids
[19:51] <+Daniel_Eoris> the Evlien, which are cuadruped, so they can't use weapons, but are a weapon themselves
[19:51] <+Daniel_Eoris> the Enlil, enormous horned bear like creatures.
[19:51] <+Daniel_Eoris> But the thing is that Eoris es actually three games in one.
[19:51] <~Dan> How so?
[19:52] <+Daniel_Eoris> You know how vampire, werewolf and hunter are three separate games in the same universe, right?
[19:52] <+Daniel_Eoris> Well, in Eoris we would have, Xylen =beings like you and me.
[19:53] <+Daniel_Eoris> Sil = Spirits with free will that bear some of the ten divien aspects of God.
[19:53] * ~Dan nods
[19:53] <+Daniel_Eoris> And Kalei = Spirits that serve an ubber-consciousness that rules over all of them and that reflect God's unconscious will.
[19:54] <+Daniel_Eoris> so you have the rules for the three
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[19:54] <+Daniel_Eoris> which are quite different from each other
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[19:55] <~Dan> (Welcome, Guest10!)
[19:55] <+Guest10> Oof, I must have missed the Eoris chat
[19:55] <+Daniel_Eoris> we are on it!
[19:55] <~Dan> Nope, in progress. :)
[19:56] <~Dan> You can set your name with the /nick command, if you like. :)
[19:56] <+Guest10> Oh, I don't see a chat history... ok, let me try setting a name
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[19:57] <+Daniel_Eoris> Please visit the site to get a better idea of what Eoris is. (Link:
[19:57] <~Dan> Welcome to #rpgnet, soundchaser! :)
[19:57] <+Daniel_Eoris> Hey soundchaser!
[19:59] <~Dan> This sounds like a very high-concept game. Do you think that poses any difficulties for you?
[20:01] <+Daniel_Eoris> well, we think its a game that requires patience. It can be daunting if do not take your tiem to read and understand the setting. Howeve, you can start playing quickly if you start with the basics and only moce on to the more complex stuff once you feel comfortable.
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[20:01] <+Daniel_Eoris> That being said, this is a game designed for people who love creating their own adventures, cultures and world concepts.
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[20:02] <+Daniel_Eoris> It allows a lot of free space to imagine, but it does give you a vast and deep setting where to pour deeper emotions once you get the hang of it. So it is not a game you get bored off quickly.
[20:03] <+Daniel_Eoris> The illustrative nature and why we put so much effort to the visuals, also contemplated the fact that the world is indeed deep and the questions it poses are profound and important.
[20:04] * ~Dan nods
[20:04] <~Dan> Do you include a bestiary, and if so, how extensive is it?
[20:05] <+Daniel_Eoris> we include a similar thing. It is not a bestiary, but a series of antagonistic organisations, with the jey or fundamental aspects of its members. In this way the narrator not only has an idea of what type of antagonists exist, but also their ideologies and cultures
[20:06] <+Daniel_Eoris> to us, what is important about an antagonist if not how it looks or acts, but what it thinks and feels.
[20:06] <+Daniel_Eoris> having said that, we did add the primordial clay which is very easy to use and allows the creation of anything
[20:08] <~Dan> Hmm... So do you offer any ideas of the kinds of creatures that exist?
[20:09] <+Daniel_Eoris> yes, for the antagonist groups. But the idea is to have some of those thing sin expansions rather than in the books which are massive.
[20:10] <+Daniel_Eoris> Also, all the main character species are antagonistic. Those are the main species. Protagonic and antagonic.
[20:10] <+soundchaser> Can you speak of the mechanics?
[20:11] <+Daniel_Eoris> sure. its a succes based system that uses d20s, The TN varies according to character traits.
[20:11] <+Daniel_Eoris> So if you are a huge beast you have a lot of strength so, in order to calculate a dice pool for an action you do the following
[20:12] <+Daniel_Eoris> take the atribute, add the relevant skill and see if the character has any attribute or skill TN modifiers.
