Tuesday, November 20, 2012

[Q&A] Alessio Cisbani and Mick Leach (Project HOPE)

[19:06] <+Alessio> ok, I'm Alessio one of the owners of a small Italian publishing company. me and my other associates created Project H.O.P.E. rpg (done)
[19:06] <+EFSmick> I'll let Alessio introduce the game as its really his baby...Im mick and i am the owner /ceo of eastern front studios and I make miniatures ((done))
[19:07] <~Dan> Thanks, guys! Could you tell us a little bit about Project HOPE for those unfamiliar?
[19:08] <+EFSmick> We have basically teamed together for 2 projects project H.O.P.E. and dwarven gladiators  on the last 2 Kickstarter projects ((done))
[19:09] <+EFSmick> Alessio take the spotlight
[19:09] <+Alessio> ok Dan. Project H.O.P.E. (or also PH) is a role playing game set in Second World War where you will play the role of a superhero (or Meta-Human). background is based on Golden Age comics (done)
[19:10] <~Dan> Would anyone care to get us started with questions?
[19:11] <~Dan> Alrighty then, I shall get us started.
[19:12] <~Dan> (Mind you, Alessio, some of this will repeat what we went over earlier today.)
[19:12] <~Dan> Can you give us a quick rundown of the various character types?
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[19:13] <+franz> whattup kids
[19:13] <+Alessio> yes Dan. In the base manual we have six classes of Meta-Humans, they're basically inspired by the main characters of Marvel of DC Comics
[19:13] <~Dan> (Welcome, franz! Here for the Q&A?)
[19:14] <+franz> sure thing
[19:14] <+Alessio> the first one is the Natural Prodigy. the Natural Prodigy is like an X-men, so he has a single power but he know very well how to use it, just because he was born with it
[19:15] <+Alessio> the second one is the Lab Prodigy. Lab Prodigies came out from Mutation Chambers and have more powers, but they know very thight about using them.
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[19:17] <~Dan> (Welcome, trox! Here for the Q&A?)
[19:17] <+Alessio> the third class is the Adventurer: Adventurer is the same as Batman: so no powers, but  lots of gadgets and weapons, plus great physical and mental strenght
[19:17] <+trox> thank,,gud day to all
[19:18] <+EFSmick> a quick look on the Project H.O.P.E. facebook of some of the art we would use for the "specialist" in the rpg (Link: http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/481797_10151144524641903_381859207_n.jpg)http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/481797_10151144524641903_381859207_n.jpg
[19:18] <+EFSmick> (Link: http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/481797_10151144524641903_381859207_n.jpg)http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/481797_10151144524641903_381859207_n.jpg
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[19:18] <+trox> nice mick
[19:18] <+Alessio> The fourt class is the Keeper. Keepers ar mostly like Green Lantern or Thor, so their superpowers come from an Artifact, a magical item which gives them powers. the more they stay in contact with the artifact, more powers they'll gain
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[19:19] <+EFSmick> the Axis specialists  (Link: http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc6/s480x480/182023_10151144553116903_1138755816_n.jpg)http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc6/s480x480/182023_10151144553116903_1138755816_n.jpg
[19:20] <+Alessio> The fifth class is the Machine Man, the 40's version of a cyborg. So forget any microchip or transistor: you'll have only valves, hydraulic jacks and so on. of course we introduced some weird science in PH, and it's normal for a Machine man to have a Tesla coil weapon
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[19:21] <+Alessio> the Sixth class is the Warlock, or Magician. In PH world magic is a fact, but not known by all. Only Warlocks know how to handle it. They are the guardians of humanity and they knew since ages the powers concealed inside human beings
[19:22] <&Le_Star_Squide> Hmm. Why did you decided to use the word warlock?
[19:22] <+Alessio> they did their best to keep this secret, but Hitler's scientist reached to unleash these powers, so they were forced to combat, some for the good side others for the dark side...
[19:23] <+Alessio> Le_Star_Squide we basically like the sound and the word depict something really ancient, or so we thought :)
[19:23] <+EFSmick> a Axis armored suit  (Link: http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/533800_10151144553841903_39761679_n.jpg)http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/533800_10151144553841903_39761679_n.jpg
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[19:24] <+Alessio> (done)
[19:24] <~Dan> Can you tell us a bit about the system, perhaps starting with attributes and skills?
