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[Q&A] Tim Kirk (FEAT, High Valor, Hearts & Souls, et al)

[19:08] <&TimK> Hi I'm Tim Kirk, creator of the tabletop RPG's High Valor, and Hearts and Souls.
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[19:09] <&TimK> High Valor is a a dark ages fantasy game set in a fantasy world of my own creation (Aeia) rather than a historical game.
[19:10] <~Dan> (Howdy, Squide!)
[19:10] <&TimK> Hearts & Souls, is my drive powered superhero game.
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[19:11] <&TimK> Both are published by Silverlion Studios, in partnership with "Better Mousetrap Games."
[19:11] <&TimK> In general they're simple games with a lot of love for their genres in them.
[19:12] <&TimK> I myself, am just a simple gamer who likes to game, who lives in Texas and I write games I find fun, and play quite a bit. As well as enjoyihng many other creator's excellent works.
[19:13] <&TimK> I also apparently can't type. :D
[19:13] <~Dan> :)
[19:14] <&TimK> Any questions?
[19:15] <~Dan> It seems like you favor core mechanics that center on motivations. Would you agree?
[19:16] <&TimK> Yes, with a caveat that I write games to focus on their genres, and the genres 've chosen so far have motivations being an aspect of play. Not the only aspect, but one of many which are fun to utilize
[19:17] <~Dan> Do your games share the same basic mechanic?
[19:19] <+Sigul> One of the things I really liked about Hearts and Souls is the stress mechanic. It has a sort of ebb and flow that works well dramatically. Is there something similar in High Valor?
[19:19] <&TimK> No. H&S uses a set of dice ranks/scales, and High Valor uses the now named "Feat" System, which focuses on three dice pools to drive play. It uses d10's exclusively while H&S uses a standard polyhedral set, for the most part.
[19:19] <+GenoFoxx> How long until we get the sci-fi, mecha. space opera rpg treatment?
[19:20] <~Dan> (Question pause.)
[19:21] <&TimK> High Valor has more fixed outcomes. The outcomes are challenges that increase how difficult tasks are in play (with the exception that "death" ends play for that character. The outcomes in High Valor are something dictated as likely events should a PC fail at his or her test. It is usually established up front as "this will happen if you fail this roll." Most of those happening are challenges.
[19:22] <&TimK> Characters in High Valor risk a lot to succeed and they establish they know the stakes (for the most part.) In their lives.
[19:24] <&TimK> Three different sci fi games are coming for the FEAT system. They are Cold Chrome Knights (neo-cyberpunk), Empire of Night (Space Opera Horror), and AEGIS (Sci Fi.) I am considering other genres as well since the system is very very tailorable to certain genres. On the other hand it doesn't work as well for things like superheroes, traditional space opera, and the like. I am considering using it for Mecha, but
[19:25] <&TimK> at this point in time, its competing with another mecha game I'm doing in my head.
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[19:25] <+Kaiju_Keiichi> Hey yall
[19:25] <&TimK> Hi Kaiju Keiichi!
[19:25] <~Dan> (Howdy, Kaiju_Keiichi! Q&A with Tim "Silverlion" Krik in progress! :) )
[19:26] <&TimK> (Kirk! Like the Captain.)
[19:26] <~Dan> Why does it present problems for superheroes and space opera?
[19:26] <~Dan> (Gah. Kirk, sorry!)
[19:28] <&TimK> Well, the system is pretty set on certain types of absolutes in the results. Superheroes and traditional pulp have a little more 'forgiveness' that should be part of them as part of the genre they represent. While FEAT has some of that its not sufficient in my mind for those genres that need more push and pull.
[19:29] <&TimK> I don't believe in using a game for things it isn't genre appropriate for in some manner.
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[19:30] <~Dan> Hmm... Could you describe the FEAT system?
[19:31] <&TimK> Well the basic idea of the Feat system is in three parts. The three dice pools, the traits, and the challenges.
[19:31] <&TimK> The dice pools are d10 based, roll the pool keep the highest result. In High Valor they represent the resources a hero can bring (
[19:31] <&TimK> from within) to a result--expliciatly Will, Faith, and Valor in High Valor.
[19:33] <&TimK> The traits are things that describe the character--fixed values that they can add to the d10 result to beat the Feat target numbers. Two are usually added to a pool roll and one aims to meet or beat mostly fixed target numbers.
