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[Q&A] Chris Birch, Jay Little, & Gunnar Roxen (Mutant Chronicles 3rd edition)

[14:02] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Hi I'm Chris Birch the founder of Modiphius, and one of the design team on Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition
[14:03] <%KingYnnen_JayLittle> I'm Jay Little, lead designer for WFRP 3rd Edition, Star Wars Roleplay: Edge of the Empire, X-Wing Miniatures, and a slew of other games
[14:03] <%KingYnnen_JayLittle> And glad to be onboard with Chris and folks to be lead designer for Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition
[14:03] <%KingYnnen_JayLittle> (done)
[14:03] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> (done)
[14:04] <%GunnarRoxen> Hi I am Gunnar Roxen sci-fi noir novelist and line manager and writer for Mutant Chronicles. Also a Swede and fan since the original release :D

[14:04] <%GunnarRoxen> (done)
[14:04] <~Dan> Thanks, guys!
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[14:04] <%KingYnnen_JayLittle> that wasn't so bad! are we done now?
[14:04] <~Dan> Before we really get the questions rolling, perhaps you should give us a quick overview of what Mutant Chronicles is about?
[14:04] <~Dan> (Welcome to #rpgnet, Bastian!)
[14:05] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Mutant Chronicles is a massive gaming property from the 90's - comics, novels, boardgames, video games, miniatures wargame, movie...
[14:06] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> There were 2 editions of the rpg and we're re-booting it to a 3rd edition - drawing on some of the best bits of the old game - like lifepath generation but bringing it very much in to the 21st century
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[14:07] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> the story is a 25th century dieselpunk sci-fi - corporate ruled humanity fighting back against the invasion of the Dark Legion
[14:07] <%KingYnnen_JayLittle> dieselpunk, quasi-dystopian, corporate greed, tampering in dark twisted things man was not meant to know
[14:07] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> the corruption of the Dark Symmetry, meanwhile corporations happily stab each other in the back
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[14:08] <~Dan> (wb, Sil!)
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[14:08] <~Dan> (Howdy, RocketLunatic!)
[14:08] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> they called it techno-fantasy in the 90's and we're keeping that crazy exaggerated over the top vibe with the cinematic approach we're taking. The guns are big, the shoulder pads bigger
[14:08] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> (done)
[14:09] <~Dan> Thanks, Chris!
[14:09] <~Dan> Okay! Let's open the floor to questions!
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[14:09] <+maxmahem> So school me on the base mechanic.
[14:09] <~Dan> I'll go ahead and throw one out there: I'm told that this edition will actually prominently feature mutants?
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[14:10] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Jay?
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[14:10] <+Cymruvoodoo> (got booted by a page refresh, darn IRC webclient)
[14:10] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> chris'll tackle the mutant question
[14:10] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> the original Mutant game by Target Games in the 90's was like Gamma World in Sweden
[14:10] <&Silverlion> Tell os us  Mutant!
[14:11] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> (then i'll chime in with the mechanics)
[14:11] <&Silverlion> (Mutants! rather)
[14:11] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Mutant Chronicles was their mass market game and took 'Target Games in to space with a big epic sci-fi fantasy game
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[14:11] <+GenoFoxx> (oh no, shoulder pads.....Liefeld's disease it's mutated and spreading)
[14:11] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> it wasn't really connected, but there is the sense of creatures and people mutating on Earth in the original Dark Eden. But it was never a major part of the setting
[14:11] <+Ruskendrul> Could you shortly go throu the Corps like Bauhaus, Capital, the familiar ones and the "new"(?) like Whitestar?
[14:12] <~Dan> (Question pause after Ruskendrul's question.)
[14:12] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> So we have now looked at the backstory, developed a major plot that ties mutation in to the grande story behind the whole of Mutant Chronicles
[14:13] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> mutations will be appearing in very minor ways in the Dark Symmetry Era, then more so in the Dark Legion (2nd Dark Legion War) era, players will be able to select characters with mutations but run the risk of being mistaken as heretics
[14:13] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> (done)
[14:13] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> okay, the Core Mechanic...
[14:14] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition uses d20s to determine success or failure of actions
[14:14] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> the basic game "unit" is The Skill Test
[14:14] <&Silverlion> Multiple d20's?
[14:14] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> each skill is associated with an attribute, such as Acrobatics being associated with Agility
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[14:15] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> adding your ranks of expertise (training) with a skill to your base attribute establishes your Target Number (TN)
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[14:15] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> for standard skill tests, a player rolls 2d20 and attempts to roll equal to or less than the TN to generate successes
[14:16] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> that's the main, underlying mechanic... other bits and pieces interact with this or modify it slightly
[14:16] <&Silverlion> Roll under? on 2d20? Ouch. How does that work without being wiffy?
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[14:16] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> we're balancing the attribute ratings and expertise ranks to find a good success rate... rolling 2d20 already opens the mechanic up to greater granularity
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[14:17] <~Dan> (Howdy, Brian!)
[14:17] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> for a basic skill test, there are a number of possible outcomes, not just pass/fail, but also magnitude and complication
[14:17] <+Cymruvoodoo> Hang on, TN on 2d20? It'll give you a niiiiiice big bell curve, sure, but that's going to generate some large basic numbers
[14:17] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> you do not add, you compare
[14:17] <+BigVanTsu> The D20 are not added up
[14:18] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> sorry, i'm so used to how we use it i forgot to contextualize it
[14:18] <~Dan> No problem. Example, maybe?
[14:18] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> so, roll 2d20, compare each die individually to the TN
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[14:18] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> Mitch Hunter is going to jump across a narrow chasm while running from a terrifying Ezoghoul
[14:18] <+Pixel_Kitty> sorta like dice pool games
[14:18] <+Pixel_Kitty> just tiny pools
[14:18] <&Silverlion> Do both have to pass?
[14:19] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> Mitch Hunter has Agility 8 and Acrobatics 2, so he needs to roll 10 or less on his d20s
[14:19] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> he rolls 2d20 and gets (5, 14). He generates one success on the skill test.
