Wednesday, October 9, 2013

[Q&A] Jayson Hammer & John Fox (Paradigm)

[19:04] <+JayHammer> My name is Jay Hammer, Foxhammer Press. The game of the day is Paradigm!
[19:05] <+JohnFox> I'm John Fox, Foxhammer Press. Paradigm is our first game system and we're excited to talk about it
[19:06] <+JayHammer> Also present are T Glenn Bane, artist for Paradigm: Sapphire City, and Shawna Silverman, our PR Representative
[19:06] <+JayHammer> I think we're ready for questions :D
[19:07] <~Dan> Welcome, everyone!
[19:07] <~Dan> Would anyone like to start us off with a question, or shall I do the honors? :)
[19:07] <~Dan> (I'll give them a minute.)
[19:08] <~Dan> Actually, to get things going, let's start with the basics...
[19:08] <~Dan> ...what's the game? :)
[19:08] <+JohnFox> Paradigm is actually an entire systems of game that use the same cards
[19:08] <+Beelzedude> (Dan...that wasn't a minute. I wanted to ask that. ;p)
[19:09] <~Dan> (*chuckle*)
[19:09] <+JayHammer> Each game has its own genre, and own playstyle, yet all the cards are interchangeable with the other sets.
[19:09] <+JayHammer> The first set offering is actually going to be 4 complete games.
[19:10] <+Beelzedude> Just to calrify, are we talking about RPGs or something else? ^^
[19:10] <+JohnFox> Its a card game system
[19:11] <~Dan> What are the four games?
[19:11] <+JohnFox> When designing Paradigm we wanted to create a system where you could play superheroes, zombies, and gunslingers if you wanted to. Something that appealed to everyone.
[19:11] <+JayHammer> The first is a Superhero genre game based on Davey Beauchamp's Amazing Pulp Adventures- Paradigm: Sapphire City. The next is a Zombie Apocalypse Scenario- Paradigm: Necropolis. The third is an old west version called Paradigm: Gunslinger. And, to top it all off, we have a Deckbuilding game that utilizes all three core sets - Paradigm: Nexus.
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[19:12] <+JohnFox> Each game has the same card designs and completely different objectives
[19:12] <~Dan> (Welcome, Guest25! Here for the Q&A?)
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[19:13] <+JohnFox> For instance, in Sapphire City, you are playing as the super heroes or villains attempting to complete storylines.
[19:13] <+JohnFox> In Necropolis you are fighting over locations
[19:13] <+JohnFox> And in my opinion, the best part is that you can play zombies in the super hero game and vice versa
[19:14] <+JayHammer> Future games will introduce even more playstyles and genres, while still using the same simple card designs. So, instead of the usual expansions, you'll be getting complete games that just happen to be compatable with all the other Paradigm products.
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[19:14] <~Dan> (Howdy, KJ!)
[19:14] <+JayHammer> We're even working on an actual Roleplaying system that utilize the same cards.
[19:15] <~Dan> Really? Now that's interesting...
[19:15] <+JohnFox> Jay is the mad scientist of our company. If it can be done, he'll find a way to do it
[19:15] <~Dan> Heh. :)
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[19:15] <+JohnFox> I often imagine him as a very tall tinker gnome
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[19:16] <+JohnFox> That's the basics of what the Paradigm system is
[19:16] <+JayHammer> I like the challenge.
[19:16] <~Dan> What is the basic game mechanic?
[19:16] <+JayHammer> heh..well, that really depends on the settig.
[19:16] <+JohnFox> That's one of the cool things about the game, Dan. Each card has exactly 1 number on the card
[19:17] <+JohnFox> That number can be everything from how much it costs to play, to how many resources its worth, to its combat potential
[19:17] <+JayHammer> in Sapphire City, you're trying to collect Advantages to fill up Storyboards. You play cards from your hand by discarding other cards to pay for them.
[19:17] <+xyphoid> So out of the box it's more a boardgame rather than a rpg?
[19:18] <+JayHammer> It's a card game currently, with a RPG expansion in the future.
[19:18] <+JayHammer> In Necropolis, however, you pay for the cards you want to play by taking resources off of locations you control.
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[19:19] <+JohnFox> And in Gunslinger you are limited to 6 resources per turn but you get to put defeated characters in jail
[19:19] <+JayHammer> Gunslinger, you get a set number of resources at the start of your turn.   Each game is quite different, and that's one of the major selling points.