[19:33] <&TimK> Traits can be anything--Virtues, Values, Physical abilities, Skills, special gear or aptitudes.
[19:34] <&TimK> A trait should mean something to the character--and be something the player wants to impact his play/come up in play.
[19:34] <~Dan> So FEAT doesn't distinguish between attributes and skills, I take it?
[19:35] <&TimK> No. They're all traits. Also things like "Willfull Wife" could be a trait you have and mechanically is used to impact a roll, as justified by the player via their character--hence motivation as you asked about above.
[19:35] <&TimK> One could fight for there willfull wife to prove to her their value, or fight because they don't want to go back to her...
[19:35] <&TimK> Or whatever..
[19:35] <~Dan> Can they stack?
[19:36] <&TimK> Yes. Two traits can stack, if appropriate to the outcome of the roll, in the given situation. The in game 'reality' or fiction of the moment matters as to what can be added, and what challenges that may cause.
[19:38] <~Dan> So how broad can traits be?
[19:38] <&TimK> CHallenges (which characters can start with) are the antithesis of traits--they're things that make life harder for the hero, each one whose presence could make things harder, increase the TN to the roll. These TN's are not otherwise adjusted by the GM once set (since he or she sets them there should be no need to fiddle with it.)
[19:38] <&TimK> Breadth is an issue. I've had players have things like "Big as a House"
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[19:39] <&TimK> and "Astute" and try and apply those to a lot of things, but I didn't include a hard rule, they should be applicable as the GM and player feel they should be--as gaming is a cooperative experience, not an adversarial one in my style of play.
[19:40] <&TimK> Of course if they become so overused as to be boring..well that needs the group to fix it.
[19:41] <&TimK> (ah done.)
[19:42] <~Dan> Hmm... So is there any reason to take something like "swordsman" rather than "warrior"?
[19:43] <&TimK> A Couple of reasons--breadth and depth. You have a phased character generation system where you pick traits a hero has that they get from background, life, profession, etc. Warrior is a profession and Swordsman is likely a suitable trait to take so both can be applied. You can't be Warrior and Warrior ;D
[19:43] <&TimK> Plus there are circumstances where Warrior and Swordsman may be used differently
[19:44] <&TimK> A Swordsman likely can identify informatioon about important swords in legends,
[19:44] <&TimK> a Warrior doesn't have as specialized trait and skill by itself.
[19:44] <&TimK> (done)
[19:44] <+Gemini> Can you multiclass?
[19:46] <&TimK> Well, there aren't classes Gemini, there are professions, but if you want to give up your trait picks to be a Warrior who Casts Spells, that's fine. It just means he will be weak in other areas. (You'd be surprised how many people get stuck at the bottom of pits because neither warrior trait, nor wizard traits as professions actually account most of the time for observation, or sensory information NOT directly tied to their usual
[19:47] <+Gemini> how do you deal with the light/heavy armor divide?
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[19:47] <&TimK> There is a bit of problem with Mages and Priests, that is setting based--so they're difficult to be both things. FOr in setting reasons. (Will is 'I have the ability to.." and Faith is the ability to say "please God I give up my self will to serve your needs,"
[19:50] <&TimK> Well, thats an issue. Gear since they are traits, only apply if you have the trait. Anyne can wear armor, and against an poor poor unskilled foe, it will save your life. But games of High Valor you won't be rolling to survive against an unskilled foe but at least someone who is a dangerouse threat--so you need to have GOOD armor, or good use of that armor to make it effective. (Also dark ages, leather, mail and
[19:50] <&TimK> the like exist--and are effective,very effective. Plate isn't used/made)
[19:50] <&TimK> or the same reaSONS they weren't used in our own dark ages.
[19:51] <&TimK> You can cast spells all day in armor--its the side effects of the magic that will get you, not armor.
[19:51] <&TimK> (done)
[19:52] <~Dan> So there are set professions?
[19:52] <&TimK> Yes there are examples, Soldiers, Knights, Wizards, race specific things like Soulcryers, Forgeguard, and Striders.
[19:53] <&TimK> Yet at the same time one can take "Baker" and still be a badass warrior in the group.
[19:53] <&TimK> Since traits are all valid. It just means that warrior can also bake.
[19:53] <&TimK> Of course one can skip having a profession if they want and grab just more traits.
[19:54] * ~Dan nods
[19:54] <~Dan> What races are there?
[19:54] <&TimK> Professions are a guide for picking traits, an aid if you will to making an effective in setting character.
