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[Q&A] Breandán Ó Ciarraí (Dark Nova)

[19:04] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> Hi all, my name is Breandán Ó Ciarraí, and I am the writer and lead developer for Dark Nova Games. Our flagship game is the Dark Nova RPG, a sci-fi tabletop RPG set in the early 24th century.
[19:06] <+GenoFoxx> that isn't Star Trek ;)
[19:07] * +GenoFoxx waits for the backlash
[19:07] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> it's a unique system designed to be adaptable and handle a variety of adventure styles, campaigns and play types ranging from space-opera to ground-based espionage and subterfuge. There are five overall archetypes within the game, each with six occupations for a total of thirty character classes. However, the game is largely skill-based in determining how
[19:07] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> a character fits into the universe, so there is a great deal of adaptability
[19:07] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> (done)
[19:07] <~Dan> Thanks, Breandan_OCiarrai!
[19:07] <~Dan> Any questions to start us off?
[19:08] <~Dan> (I'll give them a few moments before asking my own.)
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[19:08] <+Yalborap> This might not make any sense, but you mentioned an archetype system...Is it more like American tabletop RPGs where there's a fair bit of assigning numbers before/after you pick your role, or more like Japanese RPGs with a heavy focus of going from blank sheet to character ASAP?
[19:09] <+GenoFoxx> What's next after Fortune and Glory?
[19:09] <~Dan> Breandan, can you give us an overview of the setting and what makes it unique?
[19:09] <~Dan> (Question pause.)
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[19:09] <+GenoFoxx> (or not)
[19:10] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> Yal- there's three attributes, Physical, Mental and Social, each with three subsidiary ability scores (Strength, Agility and Endurance for Physical, for example) that are rolled randomly in a manner familiar for those who have played AD&D. Skills are based on the resulting attributes, with some modifiers. That being said, however, I encourage a well-thought
[19:11] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> out character concept and background supercede dice rolls, and have GM guidelines in the main book for how to tweak raw dice rolls to fit such a concept without breaking the game
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[19:12] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> Geno- Currently I am working on WAR!, which will focus on the militaries and mercenary corporations, the conflicts in Free Space as well as the cold war between the Terran Alliance of Nations and the Orion Empire. This is the expansion where you get to see the cutting edge hardware and war machines
[19:13] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> as well as rules for squad, platoon and company level battles and fleet engagements.
[19:13] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> Dan- the setting is actually based on a series of novels I have been working on for many years. I got roped into writing an RPG by family and friends who read excerpts, and the next thing I know the game took over and hit shelves before the novels :D
[19:14] <~Dan> :D
[19:15] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> As a setting, it doesn't attempt to create some futuristic Utopia or Dystopia, it's what we see around us today with higher tech, bigger numbers, wider space, and more players on the chess board. So, in a way, it is familiar to 21st century people while at the same time having almost magical levels of technology... for those who can afford it
[19:15] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> (done)
[19:15] <+Silverlion> What is the core element of its SF premise? (I.e what do you do?)
[19:15] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> the characters or me as the writer?
[19:17] <~Dan> (I think he means the characters.)
[19:17] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> For the players- and by proxy, their characters- the motivations in the game are as widely varied as any adventurous type today's would be. Profit for some, moral idealism for others, the quest to see the unknown, etc.
[19:17] <+Silverlion> The characters--what do they do? What shapes them or drive them?
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[19:18] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> between the political machinations of the TAN member nations and the independent Freespace nations, the industrial espionage and intrigues of the corporations, the organized crime activities of the Syndicates, and the various and sundry interactions with various alien races ranging from trade to "please don't eat me!", it gives the GM a lot of tools to work
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[19:19] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> with to create new missions to get the players out the door. It could be as simple as "we're out of money and need to eat" to riding in to save the day as heroes when a colony is under attack or a major disaster sends out the all-call to ships to evacuate
[19:20] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> The reason they are out and about in the wider world is up to the players, but I think for most a good healthy payday is the common trend ;)
[19:20] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> (done)
[19:20] <+GenoFoxx> Are the Capellans coming back?