[14:19] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> More difficult tasks (like a wider chasm) increases the difficulty rating of a skill test
[14:20] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> the difficulty rating indicates the minimum number of successes required to pass the test
[14:20] <+Bastian> So basically 3 possible outcomes?
[14:20] <+Bastian> 0, 1 or 2 successes
[14:20] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> so if Mitch Hunter is trying to jump across a wide chasm, it may be Difficulty 2 -- meaning he needs to generate 2 successes to pass!
[14:20] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> hehe... there's more to it than that, Bastian...
[14:21] <~Dan> So there are only 2 levels of difficulty?
[14:21] <~Dan> (Or maybe you're about to address that... :) )
[14:21] <&Silverlion> That sounds very whiffy...having to roll under, and get successes. It means essentially Two "TN's"
[14:21] <+Pixel_Kitty> (going to work, brb)
[14:22] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> It's the same TN on both d20
[14:22] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> other factors can increase the number of successes generated, change the character's TN for success, or modify the difficulty
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[14:22] <~Dan> (Welcome to #rpgnet, Gryffen88!)
[14:22] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> correct, the TN for a test is the threshold each d20 is compared to when determining if successes are generated
[14:22] <+Ruskendrul> So. Roll D20's, compare to TN and count success - easy
[14:22] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> now, there is more to it than that, but it would be harder to contextualize without more info
[14:23] <+Age_Past_Jeff> so how does the rolling mechanic you use produce different outcomes then a typical d20 system?  thanks!
[14:23] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> for example, characters have ways to generate additional successes, and some skill training improves the quality of rolls
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[14:23] <~Dan> (After Age_Past_Jeff's question, let's cover the question about the corps. Then we can come back to the system if you like.)
[14:24] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> in most cases, an average character attempting a difficult task will have an opportunity to generate 10+ possible outcomes based on quality, quantity, and other factors
[14:24] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> (done for now - let's get to some other cool stuff)
[14:24] <%GunnarRoxen> I'm going to field the questions on the corporations as I am leading the background writing in addition to writing Imperial, Luna, Freelancers and Luna PD.
[14:24] <%GunnarRoxen> though I will leave White Star to Chris as they are his creation :)
[14:25] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> After you Gunnar!
[14:25] <%GunnarRoxen> the universe of Mutant Chronicles is dominated by a handful of giant corporations: Capitol, Bauhaus, Imperial, Mishima,Cybertronic and White Star
[14:25] <%GunnarRoxen> each has their own strongly defined character
[14:26] <%GunnarRoxen> and they reflect this on their holdings, personnel and operations across the solar system
[14:26] <%GunnarRoxen> for instance Imperial is a coalition of antagonist Clans with a largley British cultural accent
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[14:26] <%GunnarRoxen> while Capitol is the epitome of Amerrican capitalism - big, powerful and confident
[14:26] <+Bastian> (just like great britain itself :P)
[14:27] <%GunnarRoxen> they have their fingers in everything and everyone and don't really get along
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[14:27] <%GunnarRoxen> so they formed the Cartel to "mediate" and also created Luna PD as a joint police force on the massive city on the partially terrorformed Luna
[14:28] <%GunnarRoxen> I can go into details about the corps but it might be a good moment for chris to introduce White Star who are new to 3rd ed MC
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[14:29] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> ok so Whitestar are the remnants of the Russian people's and survivors of the explosion of the Chinese terraforming ship
[14:29] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> They look down on the richer Russian families that left with Bauhaus, if you know anything about the Russian people is they will never, ever, ever, ever give up their motherland
[14:30] <~Dan> (Welcome to #rpgnet, Wyseguy and vendoor!)
[14:30] <+vendoor> hello dan again :)
[14:30] <~Dan> (Oh, right -- welcome back, that is. :) )
[14:30] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> the remnants of state and military and the people went down in to old bunkers, built new ones, took over old Bauhaus facilities and endured as they have done so many times before.
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[14:31] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> A new power arose within, the Tsarina, led her people through tragedy after tragedy until they emerged powerful and united from the bunker doors in to the screaming nuclear winter that raged outside.
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[14:33] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> her people will die for without question shouting Tsa Tsariny (Fight For the Tsarina!) as they charge in to battle - over the heads of the common soldiers come spinning the hussars,
[14:33] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> the hussars (working title) are cast from the bunkers doors when they come of age, must kill and survive for 7 days and nights outside with the great creatures that hunt the wastes, returning with two great bones that will be made in to their infamous bone swords
[14:35] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> they leap over the heads of the soldiers, competing to be amongst the most dangerous fore, meanwhile the Last Legion man the old defences, giving up their names, their position to live out in the wilderness in the ancient fortresses as a first line of defence against the tribes and creatures that would assail them
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[14:35] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Whitestar will play a pivotal role in the storyline - adding to it, not changing
[14:35] <~Dan> Very cool. :)
[14:35] <%GunnarRoxen> Whitestar are very exciting for me as a fan-turned-writer as they fill a void that I always felt was there in the original edition and they add to the whole. Their interactions with the other corporations are ... interesting :D
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[14:36] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> the corporations - the heroes will have to win them over, then perhaps they'll come to the aid of humanity when it's most needed - descending in their vast creaking battle barges on the legion itself to win glory for the Tsarina
[14:36] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> fans are in for a real treat, we've got some amazing writers working on this stuff -- Chris mentioned several a few days ago on Kickstarter...
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[14:37] <%GunnarRoxen> all of the corporations are getting some love in the new edition with more about each which allows us to include fan faves like Imperial Conquistadors with whole new elements
[14:37] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Yes the wonderful Jason Marker will be writing up Whitestar - his daughters are named are Russian WW2 female fighter pilots
[14:37] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> John Dunn, Jason Marker, Dave Allen, Clive Oldfield, Gunnar here... and a host of other talented writers
[14:37] <+Pixel_Kitty> (boop beep, I return. are questions open)
[14:38] <~Dan> (They are! Although... are you guys caught up?)
