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[Q&A] Eloy Lasanta (Part-Time Gods: Divine Instruments)

[19:05] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Well, I'm Eloy Lasanta, owner/operator of Third Eye Games. I'm a gamer/publisher/layout artist/pizza-lover/game designer/business owner/freelancer and a bunch of stuff in between there. Fun stuff!
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[19:05] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> I've had some success with my RPGs/Games, released in the following order: Apocalypse Prevention, Inc., Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade, Part-Time Gods, Mermaid Adventures, Camp Myth: The RPG, Top Billing - The Movie Making Card Game
[19:06] <~Dan> (Welcome to #rpgnet, LilFluff!)
[19:06] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> I'm primarily here to talk about Part-Time Gods, as it is in the midst of a new Kickstarter - (Link:
[19:07] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> This Kickstarter is for Divine Instruments, the first sourcebook for the game line, and we have a ton of stretch goals that can really round out the game with lots of awesome new material.
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[19:07] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Oh and Sinister RPG, this is currently an open beta on my web site ((Link: I always forget one
[19:08] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Um, ok, done. I guess that's enough of an intro.
[19:08] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> or rather (done)
[19:08] <~Dan> Thanks, Eloy!
[19:08] <~Dan> Would anyone like to start us off with a question?
[19:09] <~Dan> Then I shall start!
[19:09] <~Dan> Can you give us an overview of the book, Eloy?
[19:10] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Sure thing!
[19:10] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Divine Instruments focuses on three very important aspects of being a god in the Part-Time Gods setting (and honestly any god-like setting)
[19:11] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> The first is Worshippers, giving more info on how to gain more followers, what they can do for you in this modern setting and how you can make one into a Champion of your godhood
[19:12] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> The second is Relics, giving more options for creating your own magic artifacts, and providing a slew of legendary ones that your entire campaign can center on. Also, rules for soulbound relics are pretty cool.
[19:13] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> the third is Territory and how the god can acquire more and protect what they have. Tons of new options for this, as it was most in need of actual rules (Territory was more backdrop/fluff in the corebook)
[19:13] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> (done)
[19:13] <~Dan> How powerful are Champions?
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[19:15] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Depends on what you're comparing them to. They'll never be more powerful than the god that created them, but a Champion could take on a fledgeling god for sure.
[19:15] <~Dan> (Welcome to #rpgnet, SwiftOne! Here for the Q&A?)
[19:15] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> If you're talking about how tough are they in a fight, there's something to be said for being a Champion for the God of War vs. the god of Baked Goods (done)
[19:16] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> It's more about what they can give you as a player. They are a special kind of worshipper who has devoted their life to you, giving you certain advantages (like using them as a vessel to see and speak through and imparting part of your divine power onto them to fight on your behalf)
[19:16] <~Dan> Are they mainly different in scale than gods, or are there more fundamental differences?
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[19:17] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Some sample stats for Champions are given in the corebook. They are basically hyper-actualized mortals, blessed with the power of the god they serve
[19:18] <~Dan> (Welcome to #rpgnet, Bri!)
[19:18] <+SwiftOne> One thing in the book I found under-covered was the transfer of Spark.  Must gods die to pass it on?
[19:18] <+Bri> Thanks Dan.
[19:19] <~Dan> (Bri: Here for the Q&A?)
[19:19] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Good question SwiftOne.
[19:19] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Part of the conceit of Part-Time Gods is that being a god isn't always what it'
[19:19] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> it's cracked up to be.
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[19:20] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> The only way to lose your Spark is to die, yes. Otherwise, you'd just give it away if it were a hassle
[19:20] <~Dan> (Howdy, jcfiala!)
[19:20] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> If there was a way to do it without dying, it'd be the Order of Meskhenet that would know the ritual for it.
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[19:21] <+SwiftOne> I can see that reducing the incentive to choose a successor though.
[19:21] <+Bri> Any plans on having wizards/witches/etc. in a future supplement?
[19:22] <+Bri> Um sorry if that is out of the blue *blushes*
[19:22] <~Dan> (No worries, Bri! The floor's open to questions unless I call for a question pause to let Eloy catch up.)
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[19:23] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Swiftone - I can see that. Most of Part-Time Gods is about surviving in the violent and new environment that is the Coming Storm. Most gods today aren't looking for a successor, they are looking for a way to continue living and not have all their Bonds destroyed.
[19:23] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> your statement basically is the reason why I suggested that the Order of Meskhenet would know how to transfer without death. They are all about successors.
