Tuesday, September 25, 2012

[Q&A] Clint Black (Deadlands)

[19:02] <+PEGClint> I am Clint Black, Savage Worlds Brand Manager for Pinnacle Entertainment. Makers of Savage Worlds, of course, Deadlands, Weird Wars, and many other RPG settings.
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[19:05] <~Dan> (Oh, as I mentioned earlier today, please give us a "(done)" when you're ready for the next question. Or the first question, in this case. :) )
[19:05] <+PEGClint> As Brand Manager, I work on the core rules and supplemental books, including helping out with setting books. (done)
[19:06] <~Dan> Anyone have any questions right off the bat, or shall I get things started?
[19:06] <~Dan> Okay then!
[19:06] <+Silverlion> Why did you split Deadlands rules away from the setting but not Solomon Kane?
[19:06] <~Dan> (Oh, n/m. :) )
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[19:07] <~Dan> Oh dear.
[19:07] <~Dan> Well, feel free to answer, Clint, and we'll get him caught up when he returns.
[19:07] <+PEGClint> I presume he's asking why Solomon Kane included the core rules to play it, but Deadlands did not.
[19:08] <~Dan> That's the way I read it.
[19:08] <+PEGClint> Easy.  Kane is a licensed property.  We signed on to publish the Kane RPG with all the rules needed in one book.
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[19:09] <~Dan> [19:06] *** Silverlion has quit IRC: Disintegrated: Nettalk6 - (Link: http://www.ntalk.de[19:07])www.ntalk.de[19:07] <~Dan> Oh dear.[19:07] <~Dan> Well, feel free to answer, Clint, and we'll get him caught up when he returns.[19:07] <+PEGClint> I presume he's asking why Solomon Kane included the core rules to play it, but Deadlands did not.[19:08] <~Dan> That's the way I read it.[19:08] <+PEGClint> Easy.  Kane is a licensed property.  We signed on to publish the Kane RPG with all the rules needed in one book.
[19:09] <+PEGClint> Deadlands is our own property, so we released it as we do all of ours, as a separate setting book.
[19:09] <~Dan> Solomon Kane is the only SW game that includes the core rules?
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[19:10] <~Dan> Welcome to #rpgnet, VonMe!
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[19:10] <+PEGClint> The Pirates of the Spanish Main game was also licensed like that. They are the only exceptions.
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[19:10] * ~Dan nods
[19:10] <+PEGClint> As an addendum, Space 1889 was licensed, but Frank was okay with releasing it as a setting book alone.
[19:11] <+PEGClint> And (done) I think.
[19:11] <~Dan> Actually, perhaps you should give us a Reader's Digest version of Savage Worlds, for those unfamiliar?
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[19:12] <+PEGClint> Savage Worlds is a core RPG system.  It's not "universal" as in everything is designed to be balanced with everything else, but just to provide a core system for any setting.
[19:13] <+PEGClint> We believe "system matters," and we use Setting Rules to adapt the core system to different types of games.
[19:13] <+PEGClint> That's the short version.  (done)
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[19:14] <~Dan> Would you agree that SW is relatively tactical?
[19:14] <~Dan> (Welcome, Guest 65926! You can set your nick with the /nick command.)
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[19:15] <+Silverlion> (Grrr.)
[19:15] <+Silverlion> What did I miss?
[19:15] <+PEGClint> Yeah.  The goal of the system was to provide tactical gaming but without being bogged down in complex rules, so there would also be time for roleplaying.
[19:15] * ~Dan nods
[19:16] <+Silverlion> Any plans to add more social/non combat edges? Or is that in the Deluxe version?
[19:16] <~Dan> That being the case, have you run across any settings that made you think, "Oh, God, that should NOT be a Savage Worlds game!"?
[19:16] <~Dan> (Question pause.)
[19:16] <+PEGClint> The idea was to cover both aspects; "roleplaying" and "game."
[19:17] <+PEGClint> Well, I think there are those settings for everyone, but they can be different for everyone.  Shane, for instance, has stated he wouldn't do Savage Torg.  He loves the original system too much.
[19:18] <~Dan> Ah, yes, I do recall Shane mentioning that.
[19:18] <~Dan> (re: Torg, I mean.)
[19:18] <+PEGClint> I wrote out super setting and the Super Powers Companion, but I use other systems for supers as well depending on the feel and type of game.
[19:19] <+PEGClint> "wrote our"
[19:19] <+PEGClint> For instance, I run a Young Justice game using DC Adventures.
[19:20] <~Dan> I actually have a question about SW supers in particular, but did you catch Silverlion's question?
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[19:20] <+PhantomBlack> Hi there!
[19:20] <~Dan> Welcome to #rpgnet, PhantomBlack! Here for the Q&A?
[19:20] <+PhantomBlack> Yessir!
[19:20] <+PEGClint> I did miss that question.
[19:20] <~Dan> In progress! Feel free to ask questions as you like.
[19:21] <~Dan> [19:16] <+Silverlion> Any plans to add more social/non combat edges? Or is that in the Deluxe version?
[19:21] <+PhantomBlack> Clint, why did you and the rest of the developpers introduce new combat actions like Shield Bash?
[19:22] <~Dan> (And question pause while Clint answers Silverlion's question and PhantomBlack's.)
[19:22] <+PEGClint> The Deluxe book does have the new Social rules, Interludes, Dramatic Tasks, but as far as new Edges, those would depend on their need in a specific setting.