[14:38] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Mischa Thomas is writing Dark Legion - he wrote the Cold & Dark RPG and is Swedish and knows the story inside out
[14:38] <%GunnarRoxen> Each of the corporations and other factions has information on the different setting periods of the 3rd ed from the exciting emergence of the dark symmetry through to the original dark legion time period and beyond
[14:38] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> (done)
[14:38] <%GunnarRoxen> (done)
[14:38] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> (done)
[14:38] <~Dan> I have a two-part question: Can you describe the levels of technology and magic at play in the setting?
[14:39] <+Pixel_Kitty> If i can, gonna get the one i typed out before i  left in.
[14:39] <+Pixel_Kitty> Can the dark soul be "good". I didn't want to bring up 40k but i have to (and i pray it's the only time it gets brought up). in older fluff the chaos gods had good aspects to them, just that generally that's ignored by writers for wacky god things. Does the dark soul have some moral (continues)
[14:39] <+Pixel_Kitty> or good aspects for people to latch on to? Villain games are fun, but some folksdon't quite like them if you're goin' pure evil. Is there anything to it other than enslavement or subjugation of humanity? Does it have a real design or character to itself?
[14:39] <%GunnarRoxen> i'll take that. The Dark symmetry period is set during the apex of technology when mankind has risen to the levels of the pre-exodus from earth
[14:39] <~Dan> (Question pause.)
[14:39] * +Pixel_Kitty slinks back into the corner and waits
[14:40] <%GunnarRoxen> but technology quickly becomes a liability as the Dark Symmetry takes hold and by the time of the Dark Legion period it is full-on Dieselpunk
[14:40] <%GunnarRoxen> with a mend-and-make-do attitude
[14:40] <%GunnarRoxen> and a distrust of cuting edge technology - which makes Cybertronic and their high tech even more suspicious
[14:41] <%GunnarRoxen> technology is dangerous but vital - and as the setting evolves people realise that they have to make stark choices about what to use and what to scrap
[14:42] <%GunnarRoxen> i'll hand over to chris for the 'magic' discussion :)
[14:42] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> (which also has some mechanical repercussions)
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[14:42] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> The Dark Soul is a vast malevolent force, trapped outside our universe and time, forced to let relatively week physical manifestations of itself lead it's armies, though even those manifestations compete against each other
[14:43] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> The Legion are feeding on the fear and terror caused by the Dark Symmetry, the appearance of one of their dark ships in orbit, streaking with thunder and leaving a trail of burning fire through the atmosphere before crashing it to the earth with earthquakes for hundreds of miles around is designed to bring terror to the population
[14:44] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> (terror achieved!)
[14:44] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> when the Dark Legion invade it is just another way to heighten that
[14:44] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> they might easily be able to destroy us but for some key plots
[14:45] <%GunnarRoxen> in the initial adventure I wrote you get to see the evolution of an initial dark symmetry attack on Luna - they are not static and things are a bit murkier than simple good/bad choices
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[14:45] <+locutus> i think the question is a bit, is there some reason for humans (PC's possibly) to want to be in league with the Dark Symmetry, other then being cackling mad evil cultists?
[14:46] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> So there is no 'good' side, perhaps a very alien 'different' side to the Dark Soul - something akin to the Cthulhu Mythos where we are simply in the way, something to be played with and crushed, for the Apostles themselves we are more a threat so it's a good thing the full power of the Dark Soul can't be brought to bear
[14:46] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> you might not know you are in league
[14:47] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> you're a rebel (like in Ukraine) for example, fighting against corporate oppression
[14:47] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> you're a criminal just trying to feed his family
[14:47] <~Dan> But I seem to remember there being "good" wizards in earlier editions?
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[14:47] <%GunnarRoxen> Chris nailed it there - it is more of a gradual slope and the rules themselves really tie in close thematically to that
[14:47] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> you've been blackmailed by the woman you met
[14:47] <%GunnarRoxen> Dan - you might be thinking of the Brotherhood?
[14:47] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> your company is going bankrupt but an investor offers help ...
[14:47] <~Dan> Probably so.
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[14:48] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> The Brotherhood are the 'wizards' of the setting, with "the Arts" that let them fight back against the dark powers 'the dark gifts' of the legion
[14:48] <%GunnarRoxen> though even in their case it would be a bit simplistic to label them "good"
[14:48] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> It was never explained where this power came from - but will be in 3rd Ed
[14:49] <~Dan> How "flashy" are the Arts?
[14:49] <+Guest54> I hope it's not midiclorians...
[14:49] <~Dan> (Oh, you can set your name with the /nick command, Guest54. :) )
[14:49] <+GenoFoxx> laters
[14:50] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> exactly - they are as much a huge, seemingly uncaring unwieldy force working to unite the corporations and fight the heretics, they'll make many mistakes in their quest
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[14:50] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> haha no midiclorians
[14:50] <+Guest54> Please!!!
[14:50] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> dammit... gotta' go re-write something real quick...
[14:50] * ~Dan snickers
[14:50] <%GunnarRoxen> i think the Brotherhood are more akin to seeing themselves as surgeons and doctors for humanity....
[14:50] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> (note to self: edit out midiclorians)
[14:51] <%GunnarRoxen> :D
[14:51] <+Pixel_Kitty> So if you're knowingly working for the dark soul you're just out and out superevil?
[14:51] <~Dan> But are they also fireballs-and-lightning-bolt types? Or are they more subtle?
[14:51] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> And they're faced with a huge task, everything seems lost so they must be ruthless in their actions to save humanity
[14:51] <+Ruskendrul> Thanks for the White Star info, really like Russia gets some love aswell. Also nice to hear about the Dark Soul. I have another core mechanic related question. How about actions. Is it a fixed numer per battle-round or is it based on some attribute?
[14:52] <+Bastian> Are they more like the medieval Catholic church? The original version was heavily based on that, will that remain?
[14:52] <+Cymruvoodoo> I, for one, think we haven't heard nearly enough about Whitestar - Are they based out of Earth? How did they get off? What do they contribute in terms of economic production?
[14:52] <%GunnarRoxen> Pixel: you might not know you are working for the dark soul, you might work for it for the right reasons in the wrong way. There are many options byeond being just a cackling heretic
[14:52] <~Dan> (Question pause.)