[19:25] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> No problem, Bri - The Warlock's Fate are actually the "wizards" of the setting, hence why they require a focus item (like a wand) to pour their divine energy into.
[19:25] <+SwiftOne> Thanks for the answer.  Does the Between Worlds potential supplement cover the Lands of the Dead?
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[19:26] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Oh yes! Between Worlds will be covering Lands of the Dead (in their various cultural forms) as well as some of the heavenly worlds like Asgard and Olympus. All covered in there. I'm actually really excited about the possibility of getting that book out.
[19:27] <+Bri> Thanks for the Eloy.  I know in my group we also allowed 'mortals' to capture a God, but rather someone slaying the deity wholesale for the spark, managing to 'shave' off parts of the deity, and each member gain a vestige of power.  Of course, still ended in the death of a god.
[19:27] <+SwiftOne> I was really excited when I learned PTG was a modern-setting (somehow that detail wasn't emphasized enough for me to pick up on).  My second excitement was that a Fate expansion was possible - what happens if the Kickstarter is greatly successful but not so great that it gets all the stretch goals?
[19:28] <+Bri> *ugh*  Answer.  And any chance in Between Worlds of having a world of reflection?  Like mirrors, water, etc...although as just portals to 'mythic' realms is great too.
[19:28] <+Bri> Sorry, the 'answer' was thanks for the answer Eloy
[19:29] <+LilFluff> A quick Q, for someone coming in completely new to the game. Where's it lay on the seriousness continuum? Some of it sounds serious (balancing mortal and divine life/duties), but some of it silly (the god of baked goods mentioned up above).
[19:29] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Bri - I can see that. That was one of the cool design elements of devouring a soul actually, was that if two gods ate the soul of a God of Storm, one may get the Sky Dominion and the other Lightning, so it does split up that way.
[19:29] <+dragonsoul> what about non human gods lioke dragons,tgiants,fay,or mor mundane non human gods like gods that are animals then humans? it gets brought up allot in the current campaign i am running.
[19:29] <~Dan> (Question pause, please.
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[19:29] <~Dan> )
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[19:30] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> SwiftOne - Yep! Modern setting. Basically, what stretch goals we hit now will be what we focus on now. The others will likely see the light of day at some point, but it could be some time if the funding is there.
[19:31] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Lilfluff - The setting and game itself is pretty serious, but I've seen some wacked out concepts (like god of baked goods or god of balloons). In a game what you can "be the god of whatever you want", some people take it in directions that wholly intended by the core concept.
[19:33] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> dragonsoul - Well, Part-Time Gods was more of a rewriting of the origin of gods as a whole. It could be that that raven you saw could have just been the God of Ravens in their "preferred" form, you know? That said, the expansion on Dragons will obviously cover new concepts for that. Giants and Elves (fae) are covered in the corebook though.
[19:34] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> I think that's everyone. (Done)
[19:34] <+Bri> If you do an angels expansion, will they also include 'infernal' types?  Truth be known, I've been mostly running angels as outsiders as well.
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[19:36] <~Dan> (wb, SwiftOne_!)
[19:36] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Bri - Angels in the corebook are described as those gods who protected humans during the God Wars to the point that humans idolized them and built monuments to them. That said, the Angel Expansion will actually be taking a slight detour from that in a really cool way. I almost don't want to say before it's unlocked as a stretch, cause it's pretty damn cool.
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[19:37] <+Bri> No spoilers needed then, ;)
[19:37] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> I will say this... All the Angels are dead. :-)
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[19:38] <~Dan> (Howdy, KJ!)
[19:38] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> um (done)
[19:39] <+Bri> For Minions of the Source, any chance of seeing other...entities...from other cultures?  I could see bunyip (Australian), couatl, etc?
[19:39] <+dragonsoul> so there more like the celistine order from myth
[19:41] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Bri - Totally! It was a design goal to mix as many cultures as possible into the game. One of my favorite Outsiders from the corebook is the Mananangaal from Filipino Myth. So, yes, those are big possibilites. About half the book is going to be devoted to new monster/outsiders/Touched/etc.
[19:42] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> dragonsoul - can you clarify your question?
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[19:43] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> (done) otherwise
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[19:44] <~Dan> What is the incentive to create Relics?
