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[Q&A] Bora Mitricevic (Flint & Steel)

<+BoraM> Right, I'm Bora creator of Flint&Steel. Hello all.
<+BoraM> We are currently finishing a kickstarter campaign. You can see it here > (Link:
<+BoraM> Feel free to ask anything about our game or kickstarter, I'll be happy to answer :)
<~Dan> Thanks, BoraM!
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<~Dan> Would anyone like to start us off, or shall I do the honors?
<+BoraM> feel free Dan :)
<~Dan> Very well then!
<~Dan> Let's start with the basics. Can you give us a general overview of F&S in terms of setting and mechanics?
<+BoraM> Sure, F&S at it's core uses d20 mechanic and it's a class less as well as a level free system
<+BoraM> as for our campaign setting, it's our own unique world we've been building for years
<+BoraM> it currently has two very different eras open for adventuring
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<+BoraM> Our focus was to create a low magic setting in terms of theme, spells, items, monsters and so on.
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<~Dan> What are the two eras like?
<+BoraM> One era takes place after the fall of Mage Empire
<+BoraM> that's how we introduced the low magic/fantasy element
<+BoraM> Mage were hunted down and their empire destroyed.
<+BoraM> Their knowledge and artifacts are lost or scattered around the world.
<+BoraM> The other era take place some 4 centuries later and there we introduce technological advancements.
<+BoraM> We wanted to use the whole era as a starting point for new item creation, crafting and the way world and society is organized.
<~Dan> How technologically advanced is the second era?
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<+BoraM> It advanced mostly in chemistry and mechanics.
<+BoraM> This made possible to create more complicated items that go boom, boom
<+BoraM> As for it's impact on the world, we are still at the early stages. There are no trains or blimps like in most steampunk settings.
<+BoraM> We didn't want to go that far.
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<~Dan> So, Renaissance?
<+BoraM> Yes, but a grittier Renaissance.
<~Dan> I take it firearms exist at that stage?
<+BoraM> Yes but they are at experimental stage still. Let's say that a natural 1 can cause havok
<~Dan> Are there cannon-armed ships and so forth?
<+BoraM> Yes there are. We've made a very simple but useful combat mechanic
<~Dan> Oh? Specifically for ship-to-ship combat, you mean?
<+BoraM> Yes.
<~Dan> Cool! Pirates ahoy! :)
<+BoraM> :D
<~Dan> Could you say a bit about the level of supernatural activity in both eras, both in terms of magic and monsters?
<~Dan> (And brb -- please continue)
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<+BoraM> We try to use supernatural elements as little as possible, mostly because magic and epic monsters stopped producing the wow effect on me.
<+BoraM> Our aim is to create the wow effect through stories and characters
<+BoraM> But there is magic and monsters off course. We use it as a curve ball, as a surprise.
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<~Dan> But are the supernatural levels the same in both eras?
<+BoraM> Yes there are.. In the industrial era though, there are fewer supernatural elements
<~Dan> Is magic less common in the industrial era as well?
<+BoraM> Yes it is and I should mention that one more thing sets the two eras apart.
<+BoraM> Due to lack of magic and spirituality in general, Demons have started entering the world.
<+BoraM> They are disguised as judges, captains, city officials and they are scheming! :)
<~Dan> Hmm. How difficult are demons to deal with lacking magic?
<+BoraM> Pretty difficult.
<+BoraM> You can defeat him in combat using any means
<+BoraM> but only a caster can banish him back.
<~Dan> So magic is hard to come by just when you really need it, huh?
<+BoraM> Yup, and most spellcaster are aware of it as well.
<~Dan> I take it that a spellcaster is a necessity for any group?
<+BoraM> No necessarily.
<+BoraM> I guess they are most helpful as healers but those willing to invest in healing skills and herbology are good healers as well.
<+BoraM> We didn't want to follow traditional combat roles with F&S
<+BoraM> Like tank, damage, control.