[20:12] <+Daniel_Eoris> roll the dice
[20:12] <+Daniel_Eoris> amngst your dice pool one die is special. The Essence die. It is used to determine special things like botches and critical hits
[20:12] <~Dan> (brb -- please continue)
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[20:13] <+Daniel_Eoris> Characters have alternate options during comabt to skip turns, combine actions and perform special maneouvers that are improvised and created by the player
[20:16] <+Daniel_Eoris> :)
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[20:17] <~Dan> What (if any) games do you consider inspirations for Eoris Essence?
[20:17] <+Daniel_Eoris> well. most are video games and there is one trpg
[20:17] <+Daniel_Eoris> planescape
[20:17] <+Daniel_Eoris> amazing game
[20:18] <+Daniel_Eoris> video games would have to be xenogears and shadow of the colossus
[20:20] <~Dan> Interesting... I'm somewhat surprised at the latter.
[20:20] <+Daniel_Eoris> how so?
[20:21] <+Daniel_Eoris> have you ever visited south america? it's just like SOC, and I hope, Eoris
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[20:22] <~Dan> Ah, more for the visuals? I was just going to say that a game about fighting giant monsters seems like an odd inspiration for a game without monsters by default. :)
[20:22] <+Daniel_Eoris> such a beautfil game about what you are willing to do for what you love
[20:22] <+Daniel_Eoris> one of the key theems in eoris
[20:22] <~Dan> Okay, that does make sense.
[20:23] <+Daniel_Eoris> Well, the term monster is not really relevant in eoris. But the Kalei are quite incredible and estructive. And sometimes huge!
[20:24] <~Dan> When you say "not relevant", do you mean that non-sapient creatures aren't a major factor?
[20:24] <+Daniel_Eoris> oh no! they are!!!
[20:24] <+Daniel_Eoris> just, they are not considered monsters
[20:25] <+Daniel_Eoris> monsters are inherently evil
[20:25] <+Daniel_Eoris> there is no evil in this world.
[20:25] <+Daniel_Eoris> :)
[20:25] <+DrNate> Okay I'm back. is it still okay to ask questions?
[20:25] <+Daniel_Eoris> please
[20:25] <~Dan> Definitely, DrNate!
[20:25] <+DrNate> If they have been answered, just LMK and I will check out the transcript
[20:25] <~Dan> Daniel_Eoris: Well, when I say "monster", I just mean "a big, scary thing that might kill you". :)
[20:26] <+Daniel_Eoris> oh right! oh no, then yeah hahaha
[20:26] <+Daniel_Eoris> I was just being technical
[20:26] <+DrNate> What is the core mechanic here?
[20:26] <~Dan> (I'll PM you on that, DrNate.)
[20:27] <+Daniel_Eoris> dice pools, d20s, tn varies according to traits = attribute + skill (check TN modifiers)
[20:27] <+Daniel_Eoris> Characters have alternate options during comabt to skip turns, combine actions and perform special maneouvers that are improvised and created by the player
[20:27] <+DrNate> Pool of d20's? That's interesting. I have seen dice pools, but usually not of 20s
[20:27] <+Daniel_Eoris> :D
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[20:28] <+DrNate> I see the core book on Amazon, now what kind of supplements are you thinking of?
[20:28] <+Daniel_Eoris> it looks very nice and works amazing
[20:28] <+Daniel_Eoris> its has a lot of options and if you consider the essence die, then its even better
[20:28] <~Dan> (Oh, n/m -- Daniel_Eoris took care of it. :) )
[20:28] <+soundchaser> How central is combat? Do players/GMs have the option to swing their way over to dramatic sorts of roleplaying?
[20:29] <+Daniel_Eoris> you get the cool things of rolling the d20 on D&D, but the nice sense of having power by rolling a lot of dice you have in whitewolf
[20:29] <+DrNate> Thinking of creating I mean
[20:30] <+Daniel_Eoris> Soundchaser, combat can be central, but it all depends of the story and the characters. You may avoid comabt through "social events" which are equally important and "powerful".