[19:25] <+franz> like whats the combat system like
[19:26] <+Alessio> Project H.O.P.E. uses d10 system. There are no levels, only Attributes, Skills and Heroic Abilities (powers, spells, mechanical grafts, advanced weapons, etc) that can be improved.
[19:26] <+Silverlion> Hrms. Sounds cool so far.
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[19:26] <+Silverlion> I am a sucker for superhero games.
[19:26] <+Guest79> Hey all
[19:26] <~Dan> (Welcome, Guest79! You can set your nick with the "/nick" command.)
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[19:26] <+Alessio> Each stat,  is defined as X / Y, where X is the number of rolls of the dice (the hero potential for that stat) and Y is the threshold of success (the hero ability to use that stat).
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[19:27] <+Silverlion> Hrms, can you give an example?
[19:27] <+ZenithComics> That's better!
[19:27] <+ZenithComics> Hey Silverlion, how's things?
[19:27] <+ZenithComics> Hi guys, glad to join in and looking to see the answers :)
[19:27] <~Dan> Welcome, ZenithComics! Here for the Q&A? :)
[19:27] <+Silverlion> Hi ZC! Alright, how are you? (Q&A time YAY!)
[19:28] <+ZenithComics> I am indeed here for the Q&A
[19:28] <+Alessio> for example:  if your strength is 3 / 7, you need to roll the dice three times and count only rolls which get 7 or more. If, to lift a rock, you need 2 successes, you need at least two dice rolls with 7 or more to be able to lift that rock!
[19:28] <~Dan> Is the number after the slash a function of skill?
[19:29] <+Alessio> it represents how able is the character on using that power or ability
[19:29] <+Alessio> Also, this system can manage "normal" and "super" characters. If a stat has more than 10 dice rolls, you need to roll the dice only 10 times. If you have, let's say, 20 / 8, you roll 10 times and get 2 automatic SX
[19:29] <+Alessio> Sx= success
[19:29] <+ZenithComics> Okay so it is a bit like the Arrowflight 1st ed. system in that regard, not exactly the same, but similar style.  Cool that works
[19:29] <+Silverlion> Hrms.
[19:30] <~Dan> What if you had 15 / 8?
[19:30] <+franz> lol i hope there arent 20 dice
[19:30] <+Silverlion> How do powers work?
[19:30] <+ZenithComics> So you have to take the 2 successes for 20 or can you roll 20 dice if you choose?
[19:30] <~Dan> (Question pause while Alessio catches up.)
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[19:30] <+Alessio> no Zenith, the maximum number of dices you can roll is 10
[19:31] <+ZenithComics> Ah thanks
[19:31] <+Alessio> Dan if you had 15/8 you'll have an automatic SX then you'll roll 5 dices hoping to obtain 8 or more
[19:31] <+ZenithComics> Seriously, given how far away this game is, is there going to be a playtest or something folks can get in on?  Cause my next campaign in March or so is going to be Golden Age Supers, and this seems perfect for it :)
[19:31] <+ZenithComics> Whoops, sorry missed the pause, I'll be good now ;)
[19:32] <+Alessio> Silverlion most Powers work like Abilities, but some are different: for example some powers are automatically activated
[19:33] <+Alessio> we can arrange a playtest by IRC, not tonight anyway and not with me as Master (I'm a mess), but my friend Riccardo, the one who created ruleset can do that (done)
[19:33] <+Geek2theRight> If the number after the / is 8 or less, 10 dice for a single automatic success is hardly a fair trade.
[19:34] <~Dan> So for every 10 points you have in an ability, you get a free success, regardless of the threshold?
[19:34] <+Alessio> yep Geek, you're right, and it's a peculiar part of our game. Superheroes in PH are NOT invincible
[19:34] <+Alessio> yes Dan
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[19:34] <~Dan> Regarding the invincibility aspect, how "gritty" is the game?
[19:34] <+Silverlion> Seems complicated.
[19:35] <~Dan> How deadly is combat, for example?
[19:35] <+Silverlion> I hope it plays smoothly.
[19:35] <+Alessio> Dan is quite deadly especially if you think you're Superman and want to brawl with a whole regiment of German soldiers
[19:36] <~Dan> So the heroes are relatively low-powered?