[19:19] <+xyphoid> so you pick a particular game to play?
[19:19] <+JohnFox> yes when you start a game you choose which version you want to play
[19:20] <+JayHammer> But, the cards form each set work with the cards from the others, so you can have superheroes fighting beside Survivors and Gunslingers in the same game
[19:20] <~Dan> Now, you mentioned that each card has only one number?
[19:21] <+JohnFox> Absolutely. Its not overly complicated, one number tells you nearly everything you need to know about the card
[19:21] <+JayHammer> And, depending on the game, that number can mean different things.
[19:21] <+xyphoid> are there example cards we can look at?
[19:21] <~Dan> That being the case, how do you make cards representing superheroes reflect their diverse abilities, for example?
[19:22] <+JayHammer> there sure are :D check out the Foxhammer Press facebook page for some samples of the cards, or our website (still under construction but functional)
[19:23] <+JohnFox> Each card has text as well, that sets it apart from other cards.
[19:23] <+JohnFox> We spent a lot of time making sure that each card was representative of the theme
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[19:23] <~Dan> (Howdy, Abstruse!)
[19:23] <+Abstruse> (Sorry I'm distracted editing)
[19:23] <+silverhammer> I try to make sure the facebook page is updated at least 2 to 3 times weekly, with plenty of sneak peeks of new cards.
[19:23] <~Dan> The text has game system info?
[19:24] <+JohnFox> Its one of the things i'm most proud of about the game. We spent a lot of time saying "how would we represent super speed?" and "what is a zombie movie really like?"
[19:24] <+JayHammer> here's a link to a card, if links work here ><   (Link:
[19:24] <~Dan> They do. :)
[19:24] <+JohnFox> The text is usually specific to the card itself
[19:24] <+JohnFox> That's perfect Jay. So you see the number on the left, that's Doc Tech's cost to play and his combat ability
[19:25] <+JayHammer> You'll notice the little winged star symbol on the card i just posted. That helps integrate the systems easier. Rather than saying "hero" or "survivor" we simply have the symbol, to represent both.
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[19:25] <+xyphoid> are terms like 'deploy' and 'power' shared between games?
[19:25] <+JayHammer> Yep
[19:25] <+JohnFox> yes
[19:26] <+JohnFox> the only thing that changes between games are what we call Advantages
[19:26] <+JayHammer> Any special rules, like the Advantages in Sapphire City, are contained in special decks.
[19:26] <+xyphoid> neat, it's remniscient of FOCUS vs FURY in warmahordes
[19:26] <+JohnFox> That's a pretty apt analogy xyphoid
[19:26] <+JayHammer> each setting has it's own Advantage deck, which have the genre specific cards in them and allow for the different playstyles
[19:27] <~Dan> Do you have an example?
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[19:27] <+JayHammer> One sec :D
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[19:28] <+JayHammer> (Link:
[19:29] <+JohnFox> I'm not seeing that one Jay
[19:29] <+JayHammer> hmm...let's try that again
[19:29] <~Dan> Hmm... Now what do the skull and the winged thing mean? Villain and hero?
[19:29] <+JohnFox> In Sapphire City
[19:29] <+JohnFox> in Necropolis it represents Zombie and Survivor
[19:29] <+JayHammer> (Link:
[19:29] <+JohnFox> and in Gunslinger is Bandits and Lawmen
[19:29] <+JohnFox> There we go
[19:30] <+JayHammer> We have other types of cards as well, each represented by its own symbol.
[19:30] <+JohnFox> So in Sapphire City you are trying to gain Advantages from the Advantage deck and add them to your story board
[19:30] <+JohnFox> If you get 4 Advantages from the same story on your board at the beginning of your turn, you win the game
[19:31] <+JohnFox> The trick is that your opponent will probably need those same advantages to win
[19:31] <+JohnFox> So in true dastardly villain fashion, they will try to take htem
[19:31] <+JayHammer> (Link:
[19:31] <+JayHammer> An example of a Storyboard
[19:31] <~Dan> How does that work in play?
