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[Q&A] John Berry (Hulks & Horrors)

[19:03] <+John_Berry> I'm John Berry, and I wrote Hulks and Horrors and Heaven's Shadow.
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[19:05] <+John_Berry> Hulks and Horrors is what we're mostly here about today, so I'll describe it mainly.  H&H is a classic/gonzo sci-fi adventure game of an old school flavor, inspired by the classic Red Box edition of the world's most popular fantasy roleplaying game that I won't mention by name because I'm already worried their lawyers are gonna be ticked I used THAC0.
[19:05] <+WonderRat> HI, JOHN!
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[19:06] <+John_Berry> It's 1 part hack and slash, 1 part sandbox, 1 part horror, and generously sprinkled with humor and classic sci-fi references.
[19:06] <+Poiter> Hi
[19:06] <+John_Berry> It is seriously fun, you guys.  Oh man.
[19:06] <+WonderRat> It does sound neat from what I have heard.
[19:07] <+John_Berry> Also, I can officially announce that the Basic Black edition of Hulks and Horrors will be hitting DriveThruRPG by the end of this month.  You can watch for updates on (Link:
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[19:07] <+Silverlion> Awesome
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[19:08] <+Silverlion> So how easy is chargen?
[19:08] <+John_Berry> Very.
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[19:09] <+John_Berry> 3d6 down the middle by default, and class based, with a stat-roll based non-combat resolution system, so the only real time consumer is if people wanna fret over gear selection, and how much detail they want to write about their characters.
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[19:11] <+Silverlion> Indeed. What is the non-combat resolution use? D20?
[19:11] <+John_Berry> Yes.
[19:11] <+John_Berry> D20 roll under.
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[19:11] <~Dan> (Welcome to #rpgnet, Poiter! Here for the Q&A?)
[19:11] <+John_Berry> You pick the appropriate stat, and roll under it on a D20. Certain classes get bonuses to a few specific categories of roll.
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[19:12] <+John_Berry> Like Scientists get a +1 to INT when rolling to identify something.
[19:12] <~Dan> How do you handle attributes in excess of 20?
[19:13] <+John_Berry> Dan: By default stats are capped at 20.
[19:13] <~Dan> There aren't any superhuman creatures?
[19:13] <+John_Berry> There is an optional rule to allow them to continue expanding past 20 in a method vaguely similar to the old percentile strength.
[19:14] <+John_Berry> Dan: Monsters use simplified stats instead of a full 6 stat spread, but obey the cap as well. Modifiers to stat rolls are advised to keep to a minimum to speed play and allow for character flexibility.
[19:16] <+John_Berry> The way the optional rule works is the stat stops at 20, and the excess rolls over into a second number that is used as a fall back on the slim chance that the character rolls a nat 20 and fails.
[19:17] <~Dan> Oh, before we go much further, perhaps you'd like to describe the premise of the setting?
[19:17] <+John_Berry> So, a really buff monster might have 20/10, which would mean he rolls against 20, and if he still fails he can roll again and try to roll under 10.
[19:17] <+John_Berry> In general though, it's a fairly low powered game and ranges that high are likely to be rare unless extending the level cap.
[19:18] <+John_Berry> H&H's general premise is that prior to mankind's emergence on the galactic scene and evolution to sentience, there was a massive galactic wide plague that wiped out most sentient life in the galaxy, and warped what remained into freakish slavering monsters.
[19:19] <+John_Berry> So the galaxy is littered with the ruins and relics of the Ancient civilization, and the players' default role is that of "surveyors," basically privatized, unionized space explorers, who go out and scout uncharted sectors of space and loot the ancient tech and treasure therein.
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[19:20] <~Dan> If you had to compare the tech level of the setting to a sci-fi movie, which one would it be?
[19:20] <+John_Berry> The setting is deliberately intended to be only slightly past what D&D fans like to call "implied setting," in that I've tried not to nail down too many specifics besides the plague, the presence of the Ancients, and the Surveyor's Guild, leaving the rest up to the GM.