[19:23] <+PEGClint> Space 1889 has some new Edges that specifically relate to social class for instance. (done)
[19:24] <+Silverlion> Cool. Good to know.
[19:24] <~Dan> Did you catch PhantomBlack's question as well, Clint?
[19:25] <+PEGClint> Phantomblack, the new combat maneuvers were added to cover needs that had come up over the previous 8 years of release.
[19:25] <+PEGClint> The ability to Push a foe ranks as one of the most common questions I was asked on our forums (I'm the answer guy there).
[19:26] <~Dan> Are there any "sacred cows" to the core rules that are never changed
[19:26] <+PhantomBlack> I know.
[19:26] <~Dan> (oops, not done there)
[19:26] <+PhantomBlack> And i have followup questions but i need to look some things up before i'Ll ask them.
[19:26] <~Dan> that are never changed regardless of setting? For example...
[19:26] <+PEGClint> Yeah (done)
[19:26] <+VonDan> said forum             (Link: http://www.peginc.com/forum/)http://www.peginc.com/forum/
[19:27] <~Dan> ...it seems to me that you'd need to link attributes and skills for a supers game. Did you do so? (Sorry, 2-part question, there.)
[19:27] <+PEGClint> For us, yes (though some licensees will change them).
[19:28] <+PEGClint> Dice can Ace ("explode" where the highest result adds a reroll).  We won't change that.
[19:29] <+PEGClint> Likely the only "guarantee" in the game is that a Benny can remove a Shaken.  There's a chance of failure and success in everything else. (done)
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[19:29] <~Dan> (Howdy, Wondy!)
[19:30] <+Snake_Eyes> Hello PEGClint!! What is your favorite Dungeons and Dragons module?
[19:30] <+WonderRat> (Howdy, Dan)
[19:31] <+PEGClint> Dan, nope we didn't.  We've gotten some criticism for using flat bonuses, but that was by design.  Supers have a minimal level of effect that way.  So if the Hulk hits a normal person, they will be knocked out.
[19:31] <+PEGClint> (done)
[19:32] <+PEGClint> Snake_Eyes, that's a tie.  Expedition to the Barrier Peaks and White Plume Mountain.  Primarily for nostalgia sake.  (done)
[19:32] <+PhantomBlack> Ok, another question: What would you tell some fan who would ask you why you seemingly did away with the design principles of "convert the rules, not the setting" and "trim the fat"? (eg: Earthdawn and the settings from Savage Mojo)
[19:32] <+Snake_Eyes> groovy! :)
[19:32] <~Dan> Well, let me be a bit more specific: It seems like a character with super-agility would get kinda ripped off if he couldn't apply that to skills, but that's not the way it works in SW. Any thoughts?
[19:32] <~Dan> (And question pause. Sorry, Clint!)
[19:34] <+PEGClint> I would say that we did not do away with those principles since we weren't the designers of those settings.  As I alluded to a little while ago, licensees can do things Pinnacle wouldn't.  In fact, that is the very reason why we have licensees.  To give the fans options Pinnacle would not provide.
[19:34] <+PEGClint> (done)
[19:35] <+PhantomBlack> Objection.
[19:36] <+PhantomBlack> Massive rule additions that don't seem to make sense. eg: changing the shaken condition.
[19:36] <+Silverlion> (Objection? Is this Ace Wright?)
[19:36] <+Silverlion> (Or what?)
[19:36] <+PEGClint> Dan, that's really a classic question of the rules based on the paradigm that natural ability is the same as actual skill and training.  SW simply doesn't use that paradigm.  If Spider-man wants to drive a car, his agility might help him leap out before he crashes but it doesn't make him a better driver.
[19:37] <~Dan> Fair enough. :)
[19:37] <+PEGClint> (done) I think
[19:37] <+PhantomBlack> And there's not necessarily a siconnect.
[19:37] <+PhantomBlack> *disconnect
[19:38] <~Dan> So what degree of control to you have over the various SW games as opposed to the individual authors?
[19:38] <+PhantomBlack> Because Agility decides how you level a skill assigned to it.
[19:38] <+Silverlion> What new settings/projects are coming up?
[19:40] <+PhantomBlack> Why are you catering to the D&D crowd by introducing an ECL equivalent system into Savage Worlds? What was the thought process that went into this "balancing needs to be done" line of thought?
[19:40] <~Dan> (Question pause.)
[19:40] <+PEGClint> Dan, if it's a Companion book, I pretty much only answer to Shane.  For Setting Books, the control varies.  I did a lot of work on Hell on Earth Reloaded, so much that I'm a co-author.
[19:41] <+PEGClint> That was Shane's call as well.  He typically decides if I need to be on a project though I'm approached by other authors and Brand Managers too. (done)
[19:42] <~Dan> (I think you're up to Silverlion's question, then PhantomBlack's, Clint.)
[19:42] <+PEGClint> Silverlion. of course, the next big setting for us will be Deadlands Noir, which came out of our first Kickstarter.
[19:42] <+PEGClint> We also have Weird Wars Rome in the pipeline though that is a bit more fuzzy on when it will be out. (done)
[19:43] <+VonDan> is weird war Rome a rewrite to the current system of a project wiggy was on years ago
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[19:45] <+PEGClint> Sorry, local distraction
[19:45] <+Toa> Happens to the best of us.
