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[Q&A] Cakebread & Walton (Clockwork & Chivalry, Airship Pirates, Renaissance)

[19:01:23] <KenWalton> I'm Ken Walton of Cakebread & Walton[19:01:42] <PeterCakebread> And I'm Peter Cakebread of Cakebread & Walton
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[19:02:30] <KenWalton> We produce RPGs including the following - Abney Park's Airship Pirates, Clockwork & Chivalry, and the new Renaissance Deluxe RPG. (done)#
[19:02:34] <Dan> (Howdy, Omega! Q&A with Cakebread & Walton in progress!)
[19:02:36] <Omega> hi
[19:03:04] <Dan> Anyone have any questions right off the bat, or shall I start?
[19:03:28] <Dan> (I'll wait a sec in case anyone's busy typing.)
[19:03:57] <Dan> Okay!
[19:04:08] <Dan> Let's divide and conquer here, so to speak.
[19:04:24] <AngusA> Ken, you've been involved in the RPG industry for a very long time. Can you tell us a little bit about some of your early work and what prompted you to form your own company in the end?
[19:04:47] <Dan> (Ah. Didn't wait long -enough-. Sorry, Angus. :) )
[19:05:03] <KenWalton> My first publication was an article for WFRP in White Dwarf, far too many moons ago.
[19:06:10] <KenWalton> Then I wrote several things with my ex-wife, Jo Walton, including GURPS Celtic Myth, Realms of Sorcery for WFRP, and a load of adventures for Arcane magazine.
[19:07:11] <KenWalton> Pete and I had written some fiction together, and realised we worked well together, and Cakebread & Walton was born.
[19:07:14] <KenWalton> (done)#
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[19:07:47] <Dan> (Welcome, Murazor! Q&A with Cakebread & Walton in progress!)
[19:07:58] <Murazor> Awesome!
[19:08:03] <Murazor> In this chamber?
[19:08:07] <Dan> Yup!
[19:08:21] <Dan> I was about to ask a question of my own, but do you have any, Mur?
[19:09:01] <AngusA> How long did it take you to decide your first project together would be Clockwork & Chivalry? Was it the only game idea you played around with or did you have a pool of ideas?
[19:09:30] <AngusA> What drew you to an Alternative English Civil War setting?
[19:09:44] <AngusA> (brb)
[19:10:04] <PeterCakebread> Ken's usually full of ideas. Originally he mentioned the setting in relation to doing a novel, but we quickly realised it would make a great game.
[19:10:53] <Dan> (As an aside, since Angus has gotten the ball rolling in that direction, let's focus on Clockwork & Chivalry (and Renaissance) for a bit before moving on to Airship Pirates.)
[19:11:07] <PeterCakebread> I'm a history nut, and the English Civil war is a fairly untapped period.
[19:11:43] <KenWalton> I'd been doing a degree in the history of science, studying alchemy in the ECW, so our interests meshed nicely for C&C.
[19:12:14] <Murazor> Yes, Dan, I have a question
[19:12:29] <Murazor> What is Cakebread and Walton?
[19:12:30] <PeterCakebread> The various factions, and the richness of the period make it a pleasure to write (done)
[19:12:31] <Murazor> ;)
[19:12:49] <Dan> Ah, that is best answered with a quick link, I suspect. :)
[19:12:55] <PeterCakebread> A small UK games company - Ken and I design and write RPGs
[19:13:16] <KenWalton> Here you are http://www.clockworkandchivalry.co.uk/
[19:13:22] <Dan> In fact, that's probably a good idea generally... Could you post the... yes, that. :)
[19:13:50] <Dan> What drew you to use BRP for Clockwork & Chivarly, and how did you tweak it to make a good fit?
[19:13:57] <Murazor> ooh, nice
[19:14:09] <Agamemnon2> ahh, that answers my question nicely, thanks :-)
[19:14:23] <Agamemnon2> '(I was going to ask for an elevator-pitch style description of C&C)
[19:14:34] <Murazor> Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector (of the realms)
[19:14:43] <PeterCakebread> We love the D100 system and it seemed a good fit for a grim and gritty game like C&C
[19:15:45] <PeterCakebread> We have developed our own rules SRD, based on Newt Newport's OpenQuest, especially tailored for black powder era games
[19:16:28] <PeterCakebread> The SRD is freely available, and forms the basis of Renaissance Deluxe, which is a generic black powder ruleset, out this month.