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[19:36] <+Alessio> you must keep in mind you're a rookie and you need the support of your party to achieve the objective of the adventure
[19:36] <+Silverlion> Note to self: Golden Age game where heros stomp whole regiments--still secret :D
[19:36] <~Dan> (Welcome, Guest61! You can set your nick with the /nick command. :) )
[19:36] <+EFSmick> so if a panzerschrek strikes your rookie superhero you could be killed
[19:37] <~Dan> You said that the starting PCs are roughly on par with Spider-man, correct? So upper-level "street level" heroes, in a sense?
[19:37] <+Alessio> when your character start your path he's basically a recruit, he knows very little of a real battlefield
[19:38] <+Alessio> yes Dan, correct
[19:38] <~Dan> Hmm. Is it impossible to make a Panzer-smashing powerhouse?
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[19:39] <+Alessio> well no you can do it, surely not at the beginning
[19:39] <+Alessio> you can improve your powers, abilities etc, so to be a legend amongst superhumans
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[19:39] <~Dan> To rephrase a question from earlier today: are there Panzer-smashing powerhouses already out there in the field on either side?
[19:39] <~Dan> (Howdy, newsalor!)
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[19:40] <+Alessio> Dan yes, main characters of the story are powerful Meta-Humans, and they are not sparring partners for players, but real menaces
[19:41] <+Alessio> (done)
[19:41] <+franz> i dont think spiderman..spidey is pretty over powered compared to silver age /golden ages joes
[19:41] <+Silverlion> Depends on which heroes..
[19:41] <+Alessio> franz, i don't know how spiderman can go on a battlefield hammered by howitzer fire
[19:41] <+Adam_Kadmon> How high does the system go? Do you get into Namor level of hucking destroyers at people?
[19:41] <+EFSmick> Imagine the Phantom or the Shadow and less Superman
[19:41] <+Adam_Kadmon> To go more golden age.
[19:41] <~Dan> Eh, not necessarily. Yeah, what Sil said. There were some ridiculously powerful Golden Age heroes, like the Spectre and Ibis the Invincible.
[19:42] <~Dan> (And, yes, there was Namor throwing destroyers around. :) )
[19:42] <+franz> actually alessio spider man pretty much could..i mean the guy is written up to be impossible to pin down
[19:42] <+Alessio> Adam you can go quite high, we can consider Superman like the limit
[19:42] <+Alessio> frans i shouldn't be sure about that but it's my humble opinion :)
[19:43] <~Dan> And speaking of aliens, Alessio, would you care to restate what you were telling me earlier today about the background "weirdness" of the setting -- the involvement of supernatural creatures, aliens, lost worlds, etc.?
[19:43] <+franz> yeah anything like bucket rogers or king of the rocket men?
[19:43] <+Silverlion> Adam Strange.
[19:44] <+ZenithComics> Well work is almost over, so I gotta head out, looking forward to learning more about this game.  Cheers!
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[19:44] <+Alessio> aliens, gods and other supernatural creatures remain on the background.  Lost world creatures (like dinosaurs) are not included, but if you play like 30's adventurer why not?
[19:44] <+EFSmick> Zenith a link to the Kickstarter for more info; (Link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/607885648/project-hope-rpg-superheroes-in-wwii)http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/607885648/project-hope-rpg-superheroes-in-wwii
[19:45] <~Dan> So this is a point of difference with Godlike, in that the setting at large is weird beyond just superheroes, correct? It's just a matter of the "spotlight" being on supers fighting WW2?
[19:46] <+Alessio> Project H.O.P.E. background is only a small part of an alternative History of the world we're building and which we'll develope in other games for sure
[19:46] <+EFSmick> a link to the Project H.O.P.E. Facebook forum in support for the project..more concepts..miniatures news etc  (Link: http://www.facebook.com/groups/343865365712531/)http://www.facebook.com/groups/343865365712531/
[19:48] <~Dan> Speaking of Godlike, that game presents a WW2 that will play out pretty much like it did historically, with the supers on both sides essentially cancelling each other out. How do you see supers affecting your WW2?
[19:48] <+Alessio> in PH history is the same we studied at school. facts are the same but some are revised. I do often an example about this: Pearl Harbor attack was made by Zero fighters. We imagined the attack was done by Japanese mech suits. (done)
[19:48] <~Dan> Wow. You're good. I hadn't even asked the question yet. :D
[19:48] <+Alessio> lol
[19:49] <~Dan> Now, you said that the game starts in 1939, correct?