[19:44] <+dragonsoul> the celistine order were angels that during the war choose to defend earth then fellow the banners of any of the waring partys
[19:45] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Dragonsoul - Then, yes, definitely! :-)
[19:46] <+dragonsoul> i was wondering if relics are attuned to specific gods or is it generilistic
[19:47] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Dan - Relics are magical artifacts that can grant a god power outside of their dominion or more focused power. They are things like Thor's Hammer. Sure, he could use his power to summon a storm and jazz, but his hammer was specifically for putting the
[19:47] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> smack down on someone.
[19:47] <+Bri> I know I'm looking forward to expanded relic rules (as mentioned on the kickstarter).  After all, why use some has-been's toys ;)
[19:47] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> The thing about Relics is that the artform has been lost for a long long time, to anyone besides the Dwarves
[19:48] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Divine Instruments actually introduces rules for having gods in your story who have rediscovered the ability to craft new relics.
[19:49] <+Bri> And I do like the play on words...Divine Instruments (the gods, or their followers) as well as their relics, etc.
[19:49] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> When a god finds a relic, they have to try to attune to it and there are rules for that in the Part-Time Gods corebook. The more powerful the Relic, the harder it is for just anyone to pick it up and use it, too, which was key in Relic development
[19:49] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Bri - Thanks! I thought it fit, since it's basically a big book of tools the gods can use. :-)
[19:50] <+SwiftOne_> I particularly like that worshippers aren't required - puts an end to a common D&D-ism.
[19:50] <+Bri> Do you have the majority of Theologies planned for Divine Instruments?
[19:50] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> SwiftOne - Totally. Worshippers are just 1 way to power, but some gods just ignore them entirely.
[19:51] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Bri - We do! 3 brand new ones, one focused on each of the tools (Worshippers, Relics, Territory)
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[19:52] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Part-Time Gods is great for flexible character building. No two characters are alike, even if they have the same dominion, which is one of its selling factors I think.
[19:52] <+SwiftOne_> What is the normal way you see a new divinity learning about what just happened?
[19:53] <+Bri> The flexibility is a good thing.  In reference to an earlier comment/question by dragonsoul, my group actually did allow for non-human deities, and the game is flexible enough (with some forethought) to allow it.  Of course, allowing 'non-humans' as it were does change the focus a little.
[19:54] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> As the Coming Storm is approaching, the Theologies are scooping up newbie gods and teaching them (more like giving them a crash course) in what it takes to a god. This is actually one of the reasons Theologies play a big role in the game, cause their outlooks are often all the characters know of their godhood.
[19:55] <+dragonsoul> what about a god that chooses to not fellow a theology
[19:55] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Bri - It does. "humans using magic" kind of just falls under Touched for me. I would probably make their magic more like spells and less flexible and divine than the gods get to use. Otherwise, seems unfair. lol
[19:55] <+SwiftOne_> Am I correct in assuming that divinities can kill each other for their spark, but that puck's sparks are out of their reach (barring the puck eater's temp benefits)?
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[19:56] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> There are rules in the corebook for the Undecided. Basically means they don't get the Theology-specific Blessing and Fatal Flaw and lose out on a couple of bonus points to their Manifestations.
[19:57] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> So, yeah, without a Theology you lose out on a big theme of the setting and some mechanical things as well.
[19:57] <+dragonsoul> i seen that is there plans to adress that in future books or is that it for the undecided
[19:58] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> dragonsoul - We may touch on it more in the Book of Theologies, but it's said pretty clearly in the corebook - gods without a theology don't last long
[19:58] <+Bri> Although, a god without a theology can be an interesting element in a game as various people 'campaign' for his vote as it were.
[19:58] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Swiftone_ - Yes. When a Puck is killed, that spark usually implodes or flies away to another human. It doesn't stay still long enough to be devours. lol
[19:59] <+SwiftOne_> speaking of same dominion - I noticed that in the book.  Dominions aren't unique?  Are there any details/subtleties to that?
[20:00] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Bri - Totally! Being undecided is a fun way to play through prologues of new gods turning from human to divine and trying to find their way. Finding a Theology is definitely in the cards for most gods. Even if they aren't looking for a Theology, the Theologies are hungry for new members
[20:01] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Swiftone_ - Nope, Dominions are not unique. There isn't 1 god of war, there are multiple gods of war.
[20:01] <+BlasterKyubey210> of diffrent Mythologicals indeed
[20:02] <+SwiftOne_> For the Kickstarter, does access to PDF expansions get you the PDFs of unlocked sourcebooks, or just the ones that are PDF only?