[19:16:41] <PeterCakebread> (done)
[19:16:47] <Murazor> Both of these games are BRP based?
[19:17:33] <KenWalton> Elevator pitch - Royalist alchemists fight Parliamentarian clockwork fighting machines in the English Civil War. With zombies and dragons. (done)
[19:17:41] <Dan> Could you say a bit about the "weird" aspects of the C&C setting?
[19:17:51] <Dan> (Or, rather, a bit -more- about the weird aspects? :) )
[19:18:06] <Dan> The clockwork and magic systems and so forth?
[19:18:49] <Murazor> Straight-up English civil war would have a good game in itself, actually, even without clockworks and magic
[19:19:17] <KenWalton> Yes, both C&C and Renaissance are BRP-based - we've tweaked to make the combat fast and brutal, and added our own Alchemy and Witchcraft systems as well as lots of equipment and weapons for the early modern period (1500-1800 ish)
[19:20:04] <Dan> (brb -- please continue!)
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[19:21:04] <PeterCakebread> Clockwork machines are built by the Parliamentarians, and mainly deployed by the New Model Army (although rogue designers exist), the Alchemists are mainly Royalists, fighting for Prince Rupert. There are also a host of Witches, zombies, and other weird and wonderful twists (such as a trip to the Moon).
[19:22:02] <PeterCakebread> There are currently two published adventure books, and Clockwork & Cthulhu, available for the setting. (done). (done)
[19:23:13] <AngusA> Clockwork & Cthulhu is a setting book for Clockwork & Chivalry or a stand-alone setting in its own right?
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[19:24:30] <PeterCakebread> Standalone (with the free Renaissance SRD) - although the Clockwork & Chivalry Corebook obviously provides loads more shiny stuff for those that want it.
[19:24:48] <PeterCakebread> (done)
[19:24:53] <Dan> So does it include all of the same rules for clockworks, alchemy, and witchcraft?
[19:25:22] <Dan> (Although I guess the latter two are in the SRD.)
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[19:25:41] <PeterCakebread> Clockwork & Cthulhu doesn't - yes - you have everything you need to play it in the free SRD.
[19:26:22] <Dan> Do you distinguish between Mythos-based magic and alchemy/witchcraft, and if so, how?
[19:26:35] <PeterCakebread> But if you want a lot more setting info then Clockwork & Chivalry provides a ton more background info to the Seventeenth Century, etc.
[19:26:42] <AngusA> Are you thinking of expanding the Clockwork & xxx line any further? What other crossovers or timelines do you think you might play with?
[19:27:13] <Dan> (Question pause while they answer those two questions, please.)
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[19:27:42] <AngusA> (brb - maybe in a fair while. Being dragged off shopping. Have fun folks!)
[19:27:53] <PeterCakebread> Dan - there's some distinction (and special rules for tomes, etc.), but most alchemists and witches don't realise they're doing Mythos Magick, and it should all be pretty seamless.
[19:28:00] <PeterCakebread> (done)
[19:28:21] <Moxiane> Kaor
[19:28:42] <Dan> (Howdy, Moxiane! Q&A with Cakebread & Walton in progress! :) )
[19:28:56] <Moxiane> Ah
[19:28:59] <KenWalton> We're not planning any more cross-overs for C&C in the near future - but we're currently working on Dark Streets - Bow Street Runners vs the Cthulhu Mythos in 28th century London
[19:29:16] <PeterCakebread> 18th Century!
[19:29:20] <KenWalton> Oops!
[19:29:24] <Dan> I was gonna say... O.o
[19:29:28] <PeterCakebread> Or all my research is going in the bin!
[19:29:40] <KenWalton> :-)
[19:29:51] <Moxiane> Although that does sound awesome. :)
[19:29:54] <Dan> If you don't mind a rather specific question...
[19:30:10] <Dan> ...I note that you use attribute modifiers for skills...
[19:30:11] <Spooner> You are giving away the subject of the first expansion for that game then (Buck Rogers crossover).
[19:30:21] <KenWalton> Dark Streets will use the Renaissance rules - gangbusting and investigation in one of the grimmest settings imaginable.