[19:20] <~Dan> You mentioned near-magical tech... Can you give us some examples of bleeding edge tech in various areas?
[19:21] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> Geno- Spoilers :D
[19:21] <~Dan> (And if they do, will people scream "Ah! Capellans!"?
[19:21] <~Dan> )
[19:22] <+GenoFoxx> (the pain, the pain)
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[19:22] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> Dan- Nanotechnology has evolved to the point where it medical technology rivals magic in its ability to heal and even bring back the recently dead. Likewise, with a few exceptions, almost any material can be replicated in a nanovat from base materials as the nanites rearrange the atomic structure to the desired profile. Thus, you can literally grow a house, a
[19:23] <+GenoFoxx> antigravity, antimatter reactors, particle beams and antiparticle beams have superseeded lasers
[19:23] <+GenoFoxx> (sorry if I stepped on your toes Breandan
[19:24] <~Dan> (No toe-stepping. Geno. ;) )
[19:24] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> new arm, repair a damaged ship by parking next to an asteroid, grow machines, etc. Genetic engineering has also created leaps that we today would have a hard time grasping. Not just the big ones such as the creation of the Ahruga or Rakshasa, but subtle and more long-lasting ones such as generations of minor tweaking making humans of the 24th century look
[19:25] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> very different from us today. Even in the harshest Fringe colonies, the settlers carry generations of genetic modification that started in the early 21st century (i.e., today) that have compiled to leave them resistant to pathogens, has virtually eliminated cancer and most genetic disorders and diseases, allows them to adapt to minor-to-moderate differences
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[19:26] <+GenoFoxx> is this a result of the Fall?
[19:27] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> in gravity, solar radiation, etc. on the worlds they settled, etc. Humanity has become more diverse than ever before, and that's before including things such as bio or cyber augmentation. Add to that technologies such as gravity manipulation, advanced quantum physics, quantum tunneling (wormholes, used for FTL), and so on, and with the right money backing it
[19:27] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> there's few limits to what can be accomplished.
[19:27] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> (done)
[19:27] <~Dan> Impressive!
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[19:27] <~Dan> So is this a post-scarcity society, and if so, what motivates people?
[19:28] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> oh, it's not post-scarcity. There's still wealth, haves and have-nots, and commerce, the materials and methods have just changed
[19:28] <~Dan> Ah, I see.
[19:28] <+GenoFoxx> was the genemods instituted as a result of the Fall?
[19:29] <+GenoFoxx> were
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[19:29] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> Corellium- the exotic matter used to fuel jump engines- and several organic-based compounds cannot be synthesized, and thus they are the new gold and silver. Most valuable- and most fought over- is information. Data is the new currency of the black market and industrial espionage- nanite programming matrices, virtual blueprints, biometric data, DNA sequences,
[19:29] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> etc. are all the trade of the roguish and the nefarious
[19:31] <~Dan> How even is the distribution of tech among the starfaring species?
[19:31] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> Geno- no, they actual predate the Fall, paused during it (for obvious reasons, kinda hard to worry about tweaking a baby for blue eyes in-utero when you have no electricity, it's winter in June, and the guys down the street armed with stolen military hardware aren't here to chat about sports), but picked back up afterwards
[19:31] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> Dan- varies wildly. Some, such as the Teek, are centuries ahead of Terran Standard, while others such as the Namaran aren't much more advanced than we are today
[19:32] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> even within Terran space the disparity is wildly varied. Core Worlds are the highest tech, having been the first worlds settled at the end of the 21st and beginning of the 22nd centuries, whereas the Fringe is often very low tech, some places even 19th to 20th century in tech levels
[19:33] <~Dan> Firefly?