[14:52] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> The Dark Legion have a lot of flashy stuff, and the way it actually works from a storyline perspective is very cool, the Brotherhood are not quite so flashy but that may change later in the storyline as certain events/things happen
[14:53] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> i can shed a bit of light on the combat / actions question
[14:53] <+Guest54> I missed Whitestar... But I always thought Russia was kind of mixed within Bauhaus.
[14:53] <%GunnarRoxen> Bastian: in the Dark Legion setting that is what they are like, but in the earlier Dark Symmetry time you get to see how they start and how they evolve
[14:53] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Whitestar are based in massive bunker and tunnel complexes in old Russia
[14:53] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Only the rich russian families left with Bauhaus
[14:54] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> they become vital to the great war later on, they are a focus of the mutations storyline, being exposed to the earths nuclear winter and the effects of the exploded terraforming ship that flooded the earth with terraforming agents
[14:54] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> (done)
[14:54] <+Guest54> Thanks.
[14:54] <%GunnarRoxen> (done)
[14:54] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> so let's look at combat
[14:55] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> combat is based on rounds, and during each round, each character (both player and GM-controlled) get to act
[14:55] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> on a character's turn, he has a lot of options available.
[14:55] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> there are several different types of "actions" a character can perform: Free, Chained, Standard, and Response
[14:56] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> a character can perform any number of Free actions in a round, but cannot perform the same Free action more than once
[14:56] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> each character gets one standard action, which is the basic combat building block -- attacks, for example, are standard actions
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[14:57] <~Dan> (Welcome to #rpgnet, MIcke!)
[14:57] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> response actions occur when it is *not* your turn - such as attempting to dodge an incoming ranged attack
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[14:57] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> MC3 introduces a new type of action, the Chained Action
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[14:58] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> a Chained Action is performed as part of a combo with other actions.
[14:58] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> (ahem, can be performed as a combo - it's optional)
[14:58] <+Cymruvoodoo> (stupid browser) Is there a limit on the number of response actions you may take per round? Per turn? Does it count against any of your other action options?
[14:58] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> for example, AIM is a Chained Action instead of a Standard Action
[14:59] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> when you perform the Aim action, you can chain a Ranged Attack to create a combo
[15:00] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> that's the simplest example... Aiming is cool, but not cool enough to be your entire turn
[15:00] <~Dan> Is this synonymous with a "multi-action"?
[15:00] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> essentially chaining actions together allows you to perform a sequence of actions ... they allow you to accomplish more on your turn, but they have a cost involved
[15:01] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> special talents and abilities allow for different types of chained combos. it's a way to really open up the playbook and allow for a variety of different options to players...
[15:01] <+Pixel_Kitty> (my thing was if you could know you were doing and not be coerced into it and not be cackling heretic. Be complicit without the shield of ignorance and not be evil. argh. ignore it, i've lingered on this bit too long.)
[15:01] <+Pixel_Kitty> that's kinda cool
[15:01] <~Dan> So, "I kick open the door and hose down the room with auto-fire", for example?
[15:01] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> correct.
[15:02] <~Dan> Very cool. And very appropriate, given the cinematic flair you're going for.
[15:02] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> now you could just kick down the door and not fire this turn, if you wanted to -- then your attack next turn would not have a "combo" cost
[15:02] <~Dan> Right.
[15:02] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> but if you want to do both, which is definitely more exciting, you create a combo and pay its associated cost
[15:02] * ~Dan nods
[15:02] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Pixel_Kitty - you might be convinced you'll have a great role in a 'new order'
[15:03] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> also, PCs have access to several resources that allow them to Do Cool Stuff (tm)
[15:03] <~Dan> Can you give us an overview of the antagonists, both in terms of the Dark Legion and of hostile flora and fauna (the latter of which I don't believe earlier editions covered)?
[15:03] <~Dan> (When you're done, of course, Jay.)
[15:03] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> so that's a good high-level look at combat (done)
[15:03] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> lol
[15:03] <~Dan> :)
[15:04] <+Cymruvoodoo> I hope you're not, Jay - I would like to know what a "combo cost" is and whether it affects you on the combo round or, as I think you suggested, the round after?
[15:04] <+Ruskendrul> Cool, looking forward to the combat now!
[15:04] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> The Dark Legion are controlled by five Apostles, physical manifestations of the Dark Soul
[15:05] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> (i can come back to that later Cymruvoodoo)
[15:05] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> they all have their own forces, they use the Dark Symmetry differently to affect our world, and they each have their own 'flavour' of heretic cults
[15:05] *** Lioness is now known as Corrina
[15:06] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> the cults operate differently - this was never brought out before - so Algeroth's cult are about blowing things up, killing people, whilst another will be about infecting things, spreading disease, or more cover seduction, blackmail etc
[15:07] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Each apostles creatures are being developed further to be much more unusual and different - not just a pile of screaming things with guns but they'll each have unique tactics and the apostles will use different strategies
[15:08] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> this will flavour the campaigns and adventures and monster stats will come with brief descriptions of how to play them
[15:08] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> (done)
[15:08] <%GunnarRoxen> in the earlier editions Algeroth (Dark Lord of Technology) got most of the focus, but this time around all of the original Dark Apostles are getting some attention. Mischa Thomas who has a beautifully dark mind is writing much of their setting material
[15:08] <%GunnarRoxen> (done)
[15:08] <~Dan> What about flora and fauna on the various planets?
[15:08] <+Ruskendrul> Cool, and a good initiative - many times I see monsters and I ask myself as a GM "What does this creature do in the world?"
[15:09] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> and we've created lots of new entities that emerge during the Dark Symmetry era like the Malignant, the Cable Marionette, the Castigator.....
[15:09] <%GunnarRoxen> one of my writing tasks is to properly look at the effects of terrrorforming and what kind of environments that creates
[15:10] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> so that period before the Dark Legion invasion is full of occult investigations as machine turns literally on man
[15:10] <%GunnarRoxen> the Dark Symmetry takes existing flora and fauna and infects it... twisting it into new things that are dark reflections of their original selve
[15:10] <~Dan> Is that the source of the giant creatures the hussars kill to make their bone weapons?