[19:30:25] <KenWalton> (done)
[19:30:32] <Dan> ...and that in the case of melee combat, it's Int+Str. Can you say a bit about the thought that went into those decisions?
[19:32:02] <PeterCakebread> We based our rules largely on the OQ ruleset (though anyone familiar with OpenQuest will notice a lot of mods) - I think we weighed it up, and thought it was reasonable for melee combat.
[19:32:19] <PeterCakebread> (done)
06[19:32:47] * Moxiane would guess it's a mixture of knowing where to hit and being able to hit hard.
[19:33:04] <Dan> I find that with a lot of faction-heavy settings, it's difficult to assemble a PC group and to get them to experience the full scope of the setting. Any thoughts on the subject?
[19:33:20] <Dan> (I find this especially true in a wartime setting.)
[19:33:30] <PeterCakebread> Mox - Yes - and you can only have so many variables, or it becomes too complex. (done)
[19:34:08] <KenWalton> Dan - we've deliberately given rules to encourage people of different factions to work together for the greater good.
[19:34:30] <KenWalton> In the civil war, people on opposite sides were often friends, or even relatives.
[19:35:00] <KenWalton> The Kingdom & Commonwealth campaign largely involves the party trying to keep the peace between the factions rather than fighting for one side.
[19:35:04] <KenWalton> (done)
[19:35:11] <Dan> Ah, I see. Cool.
[19:35:45] <Dan> How "swashbuckle-y" are the rules? I know you said it's a gritty game, but is there any room for Errol Flynn hijinks?
[19:35:48] <PeterCakebread> A C&C party will normally be full of tensions, but also friendships - the background connections help cement the harmonious dysfunctionality...
[19:37:17] <PeterCakebread> They're more brutal than swashbuckly, tbh, but there is plenty of guidance on setting the tone and flavour of the setting, encouraging heroics and derring do.
[19:37:25] <PeterCakebread> (done)
[19:37:59] <Dan> Are there fencing styles and so forth?
[19:38:01] <KenWalton> Players don't necessarily die easily, but they do spend a lot of time tired and wounded! (done)
[19:39:07] <KenWalton> No, no fencing styles, though, like all D100 games, it would be pretty easy to add them if you want them. We tend to like our combats quick and decisive to play, to we wrote the rules to suit ourselves :-)
[19:39:12] <KenWalton> (done)
[19:39:27] <Dan> Fair enough. :)
[19:40:07] <Dan> Going back to the "kewl powerz" aspect for a moment, can you describe the scope of what clockwork, alchemy, and witchcraft can accomplish, respectively?
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[19:41:26] <PeterCakebread> Clockwork comprises mainly of military kit - Iron Horses (think motorbikes, crossed with battering rams), Leviathans (huge tanks), and the like.
[19:41:54] <PeterCakebread> Alchemists have a whole host of powerful spells and potions - can summon elementals, have familiars, etc.
[19:42:42] <PeterCakebread> Witchcraft offers powerful spells -for good or ill, but Covens can create uber-powerful magick.
[19:43:53] <PeterCakebread> Thou Shalt Not Suffer (one of the adventures) pits the Adventurers against witches (and the Witch Queen of Cornwall). (done)
[19:44:06] <Dan> I noted that unlike the usual BRP magic (insofar as there IS such a thing), alchemy and witchcraft do not rely on personal magic/power points. Could you say a bit about that?
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[19:45:24] <KenWalton> Alchemy relies on alchemists making Philosopher's Stones in their labs - the more powerful the stone, the more powerful the spells that can be cast - but try to make one too powerful and you can blow yourself up.
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[19:46:09] <KenWalton> Witchcraft requires often rare ingredients and rituals.
[19:47:02] <KenWalton> Witches have a MAG stat, which is their level of power - a number of witches gathering together can add their MAGs to cast more powerful spells - hence covens. (done)
[19:47:06] <Dan> Just based on my skimming, it looked like Witchcraft can get REALLY nasty... if a witch has components from an intended victim.
[19:48:00] <KenWalton> Oh, yes - but getting a lock of someone's hair can be quite difficult, and the penalties for being discovered are inevitably death!