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[19:21] <+John_Berry> Human tech is intended to be roughly on the level common to 70s and 80s sci-fi, so like Total Recall, Blade Runner, Alien, that kind of era.
[19:21] <+John_Berry> Ancient tech is Clarke's Third Law mashed with Douglas Adams.
[19:22] <+John_Berry> With maybe a dose of Duck Dodgers and Marvin the Martian cartoons.
[19:22] <~Dan> Guns with pointless circles and fins?
[19:23] <+John_Berry> Crazy advanced, out there, sometimes wacky, but not in that transhumanist way but more like in the classical space opera or SF humor way where you make up some magical doodad and just wiggle your fingers and say SCience!
[19:23] <+John_Berry> Dan: In my head, though the book is not going to be illustrated in this edition, I see Ancient ships as being actual Buck Rogers style rocket ships sometimes. ;)
[19:24] <~Dan> Nice. :)
[19:24] <+John_Berry> But I like to leave things to the DM's imagination, and there's certainly room for other creative interpretations.
[19:25] <~Dan> So current personal ranged weaponry is slugthrowers, not blasters?
[19:25] <+John_Berry> But the default method described for building ancient ship maps essentialyl assumes an old style cylindrical rocket ship layout even, and there's Ancient guns with names like the Uncertainty Resolver and the Molecular Vibrator.
[19:26] <+John_Berry> Dan: There are mundane energy weapons as well, some basic laser and plasma weapons, but slig throwers are also still in common use.  There's even a pulse rifle. ;)
[19:26] <+John_Berry> *slug
[19:26] <~Dan> And what are the classes?
[19:26] <+John_Berry> Human tech is sort of "early fusion", but in that 80s way where some of the tech seems like it hasn't advanced at all and yet we have FTL. ;)
[19:27] <+John_Berry> Pilot, Scientist, Soldier, Psyker, Hovering Squid, Omega Reticulan, and Bearman.
[19:27] <+John_Berry> In my head I think human computers would still inexplicably use a lot of green phosphor tubes sometimes.  ;)
[19:29] <~Dan> :)
[19:30] <+John_Berry> A lot of H&H is less about making a "realistic" sci-fi, than about making a sci-fi that reminds you how you felt about SF when you were 13.
[19:30] <~Dan> A noble goal.
[19:31] <~Dan> What are psionics like?
[19:31] <+John_Berry> My personal imprint, Bedroom Wall Press, takes its name from it's mission statement: To make the kind of games you would've thought would be cool to have a poster of on your bedroom wall as a kid.
[19:33] <+John_Berry> Psi powers are cast using a WIS check and a Psi point expenditure, and aim to slightly ape Jedi powers a little bit, along with some other common SF psi tropes. They're also unlike the Sci programs or old-school D&D spells in that rather than having spell levels, all are available at any level but you can spend more or less points to modify their power output.
[19:34] <~Dan> How broad are the powers?
[19:35] <+John_Berry> They're still specific effects, like D&D spells, but where a Science program would be lvl 1 spells do 1d6, lvl 3 spells do 3d6, the psi approach is usually that it does 1d6 for 1 Psi point, 2d6 for 2, etc, but with an upper limit so as to limit things getting out of hand.
[19:36] <~Dan> Can you give an example of a power?
[19:36] <+John_Berry> In general I wanted to make the psi and science powers utilitarian, not nukes.  so it's still more than possible a psyker or scientist with a good enough melee or ranged to-hit bonus could skip damage spells entirely because they can shoot as well and for longer.
[19:36] <+John_Berry> Sure!  Here's the
[19:36] <+John_Berry> "Darth Vader force choke" spell. ;)
[19:37] <+John_Berry> Psychic Strangulation: Telekinetically grips the throat of the target and raises him a foot from the ground, preventing movement and dealing 1d6 damage +1 per psyker level. Base cost: 2 + 1 per additional round of duration to a max of 3. Save vs. CON for half damage.