[19:55] <&TimK> Professions for example have "Support" Traits they recommend, like the aformentioned Warrior would like want "Swordsman' or "Adept-wrestling" or "Strong as an Ox.
[19:56] <&TimK> (done)
[19:56] <&TimK> Races: Dvegr
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[19:57] <&TimK> (Dwarves), Sidda (Elves), Fomoradgh (Troll Kin/Beastmen), and Sidhain (humans with magic mutations), and then the humans.
[19:57] <&TimK> Of course someone complained I used renamed elves etc--but the fact is its just their in setting name, they are those things and no obfuscation was intended.
[19:58] <~Dan> How traditional are these races? Any surprises?
[19:58] <&TimK> Of course the races fit somewhat more unique folklore/fantasy/dark ages role in High Valor. Sidda for example are strange. They age, when they age they change into new stranger fey things, elemental forces, etc. And great sadness makes them age.
[19:59] <&TimK> Sidda speak in riddles, for example, they are always strange, and even a PC is encouraged to be in direct about their speech.
[20:00] <&TimK> Dwarves, are dense, but human shaped, just smaller. They sink like a stone in water and cannot swim (not just don't, they're too dense) and when they die their bodies slowly petrify rather than putrify.
[20:01] <&TimK> Fomoradgh are beastial furred toothed things inspired by both the monstrous Fomor of legend, and Grendel.
[20:01] <&TimK> They're swamp/marsh/fen dwelling, critters who swim very very well, and are quite bestial in looks
[20:02] <&TimK> Sidhain are the result of Elves trying to fight the big bads of the setting with some human allies and winning--the Elves didn't suffer, but the human descendants of their allies did--because the magic that flowed through them twisted their forms.
[20:03] <&TimK> Sidhain have as I said sort of magic mutations--wings, or tails, scales or claws. Albinism, dwarfism, mishapen limbs. The elves feel sorrow for them, and try and help them, but humanity overtime has made the SIdhain sometimes outcast/seen as monsters
[20:03] <&TimK> Essentially people consider them "changelings" or "elf touched.."
[20:04] <&TimK> since elves are strange, and your average farmer finds them very very uncanny
[20:05] <&TimK> Example: Soulcryer is an Elvan profession dedicated to funerary rights, and fighting undead. They show up to sing a dirge in their tongue to a dead person in their area, and of course the farmer above things they offed the dead person. Where the stories of banshees come from, essenitally weaving folkloric stuff into fact
[20:05] <&TimK> But in a heroic dark age fantasy way
[20:05] <&TimK> (done)
[20:06] <~Dan> Huh. That's pretty clever.
[20:07] <~Dan> How does combat work?
[20:09] <&TimK> You roll your Valor pool, you add appropriate traits. You beat the monster/opponants difficulty number. This is usually a singular "difficulty" for all things associate with the foe. A dangerous well known bandit would be a Greater Threat, and you'd need a Greate result to kill him in one blow. Or you could try and  just wound him, which is easier to do, but not as decisive and gives him a chance to fight back longer.
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[20:10] <~Dan> Sounds like combat is pretty quick.
[20:10] <&TimK> So if Johann, attacks said bandit with his spear, he rolls 4d10 (he's very Valorous) gets 7, 7, 5, 3 and so takes the 7 and adds "Soldier Lesser/+2 and Spearwielder Greater+4 to that to get  a 13!
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[20:11] <&TimK> Since greater is set at 12, that's a success and said bandit takes the descriptive death that Johann's player gives him
[20:11] <&TimK> Of course there are other results. A TIE for example is not a success, its an impasse, you can choose to fail or pass at a price.
[20:11] <&TimK> It is, and it can be bloody.
[20:12] <&TimK> Mind you, the fiction imparts the power here. The rules drive the fiction. So if you just want to wound our bandit, or drive him off--you can aim for different results
[20:12] <~Dan> So does armor increase the target number?
[20:13] <&TimK> Heroes take a bit more OOMPH.
[20:13] <&TimK> Well if an unarmored bandit is skilled at Greater, if he has very good armor? He'd be a Heroic threat. But no, it actually makes your defense easier.
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[20:15] <~Dan> Hmm. I'm not sure I follow you there.