[19:48:03] <KenWalton> (done)
[19:48:12] <Dan> Yup, I figured. :)
[19:48:42] <PeterCakebread> Much of the setting is based on Seventeenth Century perceptions of how things work (and what Witches can do), so things are often far from pleasant!
[19:48:53] <Dan> So what fantasy "standards" appear in C&C, and to what degree to they interact with Mythos "standards" in Clockwork & Cthulhu?
[19:48:54] <PeterCakebread> (done)
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[19:49:39] <Dan> (Howdy, nick3! Q&A with Cakebread & Walton in progress!)
[19:50:28] <PeterCakebread> Well, there are dragons, ghouls, ghosts, and a whole heap more, but no elves and dwarves. Mostly we've turned to English mythology for Clockwork & Chivalry.
[19:50:34] <Moxiane> So it's not a hidden magic setting?
[19:51:06] <Dan> Magic is being used openly in the war, so I'm guessing "no". :)
[19:51:36] <KenWalton> No, magick's out in the open - massive spells cast on battlefields, etc. Though its far from commonplace. Alchemy that really works is a new "science" which has only come in in the last few years.
[19:51:57] <Dan> Courtesy of John Dee, perchance?
[19:52:34] <KenWalton> No, Bacon actually :-)
[19:52:44] <Dan> Ah. :)
[19:52:44] <Moxiane> Mmmm... bacon.
06[19:52:49] * Dan chuckles
[19:52:53] <KenWalton> :-)
[19:52:56] <Moxiane> Dan: Moose.
[19:53:10] <Dan> So do the creatures of English mythology exist in Clockwork & Cthulhu as well?
[19:53:32] <Dan> Is it literally Clockwork & Chivalry with the Mythos added in?
[19:53:35] <Dan> Moxie: *chuckle*
[19:54:15] <KenWalton> Dan - yes it is. We've tied in a lot of the mythos with local legends and era-specific flavour.
[19:54:38] <Dan> Does C. & Cthulhu include stats for the non-Mythos monsters too, then?
[19:55:28] <PeterCakebread> No - because you need the (free) SRD to play, or the C&C rulebook (or Renaissance Deluxe).
[19:55:45] <Dan> Oh, that's right.
[19:56:03] <PeterCakebread> It has all the Mythos related rules needed, and three large adventures, but the core rules are not included.
[19:56:25] <PeterCakebread> (done)
[19:56:51] <Dan> Do you touch on the relationship between the "conventional" supernatural and the Mythos? Do you try to link the two in any way, or are dragons a completely different deal than Hunting Horrors, for example?
[19:57:31] <Moxiane> And are there clockwork mythos-esque monsters?
[19:58:19] <PeterCakebread> Well the adventures feature a mix, and there are some interwoven backstories, and Mox- yes!
[19:58:33] <Dan> Nice. :)
[19:58:37] <PeterCakebread> (done)
[19:59:15] <Dan> Before we move on to Airship Pirates, does anyone have any more questions about C&C? Anything we haven't covered, Ken and Peter?
[19:59:57] <PeterCakebread> No - I think that covers it :)
[20:00:32] <Dan> Okay then! Would you care to describe Airship Pirates to the benighted masses? :)
[20:00:33] <Dan> (And brb.)
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[20:01:54] <PeterCakebread> Abney Park's Airship Pirates is a post-apocalyptic Steampunk game, set in the world of the music of Abney Park.
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[20:02:51] <KenWalton> Sing along to the music here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ri3zPE5OqJg :-)
[20:03:58] <PeterCakebread> It uses the Heresy game engine, from Victoriana, is dynamic and swashbuckle-y, and is set in a dystopian future.
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[20:05:08] <PeterCakebread> The masses have been herded into Neovictorian cities, in the outside wilderness Neobedouin tribes try to survive (and not be eaten by uber-beasts).
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[20:05:57] <Dan> (Howdy, Tonpa! Cakebread & Walton Q&A in progress!)
[20:07:35] <PeterCakebread> The Skyfolk live in sky cities, innovators and/or pirates. The Emperor tries to hold back all progress in the Neovictorian cities (innovation gets you consigned to a Change Cage).
[20:07:51] <PeterCakebread> (done)
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[20:08:10] <Dan> (Howdy, vy! Cakebread & Walton Q&A in progress!)