[20:30] <+DrNate> Pools of dice are great. It is what drew me to Yet Another Star Wars Game, WHen I already Have Three
[20:31] <+DrNate> What aspect of the game or the core rulebook, are you most proud of?
[20:31] <+Daniel_Eoris> DrNate, well, we have a lot of ideas and we have a lot of nice new illustrations. We are, at the moment working on some future projects, expansions and stuff. Saldy, I can't reallly tell you. I don't want to create expectations on projects that may change in time.
[20:31] <+soundchaser> cool... my group loves the "story" approach, even diceless as a whole evening if things go that way and still immersive and intense
[20:32] <+Daniel_Eoris> The setting and the compelling ideas behind it
[20:32] <+soundchaser> How fragile are characters? It seems character generation is a little involved, so I wonder how survivability works
[20:32] <+Daniel_Eoris> although the system took us years to deisgn and test.
[20:32] <+Daniel_Eoris> Sounds like you and us have a lot in common soundchaser! :)
[20:33] <+Daniel_Eoris> CHaracters can be very fragile, or very tough, depending on what you want. Character creation gives you a lot of options. When I say a lot, I mean a lot!
[20:33] <+Daniel_Eoris> trully
[20:33] <~Dan> Good point, soundchaser. The character sheet does look a bit intimidating. Speaking of which, can you link us to that?
[20:33] <+DrNate> I'm opposite you guys. I want tough odds and the thrill of an occasional rattle.
[20:34] <+Daniel_Eoris> In general terms however, a conventional being of the world, does not survive a straitgh sowrd slash to the body. So character may be very "realistic" but move unto the fantastical easily, even at character creation
[20:34] <+DrNate> I like the look of the character sheet. It is informative but also stylish, artistic, I can't think of the word
[20:34] <+Daniel_Eoris> it is important to notice that species vary in power
[20:35] <+Daniel_Eoris> and that the narrator and the players must come to terms before even starting to create characters.
[20:36] <+Daniel_Eoris> DrNate, The character sheets took us a looong time to design. We actually have more than one design. a simple one and a more complex which has everything you will ever want. Even tha page numbers where to find data you may nned
[20:36] <+Daniel_Eoris> thank you
[20:36] <+DrNate> Asthetic, that's the word I am thinking od
[20:36] <+Daniel_Eoris> or awesome
[20:36] <+Daniel_Eoris> :P
[20:37] * ~Dan chuckles
[20:37] <+DrNate> Meanwhile, how much metaplot do you have in your mind? Do you know how the world (universe, etc) ends?
[20:38] <+Daniel_Eoris> oh yes!! Well, not ends, but we do have the story moving into much more complex and interesting historical events.
[20:38] <+Daniel_Eoris> These books are just the beginning
[20:38] <+Daniel_Eoris> and by the way, they are limited editions
[20:39] <+DrNate> I mean, you never have to share it (or overshare like Original WoD) for fear of cutting off the creativity of parties, I was just wondering
[20:40] <+Daniel_Eoris> true, and many things will be left open. players are suppossed to make the game their own.
[20:40] <+Daniel_Eoris> Each group of players have really different and unique experiences.
[20:41] <+Daniel_Eoris> We have seen some wonderful interpretations of our world. Things we had not even thought of, but that worked great for the group that was playing.
[20:42] <+DrNate> Does that feel nice, seeing other groups grow and expand your world completely out of your control?
[20:42] <+Daniel_Eoris> it is absolutely amazing. It made the entire experience and effort worth it.
[20:43] <+Daniel_Eoris> we believe roleplying should be a profoundly creative experience. besides, its only fair its what we did with everyone elses game anyway
[20:43] <~Dan> :)
[20:43] <+Daniel_Eoris> :D
[20:44] <~Dan> What is magic like in the setting? You mentioned spells, right?
[20:44] <+Daniel_Eoris> well, there is no magic.