[19:32] <+JohnFox> Well in Sapphire City you get 2 attacks per turn. One to the advantage deck and one to the Storyboard
[19:32] <+JohnFox> Your opponent can use their characters to defend either, but they have to "Deploy" them or turn them sideways to do so
[19:33] <+JohnFox> So a character that defends an attack on the storyboard can't defend against an attack on the advantage deck
[19:33] <~Dan> How do attacks work, though?
[19:34] <+JayHammer> You announce an attack, and where, then deploy whoever you're sending. For example, i send 3 heroes, with costs 2, 3, 2
[19:35] <+JayHammer> my total attack is 7. My opponent can then choose to defend if they wish with whoever they have. they send a 5 and a 3.
[19:36] <+JayHammer> Combat is resolved, after all bonuses and cards are played, and damage is dealt. You choose how your opponent's units take damage.
[19:36] <+JayHammer> If damage gets through, then the attack is successful and you get a card from wherever you attacked.
[19:37] <+JayHammer> To attack the advantage deck, you need at least a 1 Power. a Storyboard, which represents the hero/villain "base" requires a 5 or more.
[19:37] <~Dan> Is combat resolution just a matter of adding up the points, or is there a die roll or something involved?
[19:38] <+JayHammer> No die, just the point for point- But,m there are lots of cards and H/V abilities that can adjust the points.
[19:38] <+JohnFox> Its adding up points, but keep in mind that there are other cards you can play that have their effect and don't stay on the board
[19:39] <+JohnFox> Can you give us a link to one Jay?
[19:39] <+JayHammer> Sure!
[19:39] <+JohnFox> At the moment we have 4 symbols that represent Heroes, Villains, Strategies and Powers (respectively what they represent changes from game to game)
[19:40] <+JayHammer> (Link:
[19:40] <+JohnFox> Strategies and Powers can be used in Sapphire City at any time and their effects happen and then they go to the defeated pile
[19:41] <+JayHammer> Impose Nightmares, for example, returns a "hero" to its owners hand, removing it from the combat.
[19:42] <+JohnFox> But the card can't be used on a "villain" because it doesn't have the skull symbol in the text
[19:42] <~Dan> So is it useless for a player playing a hero?
[19:42] <+JohnFox> Well that's why its in the Villain starter deck
[19:42] <~Dan> Oh! I see.
[19:43] <+JohnFox> The starting set for Sapphire City has two decks and they are both mechanically the same while being stylistically different
[19:43] <+JohnFox> There's a card just like this in the Hero deck that only affects villains
[19:43] <~Dan> Do the Powers relate in any way to character cards?
[19:44] <+JayHammer> The little sliders at the bottom show what "side" they belong to, for easy sorting. there's also a set symbol on the right side to make it easy to sort when separating decks back out that have been mixed
[19:44] <+JohnFox> The powers don't directly relate but you may see a familiar character represented on a power or strategy card. We really tried to pull out the classic hero and villain memes
[19:45] <+JohnFox> Our influence to begin with was Golden Age comics, which is why when we met Davey and the guys at APA it seemed to fit together so very well in their world
[19:45] <+JayHammer> The powers of a specific character are generally represented by their individual character cards.
[19:47] <~Dan> Ah, I see.
[19:48] <~Dan> Do you happen to have the Mr. Adventure card scanned? :)
[19:48] <+JohnFox> Its always the heroes that get the attention isn't it? :)
[19:48] <+JayHammer> I do!
[19:48] <+JayHammer> (Link:
[19:49] <+JohnFox> try again Jay
[19:49] <+JayHammer> (Link:
[19:49] <+JayHammer> (Link:
[19:49] <+JayHammer> one more time
[19:49] <+JohnFox> that one got it
[19:49] <~Dan> With feeling?
[19:50] <+JayHammer> heh
[19:50] <+JohnFox> So yeah Mr Adventure is a big guy. Puny minions aren't going to stop him
[19:50] <+JohnFox> Therefore your opponent's power has to be at least 3 to try and defend against him
[19:50] <+JohnFox> He's an intimidating guy
[19:50] <~Dan> 3 total?
[19:50] <+JayHammer> 3 each
[19:51] <+JayHammer> little guys won't even be able to try
[19:51] <~Dan> So if the villain plays 4, 1, 2, and the hero plays Mr. Adventure, only the 4 counts?
[19:51] <+JohnFox> the villain can only defend with the 4 who's still gonna be wiped off the table
[19:51] <+JayHammer> If he's attacking, only the 4 could defend.