[19:38] <+Silverlion> How do you explain the Sci programs?
[19:38] <~Dan> Are there any prerequisites or the like? Or could Psychic Strangulation be a psychic's only nod to TK?
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[19:40] <+John_Berry> Science abilities are sort of like the Doctor's sonic screwdriver tricks.  They carry some kind of "multi-tool", and the programs they learn are basically special tricks they can pull off with the help of the multi-tool (which also doubles as a tri-corder like device giving a bonus to INT for identifying sciencey things).
[19:40] <+Silverlion> Hrms. Cool.
[19:41] <+John_Berry> Dan: Nah, you can take any of the powers at any level. So they can be quite powerful, but you're still ostensibly limited to what Psi points you have to work with, so while you could burn 5 points and max a strangulation attempt at lvl 1, that might just also be all the Psi you have for the day.
[19:42] <+John_Berry> In fact, with that analogy in mind, here's one of the level 1 Science! programs:
[19:42] <+John_Berry> Lock Opener: A sonic disruption that disables mechanical locks. Does not work on dead­-bolts. Alternate setting instead magnetically seals a lock for 1 hour.
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[19:42] <+Kei> heya folks, how goes?
[19:43] <~Dan> (Howdy, Kei! Q&A with John Berry about Hulks & Horrors in progress. General chat in #rpgnet2. :) )
[19:46] <~Dan> So Science! programs are spell-like gadgets?
[19:46] <+Silverlion> Making the componants real componants. :D
[19:46] <+John_Berry> In general, the science powers work roughly like 3e Sorcerer spells with the spell point option.
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[19:46] <+John_Berry> They have to have their multi-tool to use them though, because they're actually powers and modifications of the tool itself.
[19:47] <+John_Berry> Though in the case of the Omegans, theirs are surgically implanted, so they can't lose them. ^^
[19:47] <~Dan> (Howdy, Squide!)
[19:47] <~Dan> They're cyborgs?
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[19:48] <+John_Berry> The tool has Charge, which you can learn to upgrade over time and gets a bonus from INT, and those Charge points are spent casting the "programs", which have a level from 1 to 3, and cost as many charge as their Level.
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[19:48] <+John_Berry> Omegans are amoeboids with slightly more advanced technology than us.
[19:49] <+Agata> Could you please expound on these "Hovering Squids" and these "Bearmen"? They sound quite exotic.
[19:49] <+John_Berry> They have a built in computer device that they have implanted as a newly budded cell that works more or less similarly to the Scientist's multi-tool, but is more limited, so they get less charge and new powers.
[19:50] <+GenoFoxx> what are the gov'ts like? are there federations or is it organized anarchy with every planet or species out for themselves?
[19:50] <~Dan> (Question pause.)
[19:50] <+John_Berry> Agata: The two are basically what they sound like. ;)  Hovering Squid, or "Sl'ettexik" in their native tongue, are a species of amphibious squid with specially developed hydrogen bladders that allow them to hover about.  Their talents are multi-weapon attacks (multiple limbs don't you know) and they're pretty darn good ranged shots.
[19:52] <+John_Berry> Bearmen are a species of sentient bipedal bears.  They have a deeply shamanistic culture owing to their evolution on a heavily forested world, but are somewhat skilled at repurposing Ancient tech. Their chief talents though are limited Psi ability, and natural weapons and thick hide that provides natural AC. They're almost like the monk-equivalent, mechanically speaking.
[19:53] <+John_Berry> GenoFoxx: Government details are deliberately left sparse, save for the existence of the Surveyor's Guild (because many of the space rules are based on that conceit.) It is suggested that the 4 main species of sentients are on friendly terms, and even allied, but the exact details are left to the individual DM to decide.
[19:53] <+John_Berry> One of the things I love about D&D is that it has some inbuilt assumptions, so you don't have to do all the work yourself, but also a lot of open space, so you can define the setting of your game as you like.
[19:53] <+Agata> I see.