[19:45] <+Pazuzu> Clint, thank you for taking the time to be here. Do you see another edition of Savage Worlds in the future? Or do you think the core game has been taken as far as it can be taken (other than minor changes)?
[19:45] <~Dan> No worries!
[19:45] <+Toa> Is there any rule or mechanic in the core rules that you'd simply love to change, but couldn't get it past Shane?
[19:46] <~Dan> (Question pause! :) )
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[19:46] <+PhantomBlack> Uhm, i had posted a question up there...
[19:46] <~Dan> (Clint, need a question recap?)
[19:47] <+PhantomBlack> Hallo Toa. :D
[19:47] <+PEGClint> PhantomBlack, I can't say I follow to the same conclusion there.  SW Deluxe specifically says not all encounters should be balanced, and it doesn't really provide an "ECL system" as a guideline for people new to the system to figure out how tough a fight might be.
[19:48] <+PhantomBlack> I hear otherwise quite some time, but i can't ascertain that, because i didn't buy the SAWD.
[19:48] <+PhantomBlack> *SWD
[19:48] <+PEGClint> That certainly wasn't done to "cater" to the D&D crowd, but to fill a need that repeatedly showed up on our own forums.
[19:49] <&Le_Squide> Does the Explorer Edition have all the rules material in SW Deluxe?
[19:49] <+PEGClint> To quote the book, "Sometimes it’s just as  interesting for the players to evaluate a situation and realize  they probably can’t win—at least not by charging in guns  blazing."
[19:49] <+PhantomBlack> No. But the SWEX format of SWD does.
[19:49] <+PhantomBlack> @Le_Squide
[19:49] <+PEGClint> (done) and question recap?
[19:49] <+PhantomBlack> SWEX Edition =/ Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition
[19:49] <+Toa> PhantomBlack - It's not an ECL system. It's just a short paragraph in the GM section that allows you to calculate a "point total" similar to the Showdown rules and thereby allows you to scale encounters to the player group. It isn't something that permeates the other rules.
[19:50] <+PhantomBlack> It is an approximation similar to ECL.
[19:50] <+PhantomBlack> That's what i would call a system that gives a guideline.
[19:50] <+PhantomBlack> A rather firm one to the unexperienced GM.
[19:50] <+PEGClint> Von Dan, WW Rome is based on Wiggy's original work. (done)
[19:52] <+PEGClint> Pazuzu, I think the core system is where it will be for a while, which honestly isn't that far from where it was when it came out in 2003. (done)
[19:52] <&Le_Squide> Is it OK if I ask a question about licensing SW?
[19:53] <+PEGClint> Toa, yes, yes there is. (done)  ;)
[19:53] <+Toa> Could you go into more detail on that? ;)
[19:54] <+PEGClint> Sorry, that was a cheap shot on my end.
[19:56] <+PEGClint> I wanted to make Hold an actual action.  But we didn't have time to test it, and I did agree with him that the change wasn't needed.
[19:56] <+PEGClint> (done)
[19:57] <&Le_Squide> Pardon me, Clint, is it OK if I ask about licensing?
[19:57] <+PEGClint> It's fine with me
[19:58] <~Dan> I know this is more of a John Goff question, but what can you tell us about Deadlands Noir? (When you're done with Squide's question, that is.)
[19:59] <+PEGClint> I could answer while we are waiting?
[19:59] <+PhantomBlack> Would you call PEG, an established publisher, a small company? If not, would you call it a misjudgement of a critical fan to call PEG out on using the kickstarter platform to draw attention (and by that, money) from smaller, upstarting businesses by kickstartering projects instead of just publishing them regularly?
[19:59] <&Le_Squide> So, if I'm reading the website correctly, you require approval for products wanting to use SW for something (natch), but there's no fee if you do?
[20:00] <+PEGClint> Le_Squide, we approve publishers not individual products (though we may check out the first one). As long as those publishers are approved, there is no fee to use our license.
[20:00] <+PEGClint> (done)
[20:01] <+PEGClint> DL Noir is set in 1930's New Orleans in the Deadlands universe.  It's a darker grittier time.
[20:01] <+VonDan> the page le squid is referencing     (Link: http://www.peginc.com/licensing/)http://www.peginc.com/licensing/
[20:02] <+PEGClint> There will be a Companion book that covers 4 other locations (Chicago, Lost Angels, Shan Fan, and the City o' Gloom, Salt Lake City).
[20:03] <~Dan> Is it in the HoE timeline in which the heroes didn't defeat the Reckoners, or the timeline in which they did?
[20:03] <&Le_Squide> If a fan wants to later publish material (say they did a bunch of fan supplements first with the fan license), if they had material under the fan license, could they republish that in part of a print publication (assuming the free version was still available)?
[20:03] <+PEGClint> Additionally, those locations will provide info on playing in different times.  20's for Chicago to early 50s for the City of Gloom.
[20:03] <+PEGClint> (done)
[20:07] <+PEGClint> PhantomBlack, I think the number of "large" RPG publishers can be counted on one hand, likely with a finger or two left over.
[20:07] <~Dan> (Question pause while Clint catches up.)
[20:07] <+PhantomBlack> That does not answer my question, Clint.
[20:07] <+PEGClint> No one in Pinnacle does this as their primary job right now, including Shane, the owner.