[20:08:44] <Dan> To what degree did Abney Park's music lend itself to "direct" translation into a setting, and to what degree did you have to extrapolate?
[20:08:54] <KenWalton> Oh, and Airship Pirates includes time travel too...
[20:08:59] <Dan> And how closely did you work with Abney Park in the process?
[20:09:52] <KenWalton> We worked really closely with Captain Robert - he had a clear idea of the setting in which his songs were set, but we had to fill in a lot of the detail needed for an RPG.
[20:10:13] <Dan> So it was post-apocalyptic from the get-go, rather than Victorian?
[20:10:17] <KenWalton> Robert did the layout of the book and found the artists, so it was very hands-on
[20:11:01] <KenWalton> Yes - the idea is that the band Abney Park got hold of a time-travelling airship and tried to make the world a better place but messed it up big time.
[20:11:10] <vytzka> good evening
[20:11:27] <Dan> Were you aware of the story behind the songs beforehand, and who approached whom to make the game?
[20:12:03] <KenWalton> The Emperor admired the Victorian period, and wiped out a vast portion of the population, making the rest of society (at least those within the walls of his Change Cage cities) conform to his Victorian ideals.
[20:13:06] <KenWalton> Yes, we'd heard the songs and noticed there was a story there - we approached Abney Park expecting a polite "huh?" but got a resounding "Awesome!" instead...
[20:13:12] <KenWalton> (done)
[20:13:20] <Dan> Very cool. :)
[20:13:30] <Dan> Were they gamers, or at least familiar with gaming?
[20:14:28] <PeterCakebread> Some of them are...and we know they've played the game :)
[20:14:42] <Dan> Well, naturally. :D
[20:15:59] <Dan> Why did you use Heresy, as opposed to, say, BRP?
[20:15:59] <KenWalton> (done)
[20:16:28] <Dan> Not that there's anything wrong with Heresy, mind you... just an interesting choice.
[20:17:23] <KenWalton> The game was published through Cubicle 7. We wanted something swashbuckly and cinematic, and when C7 offered us use of the rules, we realised they'd be a good match, and would also allow gamers to use Victoriana supplemets with the AP rules.
[20:17:55] <Dan> Was that Angus's idea, by any chance?
[20:18:28] <PeterCakebread> We both had Victoriana, and liked it. And we had the scope to add our own shiny things (like the "Awesome bonus" and airship combat).
[20:19:11] <Dan> I love the "Awesome bonus," as an aside. Puts me strongly in mind of Feng Shui's bonus for cool stunts.
[20:20:02] <PeterCakebread> Yes, Angus was very supportive, right from the start. He was firmly behind the concept from the beginning. We had a choice of systems, but it seemed a good fit.
[20:20:23] <Dan> Oh, I see. I was wondering if he suggested Heresy himself.
[20:21:14] <KenWalton> I must admit the Awesome Bonus was a bit influenced by Feng Shui, which I played a lot of when it first came out. (done)
[20:21:46] <PeterCakebread> Yes, Angus did, although there were others in the mix at the outset.
[20:21:48] <Dan> So aside from the aspects already mentioned, what are some of the other "weird" aspects to the setting? I'm thinking in terms of mutants, uber-beasts, automatons, etc.
[20:22:40] <KenWalton> The wilderness is filled with ancient predators brought back to life by the Emperor specifically to eat people. He's not a nice man...
[20:23:30] <KenWalton> There are mutants in the cities, known as misbegotten, which are caused by the nasty chemicals around the Neovic factories.
[20:24:21] <KenWalton> And there are automatons, who are supposed to be soulless machines, but some of them have achieved consciousness and have to pretend to be servile - up until they can escape and become airship pirates, of course! (done)
[20:25:06] <Dan> Also, to what degree does time travel impact the setting (aside from being part of the backstory. Or forestory. Or whatever. (Time travel is confusing.)
[20:26:06] <PeterCakebread> We've given guidance on how to run the time travel aspect - you'll probably screw things up, but at least your head shouldn't pop with paradoxes.
[20:27:14] <PeterCakebread> From the feedback we've had, most GMs want to run a heap of games in the default setting, before letting their players get their hands on a time machine.
[20:27:56] <PeterCakebread> Time travel is very rare (only Abney Park and the PCs have time machines) - but it can create havoc!