[20:02] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> a lot of what separates gods with the same dominions are their backgrounds (occupations), their view of the divine world (Theologies) and their general outlook on life (concept)
[20:04] <+BlasterKyubey210> So, to use some famous examples, Ares is one thing, but Tyr is another
[20:04] <+BlasterKyubey210> Both in the field of War
[20:05] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> So, if you have a God of War who is a Lawyer and a Phoenix Society member who just got kicked out of the house by his wife, you're way different than a God of War who is a cage Fighter and a member of the Puck Eaters who has a kid on the way and bleeds day in and day out to pay the bills.
[20:05] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> SwiftOne_ - Gets you the PDF Expansion. The PDFs for the Sourcebooks are separate.
[20:06] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Agreed BlasterKyubey210
[20:07] <~Dan> You've touched on this a bit, but can you give us the rundown on other supplements in the works?
[20:07] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Sure!
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[20:07] <~Dan> (Howdy, Le_Squide!)
[20:08] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Minions of the Source is the book that'll focus on the big bad of the setting, the Source (the thing that created gods and outsiders and everything (maybe?)). Half the book will be about different angles you can take with the Source in your stories and the other half will focus on more antagonists
[20:09] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Between Worlds is the book of jumping between dimensions and exploring all the different worlds the gods once lived in (and some with inhabitants still). It'll talk about what happened to the old gods and which ones are still alive (that you should totally be scared to meet).
[20:10] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Book of Theologies is going to go deeper into how to effectively use Theologies in your story, including power bases, motivations and whatnot for the existing ones and giving a lot of new ones as well.
[20:11] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> PDF Expansions include Harder They Fall (on Giants), Angels Among Us (on Angels), World According to Pucks (Pucks) and Return of Dragons (Dragons)
[20:11] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> And then there's the FATE conversion and the Part-Time Gods Anthology.
[20:12] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Pretty sure that's all of them. It's a doozy of a kickstarter and there's a lot of time to still achieve a good number of Stretch goals.
[20:12] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> (Link:
[20:12] <+Bri> Heh, and a worthwhile Kickstarter in my opinion ;)
[20:13] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Awwww, thanks Bri!
[20:13] <~Dan> Can you say a bit about the nature of Giants and Dragons?
[20:15] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Giants are somewhat covered in the corebook, but are getting a much more complete take in Harder They Fall. They are the giant beings that live in the clouds or the mountains or the hell dimensions. They have a dominion like gods do and rival gods in power, which is cool. Some of them sided with gods during the god wars, but most hate gods (new and old)
[20:16] <+SwiftOne_> Have you looked into epub editions of any of the PTG series?  PDF is harder(slower) to load/skim, while the 6x9 format is pretty awesome for all manner of readers and tablets. (that said, PDF is way better than only dead-tree,even if I'm paying to get both)
[20:17] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Dragons in Part-Time Gods are more like ephemeral entities than "giant winged lizards". We have a fresh take on them that we hope everyone will enjoy!
[20:18] <*everyone*> I'm sure I will.
[20:18] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> SwiftOne_ - Haven't considered epub, but only due to time. It'd be cool to have them, but haven't put the the time in to figure out how to make one.
[20:18] <+Bri> Something you may consider, when you get to the Otherworlds book, is maybe some 'world-building' tricks new Gods can use.  Whether it is to give one bigger closet space, to an ambition of a Pantheon to 'create' a place to whether out the coming Storm
[20:18] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Wait? Is someone's name *everyone*? That's awesome. lol
[20:19] <~Dan> (Nah. Just an NPC. :) )
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[20:19] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Bri - Agreed. There will definitely be rules for gods to make their own pocket dimension. totally!
[20:19] <~Dan> That'll be cool. :)
[20:20] <~Dan> So how powerful can PC-created relics get as compared to the "old school" relices?
[20:20] <~Dan> relics
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[20:23] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Dan - player created relics will end up getting to about a 6 compared to legendary relics at a 10. Thing about the legendary Relics is that they often defy the idea of power levels. For instance, the Game of Fate, where two gods assign a mortal to their pieces and play a chess match. For every piece they lose, a part of their mortal's life is destroyed.
[20:23] <~Dan> (Welcome to #rpgnet, Ark2013!)
[20:24] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> How do you stat that up? You kinda don't. The more powerful the item, the less usable it is in a general sense in game
[20:24] <+Bri> Game of Fate?  I detect a fondness for a scene in the original Clash of the Titans...
[20:24] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> :-D
[20:24] <+Bri> ;)
[20:25] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> But that's why the more powerful Relics end up being something an entire story arch will revolve around, as opposed to an item a random god just carries around. lol
[20:26] <+Bri> Although I imagine it will also be possible for a newer relic to gain in power.  After all, a god can gain more power (at the cost of their humanity) and it stands to reason they should be able to empower relics.