[15:11] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> one of them Dan, there's a lot of truly fearsome things prowling the icy wastes
[15:11] <+Lassekk> is the rpg system in some way compatible with the Warzone game?
[15:11] <~Dan> What is the source of such creatures on Earth?
[15:11] <+Pixel_Kitty> I know conversion was a goal
[15:12] <+Pixel_Kitty> So your rpg characters could go into warzone and vice versa or something.
[15:12] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Yes there will be conversion rules to Warzone to take your characters on to the battlefield, well have rpg stats for everything in the warzone universe though
[15:12] <+Lassekk> ok! cool :)
[15:12] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> but if you use the hero creation system in warzone you'll be able to convert too
[15:13] <%GunnarRoxen> i've done a lot of work in the past (for various reasons!) on geo-engineering and planetary terroforming so hopefully all the creatures and environments should be plausible given the addition of the dark symmetry and the techno-fantasy nature of the game
[15:13] <+Guest54> In the original edition, I found it funny that Algeroth's followers got more "magic" options than Ilian's. Weapons, I can understand, magic?
[15:13] <+Ruskendrul> Got a twoheaded question. What is Character creation like and how is progression after that?. (Is it experience points and then "buy yourself better" or is it "learn by doing"? if that makes sense to you) Most of my players are more into Roleplaying and prefer rich backstory and interesting creations/progression rather then following kits/archetypes (level :)
[15:14] <+Bastian> Well that is because Algeroth was fully developped, Illian was a work in progress
[15:14] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> plus the Earth is flooded with massive amounts of terraforming agents when the chinese terraforming ship exploded on the ground, and combined with the extreme nuclear radiation AND something else....brings about the fearsom mutations
[15:14] <%GunnarRoxen> Guest54: yes, that was true - Algeroth is Dark Apostle of Technology and his new writeup will reflect that with more of the "magical" type abilities for Ilian, Semai etc
[15:14] <~Dan> Ah, gotcha. That's what I was wondering, Chris.
[15:15] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> I'll answer a bit on Chargen (Jay can fill in a little more detail maybe)
[15:15] <~Dan> Speaking of giant monsters, how does the system handle superhuman ability scores, like the strength of a giant monster?
[15:15] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> We're recreating the cool life path character generation system but much more embellished with deep storyline info
[15:15] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> but you'll also be able to points buy what you want
[15:15] <~Dan> (Question pause.)
[15:15] <+Pixel_Kitty> Ruskendrul: the difference between something like only war where you buy things and traveller where to get more skills you have to devote(lengthy in traveler) time and training?
[15:16] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> you'll be making a number of interesting decisions during character creation that are more than "what number do I put where?"
[15:16] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> In Achtung! Cthulhu we had these cool tables to discover something strange about your background, not with a game effect but a great roleplaying hook, we'll expand on that as well as obvious career events that give you bonuses but the'yll be wrapped around actual interested events
[15:17] *** Cymruvoodoo has quit IRC: Disintegrated: (Link: ajax IRC Client
[15:17] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> (done)
[15:17] *** Cymruvoodoo has joined #rpgnet
[15:17] *** ChanServ sets mode +v Cymruvoodoo
[15:17] <+Cymruvoodoo> How much is this "lifepath" system going to look like the DH/RT/OW character generation system?
[15:17] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> (always think of something else)
[15:18] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> i can't go into too much more detail on character creation, i'm afraid. it is still under development, but a key design goal is Decisions With Consequences
[15:18] <%GunnarRoxen> all of our writers are keen on further developing the lifepath system and have already come up with lots of new ideas to add to some of the classics
[15:18] <+Bastian> And will character creation be diversified in the corp books? Like the core book has generic rules, and the corp books more specific?
[15:18] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> so they'll be more on that later :-)
[15:18] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> I designed the Origin System for Rogue Trader. It's a game system I'm really fond of.
[15:19] <+Ruskendrul> Pixel_Kitty: Yeah - I always felt strange about a system that gives you blob-exp for an adventure and you get to use them to raise "Donkey-Handling" althou you never where close a donkey in the adventure. If I use a shovel, I want to be better at an shovel :)
[15:19] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Yes corps books will provide more specific chargen info and new rolles
[15:19] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> so between my fondness of the Origin System and the MC lifepath options, character creation is really going to be creating character, not just making a set of stats
[15:20] <%GunnarRoxen> each corp book is quite a bit longer than the originals which gives us space to really go to town :)
[15:20] *** Micke has quit IRC: Disintegrated: (Link: ajax IRC Client
[15:20] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> (done re: chargen)
[15:20] <&Silverlion> Hit Locations in?
[15:20] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> definitely! we've got the dice to prove it! (Kickstarter pledge reward)
[15:20] <+Cymruvoodoo> What are the basic elements of a character profile?
[15:21] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Yes nice looking Q-Workshop Hit Location dice by Michal Cross!
[15:21] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> i'll touch on character profile slightly
[15:22] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> each character is defined by the familiar eight attributes (agility, awareness, coordination, intelligence, mental strength, personality, physique, strength)
[15:23] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> there are a number of General skills a character can train, as well as some Advanced skills which offer specialization within a General skill
[15:23] <+Ruskendrul> *hoping the skills are not to few*
[15:23] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> characters track physical wounds by hit location, as well as mental wounds from fear, insanity, or Really Bad Things Happening
[15:24] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> how many is too few? or too many? :) that's one thing the playtester's feedback is invaluable
[15:24] <~Dan> Well, can you give us an idea of how general weapon skills are, for example?
[15:25] <+Ruskendrul> less then 20 is to few, 20 to 40 I'd say :)
[15:25] <%GunnarRoxen> as a writer not involved too much in the system side of things i am really impressed by how much testing the MC system is getting
[15:25] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Yes there's been about 400 groups
[15:25] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> characters can also learn talents, which are special abilities that may offer ways to generate more successes or perform special actions
[15:25] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> from my side the Skill list has been improved from the last 2.1 Alpha test - makes a lot more sense now
[15:26] *** Leviathan has joined #rpgnet
[15:26] *** ChanServ sets mode +v Leviathan
[15:26] <~Dan> (Howdy, Leviathan!)