[19:52] <+JayHammer> unless they have a good bonus
[19:52] <+JayHammer> such as the villain counterpart of this guy
[19:52] <+JayHammer> (Link:
[19:53] <~Dan> A loner, eh? :)
[19:53] <+JohnFox> once again Jay
[19:53] <+JayHammer> eeyup. But, better by himself :D
[19:53] <+JayHammer> (Link:
[19:53] <~Dan> He probably just needs plenty of room to swing his big d20.
[19:53] <+JayHammer> there we go. weird select problem there
[19:54] <+JayHammer> Now, combat in Necropolis works a bit differently.
[19:54] <~Dan> Oh, can I stop you there just a sec?
[19:54] <+JayHammer> Of course :D
[19:55] <~Dan> You mentioned damage, but I'm not clear on how that works.
[19:55] <+JayHammer> ah, okay.
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[19:55] <~Dan> Welcome, Guest81!
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[19:56] <+JohnFox> the Power of a character is how much damage they do. And that same number is how much damage they can take
[19:56] <+JohnFox> So if a hero does 5 damage to a villain with a Power of 4 that villain is going to the defeated pile
[19:56] <+JayHammer> we'll use the same example as above. i attack with a 2, 3, and 2. my opponent defends with a 5 and a 3. we'll assume no bonuses. therefore, i assign 7 damage to his people, and he assigns 8 to mine.
[19:57] <+JayHammer> i choose to pile 5 onto the 5 and let the 3 live, by only giving him 2. all my people die, however, because he has enough damage to take them all out.
[19:58] <+JayHammer> but, i managed to take out the big guy who may have given me problems later, though it cost me
[19:59] <~Dan> I see. Simple enough.
[19:59] <~Dan> Is there an easy way to track damage to a card?
[19:59] <+JayHammer> Any damage that doesn't take out a character goes away at the end of combat.
[20:00] <~Dan> Ah, gotcha.
[20:00] <~Dan> Okay, so! Combat in Necropolis!
[20:01] <+xyphoid> sounds a bit like High Command combat?
[20:01] * +John_Story has played Necropolis with Jay, so does know a bit on how that game flows.
[20:01] <+JohnFox> xyphoid similar but you can do things to augment your characters during battle in this game
[20:01] <+JohnFox> by playing strategies and powers
[20:01] <+JayHammer> Combat in Necropolis is different in that there's really no true "defense"
[20:02] <~Dan> So that's a dead issue?
[20:02] <+JayHammer> Combat starts if a zombie or survivor -or multiples- goes to a location that contains the other "faction"
[20:02] <+JayHammer> heh
[20:02] <+JohnFox> lol
[20:02] <+JayHammer> so, 2 survivors are at the Farmhouse, and 3 zombies go there. combat begins
[20:03] <+JayHammer> deployed AND undeployed ccharacters take part in the combat.
[20:04] <+JayHammer> most times, one side will be wiped out. if for some reason they are not, combat happens again at the start of the next player's turn, with them considered the attacker.
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[20:04] <~Dan> (Howdy, Squide!
[20:04] <~Dan> )
[20:05] <+JohnFox> This is where I think its great to talk about how we encorporated theme into the games. We really wanted Sapphire City to feel like you were playing a super hero story, and Necropolis to feel like a zombie movie
[20:05] <+JayHammer> i doubt this will show but here's a location
[20:05] <+JohnFox> that's why combat is differnet
[20:05] <+JayHammer> (Link:
[20:05] <+JohnFox> And its why each game plays differently while using mostly the same mechanics
[20:06] <&Le_Squide> (Heya!)
[20:06] <~Dan> Now, what do the numbers represent on the location?
[20:06] <+JayHammer> the numbers on the locations represent the resources. If you control a location (have someone there, undeployed) you can use the resources to play cards
[20:06] <+JohnFox> In Necropolis, we didn't want resources to be infinite
[20:06] <+JohnFox> After all, in a zombie movie, if you stay in one place, you get eaten
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[20:07] <+JayHammer> so, the entire game has a limited number of resources and creates a sense of urgency- because they'll run out if you take too long
[20:08] <~Dan> How do the undeployed cards work in combat?
[20:08] <+JohnFox> Its all in. Every character adds their Power to combat, whether they are deployed or not
[20:09] <+JohnFox> No shirkers or hiders in the zombie apocalypse
[20:09] <~Dan> So what's the significance of cards being deployed?