[20:44] <+Daniel_Eoris> but there is the equivalent
[20:44] <+Daniel_Eoris> the capacity to alter the Wave of existence.
[20:45] <+Daniel_Eoris> SO you can do anything that the Wave of Existence allows.
[20:45] <+DrNate> What other RPGs do you like?
[20:45] <+Daniel_Eoris> manipulating the fabric of reality and bending the limits of it is part of the exploration of this science
[20:46] <+Daniel_Eoris> we loved planscape,
[20:46] <~Dan> What sorts of limits are there to such manipulation?
[20:46] <+Daniel_Eoris> but we really always played our own games. We studied many and loved the ideas behind them, like: shadorun, vampier, exalted, D&D (obviously).
[20:47] <+Daniel_Eoris> well dan, it depends on the character level. At first the limits are basicaly this. It has to happen in nature.
[20:47] <+Daniel_Eoris> As you move up you start to break the limits of reality.
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[20:48] <+DrNate> How many pages is this book?
[20:48] <~Dan> (Howdy, Hastur!)
[20:49] <+Daniel_Eoris> 428 + some useless things like credts and stuff
[20:49] <+Hastur> (Hello again Dan.  )
[20:49] <&Silverlion> Has anyone had any problems with the spiritual element.
[20:49] <+Daniel_Eoris> hey!
[20:49] <+Daniel_Eoris> So far I am unaware.
[20:49] <+Daniel_Eoris> but Surely,
[20:50] <+Daniel_Eoris> An aunt would not rad the book because it speaks of the death of GOd.
[20:50] <+DrNate> Was she a big roleplayer?
[20:50] <+Daniel_Eoris> i meant read, not rad
[20:50] <+Daniel_Eoris> hahaha
[20:50] <+Daniel_Eoris> oh no.
[20:50] <+DrNate> I am an uncle and I like to think I am a big role-player
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[20:51] <+Daniel_Eoris> true, but here in colombia roleplaying is really obscure
[20:51] <+Daniel_Eoris> i mean, it is not common
[20:51] <+Daniel_Eoris> and kinda new
[20:51] <+DrNate> really? Do you know what games are big in columbia?
[20:51] <+Daniel_Eoris> well, the ones I listed
[20:51] <+Daniel_Eoris> and the same one as in the states. But I really think everyone plays their own worlds and systems here.
[20:52] <+Daniel_Eoris> most people will just make their world and system. when you meet a crew you meet a new game
[20:52] <+DrNate> nice
[20:52] <+Daniel_Eoris> :)
[20:53] <~Dan> In the time we have left in the official Q&A, is there anything you'd like to bring up that we haven't covered, Daniel_Eoris?
[20:53] <+DrNate> What do you think you'd be doing with life if you weren't making an RPG?
[20:55] <+Daniel_Eoris> well, I just wish everyone could see what eoris is for themselves. It took us many years to put this thing together, and there is no way to give you even a small glimmer of what it is and what it means to us.
[20:55] <+Daniel_Eoris> Everyone here reading, please visit the site, download the free adventure, give tia try and make a choice.
[20:56] <+Daniel_Eoris> :D
[20:56] <~Dan> :)
[20:56] <+Daniel_Eoris> for those who forgot, the site is (Link:
[20:56] <+Daniel_Eoris> thank you very much for this opportunity
[20:58] <~Dan> Absolutely, Daniel!
[20:58] <+Bigby> Not sure if you are aware, but Amazon shows only one copy available.
[20:58] <~Dan> And as I mentioned earlier, please feel free to visit with us longer, if you have the time and inclination. :)
[20:58] <+Daniel_Eoris> I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!
[20:58] <+Daniel_Eoris> I will.
[20:58] <+Daniel_Eoris> thank you guys
[20:58] <~Dan> It's been great, thanks. :)
[20:58] <+Daniel_Eoris> :)
[20:59] <+Daniel_Eoris> best wishes to all

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