[15:26] <+Leviathan> Yo.
[15:26] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> writer John Dunn has done an excellent job defining and refining the role of skills in the system
[15:27] <~Dan> JayLittle_Ynnen: Would those special abilities be used to reflect, say, superhuman strength?
[15:27] <+Bastian> i guess the new playtest will give us a chance to see.
[15:27] <&Silverlion> Bakc to mechanics: You don't find someone jumping  a ravine having only a 25% chance too low (score: 10, Two dice rolled, two dice needed for success..)
[15:28] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> that's one possibility, dan -- though superhuman strength could manifest in a number of ways, from damage to resilience to successes generated with certain tests, etc
[15:28] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> Silverlion - those are just actions performed in a vacuum. there is a lot more going on in the MC universe...
[15:29] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> I can tease slightly two elements that influence player agency and character success -- Chronicle Points and The Dark Symmetry Pool
[15:29] <&Silverlion> Ah. See that's helpful..:D
[15:29] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> as mentioned earlier, the default skill test is 2d20, compare each die against a TN
[15:30] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Silverlion also typically a normal difficulty would be 1, in Jay's example it's extra wide, or he's being chased hence needing two successes
[15:30] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> but there are ways a player can earn additional dice for skill tests! so perhaps Mitch Hunter is trying to jump across a Challenging D3 chasm - he needs three successes!!!
[15:30] *** Max_Rolecon has joined #rpgnet
[15:30] *** ChanServ sets mode +v Max_Rolecon
[15:30] <~Dan> (Howdy, Max_Rolecon!)
[15:31] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> thankfully, there are lots of options for Mitch Hunter... here are some buzzwords... Focus & Momentum as well as Chronicle Points & The Dark Symmetry Pool
[15:31] * %GunnarRoxen whispers "I love the Dark Symmetry pool..."
[15:32] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> a fairly typical task could actually generate 0 to 4 successes on just 2d20 thanks to some of those buzzwords
[15:32] <+Cymruvoodoo> Are they really called "buzzwords?"
[15:32] <~Dan> Let me guess... The Dark Symmetry Pool is drawing on the Dark Side of the Force, which is an easier path to power, but with a cost? :)
[15:32] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> no
[15:32] <+Max_Rolecon> Howdy.
[15:32] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> that's just the hype machine... me :)
[15:33] * %GunnarRoxen waves at Max_Rolecon
[15:33] *** Rykar01 has quit IRC: Disintegrated: (Link: ajax IRC Client
[15:33] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> many of these player resources are still being balanced, so i don't want to go into too much detail and risk misrepresenting something that may change during playtests
[15:34] <+Max_Rolecon> Will you please publish the book in Russia? ;)
[15:34] <~Dan> Sure, no problem.
[15:34] <~Dan> Yes, Max is a genuine Russian. Max, when you read the log of this chat, I think you will be pleased with the new White Star corp. :)
[15:34] <+Max_Rolecon> Huh?
[15:35] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> the takeaway message from my blurb about actions is this: Players have a lot of options and choices to let their characters do Really Cool Stuff
[15:35] <~Dan> Max_Rolecon: It's a new Russian-based megacorp in the setting. :)
[15:35] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> My wife is Belarussian so I think there's a good chance we'll be embracing the Motherland with the glorious Mutant Chronicles world :-)
[15:35] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> (done... for now)
[15:35] <+Max_Rolecon> Chris is also here!
[15:35] <~Dan> How does dieselpunk space travel work, and how much of a role will space combat play?
[15:36] <+Max_Rolecon> Come to our russian convention in Moscow!
[15:36] <+Ruskendrul> I might have missed the answer in the wall of text, but is progression more "level" like or "you get better at what you do"? :)
[15:36] <+Max_Rolecon> Or send your wife (:
[15:36] <+Pixel_Kitty> White star's a megacorp? I thought it'd just be an earth based russian thing a little like the dark eden tribes? I missed the white star stuff on the way to work
[15:36] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Atlichna :-)
[15:36] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> (only skill training has levels -- characters do not)
[15:37] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Dan - we start with near future ships that rapidly get hacked apart - AI systems replaced with banks of comptography machines (old electronic calculators)
[15:37] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> diesel engines, older safer methods of propulsion that take much longer
[15:37] <+Max_Rolecon> L
[15:37] <+Max_Rolecon> Lamp computers?
[15:37] <+Ruskendrul> Thanks! :)
[15:37] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> so there's a period of downgrading as systems become less trustworthy
[15:38] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> anything with a logic gate can be corrupted
[15:38] <%GunnarRoxen> also making use of vessels that are in cyclical orbits between planets
[15:38] <~Dan> How can a diesel engine get a ship into space?
[15:38] <+Pixel_Kitty> What is a logic gate?
[15:38] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> until eventually you get 'new gear' being produced which has a more obvious 1950's styling to it, turbines, thrumming diesel engines, lots of redundancy
[15:38] *** Fitz has quit IRC: Disintegrated: Leaving.
[15:39] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> i guess think of ships turning more into space going submarines
[15:39] <+Max_Rolecon> And lots of chrome and hairgel
[15:39] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> lots of people replacing automation
[15:39] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> crowded, sweaty
[15:39] <%GunnarRoxen> Pixel_Kitty: logic gate = microtransistors
[15:40] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> yeah max loads of hair gel!
[15:40] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> i'd say it's more battered chrome and bent metal
[15:40] <%GunnarRoxen> all the hair gel
[15:40] <%GunnarRoxen> with cheap welds
[15:40] <~Dan> What (if anything) can these spacecraft be armed with, and how do they hold up against Dark Legion spacecraft?
[15:40] <+Max_Rolecon> Heh
[15:40] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> until things settle down they'll be a lot of ships looking like they've been hacked apart and rebuilt quickly - desperately to keep things working
[15:41] *** Captain_Raptor has joined #rpgnet
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[15:41] <+Pixel_Kitty> So anything like the dumb modern computer is a threat
[15:41] <+Pixel_Kitty> ?