[19:54] <~Dan> (Welcome to #rpgnet, by the way, Agata!)
[19:54] <+John_Berry> So in my game, the species might all be part of a great galactic federation, while in yours perhaps they're all loosely aligned worlds or even competing worlds run by rival corporations like in EVE Online. Whatever you like, really. ^^
[19:54] <+Agata> Hello.
[19:55] <+Agata> So, I could play a bipedal bear monk with psychic kung-fu powers in this game?
[19:55] <+John_Berry> Agata: Yes.
[19:55] <+John_Berry> Yes you can.
[19:55] <+John_Berry> And it's awesome. ^^
[19:55] <+John_Berry> ( Bearmen are a personal favorite, though the other two aliens are pretty awesome as well!)
[19:55] <~Dan> I know we covered this previously, but there aren't really any sapient adversaries other than pirates and the like, correct?
[19:56] <+John_Berry> Dan: Sentient life is still incredibly rare in the galaxy, so sapient adversaries that aren't from the known species or from a couple of common semi-sentient hostiles are rare by default.
[19:56] <+John_Berry> There is a chance on the sector tables to discover another sentient race, but the roll chance is pretty small.
[19:57] <+John_Berry> It's a 5% chance a planet with life has a sentient native species, and another 10% that species will have discovered space travel.
[19:58] <~Dan> So there's not much likelihood for ship-to-ship combat?
[19:59] <+John_Berry> It would be up to the DM. By default the expectation is that it would be mostly pirate or claimjumper encounters, but the rules are there for building and fighting ships, and those DMs who wanted more could certainly operate under different assumptions.
[20:00] <+John_Berry> I know that space combat is an element of play that not all groups enjoy, so I tried not to write the system and sector generation in such a manner as to make them expected random encounters unless the DM wants to put them there.
[20:01] <~Dan> How much appeal do you think the game would have to someone looking for a "generic" sci-fi setting?
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[20:02] <+John_Berry> Dan: I have deliberately attempted to make the game as broad as I could while still providing a specific flair and tone.  I believe strongly in toolkit games.
[20:03] <+John_Berry> There is some advice in the book even on how one might make new classes to suit a different theme of campaign, for instance, and I think the tools on offer are complete enough that a DM willing to do a little house ruling could use it for most SF settings.
[20:03] <~Dan> Really? Hmm... See, I'd see it as a specific setting with lots of possibilities, but not really a "generic" setting.
[20:03] <+John_Berry> I haven't realyl gone out of my way in supporting the "realistic" or "hard" styles of SF, but for most others a lot of them would run right out the box.
[20:04] <+John_Berry> Off the top of my head, with just the book, I could run Star Wars, Warhammer, Alien, Battlestar Galactica (with maybe a little more detail on the space fighter rules), and Firefly would be a cinch.
[20:04] <+GenoFoxx> So Drake's law is out the window then?
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[20:04] <+John_Berry> Mass Effect and Halo in the vidgame sphere would be pretty easy too.
[20:06] <+John_Berry> GenoFoxx: I think there are in all likelihood plenty of other sentient species out there in the galaxy even as written, just consider that space is very big, and the default setting assumptions are of a group of races still reaching out into the galaxy.
[20:07] <+John_Berry> If I get to do an Advanced Hulks and Horrors, or an Expansion Set, or what have you, I do what to include rules for generating your own alien races, though the tables and rules in the book already could be used for such in a pinch.
[20:07] <~Dan> Sounds like a good idea.
[20:07] <+John_Berry> There's a table included specifically for generating the details of prior Ancient civilizations in a sector, and one could easily use that, plus some help from the monster and class design guidelines to add other aliens to the setting.
[20:08] <+John_Berry> For instance, I can roll one right now:
[20:08] <+John_Berry> #roll 6[1d100]
[20:08] *** -RPGServ@#rpgnet- <Roll for John_Berry [6[1d100]]: 38 8 72 64 32 28 >
[20:09] <+John_Berry> The Kritarchy of Hovering Pisceforms. Language: Textural. Currency: Chips. Invented the Zero-Point Energy module.