[19:33] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> some races such as the Duroth are from primitive, iron-age worlds that gained access to the wider galaxy and technology due to being uplifted by other races
[19:33] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> Similar, but not quite that bad
[19:33] * ~Dan nods
[19:34] <~Dan> Speaking of the races, can you give us a rundown of those available as PCs?
[19:34] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> even a Fringe colony will have a spaceport and likely have some sort of orbital or planetary defenses, even if it's just a few well-armed freighters floating overhead. Mining colonies often have shanty towns for their workers, but top-notch AP lancer defense turrets and well-armed, well-trained mercenary troops protecting their facilities
[19:35] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> There are nine core races in the main book, three more added by Fortune and Glory.
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[19:36] <+xyphoid_> do you address FTL as time travel?
[19:36] <+xyphoid_> like, how hard is the SF
[19:37] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> the core races are the Ahruga- genetically-engineered humans from Gaelic stock who have embraced the warrior-poet ways of their ancestors, the Garoudan- lupine-appearing predators who evolved rapidly due to the evolutionary pressures of their homeworld, Humans- in three flavours as explained in the novels, K'Thari- an imperialistic race of humanoids of feline
[19:38] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> ancestry, the Kyaren- arboreal near-humans who are agile enough to make Jet Li look like a clutz, the Lyncrathi- the universe's diplomats, and one of the weirdest races ever encountered, the Namaran- a nocturnal near-human race with phenomenal agility and hand-eye coordination, the Sarza- a humanoid race with an aristocratic hierarchal culture very similar in
[19:39] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> overall concepts to Victorian England, and the Teek- small Saurian technophiles who's curiosity and lack of sleep have led them to develop some of the highest tech available.
[19:40] <~Dan> I noted in the preview document that humans come from three different worlds?
[19:41] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> The three races introduced in Fortune and Glory are the Duroth- a primitive near-human race with a culture that makes the Vikings look cuddly, but come from a harsh world that made them that way, the Rakshasa- GELFs created by an Indian scientist from tiger and human DNA that bred true into a new species, and the Sleeth- furry mammals that have been on the
[19:41] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> losing end of a century-long war against the Serog, and are being forced to evacuate into Terran space to escape
[19:42] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> Xyphoid- FTL is actually different in the game. It's not time travel so much as stepping outside of normal space and back into it again elsewhere.
[19:43] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> Quantum tunneling punches a hole from the outer layer of the universe's membrane into the deeper layers, called hyperspace or subspace, depending on the physicist. In those deeper layers, distance is compressed and relative. So, the deeper you go, the greater the ratio.
[19:43] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> this means that traveling a few hundred thousand kilometers in a deep layer of hyperspace can translate to several light years relatively in normal space
[19:45] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> Dan- yep, the Terrans, Khurians and Naradi are all Human, and look so much alike that it requires a DNA scan to distinguish between them. Genetically, they are 99.8% similar, yet evolved on their respective homeworlds, which leads many to speculate they were modified at some point in their evolution
[19:45] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> to say more would spoil the novels :D
[19:45] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> (done)
[19:46] <~Dan> Are there psionics in the game?
[19:47] * +xyphoid_ downloads the quickstart
[19:48] <+Silverlion> Aren't we like 95% similar to cabbage genetically speaking?
[19:49] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> There are, but I tried to keep the Handwavium to a minimum with them. I based psionics in the game off of what various research groups and universities have studied, and expanded from there. I basically took psionics as they are understood today and hypothetically "evolved" them based on centuries of science taking them seriously and developing schools to
[19:50] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> hone the abilities, as well as interactions and understanding of psionics introduced by various alien races, especially the Kyaren
[19:51] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> I didn't want them to be overblown, however, and made it VERY difficult statistically to have any psionics of note. I also try not to make it a core feature of any mission developed for the game as some GMs don't like the idea and ditch psionics entirely from their games
[19:51] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> Silver- no idea, never tried to mate with a cabbage :D
[19:51] <~Dan> (Lettuce hope not!)