[15:41] <+Max_Rolecon> Are there mechs or battlesuits of some kind available to players?
[15:41] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> yes
[15:41] <+Bastian> Actually, using a diesel engine in space isn't really far fetched. You'd just need a completely sealed engine department and power transfers. The engineers might live a very unhealthy life though.
[15:41] <+Max_Rolecon> If yes, how rare are they?
[15:41] <+Cymruvoodoo> I was assuming a lot of this was diesel-electric
[15:42] <%GunnarRoxen> diesel-eectric and a mix of older fusion and fission drives
[15:42] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> the battlesuits will be in the second dark legion era when cybertronic make certain advances available, but other corporations also have some tricks up their sleeves
[15:42] <%GunnarRoxen> the submarine analogy is apt
[15:42] <+Max_Rolecon> Allright!
[15:42] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> but imagine they'd be horrendously expensive
[15:42] <+Pixel_Kitty> Like bauhaus' armoured hussars
[15:43] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> the Brotherhood decree the destruction of 'thinking machines' finally after years of Dark Symmetry corruption
[15:43] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> people think it's viral attacks to start with
[15:44] <+Pixel_Kitty> So no personal computation devices or pda things or the like, then?
[15:44] <+locutus> Bastian: diesel in space? i hope you bring a oxygen tank about as big as your fuel tank :)
[15:44] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> it's also mysteriously not everwhere so many people cling to their old tech in the hope it won't go wrong, let alone as some have been heard to say, actually hurt you
[15:44] <%GunnarRoxen> Pixel_Kitty: if you are with Cybertronic in the 2nd time period, then definitely yes
[15:45] <%GunnarRoxen> well something approximating a PDA :)
[15:45] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> No Pixel_Kitty but they do have AI's in the beginning, so many things we use PDA's for now might be superfluous
[15:45] <+Max_Rolecon> Are russians bad ass is the White star to be feared?
[15:45] <+Bastian> locutus, about a third really
[15:45] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> later on again things change somewhat
[15:45] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Yeah Whitestar hate the people who abandoned the homeworld
[15:46] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> they'll be a lot of tension and conflict early on
[15:46] <+Max_Rolecon> Whats their shtic?
[15:46] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> it might be a while (and the players will be heavily involved) before there's even talk of the mutual enemy
[15:47] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> They want to reclaim the Motherland, keep their people safe, Earth belongs to them now
[15:47] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> The Tsarina has a grander vision but that will be revealed in time
[15:47] <~Dan> What was the answer about armed spacecraft? :)
[15:48] <+Max_Rolecon> T
[15:48] *** Sebulba has joined #rpgnet
[15:48] *** ChanServ sets mode +v Sebulba
[15:48] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> lots of guns, really really big guns ;-)
[15:48] <~Dan> Cool. :)
[15:48] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> seriously weapons that don't need computer systems
[15:49] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> projectiles, mostly
[15:49] <~Dan> What do Dark Legion ships use?
[15:49] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> but we're yet to start on the ship side of things so i'll leave it at that
[15:49] <+Pixel_Kitty> So cybertronic brings about the symmetry proof micro-transistor. How do you even run a bureaucracy with old school cogitation devices?
[15:49] <+Max_Rolecon> Do you plan to release separate adventures/plot campaigns?
[15:50] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> The Dark Legion can do some twisted stuff with ships - we have some images in for approval which will show more in time
[15:50] <~Dan> Cool.
[15:50] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Pixel_kitty watch Brazil ;-)
[15:50] <+Guest54> Cybernet is still on??
[15:50] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> we're bringing back the abacus!
[15:50] <+Pixel_Kitty> i watched brazil when i was ten, it melted my brain
[15:50] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> great film - Britain ran a global empire with barely telegraph tech
[15:51] <+Ruskendrul> Ancient Rome had no problem without computers ;)
[15:51] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> just takes lots of people and lots of organisation
[15:51] <%GunnarRoxen> britain ran an empire with people called Computers
[15:51] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> yep
[15:51] <+Max_Rolecon> Brazil still scares me
[15:51] <%GunnarRoxen> being a Computer scares me
[15:51] *** Sebulba has quit IRC: Disintegrated: (Link: ajax IRC Client
[15:51] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> think of all those electronic calculators and ticker tape machines
[15:51] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Cybertronic have a solid backstory now
[15:51] <~Dan> In the time we have left -- and please note that you guys are more than welcome to continue answering questions after "regular time" is up -- is there anything you'd like to cover that we haven't discussed?
[15:51] *** Guest27 has joined #rpgnet
[15:51] *** ChanServ sets mode +v Guest27
[15:51] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> and reason why they can do what they can do
[15:52] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Jay?
[15:52] <+Max_Rolecon> Manned ballistic missiles?
[15:52] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Gunnar?
[15:52] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Lol maybe
[15:52] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Max - there's 3 massive campaigns planned - about 248 pages each
[15:52] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> tough call... i think people will appreciate how the system is streamlined to let players jump right into the action, but offers a lot of depth and detail for the players who want that extra level of immersion
[15:52] <+Pixel_Kitty> Is it less silly than the old implication of sticking meaty brain bits in their computers which feels too much like the servitor solution, Chris?
[15:53] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Dave Allen (The Enemy Within) is writing the first one with Clive Oldfield
[15:53] <~Dan> Wow!
[15:53] <+Max_Rolecon> Oh wow!
[15:53] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Plus who remember the Venusian Apocalypse Campaign???
[15:53] <%GunnarRoxen> me! :D
[15:53] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> i've worked with Dave and Clive for years... that campaign is going to kick ass
[15:53] <+Bastian> lol that's a while back :P
[15:53] <+Guest54> Me!
[15:54] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> So we're bringing that back - re-written, reengineered....AND with Episode 4....
[15:54] <+Bastian> Should still have it here somewhere
[15:54] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Peter Bergting was originally drawing art for it at the end
[15:54] <+Guest54> Groovy!