* ~Dan nods
<+BoraM> You can tank or damage if you want but most of are monsters are unique enough that they can be defeated without open combat.
<+BoraM> our*
<~Dan> I'd like to delve into your magic system, but perhaps we should discuss the basic mechanics and combat mechanics first?
<+BoraM> Sure thing
<+BoraM> We incorporated the d20 mechanic everywhere.
<+BoraM> It's there with skills, combat, magic, crafting and so on.
<+BoraM> All you need are remaining modifiers and a desired effect
<+BoraM> We have spiced the combat by creating a lot of special actions you can learn
<+BoraM> and we did the same by grouping skills and creating specialization ranks
<+BoraM> Our magic system also uses the d20 way but is rather innovative and creative.
<~Dan> I gather that lacking levels, combat is skill-based?
<+BoraM> I wouldn't call it skill based.
<+BoraM> You use your XP to buy your attack bonus, defense bonus and these special manuvers
<+BoraM> But it does work the same way skills work.
<~Dan> I see... Are there any weapon specializations involved? Or is that under special manuevers?
<+BoraM> You can also purchase talents and specialize in a weapon
<+BoraM> this can boost the attack, damage, weapon's critical range...
<~Dan> Ah, I see.
<~Dan> So it wouldn't be all that difficult to build a dedicated archer, for example?
<+BoraM> No it wouldn't
<+BoraM> Actually that's how the system started!
<+BoraM> I wanted a great archer without a lot of hit points, or feat and what not.
<+BoraM> Just very precise archer
<~Dan> You mentioned hit points... How are they determined without levels?
<+BoraM> You purchase them as well.
<+BoraM> There are two health pools that make your character and you can only improve one of them
<+BoraM> But both are important for survival
<+BoraM> This creates danger even for most vital and strongest characters
<~Dan> How do they work?
<+BoraM> One pool is actually stamina. It determines how much you can take without really injuring yourself.
<+BoraM> Once stamina is drained the blows start to hurt
<+BoraM> That's where health pool comes into play. This pool is smaller and represents actual injury.
<~Dan> And I'm assuming that's the one you can't increase?
<+BoraM> Yup
<~Dan> And I believe you mentioned some damage that goes straight to the health pool?
<+BoraM> Yup, critical hits and surprise attacks drain the health pool directly.
<~Dan> That sounds very nasty.
<+BoraM> So a lot of stamina is useful but won't save you all the time.
* ~Dan nods
<+BoraM> Well combat should be nasty and we didn't want to pull punches.
<~Dan> Certainly.
<~Dan> So weapons with large critical ranges are particularly dangerous, even if they have low damage values, I take it.
<+BoraM> Yes they are.
<+BoraM> the good this is that armor protects health pool to some degree.
<~Dan> (I'm thinking in terms of rapiers and the like.)
<+BoraM> thing*
<+BoraM> Precisely
<~Dan> Ah, yes. During our previous discussion, you mentioned that armor reduces damage rather than the chance of being hit?
<+BoraM> so you can focus on a duelist and go for rarer, deadly kills. Or for a great sword and punish your enemy trough stamina.
<~Dan> I really like that.
<+BoraM> The armor does both.
<~Dan> Oh? Interesting.
<+BoraM> The quality of the armor (leather, plate, chain) determines the reduction
<+BoraM> while the coverage the bonus on defense.
<~Dan> And the amount of coverage... gotcha.
<~Dan> Very nice.
<~Dan> What about shields?
<+BoraM> Shield give straight bonus to defense.
* ~Dan nods
<~Dan> And I saw that dexterity governs melee combat?
<+BoraM> For precision, yes.
<~Dan> Good. I much prefer it that way.
<+BoraM> Strength is still important for damage and if you can wield a weapon without penalty.
* ~Dan nods
<~Dan> Perfect.
<~Dan> You avoid the "Ninjasaurus Effect", then.
<+BoraM> the Ninjasaurus effect? :D
<~Dan> (Whereby huge, strong creatures are also naturally accurate combatants.)