[20:09] <+PEGClint> So, yes, I would say it is a small publisher.  I would also say the conclusion that Pinnacle is somehow drawing attention and money away from other publishers is unfounded.
[20:09] <+PhantomBlack> I say it's not.
[20:09] <+PEGClint> In fact, our success has led to benefits for other publishers we support.
[20:10] <+PhantomBlack> How so?
[20:10] <+PhantomBlack> And doesn't the reverse ring also true?
[20:11] <+PEGClint> Wild Card Creator, Low Life Minis, and other projects based off SW.
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[20:12] <+PEGClint> Ultimately though, we used Kickstarter for DL Noir to determine if there was interest in a non-western Deadlands setting.
[20:12] <+Pazuzu> And even the large publishers, like Paizo, use Kickstarter.
[20:12] <+PhantomBlack> Doesn't make the abuse less shady.
[20:12] <+PEGClint> Literally to prove that a concept was viable, which is the essence of Kickstarter.
[20:12] <+PhantomBlack> No.
[20:13] <~Dan> Okay, let's cool it down here, please, PhantomBlack.
[20:13] <+PhantomBlack> Kickstarter shouldn't be a marketing tool. It should be a crowdfunding platform for upstarts.
[20:13] <+PEGClint> But it's proven to be capable of both.
[20:14] <~Dan> Clint, need a recap of where we stand on questions?
[20:14] <+PhantomBlack> But that's just my personal opinion, really.
[20:14] <+PEGClint> Yep. Thanks, Dan
[20:14] <~Dan> Sure, just a sec...
[20:15] <~Dan> [20:03] <~Dan> Is it in the HoE timeline in which the heroes didn't defeat the Reckoners, or the timeline in which they did?
[20:15] <~Dan> [20:03] <&Le_Squide> If a fan wants to later publish material (say they did a bunch of fan supplements first with the fan license), if they had material under the fan license, could they republish that in part of a print publication (assuming the free version was still available)?
[20:16] <+PEGClint> Dan, the Reckoners are still around.  In fact, this era will be a unique look at what happens when one of them is more in power than the others.
[20:16] <+PEGClint> (done)
[20:16] <+Pazuzu> Clint, are there any particular settings/genres that you would like to see for Savage Worlds? Things that haven't been done to date, by PEG or third-party SW publishers.
[20:16] <~Dan> (Question pause.)
[20:16] <+Pazuzu> By you, I mean you (personally) or PEG.
[20:17] <+PEGClint> Le_Squide, that is very possible.  In fact, material from a couple of early fanzines were also published as additional material in a 12 to Midnight release many years ago.
[20:17] <+PEGClint> I know cause I helped write it.  ;)  (done)
[20:19] <+PEGClint> Pazuzu, there are some I've seen and even *played* that I wish were out, or didn't end up "vaporware," but for new stuff...
[20:19] <+PhantomBlack> Clint, what would you tell you tell former fans that supported SWEX for a long time and who were utterly disappointed with the "not so good" quality (seemingly missing clarifications that were promised by the developpers) of SWDE and the changes made and what are you going to do to win them back with the next rules edition?
[20:19] <+PEGClint> I'd like to see more settings that take advantage of the options within the Super Powers Companion.
[20:20] <+PEGClint> Daring Entertainment has one coming, so I'm looking forward to that.
[20:20] <+PEGClint> (done)
[20:20] <+Pazuzu> Thanks Clint
[20:20] <~Dan> Is that the one about the alien invasion?
[20:20] <+PhantomBlack> No.
[20:21] <+VonDan> I'd writing a setting that uses the SPC but some one needs to finish the mech rules first
[20:21] <+PhantomBlack> That's Necessary Evil, a setting. The Supers Companion is the system itself, minus the setting attached
[20:21] <~Dan> No, this is a different SW setting that I saw on DTRPG. Not Necessay Evil.
[20:21] <+PEGClint> Actually, the Daring Entertainment setting also has an "alien invasion," it's just... different.
[20:21] <+Toa> While talking about Necessary Evil, allow me to sneak this one in: Are you planning on any follow-up releases to that setting?
[20:22] <+PEGClint> It was called Hellspawn, but he had to change the name I think.
[20:22] <~Dan> Yup, that's the one I was thinking of.
[20:23] <+Toa> (Similar to the Companions to 50 Fathoms or Rippers maybe.)
[20:23] <+PEGClint> PhantomBlack, I'd tell those fans to contact us and let us know their concerns because so far, fans reaction to SW Deluxe has been overwhelmingly positive.
[20:23] <+PEGClint> (done)
[20:24] <+PhantomBlack> Yes, because negative criticism gets moderated away at your forums.
[20:24] <+PhantomBlack> Or downplayed. Or outright ignored.
[20:24] <+PhantomBlack> eg: Shield Bash.
[20:24] <+Pazuzu> Here's a little fun. :) (You can pass if you like, if time is a problem.) Clint, can you quickly stat yourself up in SW for us? In your genre of choice.
[20:25] <+Pazuzu> <adopts pose of evilness>
[20:25] <+PEGClint> Toa, sorry but no plans for that.  When we released the Explorer's version of NE, I was able to add in a new Plot Point at the end that was intended to be an ending or a beginning if the GM wanted to take the game elsewhere, but it was up to the GM to do that.
[20:25] <+PhantomBlack> Only the yaysayers get a say at the PRG forums. Many folks see to that.