[20:09] <+JohnFox> In Necropolis, you can deploy characters to scavenge and get an advantage card
[20:09] <+JohnFox> Which in this case is equipment for the survivors and mutations for the zombies
[20:09] <+JayHammer> Now, the advantage deck for Necropolis- accessed by deploying to scavenge- gives equipment or mutations that add to a character's abilities.
[20:10] <+JohnFox> To slow Jay ;)
[20:10] <+JayHammer> You also deploy to move from one place to another
[20:10] <+JayHammer> (Link:
[20:10] <+JohnFox> So the survivors start at the Mall and zombies start at the Graveyard
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[20:11] <+JayHammer> You can always use the resources at your start location unless the other side controls it
[20:11] <~Dan> (Howdy, Talking_Yogurt!)
[20:11] <+JohnFox> Which if that happens you are probably in very bad sahpe
[20:11] <+JohnFox> shape*
[20:12] <+JayHammer> To win this one, yo9u need to control (have someone undeployed there) 7 locations at the start of your turn
[20:12] <+JayHammer> Here's a sample of the advantage cards for Necropolis
[20:12] <+JayHammer> (Link:
[20:13] <+JohnFox> Once again, the symbols come into play
[20:13] <+JohnFox> Wings are survivor equipment and skulls are zombie mutations
[20:14] <~Dan> I see that these cards are reversible. Are there not distinct decks in Necropolis?
[20:14] <+JohnFox> Yes there is a survivor deck, a zombie deck and a Scavenge (Advantage deck)
[20:15] <+JohnFox> the actual cards in the survivor and zombie deck are formatted just like the hero and villain cards in Sapphire City
[20:15] <+JayHammer> unlike SC, necropolis don't have many analogous cards between the decks
[20:15] <+JohnFox> Can you link a zombie for us Jay?
[20:15] <+JayHammer> (Link:
[20:15] * ~Dan snickers
[20:15] <~Dan> Do all the zombies have amusing names like that? :)
[20:16] <+JohnFox> so if you scavenged with No Legs here, and got a torn limb (this guy is really falling apart) he goes to 2 power when attacking
[20:16] <+JayHammer> The art for Necropolis is by a very talented guy, Randy Bishop. He has a wicked sense of humor
[20:16] <+JayHammer> heh..we try and give them some tongue-in-cheek references..such as..
[20:16] <+JohnFox> Unfortunately for those that know and love us, Jay and I are masters of "geek" humor
[20:17] <+JayHammer> (Link:
[20:17] <+JayHammer> that is one of our "Bubba" zombies
[20:17] <~Dan> Elvis has left the grave.
[20:18] <+JohnFox> We are pretty blessed to have Randy on the team for Necropolis. His artwork is perfect for the setting
[20:18] <+JayHammer> Randy's really busy working on his comic stuff for Lunar Works productions, but luckily he's taking a lot of time to do all the cards for the Necropolis and Gunslinger sets :D
[20:19] <+JohnFox> One of my favorite survivor equipment is an Ice Cream Truck
[20:19] <+JayHammer> We're trying to geep things kind of thematic. The SC cards are all comic-y, while we decided to keep Necro black and white. Gunslinger will be done in sepia tones.
[20:19] <~Dan> That is a nice touch, I agree.
[20:19] <+JayHammer> Care to tell the features of Gunslinger, John?
[20:20] <+JohnFox> Absolutely
[20:20] <+JohnFox> Gunslinger is the first multiplayer version of Paradigm
[20:20] <+JohnFox> It will consist of a Single deck that all players draw from and will have a mix of lawmen, bandits and Mercs who count as both
[20:21] <+JohnFox> Players are attempting to capture thier opponents characters by defeating them in combat and throw them in jail cells
[20:21] <+JayHammer> (Link:
[20:21] <+JohnFox> And of course, as in all good westerns, you can break your boys out
[20:21] <+JohnFox> The numbers on each cell is the power worth of characters it can hold
[20:21] <+JohnFox> So to fill up the cell at the top left, you need 7 power worth of guys
[20:22] <+JohnFox> once the cells are all filled up at the beginning of your turn, you win the game
[20:22] <+JohnFox> you can also assign characters to be gaurds who can't attack but can stay and defend your jail
[20:24] <+JohnFox> at certain times in the game you can get bounties (which are the Advantages of Gunslinger) to give you extra bonuses. After all its all about the reward
[20:25] <+JohnFox> Unfortunately the art for Gunslinger isn't finished yet, so we don't have any of them for display but they look very similar to the other cards you've seen
[20:26] <+JohnFox> Anything to add Jay?