[20:09] <+John_Berry> Bam. :)
[20:10] <~Dan> That's pretty cool. :)
[20:10] <+John_Berry> With another little roll:
[20:10] <+John_Berry> #roll 2[1d100]
[20:10] *** -RPGServ@#rpgnet- <Roll for John_Berry [2[1d100]]: 100 71 >
[20:11] <+John_Berry> They hail from Alpha-Beta Orionis VI.
[20:11] <+John_Berry> :D
[20:11] <~Dan> :)
[20:11] <~Dan> How hard is it for contemporary species to figure out Ancient technology?
[20:12] <+John_Berry> I love random tables, I think they're part of what makes a DM's job fun. ^^
[20:13] <+GenoFoxx> is the Virus dead and long gone or just dormant waiting to be found and released again?
[20:13] <+John_Berry> There is an identification roll when first figuring out how to use an Ancient device, modified by different factors based on the type of item.  In general though, as long as you make the roll, you can figure it out.
[20:13] <+GenoFoxx> or do modern species have an immunity to it
[20:14] <+John_Berry> GenoFoxx: I think it is most likely it has starved and died off, though there are some species that contain specifically adapted descendent strains, such as that in the Blind Troll and the Walking Dead. But it's possible some samples still survive. May Sentience Pray for Mercy if that ever happen. ;)
[20:14] <~Dan> Do you explain how the virus was able to travel through space?
[20:14] <+John_Berry> (you may be noticing by now that I don't like to give straight 'canon' style answers either ;) )
[20:15] <+John_Berry> Dan: It is mentioned in the book that it may actually have somehow used subspace itself as a vector.
[20:15] <~Dan> A warping virus? :)
[20:15] <+John_Berry> There are very faint hints, both there, and in the description of the Maw, that there might be things living in Subspace.
[20:16] <+Silverlion> Interesting. I like this idea.
[20:16] <+Silverlion> "D
[20:16] <+John_Berry> Dan: Like I said, scientific realism was not high on my design priorities. :D
[20:16] <~Dan> What's the Maw, again?
[20:16] <+GenoFoxx> it could be like a computer virus that actually was able to manifest in the 'real' world
[20:18] <+John_Berry> The Maw is one of the monsters, a hideous radioactive creature that resembles a giant walking sea anemone with a nuclear furnace for a digestive system and tentacles that drip radioactive sludge.
[20:20] <+John_Berry> It likes to bite of the limbs of its victims one by one. Makes it easier to survive an attack, just not necessarily in one piece ... ;)
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[20:21] <~Dan> You mentioned that there's not much practical difference between plague-spawned creatures and other creatures?
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[20:22] <+John_Berry> Dan: For the most part. There are some practical considerations, like the fact that Bearmen can sense plaguespawn, and I have tried to keep a certain thematic flow between the different plague spawn, but in terms of actual mechanics they are monsters like any other.
[20:23] <+John_Berry> Though interestingly, plaguespawn are among the ones most likely to either have a Killer or a Semi-Sentient behavior pattern.
[20:23] <+GenoFoxx> g'night
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[20:26] <~Dan> On a related note, how do you handle sapients with ranged weapons vs. non-sapients?
[20:26] <+John_Berry> I'd say there's about an even split between plague horrors and general alien beasties, I wanted to keep some variety, and the history of the plague definitely informs a lot of the designs.
[20:27] <+John_Berry> Though I've tried to keep a lot of the monsters iconic enough that even without the fluff they can still serve other common classical roles. :)
[20:27] <+John_Berry> Dan: I'm not sure I get what you mean by that, but in general it would just be a question of whether or not they were a full NPC or statted as a monster, and the main difference there would just be whether they have a split melee/ranged to-hit bonus, or a single one like monsters do.
[20:28] <~Dan> Well, let me try to explain...
[20:28] <+GrimGeezer> G'night.