[20:25] *** Dan sets mode -v PhantomBlack
[20:26] <~Dan> PhantomBlack, please take a short break. We really don't want to pick fights with our guests.
[20:26] *** Ximni has quit IRC: Disintegrated: Leaving.
[20:26] <+Pazuzu> And Clint, it's ok to pass. If someone has a burning question, that takes precedence.
[20:27] <+PEGClint> You know, that was an actual thread on our forums, to stat me.  It's both humbling and scary.
[20:27] <+Pazuzu> Hmmmm. I must have missed seeing that, sorry. I can look it up.
[20:27] <+Toa> Personal question time: How did you end up working for PEG?
[20:28] <+PEGClint> But you can find stats for the Black Judge in the Horror Bestiary. That might be a start.  ;) (done)
[20:28] *** PhantomBlack has quit IRC: Disintegrated: I love you all!
[20:28] <+PEGClint> Toa, I started by submitting an article for the old Epitaph (support product for all the Classic Deadland lines)
[20:28] <+VonDan> stating clint     (Link: http://www.peginc.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=37074)http://www.peginc.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=37074
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[20:29] <+PEGClint> I was just a fan when SW was being developed but Shane was discussing it on the mailing list and putting the Test Drive out for people to try.
[20:29] <+PEGClint> I used it to run a Starship Troopers game for my wife and put the big stats on the list.
[20:30] *** Blazing_Phoenix is now known as Lioness
[20:30] <+Pazuzu> (thanks VonDan!)
[20:30] <+PEGClint> Shane emailed me the same day and said "You get it; want to be on the team."  It just grew from there.
[20:30] <+PEGClint> (done)
[20:31] <~Dan> What are the character types in Deadlands Noir?
[20:31] <~Dan> Any new ones or changed old ones?
[20:31] <+VonDan> A lot of RPG writers seem to start by writing an article in game mags or a home brew projects gets into the hands of a publisher
[20:31] <+PhantomBlack> I have just one last critical remark to make: SWDE is not good and listening to the yaysayers is not the best option PEG cpuld go with. SW will get worse and worse thanks to that approach. Goodbye, dear Sirs! I'm off.
[20:31] *** PhantomBlack has left #rpgnet: Well, well.
[20:31] <+xyphoid> that isn't a question
[20:31] <+Pazuzu> If you weren't working with PEG, what other game publishers would you consider working with?
[20:31] * ~Dan sighs
[20:31] <~Dan> Sorry about that, Clint.
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[20:32] <+VonDan> You said all the writers have nother jobs what is your day job it can be in gerneral terms andnot specific company
[20:33] <+PEGClint> Don't worry about it, Dan.  Some people don't like the direction the system has gone, though it's odd to ignore that it has seen continual, almost explosive growth every year.
[20:33] <~Dan> Yeah, but I should have nuked him altogether.
[20:33] <~Dan> Ah, well. Onward and upward!
[20:34] <+Pazuzu> Clint, we appreciate you taking time away from your family to spend with us.
[20:34] <+PEGClint> And yes, things will be somewhat different in Noir.  Patent Scientists will be slightly different from Mads, and there is a new AB, that debuted in the preview games.  The Grifter.
[20:34] <+PEGClint> They think they are conning manitous, but are they....  (done)
[20:35] <~Dan> AB = Arcane Background?
[20:35] <+PEGClint> Yep!
[20:35] <~Dan> Oh... Did you see VonDan's question?
[20:35] <+PEGClint> Pazuzu, interesting question.  First off, it would have to be a friend, but that's not so hard in this industry.
[20:36] <+Toa> VonDan - As to starting out in the RPG business, I guess I'm an rare exception to getting my foot in - I actually replied to an online job offer. ;)
[20:36] <+VonDan> will the 50's noir be using my idea of an AB built around magic poodle skirts
[20:36] <+Pazuzu> ???
[20:37] <+Pazuzu> Sorry. Ignorance point. What is a poodle skirt?
[20:37] <~Dan> A skirt. With a poodle on it. :)
[20:37] <+Pazuzu> :p
[20:38] <~Dan> No, seriously. :)
[20:38] <+Pazuzu> Sounds like something Jeff Dunham would use...
[20:38] <+VonDan> (Link: http://images.costumesgalore.net/black-poodle-skirt-zoom.jpg)http://images.costumesgalore.net/black-poodle-skirt-zoom.jpg
[20:38] <+PEGClint> To continue Pazuzu's question, it'd be a hard call.  I love what Paizo does and a very good friend works for them, but it's just not my strengths.  Maybe something with Steve Kenson, the guys at Evil Hat, or Jason Morningstar (of Fiasco).
[20:38] <+PEGClint> (done)
[20:38] <+PEGClint> VonDan... no.  (done)
[20:39] <+Toa> Personal trivia question: What kind of music do you prefer? ;)
[20:39] <+VonDan> I want to get the noir setting as i can use it for a idea i have for deadlands in the 50's with rock and roll
[20:39] <+PEGClint> Have I missed any questions?
[20:39] <~Dan> There was VonDan's question about your day job, Clint.
[20:40] <+PEGClint> Ah, I work in the furniture business.  My family has for three generations now.  As a side note, if you check out Jen Page's costume in the new season of JourneyQuest, I believe it was made from leather and hides I sent those guys.