[19:51] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> but we are 96% related to other primates, if that gives a guideline
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[19:52] <+Silverlion> Indeed. Well that was the thing...we're really close genetically to a lot of things..:D
[19:52] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> (done)
[19:52] <+xyphoid_> do you find this game needs buckets of dice
[19:52] <+xyphoid_> i'm just looking at a level 1 pregen with 2 shots for 6d12 per shot
[19:53] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> No, you can run the game with the standard poly dice set (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12 and D20), you just may need to reroll a lot :)
[19:55] <~Dan> Where does the game fall on the grittiness scale, with 1 being totally gritty and 10 being over-the-top cinematic?
[19:55] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> Depends on the GM, but I don't pull punches in the game manuals or the missions. It is an adult game and I write accordingly
[19:56] <~Dan> Is there any sort of "fate point" mechanic?
[19:57] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> afraid I don't know the term
[19:59] <+GenoFoxx> an institutionalized 'luck' system
[19:59] <~Dan> Generally speaking, it's some resource that players can spend to influence outcomes of rolls, reduce damage, get a lucky break... That sort of thing.
[19:59] <+Silverlion> Points in games one spends to influence things in their favor (Karma in mSH, Drama in Buffy, Fate in Fate games, and so on)
[20:00] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> Not directly, though there are Perks that can help with such things. Generally, characters are rewarded with XP, and- if the mission warrants it- Notoriety and Reputation. XP can be spent to raise stats, increase skill ratings, buy new perks, contacts, raise levels, etc. Notoriety is how well known the character is, and Reputation is whether that notoriety is
[20:00] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> good or bad
[20:01] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> (done)
[20:01] <~Dan> Actually, why don't we take a look at the core game mechanics?
[20:02] <+Silverlion> Indeed. How are actions resolved?
[20:04] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> Combat should be familiar to AD&D players to some extent, as it's what we (developers) have been playing for 30+ years. Time is divided into ten-second rounds, six of which makes up a minute obviously, and the combat sequence begins with rolling initiative. Rolls are modified by situation, and the low roll goes first, acting on the second they rolled (i.e.,
[20:06] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> if your modified initiative roll is a 3, your action takes place three seconds into the round). Attacks are a D20 roll against a target number- called a Target Acquisition Class- with a hit-or-miss resolution. Rolling the TAC or below means you hit, rolling above it misses.
[20:06] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> these rolls are modified as well by a wide variety of things, but you get the idea.,
[20:07] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> If you hit, damage is rolled based on the weapon used, and applied to shields first (if any), armour second (or if the weapon bypasses shields or there are none), and then the soft, chewy splody bits inside :)
[20:07] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> After that- or if the attack misses- it moves to the next lowest initiative roll
[20:07] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> (done)
[20:08] <~Dan> What determines the TAC?
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[20:08] <~Dan> (Welcome to #rpgnet, mib_c0xkc5! Please set your name with the /nick command. :) )
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[20:09] <~Dan> (Welcome to #rpgnet, MuamasFalcon!)
[20:09] <+MuamasFalcon> helo!
[20:09] <+MuamasFalcon> *hello
[20:09] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> Depends on whether it's a person, vehicle, or ship. People, it's based on their agility and perception. Vehicles have a set TAC based on their maneuvering ability, same with ships but ships have add-ons that can modify it
[20:10] <~Dan> And how does dodging/parrying work?
[20:10] <~Dan> (MuamasFalcon: Here for the Q&A?)
[20:10] <+MuamasFalcon> mostly to listen
[20:11] <~Dan> (No problem. The floor's open to questions if you change your mind. :) )
[20:11] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> I have seen rules for dodging and parrying be abused so badly it made my brain bleed, so I wanted to avoid them. Instead what I implemented was a series of "passive" dodge abilities where things like Perception increase the TAC of the character. So, rather than it being an active thing, it's factored into the background both to avoid abuse and to streamline
[20:11] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> gameplay
[20:12] <~Dan> I'm not sure I follow... How does Perception increasing the TAC relate to avoiding being hit?