[20:28:17] <PeterCakebread> (done)
[20:29:13] <Dan> About the uber-beasts... Why did you go with mammalian mega-fauna and not, say, dinosaurs? And are there other uber-beasts hiding out there? I'm thinking specifically of the picture of the airship menaced by some form of kraken...
[20:30:34] <KenWalton> Robert had an idea of carnivores hunting humans, but not dinosaurs, which have been a bit overdone in some ways.
06[20:30:54] * Dan nods
[20:32:00] <KenWalton> As for the art - our brilliant artists were given quite a wide brief - we decided that some of the pictures would just be inspirational for GMs without being explained - sort of visual adventure seeds. Much of the world is unexplored and unexplained.
[20:32:56] <Dan> Given the nature of the setting, would that kraken have to be some kind of mad science experiment?
[20:33:15] <Dan> (Or I guess it could be a creature from the future...)
[20:34:02] <PeterCakebread> Probably - there's no shortage of mad scientists in the Airship Pirate's world - although, yes, the party may have gone back in time and caused the kraken to exist.
[20:34:59] <PeterCakebread> Maybe they fed the wrong kind of super-food to a squid...
06[20:35:23] * Dan chuckles
[20:35:40] <PeterCakebread> Some of the world will be expanded upon in future supplements.
[20:35:55] <PeterCakebread> (done)
[20:36:16] <Dan> How would you describe the tone of the game? Victoriana and Airship Pirates are both steampunk, but Victorian seems -remarkably- bleak, while Airship Pirates seems a lot more upbeat. Thoughts?
[20:36:34] <Dan> (Victoriana, rather)
06[20:37:57] * Murazor looks back in
[20:38:36] <Dan> (Murazor: Now talking Airship Pirates.)
[20:38:37] <PeterCakebread> Yes, the Neovictorian cities are bleak. The overall theme is about freedom (and gaining freedom). The Neovics live in a dystopia. The Neobedouins have a dieselpunk feel. The Skyfolk are sheer Steampunk - goggles an' all. T
[20:38:42] <PeterCakebread> (done)
[20:39:26] <Dan> How would you describe the tech level? As I said, I'm still reading and so am still getting a feel for that, but from my skimming ahead... (more)
[20:39:51] <Murazor> If I were to get one of these two games, which would you recommend?
[20:39:52] <Dan> ...it seems like there's this weird mix of "new" steampunk vs. post-apocalyptic "modern" tech.
[20:40:34] <PeterCakebread> Mur - That's like asking us to choose between our babies.
[20:40:40] <Murazor> (Since both intrigue me for different reasons)
[20:41:13] <Murazor> I know; but I have too many games I'm not running as it is! :p
[20:41:43] <PeterCakebread> Tech-wise - the Neovictorians are steampunk, the Neobedouins use salvaged tech (think Mad Max), and the Skyfolk are more innovative, but have to be careful they don't push it.
[20:42:03] <Dan> At the base level, I think you'd have to start out asking whether you want swashbuckling or grittiness, Murazor.
[20:42:38] <PeterCakebread> Mur - I totally get that! If you fancy a gritty historical fantasy, Clockwork & Chivalry; if you fancy a Steampunk romp, Airship Pirates.
[20:42:54] <Dan> So what's the bleeding edge of Airship Pirates technology. (Other than time travel, of course.)
[20:44:04] <Dan> (brb)
03[20:44:05] * Dan is now known as Dan-brb
[20:44:31] <KenWalton> The Imperial Air Navy airships pretty much set the limits - the best are kind of like 1930s airships, while the pirates fly about in what are basically wooden sailing ships with a gasbag. Lots of broadsides and splicing the mainbrace! :-)
[20:45:11] <KenWalton> (done)
[20:45:49] <Murazor> Peter: I'll have to shoot in that one of my most successful rounds of GMing had the players running an airship
03[20:45:58] * TQuid (~ejbbell@MagicStar-4AAD67D.naos.org) has joined #rpgnet
03[20:45:58] * ChanServ sets mode: +v TQuid
[20:46:53] <PeterCakebread> Mur - then Airship Pirates should be up your street!