[20:40] <+PEGClint> (done)
[20:42] <+PEGClint> Toa, I'm... eclectic.  Usually movie or game scores, but some AC/DC on occasion.  If it was in an episode of Supernatural, I probably loved it!  ;)
[20:42] <+PEGClint> (done)
[20:42] <+VonDan> we will talk leather later clint
[20:43] <~Dan> I take it that Deadlands Noir isn't particularly "pulpy"?
[20:43] <+PEGClint> VonDan, I will say that I told her at Gen Con I was surprised she did that.  I expected it to be set dressing because upholstery weight (thickness) leather is a far cry from garment weight.
[20:44] <+PEGClint> Dan, definitely not.  Damage is already looking to be Gritty as per the Setting Rule.
[20:46] <+VonDan> I'll make costumes from leather as thick as the customer can afford (Insert Smiley thing)
[20:46] <+PEGClint> We are definitely looking to the Setting Rules to enhance to Noir tropes.  For instance, one will relate to the chance of getting KO'd by a knock across the back of the head.
[20:46] <+PEGClint> (done)
[20:47] <+PEGClint> Anything else or anything I missed?
[20:47] <~Dan> We have a little over 10 minutes left in the "official" Q&A... Anything you'd like to cover that we haven't so far, Clint?
[20:48] <~Dan> (And you're more than welcome to hang out and ask questions as long as you like, by the way.)
[20:49] <+PEGClint> Well, I am really excited about Hell On Earth Reloaded.  We have a Companion planned for that, and another secret announcement that should be coming up in about a week.
[20:49] <+xyphoid> oh man will you still have those robot PCs with embedded rulesets
[20:49] <+PEGClint> I'm hoping for a preview on our website tomorrow, but not sure we'll be ready in time.
[20:50] <~Dan> Can Lost Colony Reloaded be far behind...? :)
[20:50] <+PEGClint> xyphodi, the cyborgs will be showing up in the Companion along with the Witches and the Plot Point Campaign.
[20:50] <+PEGClint> (done)
[20:51] <+PEGClint> Dan, Lost Colony is being discussed quite a bit behind the scenes.  ;)
[20:51] <+Pazuzu> O.o
[20:51] <~Dan> Though so. ;)
[20:51] <+Pazuzu> <drool>
[20:52] <+VonDan> how farr is HOE R along
[20:52] <~Dan> Anything new in HoE Reloaded that wasn't in the original?
[20:52] <+PEGClint> Yeah, since Lost Colony is space western, we've looked at another space western for some inspiration for the new version.
[20:53] *** WonderRat has quit IRC: Disintegrated:
[20:53] <+PEGClint> VonDan, HOE:R is already out in PDF; we're just waiting on the printer to get the main books in.
[20:53] <+PEGClint> (done)
[20:53] <+Toa> I guess mentioning the name of that space western would be letting the fly out of the fire?
[20:53] <+VonDan> do you mean expanding the Lost colony planet to a whole star system with multy planets and moons
[20:54] <+VonDan> so it is to late for my idea that a brand of moter home that woudl have been winnabago is called Wendigo in HOE
[20:54] <+PEGClint> Dan, it's updated to follow the events of the last adventure, Unity, for Classic.  Some things are different because of that.
[20:54] <+PEGClint> Toa, yes, it would be exactly like that.  ;)
[20:55] <+VonDan> I never got to unity but i did make Muldoons head exploid
[20:55] <+Toa> Actually I always got kind of a BraveStarr vibe from Lost Colony. ;)
[20:56] <+PEGClint> VonDan, we are looking at expanding off just the planet, but this is as early in the stage of design as it can be, so nothing in stone yet.
[20:57] <+PEGClint> We hope it can play in different styles.  Outland for instance.
[20:57] <+VonDan> well you already have space rules
[20:57] <~Dan> Clint, would you like to continue to hang out and/or field questions, or do you need to run?
[20:58] <+Silverlion> Wheee.
[20:59] <+PEGClint> My wife just got home, so let me get a drink, and I'll continue for a bit.
[20:59] <+VonDan> Hey they could have the Wendigo brand moterhome on the lost colony just add jet nacels
[20:59] <~Dan> Sounds good.
[20:59] <+Pazuzu> I have to get back to work. Clint, thank you (again) for your time this evening.
[20:59] <+Pazuzu> Thank you for hosting, Dan.
[21:00] <~Dan> While we're having a pause, I'd just like to invite all of you visiting for the Q&A to hang out here whenever you like. :)
[21:00] <~Dan> Certainly, Pazuzu!
[21:00] <+Pazuzu> And thanks for the interesting questions, y'all.
[21:00] <+Pazuzu> <darn it; can't do that drawl>
[21:00] <+PEGClint> As a Southerner, it would be all y'all, the plural form. ;)
[21:00] <+Silverlion> Practice it will be useful if you run Deadlands.
[21:01] <+Pazuzu> Be well. And may your Fantasy Football Teams win big this week.
[21:01] <+Pazuzu> :)
[21:01] <+PEGClint> Thanks for joining us, Pazuzu!
[21:01] *** Pazuzu has left #rpgnet
[21:01] <+Silverlion> Not in my part of Texas, its just "y'all" for you all, and you all can be one or many :D
[21:02] <+PEGClint> Okay, drink obtained.  Anything else I can answer?
[21:03] <~Dan> I've always been a little confused by the HoE tech level. What was the tech level like as of the apocalypse?