[20:15] <&TimK> If you use the two roll option for combat (rather than the single roll, which is a LOT harsher) That means if you didn't kill the bandit, you the player would roll his defense (player only rolls system) So the armored bandit could probably kill you if you don't make a Heroic defense. But he might simply want to wound you to impress upon you his glory and magnaminous nature and so only aime for a Lesser result.
[20:16] <&TimK> A hero vs bandit. The difficulty of the opponant to the hero, is based on his greatest possible value as a threat. So an armored bandit could be Lesser, Greater, Heroic, or if he were Hiram the Wolf Lord, Legendary or Mythic threat.
[20:17] <&TimK> So armor is assumed to be taken into account when the GM chooses those rolls--if it makes a difference to the foes ability.
[20:18] <~Dan> So by default, the GM doesn't roll?
[20:18] <&TimK> On the hero side, the hero would roll Valor+two traits Vs the Bandits Feat Difficulty in the case of our Greater Bandit he'd need to get a 13 or higher to defend himself and no take a wound.
[20:18] <&TimK> Nope.
[20:18] <&TimK> Never.
[20:18] * ~Dan nods
[20:19] <~Dan> How does magic work?
[20:24] <&TimK> Similarly. You pick a spell, or describe the effect you want. Lets say you want to turn our friends vicious and armored bandit into a toad. You roll your Will+Traits and beat his Heroic Threat, and he's a toad. Of course magic costs, and you have to pay a Heroic price--a greater class challenge of some kind occurs to you temporarily. Unless of course you use a variety of options to reduce the price to greater--you
[20:24] <&TimK> can in character use spell prose, spell poetry (Shadowverse), or take extra time to cast the spell. Shadowverse is the most powerful so you use it and say "Oh vicious man, be man no more, streel only flies from the forest floor..' and reduce that Heroic to a Greater (never less than a greater but a good verse can drop a Legendary price to heroic.
[20:24] <&TimK> or rather Greater
[20:24] <&TimK> Price include minor things like exhaustion, growing boils on ones skin, turning your own food to stone or becoming a pillar of stone
[20:25] <&TimK> er on up to major things like turning to stone
[20:25] <&TimK> Wizards tend to be unpopular if they aren't careful...
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[20:26] <&TimK> Or the other caster (Sorcerors, Conjurers)
[20:27] <~Dan> And I gather that you distinguish magic from miracles?
[20:27] <&TimK> There are three major types of magic and two minor although one is only briefly addressed.
[20:27] <&TimK> Yeah, miracles are Faith based, and have a much higher difficulty
[20:28] <~Dan> What are the types of magic?
[20:28] <&TimK> Because your asking the High Lord in the game to intervene directly, priests do get Blessing which are minor rote rituals that can provide lesser benefit. But miracles are things like defending onself from dragonsfire. (In that case the party saw a winged but strange humanoid shaped field in the flames turning it around them.)
[20:29] <&TimK> Wizardry is the stuff of traditional spellcasters in many games--fireballs, lightning bolts, they deal in energies and elements, they might create a massive stone hand to grab you from the ground, or cause a flood to turn a battle's tide.
[20:30] <&TimK> Sorcery is the stuff of changing minds and shapes, you use it on people directly. Not through an element or energy. You might become a wolfhound, or turn someone to a toad. Or make people like what your saying more.
[20:30] <&TimK> Many professional casters can do both.
[20:31] <&TimK> Conjury is summoning and sendings--you bring things to you or send them away, you could summon a candle to light the way, or teleport a foe into the sea.
[20:32] <&TimK> There is also Low Magic (similar to Folk Magic, I discovered in Heroquest) sort of little magical rituals people do with habit that don't seem to be magic but do have an effect--like saying a ritual speach over an arrow before you launch it.
[20:33] <&TimK> Enchanment is another High Magic but rarer--because its a balancing act of putting energies into things and not destroying them. Most magic items are NOT made this way, Enchantment's tend to be a bit less durable. Like enchanting a stone to weight more and slow down a pack animal you slip the stone into its pack...
[20:34] <&TimK> Or speed up your horse by enchanting his horseshoes.
[20:35] <&TimK> Lots of oomph, big prices. Priests have more difficulty getting that oomph, but theior prices tend to be lower over all--because of their service.
[20:35] <&TimK> and its not them messing with the power.
[20:35] * ~Dan nods
[20:36] <&TimK> (Done) Heh
[20:36] <&TimK> babbled bable
[20:37] * ~Dan chuckles
[20:37] <~Dan> You're doing fine. :)
[20:37] <~Dan> Would you like to say a bit about the games you have planned?