[20:47:06] <Murazor> In Terry K Amthor's Shadow World setting, using the HeroQuest system
03[20:47:07] * Dan-brb is now known as Dan
[20:47:50] <Dan> So the Imperial Air Navy has war zeppelins?
[20:48:19] <KenWalton> Alternatively, if you played C&C, you could be on a clockwork ship going to the moon (in Kingdom & Commonwealth II) :-)
[20:48:34] <Dan> And is that the limit to what the Emperor will tolerate, or is there some other reason for tech topping out there?
[20:48:40] <KenWalton> Yes, the IAN are the terror of the skies.
[20:48:47] <Dan> (Like, why can't someone get an airplane running, for example?)
[20:51:09] <PeterCakebread> Airplanes do exist, but there's few places to build them, land them, etc. The wilderness is very hostile, the Neobedouin are kept on the run, the Skyfolk and the Neovics are in a state of constant tension - there's a truce, but military plane building would break it.
12[20:51:52] * Tonpa (Mibbit@MagicStar-2A606743.adsl.tnnet.fi) Quit (Disintegrated: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client )
[20:51:56] <PeterCakebread> That's not to say the Skyfolk don't have a whole host of individual transportation devices (think Stop the Pigeon/Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines).
[20:52:10] <Dan> Heh. Awesome. :)
[20:52:34] <Dan> What's the top-of-the-line in terms of both personal and heavy weaponry?
[20:52:59] <PeterCakebread> As long as they're just buzzing around (and crashing into) their own Skylofts, they're ok, they mount a twin gun and they're Imperial Air Navy fodder.
12[20:53:55] * Omega (~bakflash@MagicStar-44358DDF.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net) Quit (Client exited )
[20:54:22] <PeterCakebread> Steamguns, cannon, lightning guns, etc.
[20:55:19] <Dan> I get the impression that the steamtech is pretty gonzo... is there any setting explanation for it, and why it wasn't developed in the "real" Victorian era?
[20:55:24] <TQuid> woot
[20:55:24] <Dan> Or is that just the way the setting is?
[20:55:25] <TQuid> Hi folks.
[20:55:32] <PeterCakebread> Mammoth guns and steam gatlings, there is a host of stuff. Airship combat usually involves broadsides and ramming (or avoiding!).
[20:55:55] <Dan> (Howdy, TQuid! On the tail end of a Q&A with Cakebread & Walton. :) )
[20:56:04] <Murazor> In addition to fuelling my interest in running a steampunkish skyship adventure, this discussion reminds me that I should resume and finish wating Last Exile
[20:56:11] <TQuid> Ooh!
[20:56:45] <KenWalton> The steampunk tech is just the way it is - more cinematic than realistic. All from the crazy mind of Captain Robert Brown! :-)
[20:57:04] <PeterCakebread> The AP Victorian era is different - in part because Abney Park changed the past.
[20:57:08] <PeterCakebread> (done)
[20:57:11] <Dan> Oh, before I forget, guys: I would love to review Clockwork & Chivalry as well as Clockwork & Cthulhu. But we can discuss that later if you prefer. :)
[20:57:31] <Dan> For now, with the time we have left, do you guys have anything else you'd like to cover re: Airship Pirates?
[20:57:58] <PeterCakebread> You would be welcome, Dan :) Great! (and our new one, Renaissance Deluxe, too, if you like).
[20:58:08] <Dan> (Absolutely.)
[20:58:21] <Dan> (Actually, Ken already got me a PDF of the latter to review.)
[20:58:33] <Murazor> Good show :)
[20:59:03] <PeterCakebread> Look out for Under the Lamplight, for Airship Pirates. It's written by Andrew Peregrine, and is the Neovictorian supplement (currently being pageset by Captain Robert).
[20:59:20] <PeterCakebread> (done)
[20:59:27] <Dan> Airship Pirates is gorgeous, btw. Captain Roberts did a fantastic job.
[20:59:47] <KenWalton> We were impressed too! There are some fantastic artists involved.
[20:59:52] <KenWalton> (done)
[21:00:19] <Dan> Oh, and Peter? I sent you a Friend request on FB. Not sure if you knew who I was at the time. ;) )
[21:00:34] <PeterCakebread> Cool, I'll add :)
[21:00:44] <Dan> Ken, Peter, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to stop by and talk to us!