<+Agamemnon2> meaning strong creatures are also good at hitting things.
<+BoraM> oh yes. I always had a problem with that.
<~Dan> Me too.
<+BoraM> Brb, feeding the cat.
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<~Dan> Okay. I shall take a restroom break. :)
<~Dan> (Howdy, Sil!)
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<+BoraM> back!
<+Silverlion> Allo Dan
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<~Dan> Me too!
<~Dan> (Sil: Talking with BoraM about Flint & Steel, a loosely d20-based dark fantasy RPG.)
<~Dan> BoraM: Actually, would you call it "dark fantasy"?
<+Silverlion> Is this more on the game or another Q/A?
<~Dan> An actual Q&A, since I had to cancel the one yesterday.
<+BoraM> I guess you could.
<~Dan> How would you describe it?
<+Silverlion> Cool. So I assume it has firearms? How does that impact the fantasy aspects?
<+BoraM> Like I said before, if Robert Martin and Robert Howard had a baby :D
<+BoraM> fire arms are introduced in the second era of our campaign setting.
<+Silverlion> Hrms, I'm not familiar with Robert Martin? What did he write?
<+BoraM> The technology in general has a great impact.
<+RdS> RR Martin, I'm assuming, no?
<+BoraM> lol yes
<+BoraM> blushing
<+BoraM> My mind is already wandering
<~Dan> Well, before your mind wanders too terribly far, perhaps we should discuss the magic system, which seems to be the most radical departure from d20. :)
<+Silverlion> George RR Martin, alright cool. Now I know you you are talking about, and yes that I would describe as Dark Fantasy. What is the world like in terms of geography?
<+BoraM> Dan I'll answer Silver first.
<~Dan> No problem.
<+BoraM> First if you want to, you can download our map here
<+BoraM> (Link:
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<+BoraM> by clicking on every banner you get the info about the country
<+RdS> Ilike Maps.That is a very pretty map.
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<+BoraM> our focus was to create a good background for different kinds of quests.
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<+BoraM> So we have the northern regions, jungles, central lands, coastal lands and so on
<+Silverlion> The banners aren't working for me...(Foxfire) ah well
<+Silverlion> That's cool. Good backgrounds are useful.
<+BoraM> oh, click the little arrow next to printer icon to download
<+BoraM> As for our magic system,
<+Silverlion> Cool.
<+BoraM> There are 10 schools of magic and they all need a source to cast spells
<+BoraM> Fire school needs flame for a fire spell to be cast
<+BoraM> A shadow caster would need shadow to control and so on.
<+Silverlion> The would seem to make water school powerful?
<+BoraM> While on water yes.
<+BoraM> On the land a caster needs to be really creative
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<+technoshaman> hello
<+BoraM> Hey :)
<+technoshaman> watching a streaming of EQNext
<~Dan> (Howdy, tech! Q&A with BoraM, author of Flint & Steel. :) )
<+BoraM> We also use a d20 mechanic for spell casting.
<+technoshaman> ahh ok
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<+RdS> Do you have a spell list for each school, or is it more of a mix-and-match from a common set of effects with just a flavour to match the school?
<+BoraM> We have our own list.
<+BoraM> We chose not to follow any existing spell system.
<+BoraM> Each school has three ways to manipulate the spell source
<~Dan> Can you give an example from one school?
<+BoraM> For an example. A shadow mage can use shadow in a physical way to grapple his opponents.
<+BoraM> He can merge with shadow and receive miss chance bonus or stealth bonus
<+RdS> Can you give an example of a low-level spell and a high level spell, say from the shadow school, for comparison?
<+BoraM> or if his opponent is in shadow he can blind him with darkness.
<+BoraM> Sure.
<~Dan> Heh. :)
<+BoraM> More powerful shadow mage could create more shadow tentacles for grappling opponents
<+BoraM> more powerful mage in general can use weaker sources and still create very powerful effects
<+BoraM> The power is mostly seen in spells larger scale, damage and stronger effect.