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[19:50] <+Alessio> yes PH starts with the Blitzkrieg. we imagined that the fulmineous invasion of Poland, France, Norway etc. was made not only thanks to a well trained army but also with the help of the first nazi Meta-Humans
[19:51] <~Dan> So the U.S. starts creatign Meta-Humans of their own before the U.S. actually enters the war?
[19:51] <+Alessio> yes exactly
[19:52] <+Alessio> Nazi first build the Mutation Chambers and start to use prisoners to test them. Also jewish, dissidents and so on were used for experiments
[19:52] <~Dan> Do they start out serving only in Europe, or do they get involved in the Pacific early as well?
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[19:52] <+Alessio> we thought they do covert operations on Europe before the declaration of war, then in the Pacific of course
[19:53] <~Dan> Heh. I like the idea of superhuman Flying Tigers in China. :)
[19:53] <+Alessio> well you can believe or not, one of our main superheroes is a member of the Flying Tigers
[19:53] <~Dan> Ha!
[19:53] <~Dan> <--- genius!
[19:54] <+Alessio> we wrote some fiction about it  i'm sorry it's in Italian
[19:54] <~Dan> I think you can be forgiven for that. ;)
[19:54] <+Alessio> you can check out our site (Link: http://www.projecthope.it/blog)www.projecthope.it/blog  and take a look at the Daily Minuteman
[19:54] <~Dan> You touched on this today, but do the Japanese have Meta-Humans of their own? I know they have mecha...
[19:54] <+Alessio> it's a fiction newspaper we created, where we put small articles of fiction
[19:55] <+Gyr|Laptop> "... we've got experimental technology that does totally unpredictable things to test subjects and sometimes gives them superpowers.  Let's put the people we consider subhumans and want to genocide into it, absolutely NOTHING can go wrong!"
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[19:55] <~Dan> (Welcome back, Mick!)
[19:56] <+Alessio> yep they have their own Meta-Humans as well, also new classes are introduced in our Pacific War expansion
[19:56] <+EFSmick> sorry i had a update crash me or something
[19:56] <+Alessio> the Martial Artist and the Steel Hero (our kind of Iron Man)
[19:56] <+Alessio> (done)
[19:57] <~Dan> Are these Martial Artists the superhumanly potent sort, like Shang Chi and Iron Fist?
[19:57] <+Alessio> yep they are. they are basically warrior-monks
[19:57] * ~Dan nods
[19:58] <~Dan> Forgive me if this is a touchy question, but how has the game been received in Italy? I'm thinking in terms of your own country being assocaited with the "bad guys".
[19:59] *** Rat_Away is now known as WonderRat
[20:13] <+Alessio> the game was received pretty well, we sold out the first edition in 2010 and did the second edition (revised and corrected) in 2011
[20:13] <~Dan> Really? Cool!
[20:13] <~Dan> In your experience, how do players there handle the involvement of the Italians in the war?
[20:14] <~Dan> (For that matter, how do you, personally, handle it?)
[20:15] <+Alessio> ok, my own opinion first :)
[20:15] <~Dan> (Not trying to open any sore wounds here, mind you, so we don't have to discuss this if you'd prefer not to. I'm not sure how sensitive of a subject this is.)
[20:16] <+Alessio> I think the fascist era in Italy was a really bad moment of our history, a black stain on our identity
[20:17] <+Alessio> but it's history, so when we created the third expansion (Mare Nostrum) which talks about Italy and England, we introduced also fascist Meta-Humans
[20:18] <+Alessio> we cannot avoid it :)
[20:19] <~Dan> On the flipside, you mentioned that Captain America is a very Project HOPE sort of movie, correct?
[20:19] <+Alessio> players anyway like a lot this expansion, maybe because they can set their adventures on a familiar background :)
[20:20] <+Alessio> yep Dan, correct. most parts of the movie could be a good explanation of what PH is :)
[20:20] <+franz> well why wouldnt it be..aside from the cosmic cube ..its pure pulp
[20:21] <+Alessio> also the figure of Cap as frontman for War Bonds it's something like we introduced talking about US superheroes
[20:21] <~Dan> Well, on the flipside of the fascist Italy issue, how difficult have you found it for players outside of the U.S. to capture the patriotic spirit of something like Captain America? Or is that really an assumption of the setting?