[20:26] <+JayHammer> Ah, one thing we haven't mentioned the that the backs of the cards are all the same 9more fluid integration) while the backs of each advantage deck has its own unique design
[20:26] <+JayHammer> (Link:
[20:26] <+JayHammer> (Link:
[20:27] <+JayHammer> (Link:
[20:27] <+JayHammer> each individual advantage deck...
[20:27] <+JayHammer> and, the backs of the regular deck cards
[20:27] <+JayHammer> (Link:
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[20:28] <+JohnFox> Anything you'd like to ask about Gunslinger before we move on to Nexus Dan?
[20:28] <~Dan> Hmm...
[20:28] <~Dan> Nothing comes to mind. Let's hear about Nexus. :)
[20:28] <+JohnFox> Nexus is the fun one
[20:29] <+JohnFox> Its where you take all the cards from the other games except the advantage decks and play them together
[20:29] *** GenoFoxx has quit IRC: Disintegrated: (Link: ajax IRC Client
[20:29] <+JayHammer> Don't listen to him, they;re all the fun one :P
[20:29] <+JohnFox> In Paradigm: Nexus the whole of reality and the time stream has gone wild, opening up portals to other times
[20:29] <+JohnFox> Its a deckbuilding style game at its core
[20:30] <+JohnFox> Care to explain how it works Jay?
[20:30] <+JohnFox> This one is probably the most different from the other games in terms of play style
[20:31] <+JayHammer> Nexus allows you to use every set you have together if you want. The concept is that you're trying to stabilize your power in the nexus and lock your opponents out. This is done by gaining control of beings/abilities form all the different settings, and Portals.
[20:32] <+JayHammer> The deck of Portals will be active throughout the game. To seal a portal, you have to buy it. the power of the cards in your hand determine what you can buy and cast.
[20:32] <+JayHammer> Here's an example of a portal.
[20:32] <+JayHammer> (Link:
[20:32] <+JayHammer> Each setting has a few of its own portals. this one is a Sapphire City.
[20:33] <+JayHammer> The text at the top is the effect the portal has while it is active.
[20:33] <+JayHammer> the number on the left is how much instability the portal has. This adds to the cost of whatecer cards are in the lineup for players to buy.
[20:34] <+JayHammer> The bottom text is the bonus the card gives you at the end of the game-or in some cases right away- if you have the card during scoring.
[20:34] <+JayHammer> And, the bottom number is how much it costs to buy the portal.
[20:35] <+JayHammer> To buy things, you play cards from your hand, much like the way resources work in SC
[20:35] <+JayHammer> (Link:
[20:35] <+JayHammer> You start with certain starter cards, and augment your deck by buying cards from "Limbo", which is a set of 5 cards from the deck laid out face up.
[20:36] <+JayHammer> you can also play cards you buy to affect your opponent. You can have creatures/characters in play to attack them, and give them Paradox, which causes them to lose points at the end of the game.
[20:37] <+JayHammer> The player who can amass the most Victory Points at the end wins.
[20:37] <+JayHammer> The game is over when the last portal is purchased
[20:37] <+JohnFox> So each turn you have a choice of playing cards as you would normally play them in the other games, OR using those cards to buy more cards for your deck
[20:38] <+JohnFox> Which sets it apart from many other Deckbuilding style games
[20:39] <~Dan> Hmm....
[20:39] <~Dan> And will this be able to handle future games as well?
[20:39] <+JayHammer> Of course, the deck you buy from is made up of the other set's cards
[20:40] <+JohnFox> Mmhmm as each new game comes out, we use the same format of cards and give you new ways to play
[20:40] <+JayHammer> Oh yes. any future expansions will include portal cards with them specific to those settings
[20:40] *** WonderRat has joined #rpgnet
[20:40] *** ChanServ sets mode +v WonderRat
[20:40] <+JohnFox> We have several other ideas for incorporating new genres into Paradigm
[20:40] <~Dan> Can you share them?