<+RdS> So is the source more of a story-based thing, or is there an actual mechanic that governs how much of it you need to be able to do certain things?
<+BoraM> There is a mechanic
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<+BoraM> Source range from tiny, small, medium and large
<~Dan> Don't earth and air mages have an outrageous advantage in most common situations?
<~Dan> (Welcome to #rpgnet, Falconloft!)
<+BoraM> in terms of fire, that would be candle light, torch light, camp fire, bonfire and so on
<+BoraM> Yes and no
<+Falconloft> Afternoon
<+BoraM> Air mages are powerful out side, in the open. In closed spaces their power diminishes.
<~Dan> (Here for the Q&A, or just checking the place out, Falconloft? :) )
<+BoraM> Earth magic only works with natural soil.
<+Falconloft> little of both. RdS drug me in here, didn't know it was happening tool just now. Been following the news for a bit though.
<+Pony_Knight> What challanges did you face in creating a ruleset/setting that would take place in two differant eras? Will there be any difficaulties for players playing a campaign in one era, then shifting to the other in terms of understanding the rules and systems of the game?
<~Dan> (Ah. Just FYI, #rpgnet2 is open for general chat while the Q&A is going on, if you're interested.)
<~Dan> (And if you have questions for our guest, ask away! :) )
<+BoraM> There should be no challenges in crossing eras. All rules stay the same.
<~Dan> Now, how do rituals work?
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<+BoraM> As for our own challenges, creating good rules is hard but different eras didn't bring new difficulties.
<+BoraM> Yes the rituals.
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<+BoraM> It's a different form of magic that doesn't have a fast effect like our regular, source spell casting.
<+BoraM> A caster needs knowledge of the ritual and components
<+BoraM> A ritual can also fail and create unforeseen effects.
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<~Dan> (wb, Falconloft!)
<~Dan> How powerful are rituals compared to spells?
<+BoraM> They can be extremely more powerful.
<+BoraM> It's really any desire caster may have but GM has all the means to control the difficulty and the outcome
<+BoraM> Trough the components and needed knowledge.
<+Falconloft> what about things like teleport? are they handled as spells or rituals or both?
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<+BoraM> While I personally hate that spell :D in Flint&Steel it would be a ritual
<+BoraM> it would be up to gm to determine the needed components for it.
<~Dan-brb> Are there guidelines for the sorts of components that would be needed for a ritual of a given type and/or scale?
<+BoraM> yes. We've prepared around dozen rituals as well as a guide how to create and control them
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<~Dan> Could you describe the types of monsters featured in the game?
<+BoraM> We draw our ideas from Slavic and local myths and folklore.
<+BoraM> We take these monsters, shape them for our world, give them special abilities and also a background story
<+BoraM> We try to make every monster unique, the proper way to kill it, how to track it, find it and so on.
<+BoraM> I really like monster hunting quests and always try to spice them up.
<~Dan> Is the game better suited to monster hunts than to dungeon crawls, then?
<+BoraM> I believe it is.
<~Dan> Would a dungeon crawl be out of place altogether in the setting?
<+BoraM> We have dungeons as well but they are never 5 level deep huge complexes made by mad wizards
<+BoraM> that never made sense to me.
<+Silverlion> Me either..:D
<+BoraM> They are usually some common places turned into dungeons and not as big as we have them in dnd
<~Dan> Well, let me rephrase the question a bit... Are "multi-monster" adventures out of place altogether in the setting?
<+BoraM> like a 20 same type monsters in one place?
<~Dan> No, more like encountering more than one type of monster on the same adventure.
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<+BoraM> Rarely... the only monster that comes in swarms and that you can always use in f&s are humans :D
<~Dan> (Howdy, Murazor! Q&A with BoraM re: Flint & Steel in progress!)
<+BoraM> Using too many monsters, too often destroys their mystery and purpose in my book.
<~Dan> You mentioned orcs and goblins in our previous conversation, however. Can you describe them in your setting?