[20:22] <+franz> I showed mick a concept a while back something to do with a flash gordon type of character (Link: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8035/8025095382_c05d8578e8.jpg)http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8035/8025095382_c05d8578e8.jpg
[20:22] <~Dan> Put another way, is the setting itself an uber-patriotic Golden Age sort of setting, or is Golden Age-style patriotism merely propaganda in the context of teh setting?
[20:23] <~Dan> (I hope that makes sense.)
[20:23] <+franz> you mean is it less gritty like the older comics
[20:24] <+Alessio> wait a sec, I'm trying to write a good answer :)
[20:24] <+franz> (Link: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8035/8025095382_c05d8578e8.jpg)http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8035/8025095382_c05d8578e8.jpg
[20:24] <~Dan> Hmm... Not exacly. I've heard Godlike described as "Saving Private Ryan" with superpowers. I'm wondering if PH is more like that, more more like Golden Age comics themselves.
[20:26] <+EFSmick> for my own campaign thoughts for this was to perhaps have it where WW@ did not end in 45 but still continues into the 60s
[20:26] <+Alessio> in PH patriotism is propaganda, but each superhero can be a real patriot. For example, The Flag (our Cap America) is a propaganda man but also a combatant
[20:26] <+Alessio> and he believes in what he's doing
[20:26] <+EFSmick> errWW2
[20:27] <~Dan> Would you describe the mood of the game as upbeat and heroic? Good vs. Evil?
[20:27] <+franz> depends sometimes i like less gritty sort of like freedom force
[20:27] <+Alessio> by the other side, when you create your own character you can do it more like a Watchmen if you know what i mean
[20:29] <+Silverlion> Franz: Freedom Force <love> is awesome.
[20:29] <~Dan> So there's not really a "built-in" mood to the setting, you mean?
[20:30] <+Alessio> well no, Dan. we often think to PH Meta-Humans more like men (and women) that have to handle with superpowers. So they have their strenghts and weaknesses exactly like a normal man
[20:31] <+franz> perhaps an excerpt of the games flavor might enlighten
[20:31] * ~Dan nods
[20:32] <+Alessio> ok, I can describe a typical adventure schedule, just to let you know something more
[20:32] <~Dan> Sure.
[20:32] <+EFSmick> imagine the fantastic 4 who only wanted to be normal..so great open design for characters..do they like being a superhero..maybe..no..they want a cure..perhaps strong armed into service from either side
[20:33] <+Alessio> a typical adventure starts with a briefing. a mission is given to your superhero squad and you and your comrades must accomplish it
[20:34] <+franz> sort of tabletop style?
[20:35] <+Alessio> well it can be seen this way also
[20:37] <+Alessio> after the briefing you'll be carried on the operation zone, there you must find contacts with local friendly  forces, like partisans
[20:38] <+Alessio> so the first part of the adventure is basically investigation, but remember i'm describing an average type
[20:38] <+EFSmick> I imagine a mission would to be break into herr klinks top secret compound and destroy anything that opposes the team and bring back any intel..smash and grab..or possibly all stealthy..perhaps having multiple members suited for different missions..so more characters could be created for each player depending on the stuation
[20:38] *** Storytelleress is now known as Lioness
[20:39] <~Dan> (Heh. I misread that as "herr kinks".)
[20:39] <+EFSmick> thats his strange brother ;)
[20:39] <~Dan> :D
[20:39] <+Alessio> well Mick depicted well the action
[20:39] <~Dan> Oh, before I forget, how does combat work?
[20:40] <+Alessio> The combat system usually needs 2 different rolls for the Attacker strike and 1or 2 for the defender.
[20:41] *** Ximni has left #rpgnet
[20:41] <+Alessio> The first Attacker roll shows if he has hit his enemy and where: every character has 10 physical locations (due to power effects, some may have more), each of which can bear a maximum of 5 wounds.
[20:41] <+Alessio> The second Attacker roll shows the amount of damage inflicted.
[20:42] <+Silverlion> ..that's a lot like GOdlike the hit location thing.
[20:42] <+Alessio> The first defender roll shows if he can dodge, parry or avoid the attack using some of his Heroic Abilities (each option excludes the others and can be used only if the defender can still pay an action).
[20:43] *** Le_Star_Squide is now known as Le_Squide
[20:43] <+Alessio> i forgot to mention that the system uses Actions. the average Action number for a normal man is 3
[20:43] *** Geek2theRight has quit IRC: Disintegrated: Bye
[20:44] <+Alessio> When struck, the second defender roll shows the amount of the damage he can absorb without getting wounds.