[20:27] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> That's the thing about "newer relics" though. They are impossible to make anymore for anyone (besides for the Dwarves expert skill).
[20:27] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> so it becomes a mad dash to scoop up Relics when you find them because there aren't any "new" ones
[20:27] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> however, Divine Instruments changes that with rules for having players make gods who have rediscovered the ability to make Relics.
[20:29] <+Bri> About the dwarves (and other Outsiders with what they have to offer), it actually gives a good reason for a Pantheon to not have a 'kill them all and let the Source sort them out' attitude.
[20:29] <~Dan> Is that something new (in terms of the setting)?
[20:30] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Bri - Exactly. All the Outsiders actually have "something" to offer, especially if you're a Puck-Eater.
[20:31] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Dan - in terms of character creation, the player can use the rules in the book to create a relic they either found or was imbued with Spark at the same moment as them. In terms of the setting, you can't "make" a new relic until Divine Instruments
[20:31] <~Dan> Just to be clear, you're saying that this is an ability that's
[20:31] <~Dan> oops
[20:31] <~Dan> that's just been rediscovered?
[20:32] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> In the games I run, i use a Satyr contact named Tazio that is basically the Outsider snitch. Fun character and the gods kind like him cause he's comical and useful.
[20:32] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Correct.
[20:32] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> During the God Wars, gods could make their own Relics, but that's just one more thing they lost a long time ago
[20:33] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> (done)
[20:34] <+dragonsoul> so anuther god war brewing before the storm
[20:34] <+Bri> Will there be suggestions for making 'duration' permanent, depending on the power/ability.  I had a player who essentially wanted to play Pygmalion, and I allowed them to bring their Galatea to life, but at the cost of a permanent Spark point.  (Shaving some of their divinity to give life to stone, permanently)
[20:35] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> I could totally see another God War happening, probably between the Theologies. But there are always skirmishes between pantheons, usually over Territory/Relics, going on every day
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[20:35] <+SwiftOne_> What do you want, from we fans, aside from buying the product?
[20:36] <~Dan> Can Relics have a "One Ring"-like ability, with gods investing part of themselves into an item?
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[20:36] <~Dan> (Welcome back, Sammuell! Q&A in progress; #rpgnet2 open for general chat. :) )
[20:36] <+Ark2013> Can relics be intelligent?
[20:37] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Bri - That's a good way to do it, actually.
[20:38] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> SwiftOne_ - That's a hard question. Any creator wants to know that people are enjoying his/her creations, so having such a spirited discussion like this (and on our forums) is always fun and rewarding. Did you have anything in mind?
[20:39] <~Dan> Writing reviews is always helpful, I'd think. ;)
[20:39] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Dan and Ark2013 - Yes and no (and vice versa). There are Soulbound Relics which are Relics that gods poured their essence into to avoid the God Wars. Essentially, they are ultra-powerful gods now trapped by their own doing. Some of these Soulbound relics have begun to breakdown and the gods are fighitng to be freed again. This is covered in Divine Instruments
[20:40] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Review! Spreading the word! Playing the game with people who have never played! I have an Adept Program for people who want to help do that kind of thing ((Link:
[20:42] <~Dan> Can you give an example of a Soulbound Relic?
[20:42] <+SwiftOne_> Nothing in particular in mind, just enjoying the setting more than anything recent (despite a glut of really great games lately) and wanted to see it succeed
[20:42] <+Ark2013> was about to ask if i can put my entire self in to a relic and hand it to the chosen one without killing myself in the process
[20:42] <+Bri> Are there any plans for more entitlements/manifestations in future books?
[20:44] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Triton is actually a Soulbound Relic in Divine Instruments, preserved in a trident that gives any god who finds it supreme over the waves. Really great stuff!
[20:45] <+Ark2013> that answers my question ty Eloy
[20:45] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Bri - Entitlements, yes! Manifestations, no. You can do pretty much anything you need to do with those 8 Manifestation skills, but there's always room for more Entitlements. :-)
[20:46] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> No prob Ark2013!
[20:47] <+Ark2013> any way for new gods to create realms of their own in divine instruments?
[20:47] <+Ark2013> or is it locked that stretch goal?
[20:47] <~Dan> EloyLasanta-3EG: As always, you're welcome to stay and chat as long as you like, but is there anything you'd like to bring up in the last 10 minutes of "regular" time that we haven't covered?