[21:03] <+VonDan> I had a HOE encounter outlined ware the party would be rescued by bandits on foot by a motor home with a lady and her daughters who look right out of leave it ti beaver or dady knows best.  And they drove a Wendigo.  But the forum crashed and the thread is gone
[21:04] <+PEGClint> Dan, that's actually something we addressed in HOE:R.  Some things are similar to modern tech because they simply wouldn't change much.
[21:04] <+PEGClint> But we did update weapons a bit.
[21:04] <+Silverlion> When is the SWDEE due out/ (Deluxe Essential?)
[21:04] <+VonDan> It seemed when i played that a few millitary things in HOE were 50 years ahead of us now
[21:07] <+VonDan> oh another deluxe book
[21:07] <+PEGClint> The main weapons for the North and South, are slightly advanced assault rifles though experimental versions rushed into full production.
[21:09] <+PEGClint> We adapted some stuff out of the old system to make the new weapons.
[21:09] <+PEGClint> Silverlion, do you mean the SW Deluxe Explorer's Edition?  All the material in SW Deluxe for $10?
[21:10] <+VonDan> I think the only "Advanced thing" my group owned in game was a PSkyer powered Hover cycel
[21:10] <+Silverlion> Yes. I thought you alluded to that while I was away?
[21:10] <~Dan> Is all of the high tech stuff "mad science"?
[21:10] <+PEGClint> That released at Gen Con.  It's been in stores for a month or so now.
[21:11] <+VonDan> so only a SW Deluxe Explorer's Edition and not a Essential  Edition
[21:11] <+PEGClint> Dan, nope.  Though we still have Junkers, the rules for which I am very proud of.
[21:12] <+VonDan> cause at $5 or $6 each i cane keep buying the same rules
[21:12] *** JA_Phone has joined #rpgnet
[21:12] *** ChanServ sets mode +v JA_Phone
[21:12] <+PEGClint> There is no "Essential" edition of the rules?
[21:12] *** AWOLJoe has joined #rpgnet
[21:12] *** ChanServ sets mode +v AWOLJoe
[21:13] <+JA_Phone> Q&A still?
[21:13] <+PEGClint> For those interested, Beautiful Brains has a special on SWD Explorer's that actually ends today.
[21:13] <+Toa> Clint - What published Savage Setting would you say you have spent the most time actually playing?
[21:13] <+VonDan> I think in HOE High tech is rare as it is old stuff or new but made by the villains
[21:13] <+PEGClint> For a $40 order, you get a free copy of SWDEx.
[21:14] <+Silverlion> I meant Explorers, my bad.
[21:14] <+PEGClint> Playing?  Easy.  That would be the Licensee setting, RunePunk.  Our GM ran that game for 3 years.
[21:16] <+PEGClint> We ended the game at 200 XPs.  Yeah, *200*.
[21:16] <+VonDan> Clint you have still never confirmed or denired you are related to Clinton Vane de Brosse Black the pirate histoian from Carolina
[21:17] <+Toa> Wow. Guess that game really was Legen-waitforit-DARY! ... it had to be said.
[21:17] <+Silverlion> Heh.
[21:17] <+PEGClint> I can't say for certain we're aren't distantly related, but I doubt it.
[21:18] <+VonDan> i was reading a book about ann boney and they kept refercing clint black and his books same guy he is under 6 different names
[21:18] <+PEGClint> Actually, that game was proof that the system doesn't get overpowered beyond Legendary for me.  And for those who don't know RunePunk, it's already a bit of a higher power level than "vanilla" SW.
[21:19] <+Silverlion> I so want Day after Ragnarok for SW..
[21:19] <+VonDan> if a game gets high power you just run B2 and raplace the goblins with ogre magi
[21:19] <+Toa> Can we expect a completely original new Savage Setting from PEG in the foreseeable future, or will Deadlands take up most of the current resources (other than Companions and core rules)?
[21:19] <~Dan> Did you have a hand in that one, Clint? (re: Day After Ragnarok)
[21:19] <+PEGClint> Silverlion, it's available, so why don't you have it?
[21:20] * +JA_Phone #rpgnet2
[21:20] <+Silverlion> I'm a poor game writer. :D
[21:20] <~Dan> That's not true!
[21:20] <~Dan> You're a GREAT game writer!
[21:20] <+VonDan> I have to many setting in my head so i want more situaional rules or get setting books as genre rules
[21:21] <+Silverlion> Hehe. Thanks Dan, great, but financially poor :D
[21:21] <+VonDan> I think i'd be a good one but dont have the time
[21:21] <+PEGClint> Toa, in the foreseeable future, I think so.  I'd like to see ETU come out (East Texas University, the modern horror setting from the guys with 12 to Midnight)
[21:21] * ~Dan perks
[21:21] <~Dan> What's this about ETU?
[21:22] <+PEGClint> Wait... we did a shout-out to them in the new Deadlands map; we put their town of Pinebox, TX on the map.  Guess they are "Deadlands" too.  ;)
[21:22] <+VonDan> I tought that was out a game set in a collge in texas inthe town of pine something
[21:22] <+Silverlion> ETU? Extraterrestrial U! :D
[21:22] <+PEGClint> Dan, I did some clean-up for Ken and Hal; they gave me a nice special thanks for it.
[21:22] <+Silverlion> I know there was one written.