[20:44] <+Alessio> Last but not least, each character can bear a certain amount of fainting points before he faints or even dies. (done)
[20:44] <~Dan> What determines damage?
[20:45] <+Alessio> the second Attacker's roll
[20:46] <~Dan> Well, what I mean is, is hand-to-hand damage based on the attacker's strength plus weapon damage, for example?
[20:46] <+Alessio> of course the Defender locations can bear more wound points if they're covered by an armor for example
[20:47] <+Alessio> yes Dan
[20:47] <~Dan> Actually, I forgot to ask: what are the attributes?
[20:48] <+Alessio> Attributes are the characters basic traits
[20:49] <~Dan> Heh. No, I meant, could you list the attributes? :)
[20:49] <+Alessio> strenght, size, intelligence, quickness
[20:49] <+Alessio> ah
[20:49] <+Alessio> ok
[20:51] <+Alessio> Strenght, Size, Quickness, Agility, Cunning, Intelligence, Magic, Will
[20:52] <~Dan> And how do attributes relate to skills?
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[20:55] <+Alessio> skills come out  from the combination of Attributes and Knowledge
[20:55] <+Alessio> maybe an example will clear this thing :)
[20:55] <~Dan> Can you give an example?
[20:55] <~Dan> LOL
[20:55] <+Alessio> lol
[20:56] <+Alessio> i can read your mind Dan
[20:57] <~Dan> So it seems. :)
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[21:02] <+franz> well fellas my bed begs me to sleep...ill check up on you all laters
[21:02] <~Dan> Sleep well, franz!
[21:02] <+Alessio> ok let's say we must use one of the skills, Occultism (not the best for a superhero) but easy for the example
[21:03] <+Alessio> Occultism is influenced by Occult Knowledge and Intelligence Attributes
[21:04] *** franz has quit IRC: Disintegrated: (Link: http://www.mibbit.com)http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client
[21:05] <+Alessio> to achieve the value for Occultism we use the valor of the Occult Knowledge and the potential value (the X of X/Y) of the Intelligence attribute
[21:06] <~Dan> Occult Knowledge = Y?
[21:07] <~Dan> Oh, nevermind... Please proceed. :)
[21:08] <+Alessio> sorry I made a mistake: to achieve the value for Occultism (X/Y) we use the valor of the Occult Knowledge as X
[21:08] <+Alessio> and 10 minus the potential of the Intelligence Attribute as X
[21:08] *** Serah has joined #rpgnet
[21:08] *** ChanServ sets mode +v Serah
[21:09] <~Dan> What if the potential of the Intelligence Attribute is greater than 10?
[21:09] <+Alessio> if Occult Knowledge value is 1 and  Intelligence Potential is 2 Occultism stat will be 1/8
[21:11] <+Alessio> normal attributes  can never be over 10, except if they're influenced by powers
[21:11] <~Dan> Right, but what if that's the case?
[21:11] <+Alessio> in this case the power will give you a bonus
[21:11] <+Alessio> err an automatic success
[21:12] <~Dan> Ah, I see.
[21:12] <+Alessio> or so i remember
[21:12] <+Alessio> it's 4 am here guys forgive me if i'm not clear :)
[21:13] <~Dan> Yeah, I was about to say, I know it's way, way past your bedtime, so perhaps we should call it a night? :)
[21:13] <+Alessio> yes
[21:13] <+Alessio> i'm sorry to leave but i'm really tired :)
[21:14] <~Dan> Okay then. Thanks so much for staying up to talk to us, Alessio!
[21:14] <~Dan> No worries. We're already in "overtime" anyway. :)
[21:14] <~Dan> I'll have the log of the chat posted momentarily.
[21:14] <~Dan> Sleep well!
[21:14] <+Alessio> i would like to introduce you my friend Riccardo another time, he can answer much better than me about rules
[21:14] <+Alessio> thank you all
[21:14] <~Dan> Oh, yes! That would be great!
[21:14] *** jcfiala has joined #rpgnet
[21:14] *** ChanServ sets mode +ao jcfiala jcfiala
[21:15] <+Alessio> we'll get in touch Dan
[21:15] <+Alessio> good evening
[21:15] <~Dan> Good night!
[21:15] *** Alessio has quit IRC: Disintegrated: (Link: http://www.mibbit.com)http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client

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