[20:13] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> For vehicles and ships, there is also Maneuvering Class. This is a rating that determines how hard it is to be hit by opposing vessels or vehicles based on relative size. Huge ships have very low ratings as they are much bigger targets, but fighters are fast and tiny and hard to hit, so have far higher ratings. Vessels of the same class suffer no penalty
[20:14] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> when duking it out with one another, whereas a Dreadnought trying to shoot a fast-attack corvette is going to have a harder time hitting it, while the corvette could probably hit the massive Dreadnought firing blindly
[20:15] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> Dan- dodging is predicated on seeing or sensing the incoming attack. A high Perception means the character is more aware of their surroundings- what we in my "day job" call Situational Awareness- and thus they are more likely to sense an attack and avoid it. This translates to game mechanics as a bonus to TAC
[20:16] <~Dan> Right, but I thought TAC determined the chance to hit, not to avoid being hit.
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[20:17] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> It doesn't really kick in until you have a high Perception score- 15 is where you start getting bonuses to TAC- and conversely low Perception makes you easier to hit
[20:17] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> TAC is an amalgamation of how agile the target is, how skilled, how aware, etc.
[20:17] <~Dan> So TAC is used defensively as well?
[20:17] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> it's simpler than that
[20:17] <~Dan> Hmm... Maybe an example is in order?
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[20:18] <~Dan> (My apologies if I'm being dense here. :) )
[20:18] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> it's all of those things compiled into one number that an attacker must meet to hit you
[20:18] <+Beelzedude> (shame on you.)
[20:19] <+xyphoid_> it's exactly the same as dex affecting AC, right?
[20:19] <~Dan> Hmm. Maybe I misunderstood... I thought you said that the TAC is the number the attacker rolls under to hit.
[20:19] <+xyphoid_> TAC is AC
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[20:20] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> Okay, let's say Character A is trying to shoot NPC B. NPC B has a TAC of 19 due to high Agility, being a soldier and therefore well-trained, and has a Perception of 15 giving them a bonus. They are thus agile, able to sense danger through their awareness (seeing you bring a weapon to bear, catching movement out of the corner of their eye, hearing the magnetic
[20:20] <+xyphoid_> oh wait you did say low rolls are good, that's confusing? the quickstart isn't like that
[20:22] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> rail of a pulse pistol charge up, etc.), and have the skills and training to give them the muscle-memory to know how to put the two together. Character A rolls a D20, and when modifiers are factored in gets a 17. The shot misses. Say he had rolled a 19 or higher, then the shot would've hit and damage would be rolled and applied
[20:22] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> make sense?>
[20:23] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> low rolls are good for skill and attribute checks, bad for targeting :)
[20:23] <~Dan> Hmm... I think so, but what adds to the attacker's roll?
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[20:23] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> The quickstart is a VERY gross oversimplification of the game. The main manual is 500 pages long to give you an idea :)
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[20:25] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> Dan- similar things, skill, high agility, archetype, augmentations, modifications to the weapon, situational modifiers, etc.
[20:25] <~Dan> Ah... So combat ability is a skill?
[20:25] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> it's factored into the level of weapon proficiency
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[20:25] <+Kei> yo
[20:26] <~Dan> (Howdy, Kei! Dark Nova Q&A in progress! :) )
[20:26] <~Dan> I see. So TAC is actually a passive defense target number?
[20:27] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> Weapon proficiency range from Unskilled (likely to look down the barrel while pressing the trigger plate) to Master (watches Wanted and laughs at the amateurs), so it can make a big difference
[20:27] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> Dan- yes, it's the number attackers have to roll to hit you, similar to THAC0 for any old-school AD&D players
[20:28] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> though it goes up as it gets better rather than down :)
[20:28] <~Dan> Okay, I've got it now. Sorry -- I totally misread your original description and thought you were saying that the attacker had to roll under his own TAC to hit. *sheepish*
[20:28] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> no worries :)
[20:28] <~Dan> So how do skill rolls work?