[21:24] <+VonDan> So clint if the noir book goes to 1950 was there a ww1 and ww2
[21:24] <+PEGClint> ETU was cool back when the 12 to Midnight guys started it on their own.  Basically, start as a Freshman and work up to Senior.  Each year of school is like a different kind of horror game as the PCs become better at fighting the supernatural.
[21:24] <~Dan> Cool. :)
[21:24] <+PEGClint> When you hit Senior, it can be kind of like a Buffy game where you can kick butt.
[21:25] <+PEGClint> But at Freshman... you're fresh meat for the grinder.
[21:25] <+VonDan> what do you mean when did they sell it or merge with some one
[21:25] *** Lioness has quit IRC: Disintegrated:
[21:26] <+PEGClint> VonDan, there was both a WW1 and WW2.  The USA and CSA fought as allies in those.
[21:26] <~Dan> Really? Interesting.
[21:26] <+VonDan> in Arcane High i asume there was a ww2 and primitive ghoast rock bombs as they were grundys born in  1950 in trinity nevada and japan
[21:27] <+PEGClint> VonDan, the 12 to Midnight guys made the call that running the company was a bit much as some of their partners had to move.  Now, the property is under Pinnacle and they are working on it for us.
[21:27] <+Silverlion> What's a grundy?
[21:28] <+VonDan> but the grundy's are not in the high school or called grundy's they are in Nanna Grundy's Day care down the road and her husband couch grundy keep wanting to put the 5 year old grundys on his foot ball team
[21:28] <+PEGClint> We love those guys; they were our first licensee.  Shane went to them after reading their d20 horror adventure. He actually did that conversion himself, he liked it so much.
[21:29] <+VonDan> in HOE there are mutants born who grow big and fast and remind me of the mutants in fallout
[21:30] <+VonDan> so by 10 years old they are 7 feet tall and low IQ and die of old age at 20
[21:30] <+PEGClint> Silverlion, Grundies are a type of mutant from Hell On Earth.
[21:30] <+PEGClint> What VonDan said.
[21:31] <~Dan> What sorts of mutant powers are in HoE?
[21:31] *** Sigul is now known as JasonP
[21:31] <+PEGClint> Primarily bad ones.  There's roughtly a 60/40 split as I recall.  Being a Mutant is a Hindrance.
[21:32] <+PEGClint> At it's base level, you likely are an Outsider, unliked by "norms."  But you can have reductions in Attributes or Skills, or gain a Hindrance for no points.
[21:33] *** Omega has joined #rpgnet
[21:33] *** ChanServ sets mode +v Omega
[21:33] <+VonDan> Poor Nana Grundy havint to take care of all those baby Huey sized toddlers
[21:33] <+PEGClint> On the other end though, you could have a bump to those things or gain an Edge or other special ability.
[21:33] <+PEGClint> It's even possible to gain a benefit and no obviously be a mutant, avoiding the penalty, though that's very rare.
[21:34] <+PEGClint> "not obviously"
[21:34] <~Dan> How gonzo are the powers?
[21:34] <+Omega> Savage Worlds?
[21:34] *** Le_AFK is now known as Le_Squide
[21:34] <~Dan> HoE SW
[21:35] <+PEGClint> How the mutation looks works kind of like trappings.  Take the base effect and come up with your own cool (or disturbing) look to it.
[21:35] <+VonDan> Iwill assume that HOE R will be a bit dif from Savage worlds as DLR is
[21:36] <+PEGClint> Actually, HOE:R follows the core SW a bit more than DL did.  That's inherent though as Classic HOE was more like SW (you can see things that showed up in SW in it)
[21:36] <+Silverlion> Ah.
[21:36] <+VonDan> As in the powers are a little more tied to the AB and not as swapable as  in sw
[21:36] <+PEGClint> For instance powers used "Strain" in Classic HOE which are just Power Points.
[21:37] <+Omega> DL?
[21:37] <+VonDan> I only played classic HOE 6 years ago for a year, never played old deadlands
[21:37] <+PEGClint> What we tried to do was keep to the core system while providing the unique coolness of the AB too.
[21:37] <+PEGClint> DL = Deadlands
[21:37] <+PEGClint> I mentioned Junkers for instance.
[21:38] <+VonDan> I bought a high strain level and spent all my chips on powers  thus i was able to keep making the big bads head exploid
[21:38] <+PEGClint> They had a splatbook that was like a college engineering text in the old system.
[21:39] <+PEGClint> In the new system, they have an innate ability like the Gadgeteer Edge.  In the core game that allows a character to build any power in the book.
[21:39] <+PEGClint> It takes 1d20 minutes in the core, but Junkers can grab some "components" and shove a Tech Spirit in them, doing the same thing in a single round.
[21:40] <+VonDan> I was not a vet or a greenie, I wrote a back story  ware my dad was Pyrosyker with the texas BPRD and my mom was a white swan infiltrator so I could onyl have powers from Fire, Spy and general list
[21:40] <+PEGClint> We pretty much covered a whole splatbook in about three paragraphs.
[21:42] <~Dan> I should probably log out for the night, folks. Clint, I'd like to thank you again for taking over from Shane on such short notice!
[21:42] <+PEGClint> There's a little more to it, but in short, we were able to keep with a core idea while giving that character type their unique "flavor."
[21:42] <+PEGClint> My pleasure, Dan!
[21:42] <~Dan> Please feel free to stop by any time.
[21:43] <~Dan> Good night, all!
[21:43] *** Disconnected.

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