<+Murazor> (halloi)
<+BoraM> Sure.. Orc and goblins in our campaign setting aren't necessarily evil to begin with.
<+BoraM> They are savages and most are enslaved by humans to work in mines
<+BoraM> After centuries of such treatment, orcs really started to hate humans.
<~Dan> How about elves, dwarves, and halflings?
<+BoraM> Halfling are well accepted in Gartha (one of the countries), out side of it, not many know about them.
<+BoraM> Much like hobbits in Middle Earth
<~Dan> (So Gartha is akin to Bree in that respect?)
<+BoraM> yes, but only in that aspect :)
<+Pony_Knight> With this strong focus on low magic/few monsters, why was the choice made to add non human races to the setting?
<+BoraM> Elves are viewed as savages by humans but elves never pursued war and vengeance against them.
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<+BoraM> we tried to play without them but we missed them too much.
<&Thanaeon> Back from Pacific Rim. It was a fine flick.
<+BoraM> So we made a human dominant world.
<+vbwyrde> ok folks thanks again for your suggestions.  I'm heading to the game now... though I am considering deer-riding monkeys now.
<+vbwyrde> (Link:
<+vbwyrde> wow.
<+vbwyrde> I'm going with it.  :)
<+vbwyrde> ciao!  :)
<+BoraM> bye
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<~Dan> (wb, Than! Q&A in progress. :) )
<~Dan> BoraM, I need to take the boss home. Than, do you mind taking over for 20 minutes?
08[23:42] <Thanaeon> I can do that.
[23:42] <Dan> Thanks!
08[23:42] <Thanaeon> Welcome. *nods*
[23:42] <Dan> Please save the log. I'm saving my bit.
08[23:42] <Thanaeon> I always do.
[23:43] <Dan> Sorry to run, BoraM. Thanks for stopping by, and talk to you soon! :)
[23:43] <Dan> I'll message you a link to the log once it's up.
[23:43] <BoraM> Great
[23:43] <BoraM> bye bye
08[23:43] <Thanaeon> Bye, Dan!
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08[23:44] <Thanaeon> So... Let's return to the Q&A, then.
[23:46] <Silverlion> Without Dan? :D
[23:46] <BoraM> :)
[23:46] <Agamemnon2> Dan was very thorough with his questioning, he asked all I wanted to know :)
08[23:46] <Thanaeon> That's what he said. Be back in 20, apparently.
08[23:47] <Thanaeon> Anybody else got any questions? BoraM, you have anything you wish to say?
[23:48] <BoraM> Maybe only that we are soon launching our website for our game. There will be a lot of free stuff to download, like adventures and started edition.
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[23:49] <BoraM> I'll let you guys know about it as soon as we are online
[23:49] <AndrewRPG> hi all
08[23:49] <Thanaeon> Sounds good. It's always good to have support for a game after release.
[23:49] <AndrewRPG> online with what Bora?
08[23:49] <Thanaeon> Heya, Andrew! A Q&A is in progress.
[23:50] <BoraM> Website for our game.
[23:50] <AndrewRPG> ops sorry
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08[23:53] <Thanaeon> In case it hasn't been asked before - I only recently came in - what are the plans for possible supplements?
[23:55] <BoraM> Depends on the outcome of the kickstarter. Since it's unlikely will get the funding now we are focusing on the website, starter edition and adventures.
[23:55] <BoraM> We'll see how things develop from there
[23:56] <BoraM> If the website and our demo gets people interested we might try another KS
[23:57] <BoraM> We'll also post different rpg articles, manly to help GM with their game, give advices and so on.
[23:57] <Silverlion> That's useful.
[23:57] <Silverlion> Not a lot of people do that.
[23:58] <BoraM> It's something I was desperate for when I started gaming, thank the gods for dungeon and dragon magazines.
08[23:58] <Thanaeon> One thing I'd like more games do is give the author's rationale behind design choices, why specific mechanics were done the way they were and so on.