[20:30] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> Skill ratings are based on associated attributes or combinations of attributes. They range from 3-30 in base rating, and the player rolls 3d10 to do a skill check. Again, lot's of modifiers play into this, but the goal is for the modified roll to be at or under the skill rating. Same with ability score checks
[20:30] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> so, the higher the rating the better
[20:31] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> We originally toyed around with using a dice-per-rating-point like Shadowrun or World of Darkness did, but then we remember the eight pounds of D6s we had to lug to each Shadowrun game and quickly nixed that idea >.<
[20:31] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> (done)
[20:31] <~Dan> In combat or skill use, does degree of success matter?
[20:32] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> (I have to call it in a few, dinner calls :D )
[20:32] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> combat, no, skills, yes in many cases
[20:32] <~Dan> (No problem!)
[20:32] <~Dan> What was the thought process behind a different mechanic for combat and skill use?
[20:32] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> some skill check successes are scaled according to how well the roll beat the rating
[20:33] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> we wanted skills to have a much broader field to make them more challenging and give the players something to strive for improvement on. This has proven to be a wise decision considering how skill-based the game turned out to be, and how many amusing and hair-raising game sessions were made so by skill successes and failures
[20:34] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> such as the ones that spawned the Ballad of Captain Lawndart and the Macross Missile Massacre >.<
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[20:34] <~Dan> How would you describe space combat? Does it use "movie physics"?
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[20:36] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> Ships move fast, and with great agility, but I wanted to keep it streamlined instead of turning into a physics-fest of Y and Z axes. So, weapon systems have an arc and can only hit ships in that arc, and weapons have a max range based on how far they can go in one light second, the time it would take for the target to detect and avoid the shot
[20:36] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> since once fired it's out of the gunner's control
[20:37] <+GenoFoxx> so missiles are self guided once launched?
[20:37] <+GenoFoxx> or can they be remote controlled?
[20:38] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> They're AI-guided. I once described missiles in Dark Nova as a psychotic hyperintelligent pitbull with rabies that can perform thousands of predictive fire and parabolic arc calculations per second, but who's sole purpose is biting the butt of the thing it was pointed at, wearing a pound of antimatter for a hat. It got the point across :D
[20:39] * ~Dan chuckles
[20:39] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> Once launched, they attack- and if they miss, they come back around and re-attack again and again until destroyed, they hit, or they run out of fuel
[20:39] *** egyptian has joined #rpgnet
[20:39] *** ChanServ sets mode +ao egyptian egyptian
[20:39] <+Beelzedude> a pound of antimatter is a whole lot of hurt.
[20:39] <~Dan> Need to head to dinner, Breandan? We don't want to hold you up. :)
[20:40] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> yep, but the arms vs. armour race has escalated incredibly to create phenomenally powerful weapons and unbelievable durable materials and shielding
[20:40] <+Alaren> and a pound of anitmatter prevention is worth an ounce of antimatter cure
[20:40] <~Dan> Oh, one quick question: Is there a bestiary, and if so, how large?
[20:40] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> Yeah, wife just let me know she was going to eat my food if I didn't hurry up ;)
[20:40] <~Dan> We can't have that! :)
[20:40] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> There is in the main book, but it's fairly small. We're working on putting together a supplement that will have a LOT of critters in it
[20:41] <~Dan> Gotcha.
[20:41] <~Dan> Thanks so much for coming by, Breandan! I'll have the log posted and the link sent to you shortly!
[20:41] <+GenoFoxx> come again...please
[20:42] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> I have to run, but if anyone has any more questions they want to send my way feel free to pop onto the forums on our website- which I check regularly. We've got a lot of our playtesters on there as well, so it's a good place to get ideas from
[20:42] <+Breandan_OCiarrai> Will do! G'night!

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