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[20:29] <~Dan> In the past, I've seen that scenario get a little boring, as the PCs just shoot repeatedly at something that's charging them, hoping to take it down before it gets to them.
[20:29] <~Dan> That, or having the creatures rely on ambush, in which case, ranged weapons aren't a factor at all.
[20:30] <+John_Berry> Ahh. Well, that would be more difficult in this case, as movement to and from range is pretty much abstracted to one full-round's maneuver. I wanted to keep, as you suggest, the dichotomy from overpowering the combat, both for your stated reason, and so that PCs could have laser swords and still be effective contributors in combat.
[20:31] <+John_Berry> Ranged will still have practical benefits, especially if the PCs can set up an ambush, but it's not necessarily gonna be cake to just blast away all the badguys before things can get dirty. ;)
[20:33] <~Dan> Is ranged combat as handicapped as it is in D&D?
[20:35] <+John_Berry> In general, I think it should not be. Ranged weapons don't get a STR bonus except for thrown knives, but they're also generally higher damage than melee weapons, so if anything they should have a slight edge, and there's no penalties for shooting within melee range or any nonsense like that.
[20:35] <~Dan> Let me rephrase: How likely is it that a foe will be taken out by ranged weapons before he runs up and attacks HTH?
[20:36] <+John_Berry> I hated that in 3e, not being able to shoot without triggering an AoO was terrible, and combined with the other limitations in rate of fire and damage and such, it made ranged characters pretty weaksauce without a lot of munchkining.
[20:37] <+John_Berry> Ahh, at the lower levels, I would say you've got a good shot, but at higher hit dice, they're not gonna go down easy and it only takes a full round to go from range to melee with the abstracted default movement rules.
[20:38] <~Dan> Do I recall correctly that the setting includes power armor?
[20:38] <+John_Berry> Yes.
[20:39] <+John_Berry> It is the highest armor category, and many classes aren't proficient in it, but it is there in both regular and jump-jet forms.
[20:40] <~Dan> Any cybernetics?
[20:40] <+John_Berry> There are a couple ancient artifacts that are cybernetic like, but in general not really.
[20:40] <+John_Berry> That is on the docket for expansion if and when I get to do it, but that will be up to sales and funding.
[20:42] <~Dan> You mentioned a capybara race, IIRC?
[20:44] <+John_Berry> Yes. One of the few semi-sentient monster species are the Capyfolk, tribal capybara like creatures.
[20:45] <+Silverlion> Need a supplement to play them
[20:45] <+John_Berry> :D
[20:47] <+John_Berry> Perhaps something to consider. ^^
[20:52] <+John_Berry> The classes are pretty simple designs, I think if you had a good concept for one, you could kitbash a Capyfolk class pretty readily, since they don't really have many particular powers besides being small and having pointy teeth. :D
[20:55] <+John_Berry> Anything else?
[20:57] <~Dan> Anything else you'd like to cover before we wrap up?
[20:57] <~Dan> A link, perchance? :)
[20:57] <+John_Berry> Oh, a lot of people have made worried comments about the THAC0.
[20:58] <+John_Berry> So, for safety's sake, I will point out a few things: 1) it's entirely optional, 2) it's actually pretty easy to use in this game, because it's just shortening the math required in combat.
[20:59] <+John_Berry> Basically, since combat rolls are roll-under in H&H instead of the usual roll-over, using THAC0 in combat is just a matter of adding the AC of the target. :) It's just a way to save a math step for finding the target number (normally it's 5+To-Hit+AC).
[21:00] <+John_Berry> Link to my site again is (Link: It's not much to look at right now, but it is the first place I update when there's news on Bedroom Wall games like H&H.
[21:04] <~Dan> Thanks very much for taking the time to talk to us about Hulks & Horrors, John! I'll have the log up shortly.
[21:05] <+John_Berry> Hooray!
[21:05] <+John_Berry> I hope everyone checks the game out when it releases!  The PDF is going to be free for a limited time, so be sure to watch the site for when it releases!

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