[21:00:51] <Dan> It's been very informative.
[21:01:07] <KenWalton> You're welcome - thanks to you too! :-)
[21:01:11] <Dan> And please be aware that you are more than welcome to stop by any time to just hang out if you like, and/or to discuss your games.
[21:01:12] <PeterCakebread> Thank you too, Dan, and everybody. Many thanks for having us :)
[21:01:23] <PeterCakebread> Cool :)
[21:01:35] <KenWalton> Cool, now we know where you are ...
[21:01:37] <Dan> Authors are free to shill here. It's just that you have the floor to yourself during a Q&A. :)
[21:01:52] <Dan> And heck, we've picked up several authors as regulars along the way.
[21:02:08] <Dan> (Say hello to DWPearce, one of the Doctor Who authors, over there in the corner. ;) )
[21:02:26] <PeterCakebread> Excellent - I'll look in (now that I understand how it works. I'm a complete technophobe!).
[21:02:57] <Dan> Cool. It took me a while to get this thing all figured out, myself. Honestly, I just stumbled into the channel owner roll.
[21:03:00] <Dan> role
[21:03:13] <Dan> as in, I showed up one day and found that the place had literally been abandoned. :)
[21:03:18] <Murazor> Author of the TV show, or a game I haven't heard about?
[21:03:30] <PeterCakebread> Tee hee - ghost irc
[21:03:31] <Dan> Murazor: The Doctor Who RPG.
[21:03:40] <KenWalton> Haha! It's a slippery slope, I see...
[21:03:46] <Murazor> Right
[21:03:47] <Dan> Peter: Yup, exactly. This used to be the official chat for RPGnet.
[21:04:05] <Dan> Then Skotos Tech took over and wanted their own web-based chat to be the official one.
[21:04:09] <PeterCakebread> I'm gaming Doctor Who, every so often. Good game!
[21:04:12] <Dan> So we were kinda cast adrift. :)
[21:04:15] <TQuid> Huh! Didn't know that Dan.
[21:04:18] <Dan> Yes, it's awesome.
[21:04:25] <Dan> Oh, Peter, Ken...
[21:04:36] <Dan> ...once I get the log, I'll be posting it on my blog.
[21:04:38] <Dan> Do you have that link?
[21:05:02] <Murazor> You know, there are those who mockingly refer to IRC as a relic of a bygone age
[21:05:33] <KenWalton> Invented soon after the telegraph, I believe.
[21:05:43] <Murazor> They're always taken a bit aback when I respond that I'm on it regularly
[21:06:08] <Dan> Murazor: I get that reaction often, too.
[21:06:11] <Dan> "That's still a thing?"
[21:06:17] <Dan> Ken/Peter: http://gmshoe.blogspot.com/
[21:06:34] <PeterCakebread> Thanks, Dan.
[21:06:35] <Dan> (You can see Angus's Q&A log there, by the way. :) )
[21:07:04] <PeterCakebread> Yes, I read Angus's Q&A - now it's bookmarked too!
[21:07:05] <KenWalton> yes, we read that. We'll post the link round as soon as its up...
03[21:07:06] * Agamemnon2 (sr@MagicStar-3C70F283.dhcp.inet.fi) has joined #rpgnet
03[21:07:06] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Agamemnon2
[21:07:27] <Dan> Yup, I'll let you know when it's up. Should be tonight, barring any unforeseen circumstances.
[21:09:07] <PeterCakebread> We have to go (stories to plot) - talk to you soon :)
[21:09:16] <Murazor> So long
[21:09:25] <KenWalton> Thanks, and bye! :-)
[21:09:31] <PeterCakebread> Cheers, Mur.
12[21:09:57] * KenWalton (Mibbit@MagicStar-3EE68BD6.range31-53.btcentralplus.com) Quit (Disintegrated: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client )
[21:10:02] <Dan> And I should get back to multitasking now... Please feel free to hang out as long as you like, guys!
[21:10:02] <Dan> Or do you need to run?
[21:11:08] <PeterCakebread> Yeah, we need to go and storyboard some stuff - deadlines, deadlines, deadlines...Bye!
03[21:11:20] * PeterCakebread (Mibbit@MagicStar-3EE68BD6.range31-53.btcentralplus.com) has left #rpgnet

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