[20:47] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Ark2013 - Nope. That'll end up being covered in Between Worlds
[20:48] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> one of the stretch goals
[20:48] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Thank you, Dan, for inviting me to #rpgnet totally! I always love coming here. Don't know why I don't come more often. lol
[20:49] <~Dan> Me neither. :)
[20:49] <+Bri> I do want to thank you for taking my questions...and my pestering on the Kickstarter thread.  ;)
[20:49] <+Ark2013> same here <Victor Serrano
[20:49] <~Dan> You know you're always welcome to hang out and/or to pimp your games, as you like. :)
[20:49] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> You're never a both, Bri. :-)
[20:49] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> bother
[20:50] <~Dan> For that matter, I hope those of you who showed up to chat with Eloy will feel welcome to visit us again.
[20:50] <+dragonsoul> what about sinister eloy ?
[20:50] <+Ark2013> ty Dan
[20:51] <+dragonsoul> oh i spend time chatting not often is of late but i do spend time in chat oand on the sight
[20:52] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> we totally didn't have any time for Sinister. lol.
[20:52] <+dragonsoul> i know
[20:52] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> any last minute questions about Part-Time Gods? If not, I'll take a few questions about Sinister before I log off and have family time.
[20:52] <~Dan> Well, like I said, you're welcome to hang out with us and talk about it if you like. :)
[20:52] <+dragonsoul> well what is sinister for those not in the know
[20:53] <+Bri> With Minions of the source, will we get more info on the source herself?
[20:53] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Yep. First half of the book is exploration into what the source could be and how to use it in your stories.
[20:53] <+dragonsoul> the source is gaia is what my current play group thinks
[20:53] <+Bri> I tend to have it as a force of nature, sometimes subtle, sometimes overt...sometimes beneficial, sometimes destructive.
[20:54] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> I described Sinister earlier, but it's Post Apocalyptic Pokemon in a nutshell.
[20:54] <+Bri> And good idea not to put it as a 'set in stone' but rather, 'It could be this...'
[20:54] <+Ark2013> wooo Post Apocalyptic Pokemon! hah
[20:55] <~Dan> Based on what Eloy said about the Source, I visualized it as something like Abhoth.
[20:55] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Bri - Yep. We'll be having a "what if the source if like this" and then "but what if it's this", so that you can use whatever version you like most
[20:55] <+dragonsoul> your still having the playtest right i have seen nothing posted on sinister, is for part time gods is there somthing older then the source?
[20:56] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> The playtest docs for Sinister is up here: (Link:
[20:57] <~Dan> Oh, that reminds me, Eloy...
[20:57] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> The setting for Part-Time Gods specifically says that gods were created when humans found the source, which means humans already existed
[20:57] <~Dan> ...A new offer I've been making to our guests is to help arrange a playtest game via IRC.
[20:58] <+dragonsoul> i would be interested in that
[20:58] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> that sounds cool
[20:58] <+Bri> Good idea Dan...
[20:58] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> never done a chat game really. I did some forum games, but you mostly throw the rules out in those kinds of things.
[20:59] * ~Dan nods
[20:59] <+dragonsoul> ya thatss statted in the book i mean is there somthing older then the source out there sence im sure the source is older then humanity the fay the dwarves and the other.
[20:59] <~Dan> Well, I'd be glad to show you the ropes. I've been doing that for well over a decade now. :)
[21:00] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> dragonsoul - Oh, then no. The Source is the source. lol
[21:00] <+locutus> i'd would join in on playtest games :-)
[21:00] <+dragonsoul> sounds fun times be interested in that
[21:01] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> I will have to clear some time on my schedule and see when I can do it. Kickstarters drain a lot of valuable time. lol
[21:01] * ~Dan chuckles
[21:01] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> and then do I run it for Part-Time Gods (which doesn't need playtesting) or for Sinister? hmmmmm
[21:01] <+Bri> Not to mention you have to have personal time, etc.   ;)
[21:02] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Personal time? What's that?
[21:02] <+Bri> *chuckles*
[21:02] <~Dan> Heh. :)
[21:04] <+Ark2013> hehe
[21:04] *** BPIJonathan has joined #rpgnet
[21:04] *** ChanServ sets mode +v BPIJonathan
[21:04] <+dragonsoul> its up to u eloy what ever you choose to run i am all for getting a chance to to be at a game table with you
[21:04] <~Dan> I'll go ahead and make this the end of the "official" Q&A for logging purposes, but please feel free to stick around as long as you like, folks!

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