[20:41] <+JohnFox> I think we can give a few hints
[20:41] *** Beelzedude has quit IRC: Disintegrated: ~ Trillian - (Link: ~
[20:41] <+JohnFox> Have you ever wanted to pity different Mythologies against each other?
[20:41] <+JohnFox> pit*
[20:41] <~Dan> Indeed.
[20:42] <+JayHammer> We have a co-op game where you're trying to stop the rise of the Lovecraftian elder gods
[20:42] <+JohnFox> AND as said earlier, we are working on making the card sytem into an RPG system as well
[20:42] <+Bigby> So when you stated at the beginning that you could mix the decks, that's actually just for the Nexus/deck-builder game, not that you can actually use Superheroes in the Zombie game or have Zombies attack your cowboys in the Western game, correct?
[20:42] <+JohnFox> Oh no you absolutely can
[20:43] <+JohnFox> Any card from the main decks is compatibale with any game
[20:43] <+JayHammer> You can use any cards in any setting. The deckbuilder is just icing.
[20:43] <+JohnFox> Zombies can fight gunslingers and superheroes can deck stand side by side with survivors
[20:43] <+JayHammer> We're hoping to see people building their own decks, and possibly have tournaments at some point.
[20:43] <+JohnFox> The only things that will not be interchangable between the games will be the Advantage decks
[20:44] <+JayHammer> But, the Advantage decks are a key to making the other cards work together. All the weird rule breaks/genre/game specific cards are in the advantages
[20:45] <+JayHammer> sort of
[20:45] <+JayHammer> >.>
[20:45] <+Bigby> So a 3 point zombie is equal to a 3 point Superman pastiche if you mix the decks up?  Basically mixing the decks just gives you more characters for whichever game you happen to be playing?
[20:46] <+JayHammer> indeed
[20:46] <+JohnFox> yes and adds some of the flavor of zombies to the super hero game
[20:46] <+JohnFox> for instance, zombies love to come back to the deck instead of the defeated pile
[20:46] <+JayHammer> so far we don't have any cards outside the deckbuilder starters that have no abilities of their own
[20:49] <~Dan> Looks like we have about 10 minutes left. Is there anything we haven't covered that you'd like to bring up?
[20:49] <+JohnFox> The great thing is that when you buy our initial offering for Paradigm, you are getting 4 complete games and when you buy the new games as we release them, you get a new game and more cards that you can add to the other games
[20:50] <+JohnFox> We will be revealing the full art set of Sapphire City at MACE in Charlotte, NC
[20:50] <+JohnFox> That's Nov 15-17th and if you are interested we highly recommend checking out
[20:50] <+JohnFox> MACE is a great gaming con run by excellent people
[20:50] <+JayHammer> I'd just like to give another shout-out to all the wonderful people who are helping make this come true. T Glenn bane for the art on SC, Randy Bishop for the art on Necro and Gunslinger, Shawna Silverman for keeping our FB page up, and all the others who have helped us get where we are.
[20:51] <+JohnFox> Yes! It has definitely been a huge group effort
[20:51] <+JohnFox> Come out to MACE, meet us, play the game and we'll be running the Kickstarter around the same time
[20:51] <+JayHammer> Also, Davey Beauchamp and Patrick Little, who both contributed a whole heckofalot to our effort :D
[20:52] <+JohnFox> You can follow our Facebook Page as well. Foxhammer Press
[20:52] <+JohnFox> and the website is
[20:52] <+JayHammer> And of course, to you, Dan, for the chance to spread the word!
[20:53] <~Dan> My pleasure!
[20:53] <+JohnFox> If you have any questions afterwards, hit up the Facebook and ask.
[20:53] <+JohnFox> This has been awesome Dan! Thanks again
[20:53] <~Dan> Oh, if I didn't mention this already, you guys are welcome to hang out and continue to field questions longer if you like.
[20:54] <+JohnFox> I'm sure we can stick around a bit
[20:54] <~Dan> The Q&A time just guarantees that you have the floor. :)
[20:54] <+silverhammer> More sneak peaks of cards and teasers of new developments will be coming on a regular basis on facebook.
[20:54] <~Dan> For that matter, I hope you guys will feel welcome to hang out with us any time you like. :)
[20:54] <+JayHammer> I can stay longer if anyone has any other questions :D
[20:54] <+JohnFox> We definitely will we play even more games than we make
[20:55] <~Dan> Can you say anything about the way you're thinking in terms of an RPG?