02[23:58] * Agamemnon2 ( Quit (Disintegrated: Lähdössä )
[23:59] <BoraM> I was actually thinking of including that in a separate pdf. Something like behind the scenes.
08[23:59] <Thanaeon> Sounds good to me.
03[23:59] * Lioness is now known as Storytelleress
[23:59] <BoraM> It would kind of cramp the style if included in a regular rulebook
Session Time: Sat Aug 03 00:00:00 2013
08[00:00] <Thanaeon> There's a fair chance of that, yes.
[00:01] <BoraM> If you guys have general questions about Kickstarter, I'd be happy to answer those as well. We sure learned a lot.
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08[00:02] <Thanaeon> How much of a hassle is having one, paperwork-wise?
[00:03] <BoraM> KS? Actually pretty simple.
[00:03] <BoraM> They have a good system, it's mostly their work and not yours.
08[00:05] <Thanaeon> How are the page management tools? And how did/do you go about promoting the Kickstarter campaign?
[00:06] <BoraM> Well the graphic designer in me says that page management is awful. It's really no wonder that you see many page with their own chapter headers and so on.
[00:07] <BoraM> There is really little stuff to alter, and you can influence the picture positioning and other things
[00:07] <BoraM> can't*
[00:08] <BoraM> as for our promotion, that was our biggest fault.
[00:08] <BoraM> I recently purchased Monte Cook's book about a KS campaign and I wish I got it sooner.
[00:09] <BoraM> It explained to me the power of social networks.
08[00:09] <Thanaeon> Is there anything stopping you from trying it again sometime later, armed with what you've learned?
[00:09] <BoraM> No. I think KS now even encourages you to try again.
[00:10] <BoraM> The main trick is that KS campaign begins at least a month before the launch. Contacting blogs, buzzing forums and gathering people trough social networks.
[00:10] <BoraM> It's obvious but we learned this too late.
[00:11] <BoraM> The best thing about this KS is that we got to connect to great people like you guys.
[00:11] <BoraM> Some blogs contacted me, forums, Dan and others.
08[00:11] <Thanaeon> I do note that some campaigns seem to pretty much fall fallow after a week of effort. Which definitely won't help.
[00:12] <Agamemnon2> Aye.
[00:13] <Agamemnon2> It is still a new field of endeavour, so a certain amount of sloshing around is expected
[00:14] <BoraM> And thing change rapidly
[00:14] <BoraM> What was once a great presentation a year ago, now it wouldn't draw attention.
[00:15] <BoraM> The hardest part is getting your spot light since a lot of famous people get most attention.
[00:15] <Agamemnon2> Precisely, and successful campaigns change expectations
08[00:15] <Thanaeon> For anyone wanting to start a KS campaign of their own, what would be your first advice?
[00:16] <BoraM> To check how much followers their project already has on facebook and twiter.
[00:17] <BoraM> Monte Cook says that for about 1000 followers you get 100 pledges.
[00:17] <BoraM> So social networking should be a start
08[00:18] <Thanaeon> And it should begin before the KS is opened?
[00:19] <BoraM> In my opinion, definitively.
[00:20] <Silverlion> Yeah.
[00:20] <BoraM> Like I said, because of "famous" people, only a good starting exposure can get you noticed on KS, since projects get buried easily
08[00:21] <Thanaeon> I can imagine.
[00:23] <BoraM> But it's still a great experience. Flint&Steel used to get only local praise and it's out in the world again getting praise :)
08[00:23] <Thanaeon> So if you don't make it this time, better luck next time around!
[00:23] <BoraM> Thank you :)
[00:24] <BoraM> Well I have to run now.. Both my cat and my girlfriend demand attention. Say hi to Dan for me.
[00:25] <Agamemnon2> Will do. Take care!
[00:25] <Silverlion> Later BoarN
[00:25] <BoraM> Bye Bye
02[00:25] * BoraM (Mibbit@EAEE79FF.92E54B17.EE633207.IP) Quit (Disintegrated: ajax IRC Client )

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