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[20:40] <&TimK> Yes. Cold Chrome Knights takes place in a dark future, where the world has suffered a catastrophe that left most people as virtual serfs, slaces, or outcasts to the few wealthy who run the powers that be. The cataclysm was called the Nano-burn or just the Burn, and it damaged many people, the ecosystem etc, because someone thought putting nanites into widespread use was a good idea.
[20:41] <&TimK> The result of course was that the nanites killed a LOT of people as the ones in their body simply burned up inside them.
[20:41] <~Dan> (That never works out.)
[20:43] <&TimK> Now the have nots suffer under Corporations, dystopian laws, that empower corporations, and disempower the people and so on. Of course cybernetics are possible, but cutting edge stuff is Lacing. Rewriting the molecular code of the human so he's no longer "carbon." Instead being a little stronger, toughter, resilient, immune to diseases--but its not traditional DNA alteration, as it alters the actual chemical system that make up ce
[20:43] <&TimK> Of course there are all sorts of other augmentations too, and wearing them are "cool" and stylish, if your have. If you're have not? Its illegal.
[20:45] <&TimK> Of course, things are a bit more upward than normal cyberpunk, because a crazy (virus altered? insane? brilliant?) A.I uploaded a variant of the Arthurian code onto the net. People TOOK to it, and not always the complete have nots. The Arthurian chivalry ideal has turned people into idealists ready to change the world where Castles of Glass and Steel rule in tyrrany over people, and the they're not the worst monsters.
[20:45] <&TimK> Its the Orbital Lords who are..people out of the well.
[20:46] <&TimK> So the augmented who CAN make a difference and follow the code, hunt for ways to fight the system. (In very punkish fashion)
[20:47] <&TimK> Of course yes the game has hacking, the net, the systems that people use, drive, work, play, wear, and some people are skilled enough to use their specialized devices to hack brains theirs and others.
[20:47] <&TimK> Never mind a laced hacker can hack his own augmentation to push himself harder
[20:47] <&TimK> than the lace was meant to do..
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[20:50] <&TimK> Then there is EON, Empire of Night, a space opera game set in a universe of our not too distant future, where humans explore the stars, estabilish colonies, fight wars, and so on. At least until a wound opened in space and something openned back into a world--the Eschaton stigmata, a bloody hole in space that spewed demons back into our universe. Not aliens, not physical red guys with horns, but nasty supernatural
[20:50] <&TimK> critters, who hate humanity, lust for our flesh and blood, and want us to suffer, and fall before them. They take the forms of many of our monsters of legend--whether that is their original form, a form they take to scare us, or just a manifestation of our will to put them in boxes. So we get vampires, succubi, rippers, reavers, shredders, gorgans, flesh eating minotaurs, and many other things spreading
[20:50] <&TimK> throughout the universe
[20:51] <&TimK> Hope you got all that
[20:52] <~Dan> We did. :)
[20:53] <+Beelzedude> (night)
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[20:54] <~Dan> And the third game?
[20:55] <&TimK> AEGIS is a SF game whose fairly traditional--humans find aliens, fight them realize they have common ground and forge a nice organization to better explore the universe. Only they fail in the end to face some threat, and twenty one of their ships go missing, the rest destroyed. Hundreds of years later those lost ships come back. Into a galaxy that is in chaos, Earth is a myth, there is not big "good guy" organization,
[20:55] <&TimK> just petty empires, slavers, and such vying for the galaxy. Yet the AEGIS?
[20:56] <&TimK> They're back, with ideals that helped them make the galaxy a great place, or their part of it for many years. So 17 returned ships, hundreds of thousands of crew, and their surprisngly advanced lost-technology, fighting the good fight to bring the galaxy back together.
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[20:56] <&TimK> (They were trapped in a super slow time hyper-space bubble.)
[20:57] <+GenoFoxx> So another take on Gene Roddenberry's 'Andromeda'?
[20:57] <&TimK> So they pop out a few exploratory ships, crew them with these virtuous meddlers, and send them forth to spread AEGIS, gather knowledge.
[20:57] <&TimK> Genofoxx: More like the original draft of that which used the actual Federation.
[20:58] <&TimK> Plus with more aliens and better SFX because of IMAGINATIO.
[20:58] <&TimK> Imagination..;d
[20:58] <+GenoFoxx> so ArkII with Andromeda?