[20:55] <+JohnFox> Well its very tentative at the moment but we can give a few teasers
[20:56] <+JohnFox> Simplicity in design is a keyword for us at Foxhammer Press
[20:56] <+JayHammer> Well, we're thinking of maybe taking a page from some of the older card-based systems, like Dragonlance 5th Age and Marvel SAGA
[20:56] <+JayHammer> it's in a very pre-development stage at the moment, but, we know it can be done!
[20:57] <+JohnFox> The RPG will definitely keep that feel of simple rules and infinite play styles
[20:57] <~Dan> How will you avoid stepping on T. Glenn's toes in terms of APA?
[20:58] <+JayHammer> Our first RPG won't use a superheor or pulp setting.
[20:58] <+JayHammer> We've got a setting we've been tossing around a bit, which we'd probably be using
[20:58] <+JohnFox> I'm sure that our relationship with APA and Scaldcrow is just beginning. These guys have been incredibly supportive of us, and we love them.
[20:58] *** Maelthra___ has joined #rpgnet
[20:58] *** ChanServ sets mode +v Maelthra___
[20:58] *** Maelthra___ is now known as Maelthra
[20:59] <+JayHammer> Indeed. the last thing we'd want to do is step on any toes.
[20:59] <~Dan> Glenn's good people. :)
[20:59] <+TGlennBane> Bet on it.
[20:59] <+JayHammer> :D
[20:59] <+JohnFox> If any of you haven't tried T. Glenn's Bare Bones RPG I highly recommend it
[21:00] <+JayHammer> Same. it's really good, simple, yet amazingly versatile system. It's one reason Foxhammer and Scaldcrow are a good fit. Simple, yet versatile game systems!
[21:01] <+JohnFox> Foxhammer is just getting started but we already have years of ideas sitting on the back burner ready for use.
[21:01] <+JohnFox> As I said earlier, Jay is our mad scientist and if a system can be made, he'll brew it up
[21:02] <+JayHammer> >.> I do what i can
[21:02] * ~Dan chuckles
[21:02] <+JohnFox> This all started from an idea I had at work one night. I message him saying "I'd like a superhero game where you fight over plots instead of life totals"
[21:02] <+JohnFox> Two weeks later, I'd forgotten about it and Jay says "I've got your game designed"
[21:03] <+JohnFox> 2 weeks
[21:03] <~Dan> Awesome. :)
[21:03] <+JohnFox> and outside of small details the game really hasn't changed much
[21:03] <+JohnFox> except to just get bigger and bigger
[21:03] <+JayHammer> and, well, it looks WAY better now
[21:03] <+JohnFox> Yes its come a long way from scraps of paper behind Magic cards on my kitchen table
[21:04] <+silverhammer> ...and hand-cutting 50+ sets of the game on a wobbly card table as cats careen across it at regular intervals.  >.<
[21:05] <+JohnFox> haha yeah that was a hectic weekend
[21:05] <+silverhammer> and then the next week and a half or so
[21:05] <+JayHammer> (Link:
[21:05] <+JayHammer> That's what the prototype set looked like.
[21:06] <+JayHammer> well, the "finished" prototype.
[21:06] <+JohnFox> Yeah definitely a big thanks to Patrick Little for showing us the pathways of Photoshop
[21:06] <+silverhammer> and to Randy Bishop as well
[21:06] <+TGlennBane> BY the way, they kept full tables at every convention I attended with them, with those same plain cards.
[21:07] <+JayHammer> I'm just glad the cards are finally looking as good as the game plays (if i may say so myself)
[21:07] <~Dan> They do look pretty cool. :)
[21:08] <~Dan> I need to head out for now. The wife wants to watch American Horror Story. :)
[21:08] <+JayHammer> heh. alrighty. i should probably scoot myself.
[21:08] <+JohnFox> Thanks again Dan!
[21:08] <~Dan> I'll have the log posted momentarily!
[21:08] <+JohnFox> And everyone who hung out to listen
[21:08] <+JayHammer> I will be around here and there if anyone has more questions. Or, hit up our Facebook page!
[21:09] <+JayHammer> Thanks everyone! Glenn, talk with you soon!

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