[15:55] <+Guest54> Was there a lot of unpublished material from the original edition?
[15:55] *** GenoFoxx has joined #rpgnet
[15:55] *** ChanServ sets mode +v GenoFoxx
[15:55] <+Max_Rolecon> I really dig the heavy metall style.
[15:55] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Not really
[15:55] *** Brandon_Wallace_10 has quit IRC: Ping timeout
[15:55] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> there's lot of material in the old magazines we will be looking at to se what makes sense to bring back
[15:56] <+Guest54> I remember reading that Target was about to publish a city supplement, about Bauhaus capital city.
[15:56] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> There will be a 248 page campaign for the Dark Symmetry era, a 248 page campaign for the Dark Legion era and a 248 page campaign for the Dark Eden setting
[15:56] <%GunnarRoxen> I would add that there are many great things in the pipeline for Mutant Chronicles, some of which will only be revealed in time and yes... there really is a plan and it is cool (an no i won't tell you). And because I am in charge of continuity I want to blend the best of the original game with the amazing new ideas for this edition
[15:57] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Guest54 - funnily enough Peter Bergting has the art for the city ;-)
[15:57] *** Captain_Raptor has quit IRC: Disintegrated: No no don't push that bu-
[15:57] <+Leviathan> Big news. Would you classify this as a Mutant Chronicles sequel or a Mutant Chronicles reboot?
[15:57] <%GunnarRoxen> Mutant Chronicles was a real inspiration for me when it first came out and I get a real buzz from working on this new version.
[15:57] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> yes
[15:58] <%GunnarRoxen> yes
[15:58] <+maxmahem> Who do you have lined up for art?
[15:58] <%GunnarRoxen> :D
[15:58] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> it's very much the re-boot and we're not 'changing' the story, we're simply filling in the gaps, fleshing it out, answering stuff that was left hanging
[15:58] <+Guest54> I hope we see that art published... soon!
[15:58] <+Leviathan> What is an example of a gap you're wanting to fill?
[15:58] *** Fawa has joined #rpgnet
[15:58] *** ChanServ sets mode +v Fawa
[15:58] <%GunnarRoxen> for this reboot one of my jobs is to thread the old into the new without having annoying retcons :)
[15:58] <%GunnarRoxen> Whitestar or Luna PD
[15:58] <+Max_Rolecon> So it's like Exalted 2nd ed.? ;)
[15:58] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Jeff Porter is doing character concepts - if you saw Vance Ryder the Luna PD detective its his and he's drawing the Tsarina and other whitestar people now
[15:59] <%GunnarRoxen> Whitestar didn't exist previously and Luna PD never got much attention
[15:59] <+Max_Rolecon> Double his pay!
[15:59] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Johan Fredriksson (Cold and Dark) is just starting on art
[15:59] <+Max_Rolecon> Tsarina demands the glory!
[15:59] <%GunnarRoxen> another example is all the other Apostles other than Algeroth as some (Demnogonis for instance) were barely explored
[15:59] * +Pixel_Kitty waits till after the final notes to ask the brainbits question again.
[15:59] *** Ximni has left #rpgnet
[15:59] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> also, don't forget to check out the Kickstarter campaign: (Link:
[15:59] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Christian Quinot
[15:59] <%GunnarRoxen> yes, do check it out ^^^^
[16:00] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> there is a TON of great info there, too, about upcoming content, design plans, and materials unlocked along the way
[16:00] <+Max_Rolecon> I throw money at the screen but nothing happens!
[16:00] <%GunnarRoxen> and Chris loves answering your questions on the kickstarter (does he sleep????)
[16:00] <~Dan> I need to head out momentarily, so if you guys don't mind, I'll go ahead and log the Q&A here. Again, you're entirely welcome to hang out and/or answer questions as long as you'd like.
[16:00] <~Dan> And thank you all again for taking the time to join us! :)
[16:01] <+Guest54> I remember Matt Forbeck being    in the original edition.
[16:01] <%GunnarRoxen> i need to go crash out - was up writing Imperial stuff until 5:30am this morning - I just couldn't stop :D
[16:01] <+Leviathan> Dan the Man comes through with another great QA.
[16:01] * ~Dan blushes
[16:01] <%GunnarRoxen> thanks Dan
[16:01] <+Age_Past_Jeff> <clap clap clap>
[16:01] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> thanks guys been fun
[16:01] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> I haven't slept much these past few weeks. Too many cool ideas!
[16:01] <~Dan> You're welcome!
[16:01] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> thanks for hosting, Dan - and thank you to all the fans for coming and supporting the Q&A!
[16:02] *** Fawa has quit IRC: Disintegrated: (Link: ajax IRC Client
[16:02] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> Yes please come and ask more in the Kickstarter comments if you like
[16:02] <~Dan> And please feel free to stop by any time, by the way! Game authors are always welcome!
[16:02] <+Guest54> Thanks to everyone!
[16:02] <%GunnarRoxen> yes! hope to see you all on the kickstarter, at conventions or demo sessions!
[16:02] <+TheNabster> What did I miss
[16:02] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> UK Expo, Gen Con are big dates on the diary
[16:02] <+Guest54> And I already pledged! Do you??? :)
[16:02] <+TheNabster> Does it have classes?
[16:02] <~Dan> (As is everyone else, for that matter. :) )
[16:02] <+Pixel_Kitty> this was cool to see. who's sticking around a bit afterwards?
[16:02] * +Pixel_Kitty pledged at the beginning~
[16:02] <+Cymruvoodoo> I'll be here for a bit. Still... digesting information.
[16:02] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> i can stick around for a wee bit more
[16:02] <%GunnarRoxen> thanks Pixel_Kitty!
[16:02] <~Dan> Oh, and maybe you guys should link to the Kickstarter before I log the chat? :)
[16:03] <%GunnarRoxen> (Link:
[16:03] <%ChrisBirchModiphius> i'm working on some cool new Add Ons' but will keep the window open for a bit
[16:03] <%JayLittle_Ynnen> (Link:
[16:03] <~Dan> Thanks!

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