[20:58] <&TimK> Related, yeah. That, or Genesis Earth, IIRC in space, crossed with Star Trek, by way of Babylon Five.
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[20:59] <&TimK> I much prefer Babylon 5 myself so its a HUGE influence. BUt i cannot overlook Roddenberry's ideals, or the many fine authors who empowered those ideas first.
[21:00] <&TimK> A lot of Space Viking in it. (Which surprisingly Space Vikings came forth and made the universe better, over time.)
[21:00] <&TimK> Then again I'm a fan of H Beam Piper, Asimov, Clark, and lots and lots of older stuff
[21:01] <&TimK> Oh and Poul Anderson's Polysotechnic stuff.
[21:02] <+GenoFoxx> (nerd) :D
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[21:02] <~Dan> wb!
[21:02] <+GenoFoxx> I was comeback
[21:02] <+GenoFoxx> I'm in such trouble now
[21:02] <+TimK> AEGIS aliens span two types--humans, as there were over a thousand worlds with some form of human, that seemed to be well human, but variable in slight ways, but not
[21:03] <+TimK> as anyone can figure out, related beyond they're interfertile.
[21:03] <+GenoFoxx> (cutoff at....but not))
[21:04] <+TimK> The rest are alien aliens. Tons of them. I've not decided how many survived on the AEGIS ships though, of the humano-type and the non-humano type.
[21:05] <+GenoFoxx> so any uplifted cetaceans?
[21:05] <+GenoFoxx> "dolphin navigators'?
[21:05] <+TimK> Not as of yet. Mind you it be a shame to ignore them as an option. Of course
[21:05] <+TimK> I'm not sure that dolphins need uplifting so much as given tools.
[21:06] <+TimK> And of course they're ALIEN aliens.
[21:06] <+TimK> Who just happen to be from earth, and be mammals like us.
[21:06] <+GenoFoxx> ok, you clarified it
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[21:07] <+TimK> AEGIS: THe Shield of Stars. Explorers, soldiers, diplomats, scientist, whose goal is to make the galaxy a better place.
[21:07] <~Dan> As always, you're welcome to continue discussing your games with us as long as you like, but is there anything you'd like to mention that we haven't discussed?
[21:08] <+TimK> Oh I'm working on non-Feat games. Derelict Delvers (Space Opera/Pulp), which uses its own system that lets technical explanations matter to resolving situations.
[21:09] <+TimK> And ACE, a card powered engine which will be used for at least two mecha games (Vast Frontiers, and probably a Generic ACE Mecha game.)
[21:09] <+TimK> That's about it. If people have questions still, I'm willing to babble on, otherwise. Chatting is cool.
[21:10] <+GenoFoxx> "What about your Texas superheroes?"
[21:12] <+TimK> Hearts & Souls2E, will be using Lone Star City, a Texas based superhero city that is landlocked. I decided I like traditional supers enough, and I wanted to have a city no one has done before, so I'm taking part real world city elements of my region and home town, combining them with some superheroic history that changes some of that and boom SETTING.
[21:13] <+TimK> The world at large of course is full of bad guys and locations too. Just that the major central play area if peope don't want to do their own is LSC
[21:14] <+TimK> Lone Star City is named after Odessa/Midland are destroyed by a cometary fragment and a new city is built on their ashes and named for the Lone Star Guard, the heroes who kept the PLANET from taking a full comet hit.
[21:14] <+TimK> I.e Exctinction Level Cometary Mass.
[21:14] <+GenoFoxx> any plans for a Legion of Superheroes future thing or Green Lantern thing?
[21:15] <+TimK> There may be expansions, but I'll talk about that when I get more kickstarter stuff together.
[21:16] <+TimK> There are Lensmen-inspire superheroes, yes :D
[21:19] <+TimK> They're Lightbringers, empowered by the Source, a sentient star near the center of the galaxy.
[21:19] <~Dan> I actually need to log off for the night, Tim. Anything else you want to make sure gets in the chat log? Links, maybe?
[21:19] <+TimK> Links incoming
[21:20] <+TimK> (Link:
[21:21] <+TimK> (Link:
[21:22] <+TimK> (Link:
[21:22] <+TimK> Eeek
[21:22] <+TimK> This one:
[21:22] <+TimK> (Link:
[21:24] <~Dan> Thanks, Tim!
[21:24] <~Dan> I'll have the link up in just a moment.

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